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The Romans How does Roman Civilization effect me?


The Romans How does Roman Civilization effect me? – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The Romans How does Roman Civilization effect me?

The Romans How does Roman Civilization effect me?
Roman Roads
  • There is an old expression, "All roads lead to
  • Each time a new city was conquered, a road was
    built from that city back to Rome. 
  • Roads were built in straight lines. Many had
    gutters. Along the side of road, the Romans built
    road signs called milestones. Milestones did not
    give any information about other towns in the
    area. Milestones told how far it was back to
  • Rome was famous for was their system of roads.
    Romans built over 53,000 miles of roads to
    connect every part of their empire.
  • The roads were mostly built by the army and were
    all done by hand

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Roads Today
Roman Numerals
  • Roman numerals are still used today. You can see
    them on clocks, in books and even on the
    television if you look carefully.
  • Names of monarchs and Popes are still displayed
    in Roman numerals, e.g. Elizabeth II, Benedict
  • Roman numerals are commonly used in numbered
    lists (in outline format), pages preceding the
    main body of a book, chord triads in music
    analysis, the numbering of movie publication
    dates, successive political leaders or children
    with identical names, and the numbering of some
    annual sport events such as the Olympic Games,
    Super Bowl, Wrestle Mania.

  • The Romans were pioneers in the development of
    concrete and it's use. They surpassed previous
    methods of concrete building techniques by leaps
    and bounds.
  • Rome's development of concrete technology, along
    with the sophisticated application of the arch as
    a building form created the foundation for many
    of ancient world's greatest engineering
    achievements in
  • Roads Bridges Aqueducts Buildings
  • For more than six hundred years Roman concrete
    technology flourished until the empire collapsed
    in the fifth century CE

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Concrete use today
Roman Architecture
  • Romans were well know thieves. Although most of
    their ideas were stolen from other societies
    Romans improved upon the stolen ideas and made
    them great.
  • Arches
  • Dome Buildings
  • Aqueducts
  • Bath houses

  • The great and highly advanced Roman waterway
    system known as the Aqueducts, are among the
    greatest achievements in the ancient world. The
    running water, indoor plumbing and sewer system
    carrying away disease from the population within
    the Empire wasn't surpassed in capability until
    very modern times.
  • As cities grew, the ancient Romans needed more
    fresh water. To solve this problem, they built
    aqueducts. These were massive construction

Arches Today
The Coliseum/Stadiums
  • The ancient Romans were great builders. They
    built things to last. The Coliseum was built of
    concrete, faced with stone, as were most
    amphitheaters. It was built in the early days of
    the Roman Empire, around 70 CE. It was designed
    to host huge spectacles.  Anyone could attend the
    events in the Coliseum. Admission was free. 
  • The Coliseum was a huge public entertainment
    center. It could seat 45,000 spectators. If you
    didn't mind standing, the Coliseum could hold up
    to 70,000 spectators! This is where the ancient
    Romans gathered to watch bloody combat between
    gladiators, and battles between men and wild
    animals. This is where they threw people to the
    lions! On occasion, they flooded the Coliseum
    with water, to hold naval battles. During the
    battles, many competitors died. 

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  • The Romans copied the art style of the Greeks but
    made it better.
  • More real

Latin Language
  • The Latin language was the source of todays
    French, Spanish, and Portuguese languages.
  • About half of all English words have a Latin

  • Trial By Jury
  • Twelve Tables-written law code

Heated Baths
  • there were separate hours for men and women.
  • The Public Baths were extremely popular. Roman
    women and men tried to visit the baths at least
    once every day. The baths had hot and cold pools,
    towels, slaves to wait on you, steam rooms,
    saunas, exercise rooms, and hair cutting salons.
    They had reading rooms and libraries, as among
    the freeborn, who had the right to frequent
    baths, the majority could read.  They even had
    stores, selling all kinds of things, and people
    who sold fast food. The baths were arranged
    rather like a very large mall, with bathing

A modern spa resort
Drains and Sewers