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The Seven Years


The Seven Years War 1750 France and England are the two greatest powers in the world France has a great army England has a great navy They are in direct ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The Seven Years

The Seven Years War
  • France and England are the two greatest powers in
    the world
  • France has a great army
  • England has a great navy
  • They are in direct competition in the Americas
  • Something has got to give

1750 Cont
  • Frontiers in North America were in dispute
  • Both sides laid claim to NS, Acadia and the Grand
  • The area in dispute went south into modern-day
    states of Pennsylvania and Louisiana
  • Peace talks in Europe amounted to nothing

  • French attack Iroquois in the Ohio Valley who
    trade with the British
  • They set up garrisons and forts in the region
  • In October 1753, Major George Washington delivers
    orders to the French to leave
  • These orders are rejected

1754- This Means War!
  • The British begin attacking back
  • Battles ensue over the next few years
  • In 1755, Lt. Colonel Robert Monckton takes Fort
    Beausejour (near NS and Acadia)
  • This cut Louisbourg off from land-based
  • Its the beginning of the end for the French in NS

The Great Upheaval
  • Took place from 1755-1763
  • After taking Fort Beausejour, the English do not
    trust the Acadians
  • Acadians speak French, but claim they are a
    separate nation from France and have no alliance
    with the French
  • The English try to get them to swear an oath of
    loyalty to England

Upheaval Cont
  • Acadians want to remain neutral and do not wish
    to swear an oath to anyone
  • The English then begin the expulsion
  • Acadians are forcibly removed from their homes
  • Families are split up and relocated all across
    the continent
  • This is one of the biggest disgraces of our

1756- Europe
  • 1756- War breaks out (Seven Years War)
  • England and Prussia against France, Austria,
    Russia, and others
  • This is considered the first global war
  • France concentrates most of its troops to Europe
    leaving fewer troops in the Americas
  • Prussia has a great army, so England is free to
    send more troops to colonies

1758- Louisbourg
  • This is the last great French fort East of
    Quebec. It could
  • Help re-supply Quebec forts
  • Launch attacks upon the British on the St.
  • Nearest outpost to France
  • It had to go if Britain wanted to win

Louisbourg Cont
  • May 1758- British Naval forces leave Halifax for
    the attack
  • There are nearly 200 ships and 14,000 men
  • By June 25th the entire French Navy at Louisbourg
    is destroyed
  • One month later (26-July) Louisbourg fell to the
  • This ended French power in Atlantic Canada

The Plains of Abraham
  • With Louisbourg gone the French power resided in
  • On Sept. 13, 1759 the British attack
  • Brits are led by Major-General James Wolfe
  • French led by Lt. General the Marquis de Montcalm

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Plains cont
  • There are cliffs to one side of the plains which
    were unfortified
  • Montcalm did not think anyone could climb
    thembut Wolfes men did
  • Surprised, Montcalm attacked quickly
  • Each side had approx. 4500 men

Plains Cont
  • The English troops were regulars, but the French
    were largely militia
  • The fight was short, but both Wolfe and Montcalm
    were mortally wounded
  • Wolfe was shot in the chest and stomach
  • As he was lying on the field he watched the
    French retreating. He gave orders to his men to
    give chase, then died
  • Montcalm died the next morning of a stomach wound

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Signal Hill- 1762
  • By now the French and English have been fighting
    for about 8 years
  • Earlier in the year the French took St. Johns
  • The British want it back to keep control of the
  • Sept. 15 at dawn, the British launch a surprise
    attack on Signal Hill

Signal Hill Cont
  • The surprise worked and the French were defeated
  • With this position fortified St. Johns was ceded
    by the French 3 days later
  • This was the final battle of the Seven Years War
    in the Americas

Result- Treaty of Paris
  • The Treaty of Paris was signed Feb. 10, 1763
  • England gained all the French territory in Canada
    and east of the Mississippi
  • French settlements in Quebec were given rights to
    remain as a distinct society
  • This formed the basis for Quebecs special
    position today