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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: O2Diesel

O2Diesel A Clean Fuel Option to Improve Urban
Air Quality Philadelphia Diesel Difference
Workshop James Peeples, Executive V.P. O2Diesel,
Inc. September 19, 2005
Our most basic common link is that we all
inhabit this small planet, we all breathe the
same air, we all cherish our childrens future
and we are all mortals.
John F. Kennedy
A Few Basic Fuel Facts
  • Biofuels only represent about 3 of total U.S.
    transportation fuel consumption (2005).
  • Texas consumes more diesel fuel than any other
    state, followed by Calif., Penn., the Northeast
    States, all of which face serious air quality
  • U.S. transportation fuel demand is increasing at
    a rate of 1.5 - 2.3 annually (mostly diesel).
  • U.S. refineries are operating at capacity
    combined with huge world fuel demand, prices are
  • Despite the 2005 Energy Bill, no end in sight for
    U.S. dependence on imported fossil fuels.

U.S. Fuel Ethanol A Profile
  • Industry developed in U.S. over 25 years and will
    soon overtake Brazil as the worlds leading
  • Fuel Ethanol Capacity gt4 billion gallons (2005).
  • Fuel Ethanol Potential Capacity 25 - 30 billion
    gallons (2025), roughly 15 of U.S. fuel demand.
  • Corn is the predominant ethanol feedstock (90).
  • New capacity to include grain sorghum, straw,
    waste materials, cellulose, MSW, etc. is
    quickly emerging.
  • Fuel ethanol biodiesel are the ONLY
    commercially available liquid fuels capable of
    reducing GHG emissions reducing petroleum

Uses for Fuel Ethanol
  • Gasoline component (up to 10vol)
  • E85 - An alternative fuel (85vol ethanol)
  • E diesel - an ethanol-diesel blended fuel (up to
    15vol ethanol in additized diesel fuel)
  • Fuel cell energy source (under development)
  • Other (e.g., higher blend levels in gasoline,

Why Use Ethanol in Diesel?
  • U.S. ag-based replacement for imported petroleum
    (500 mgy new ethanol demand potential)
  • Outstanding exhaust emissions benefits verified
    reduction of both NOx PM in new and older
    diesel engines
  • Plentiful supply excellent infrastructure
    already exists in key U.S. and global fleet
    market areas
  • No significant environmental side-effects (CARB)
  • Greenhouse gas reduction impacts (Argonne Labs)

E diesel Consortium
  • Not-for-Profit membership organization formed to
    address technical, commercial, regulatory
    issues facing E diesel.
  • Organized under the Renewable Fuels Foundation.
  • Consortium began work in early 2002.
  • Broad industry and government participation.
  • See www.e-diesel.org for more information.

E diesel Consortium Members
  • Illinois Core Group (original E diesel Task
  • U.S. ethanol producers (Abengoa, ADM, Aventine)
  • Additive Mfrs. Suppliers (incl. O2Diesel, Inc.)
  • U.S. Dept. of Energy (incl. NREL, Argonne Natl.
  • Renewable Fuels Association (U.S. and Canada)
  • National Corn Growers Assn. (and state chapters)
  • State local, public private groups

Who is O2Diesel, Inc.?
  • Six years in business gt20 million spent on RD
  • Recognized international E diesel market
  • Five years of commercial logistics experience
  • Commercial sales started Q2 2004
  • Substantial independent 3rd party verification
  • Strong industry partnerships (NCGA, fleets, etc.)
  • gt8 million in U.S. state govt. support (DOE,
  • Publicly traded company since 2003 (AMEX OTD)

What is O2Diesel?
  • An Oxygenated Diesel Fuel Containing
  • 7.7vol Biomass-Derived Fuel Grade Ethanol (ASTM
    D 4806)
  • 0.6vol of Proprietary, Ag-Based Additive Package
    (O2D05) and
  • 91.7vol No.1 2 Diesel, CARB, ULSD, TxLED (ASTM
    D 975).
  • Premium Fuel Properties of O2Diesel
  • Enhanced Lubricity
  • Corrosion Inhibition
  • Static Electricity Control
  • Excellent Operational Characteristics

O2Diesel Operational Benefits
  • Environmental Cuts visible smoke other
  • Premium Fuel Benefits Stability, lubricity and
  • Simple No complex blending systems required.
  • No Major Fuel Infrastructure Changes Uses
    existing storage tanks and refueling equipment.
  • No Costly Engine Modifications Used in
    unmodified engines with no power or fuel economy
  • Scientifically-Proven EPA Tier 1 Health Effects
  • Recognized Benefits CARB-verified emission
    reductions, Nevada alternative diesel fuel
    status, TxLED status (pending).
  • Equipment Compatibility Works effectively with
    exhaust catalyst (DOCs) and new particulate
    filter (DPF) technologies.

O2Diesel Visibility Benefits
Nevada Ready Mix Fleet Demonstration RFA
National Ethanol Conference February, 2000 MGM
Grand Hotel Las Vegas, Nevada
O2Diesel Benefits
Pepsi Cola Delivery Fleet Operations December,
2002 Mount Vernon, New York
O2Diesel Emissions Benefits
. . . Compared to EPA or CARB Certified No.2
Data from over 180 laboratory engine, road, and
field smoke tests Engine Test Data Colorado
School of Mines, Env. Canada, CE-CERT SwRI
(Nov. 99 Sept. 03)
O2Diesel Emissions Benefits
John Deere E Diesel Evaluation August,
2004 (Three New Tier II Cert. Engines 7.7, 10,
and 15vol Ethanol-Diesel Blends)
J.D. Engine Type ( cyl. disp.) 6068H (6 cyl., 6.8L) 6081H (6 cyl., 8.1L) 6125H (6 cyl., 12.5L)
Visible Smoke -11 to -58 -39 to -61 -23 to -58
Particulate Matter (PM) -4 to -22 -16 to -30 -13 to -19
Carbon Monoxide (CO) 3 to 24 -6 to -14 -15
Hydrocarbons (HC) NOx -7 to -9 1 to 2 -4
O2Diesel Engine Applications
John Deere E Diesel Evaluation August,
2004 (John Deere 6125H 12.5 Liter Heavy-Duty
  • Examples of Engine Applications
  • 9000 Series Ag Tractors/Forage Harvesters
  • Excavators
  • Mining
  • Gen Sets Marine Equipment
  • Other On- and Off-Road Fleets

O2Diesel Real World Usage
  • Brazil - Urban bus agricultural fleets.
  • Republic of Ireland - Transport truck fleet.
  • Las Vegas, NV - Construction, truck bus fleets.
  • Lincoln, NE StarTran urban bus fleet.
  • Winnipeg, Canada - Urban bus fleet.
  • Houston, TX - Package delivery company.
  • San Antonio, TX - Construction equipment.
  • Fresno, CA - Urban buses, delivery utility
  • New York, NY - Delivery fleets, refrig. trailers.
  • Nellis AFB, NV - Non-tactical military equipment.
  • Ventura Co., CA - Refuse truck fleet.
  • More fleets coming on-line in 2005.

How Cities Can Use O2Diesel
  • Unique Urban Marketing Concept CityHome
  • A self-funding model for cities, public
    transportation and corporate partnerships.
  • A contemporary way to maximize an environmental
    program from which citizens, government and
    corporate sponsors all benefit.
  • Allows for qualitative and quantitative
    monitoring of the economic results and health

Bus Advertising Examples
Other Advertising Examples
Benefits of CityHome
  • ZERO COST for the municipality.
  • Responds to immediate need for air quality
  • Contributes to a positive clean air message and
    sense of accomplishment for the community.
  • Supports petroleum displacement policies with
    renewable fuels.
  • Provides immediate emissions reductions from
    urban bus fleets.

  • O2Diesel enables urban fleets to reduce NOx, PM,
    and visible smoke emissions from diesel engines,
    old and new
  • O2Diesel is a cost-effective, easy-to-use
    drop-in fuel
  • O2Diesel is meeting all technical regulatory
  • Full CARB, TCEQ, and EPA verifications nearly
  • Product acceptance, OEM skepticism must be
  • E diesel Consortium addressing industry-wide
  • E diesel is a fuel ready for prime time NOW!

Contact Us
  • World Headquarters
  • O2Diesel, Inc.
  • 100 Commerce Drive Suite 301
  • Newark, Delaware 19713
  • (302) 266-6000 (office)
  • (302) 266-7076 (fax)
  • James Peeples, Exec. Vice President
  • (703) 256-4497 (D.C. office)
  • www.o2diesel.com
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