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The Story of robert Hart.


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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The Story of robert Hart.

The Story of robert Hart.
  • Bombing Japan

Riley McShane Ryan Powers Darrien Trias
Early Life
  • Born on August 9th, 1924 in Pennsylvania
  • Lived in a old farmhouse (similar to the one on
    the right) with no electricity or water supply,
    to get heat his family heated coal
  • He lived in his house in Pennsylvania, then moved
    when his father became a coal miner, his next
    house was closer to the coal mine
  • His new house wasnt much larger than the other
    house but it had electricity and an outhouse

Early Life Continued
  • Although they were brought up in the Great
    Depression his family still managed a normal life
    because of his familys farm crops
  • Education
  • First four years of school he had to walk a mile
    to school and a mile home, no one had cars
  • His school was mostly filled with immigrants
  • He lived in this house until 8th grade, and then
    started moving around to many different places
  • Graduated high school May, 1942 with a class of
    57 people

Before the Airforce
  • Robert Hart was a senior in high school when the
    attack on Pearl Harbor happened, he then knew he
    was to enlist in the army
  • He went to sign up for the draft into the army
    but the general told him to wait and come back
  • He attended college for the next three months,
    and helped work on the farm for extra money for
    his family
  • Finally he was able to enlist in the air force
  • He was soon drafted into the army as a cadet but
    didnt have any knowledge about the war

Air force was a luxury compared to the other
positions in the war.
Before the Airforce Continued
  • He left for Atlantic City to New Jersey to start
    his basic training
  • Robert knew it would be better to join the army
    willingly instead of being drafted into it.
  • Little did he know this war would change his
    whole life.

Roberts badge for the air force.
Boot Camp
  • Left on a train May 10th, 1943 from Pittsburgh
  • Then had to leave on Mothers Day to Atlantic
  • Robert had no clue what the air force was all
  • Before training he had to get many shots for
    diseases, he explains that to be the worst pain
    hes ever felt
  • June through August he was sent to the University
    of Buffalo to take classes
  • September was suppose to be his classification
    month, to find out what his position was in the

Gunnery School in Las Vegas, Nevada
Where the Journey Begins
  • Older classmen in the army could do whatever they
    please on their free time while under classmen
    were ordered to clean and do other things
  • He was the best gunner out of this academy, even
    though he was clueless about what he was doing
  • Went to Las Vegas, Nevada for gunnery school and
  • For the effort he showed in training the main
    guys treated him to dinner on the strip of Las
    Vegas, Nevada which at the time only consisted of
    two hotels
  • Finished school in February of 1943
  • Transferred to bomb school, first of July, 1944
    he graduated
  • Was held back in Albacurky, New Mexico to learn
    about B29s

Air Force
  • Went into pre flight, pre flight is the training
    before pilots actually take off
  • September 1, 1944 Robert flew to Alaska, and
    ended up in Kansas afterwards and decided to sign
    up with his first B29 crew
  • The B29 crews consisted of four gunners and two
  • Robert was a gunner
  • At first before flying anywhere they would just
    practice flying around the area
  • His main station was is Guam

  • The newest and nicest planes that America owned
    was the B29, Robert was lucky enough to be a
    member of the B29 crew
  • B29 planes are capable of flying 40,000 ft. in
    the air and speeds up to 350 mph
  • Every plane consisted of two machine guns on each
    side, the machine guns had a maximum effect range
    of 1,000 yards
  • A B29 plane were responsible for dropping the
    atomic bomb on Hiroshima
  • These planes never really caused problems, Robert

Places He Traveled
  • Roberts main station was in Guam.
  • Traveled all over the place during his training
    years, traveled all over the United States.
  • His main bomb area was Tokyo, Japan.
  • He longed to go to Rome but was stationed in
    other places.
  • In Guam, he had free time and would mess around
    in the woods around the army base

Map of plane routes he took
War Begins
  • Pearl Harbor had a huge influence on Robert, it
    helped him decide to join the war
  • He doesnt regret joining the war, and he was
    happy to serve his country by joining the Air
  • On missions they occasionally lost a couple
    planes but not many

Roberts Missions
  • Flew a total of 33 missions over Japan
  • February 25th, first bombing issue over Japan,
    his crew hit Tokyo at 2,500 ft.
  • He flew day and night missions all the time
  • He stated they burned Tokyo down
  • None of his crew members were hurt during these

Missions Continued
  • Japan was devastated, Robert claims that we
    destroyed their pride.
  • Right before they flew their bombing missions ,
    four days before the four main Japanese carriers
    were sunk.
  • People these days would believe what they did was
  • His plane was only hit once during his whole Air
    Force experience.

Returned Home
  • Got a 45 day resting period after the last
    mission to Tokyo
  • When he returned home he had a hard time
    adjusting to reality, and was use to war
    atmosphere, so every time a light in the house
    would turn on he would wake up from sleeping
    thinking it was a army alert
  • Took him days to adjust, couldnt sleep
  • He traveled to San Francisco then back to
  • Soon after he was assigned to the air force base
    in Texas

  • He would always go to the barber shop on his free
    time with his friends and then later go to a bar
    in town
  • The town was so small that everyone knew each
  • Everyone use to hang out in the bars together
    back then, it wasnt a hassle if you were younger
  • Robert maintained a bachelor for 16 years while
    he was in the air force

Became a Navigator
  • Worked in the K system
  • Finished school in 1948, became a instructor on
  • Spent 15 months in Iran, 1947 he traveled to
    Europe and ended up in Germany
  • He was then sent to Idaho and became one of the
    top navigators
  • Finished all his schooling in 1949

  • Became a supervisor at Arlington, Texas in 1948
  • Became a supervisor for navigation school
  • He taught new people how to fly and determined if
    they would have a flying career or not
  • 1948 became a training officer

Rewards after the War
  • Received 3 awards (metals) with actual meaning
  • Received many more but they werent as important
  • He was the top navigator in the air force
  • He went from knowing nothing to becoming the best
    at everything to do with the B29 planes

End of the War
  • Married a young lady named Jane, been married for
    50 years
  • Moved to Victorville
  • Retired in August, 1963
  • Went into banking industry after retiring from
    the service

  • Lived in Upland before moving to Victorville
  • Spent 23 years in banking
  • Has a step daughter and son, daughter, seven
    grandchildren, 5 great grandchildren, and one
    great great grandchild
  • Youngest grandson is 32 and stationed in Iraq
  • Believes that in war today, we are to cautious of
    what might happen
  • Worked until he was 74 at the Burbank airport

Life Today
  • Will be turning 87 years old this August
  • Still collects retirements form the war and the
  • Built a house in Spring Lake
  • Recommends joining the air force
  • Overall 2,500 hours of his life was in a plane
  • His whole crew passed away except two pilots
  • Stays in touch with all his army buddies