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Title: Presented by the CHHS Counseling Department


Senior Forum A Parents Guide for College and
  • Presented by the CHHS Counseling Department

Transcripts and Graduation
Recommended Graduation Program Information in
the Program of Studies (online)
  • English 4.0
  • Math 4.0
  • Science 4.0
  • Social Studies 4.0
  • Health 0.5
  • PE 1.5
  • Technology 1.0
  • Speech 0.5
  • Foreign Language 2.0
  • Fine Arts 1.0

26 state credits
When will my child get a transcript with class
rank and GPA?
  • Updated transcripts will be handed out in English
    classes the week of October 6th
  • Transcripts and GPA are confidential
  • Rank is gone- letters will be sent to schools to
    inform them of this practice
  • Review transcript information to make sure it is
    correct see your counselor if any information
    is not accurate

My child is taking correspondence courses, when
do those need to be completed?
  • All Correspondence courses and exams must be
    completed by the end of the 1st semester.
  • Courses not completed by the end of the 1st
    semester will be added to their schedule
  • Dont let unfinished courses eliminate
  • your student from being considered for
  • top 20 or participating in graduation
  • exercises,
  • Get them done now!

Getting Started
How do I sign up for college entrance exams?
  • THEA Texas Higher Education Assessment. Must
    be taken before enrolling unless you are exempt.
  • ACT College entrance exam
  • SAT 1 College entrance exam

Does my child need to take these exams?
  • SAT II Subject tests required by SOME
  • AP Ask your college or university about scores
    and transfer of grades. Colleges and
    universities accept grades and credits
  • You can also refer to the counseling website for
  • CLEP Measures a students
  • level of mastery. Given on college
  • campuses. Refer to college/university

College Admissions what you need to know
What is automatic admission -Top Ten Percent?
  • For automatic admission
  • Graduate in the top 10 (7 for UT) of his or her
    class at a public or private Texas high school.
  • Submit an application to a Texas public college
    or university before the application deadline.
  • Enroll in college no more than 2 years after

So what if my child is not in the top 10, how
will he/she get in?
  • Academic Review 7 factors colleges consider
  • Academic record
  • Test scores
  • Extracurricular activities and community service
  • Recommendations
  • Children of alumni
  • Work experience and leadership
  • Interviews
  • Correspondence

  • Each application sent to a different school does
    require an application fee and a separate
  • Individual Campus websites freshman admissions
  • Universities prefer that you apply on line
    instead of a paper copy. COPY and SAVE all
    information sent to colleges. Saves up to a
    month of processing time.
  • Counselor forms can be completed on line or

How does my child apply on-line?
  • Fill out on line at
  • Use one form to send to multiple colleges
  • in the state of Texas.
  • Fill out on line at for schools
    in and outside of Texas.
  • School specific

What are the types of Admission?
  • Rolling colleges make decisions about the
    applicant as information is received
  • Early Decision Great for students that are
    serious about their first choice school. Does
    require commitment to follow the rules set up by
    that college.
  • Early Action Students can file many of these
    but should consider only if junior grades and
    tests are highly competitive.

Do you need a counselor recommendation?
  • Make sure you fill out the Senior Information
    Sheet online. This form MUST be filled out for
    counselors to write your recommendation letter.

Does your child need a teacher recommendation
  • Can the teacher add information about your
    learning that is not in your application?
  • Plan ahead. A hurried letter will not be as
    helpful as a well thought out and complete
  • Give teachers anaddressed envelope of where to
    send the letters.

Counselor Forms
  • Transcript Request Form online request, free
  • Recommendation Letter Request online, please
    fill out if you will be needing a letter for
  • Allow up to two weeks for this process. We want
    to write the best possible letter but perfection
    takes time!

How important are college essays?
  • VERY!
  • The IMPORTANCE of a quality essay
  • Checks written skills
  • Shows that you are serious about application
  • Allows for glimpses of your personality
  • May share obstacles or special talents
  • Leadership or history of work ethic
  • May hurt or help bubble applicants

Hints for admittance
  • Have your child make several contacts with the
    school(s) of your choice. The more email
    admissions, calls, visits, the more interest you
    show. When visiting the school, dress to impress
    and have questions ready. Visit more than once
    if possible.
  • Proofread everything you send to the college.
    Paperwork is all the admissions office knows you
    by at this point.
  • Set a timetable and follow as closely as
  • Use long weekends and holidays to finish
  • Once you have submitted all of your applications
  • should feel a huge sense of relief

Prepare and Finish Early
  • Students should begin writing essays now. Many
    colleges utilize the same type of questions and
    essays. Keep copies!
  • Create a file for each college you apply to.
    Keep copies of every letter and application that
    you submit along with any information they send
  • If essays or extra opportunities are offered
    through the application as optional, do them.

How do I know which colleges offer a specific
degree program?
  • Narrow your choices by using the Internet
  • Great sites on the Web

Scholarships and Financial Aid
Does this apply to you?
  • If you qualify for free or reduced lunches, check
    with the college or university for fee waivers on
    application fees, housing and orientation.
  • You may also be eligible for fee waivers to take
    the SAT and ACT. See your counselor for this

How do I calculate the cost for a year of college?
  • Cost is per credit hour
  • Tuition, room and board
  • Application fees and other fees
  • Deposits
  • Travel expenses
  • Resident vs. Non resident
  • Personal expenses

What Types of Aid are there?
  • Free Money
  • Grants based on financial need
  • Scholarships based on talent/merit
  • Loans
  • Subsidized government pays the interest
  • Unsubsidized student pays the interest
  • College Work Study
  • Part-time jobs provided by the college

How does my child get Financial Aid?
  • Attend the financial aid programs at GHS or the
    College Fair at CHHS.
  • Sign up NOW for a Pin number for FAFSA.
  • Complete the FAFSA form after Jan 1 at Applying for financial aid
    is FREE, do NOT pay to complete this form!
  • Want to know what your projected aid will be?
    Log onto and click on

Financial Aid Websites

Where can my child find scholarships?
  • There is a scholarship tab on the counseling
    website with applications all online!!
  • Each college has their own scholarships be sure
    to note those application deadlines!
  • Sign up for national scholarships through search
    engines like

SoWhat do I do first?
  • Create a master list or calendar that includes
  • Tests you need to take, fees, and registration
  • Dates that College reps are at CHHS
  • College application due dates
  • Scholarship application due dates
  • Financial aid application forms required and
    deadline dates

Things for students to doAugust SeptemberGo
  • and register for SAT if needed.
    This web site is full of excellent information
    for students and parents
  • to register for ACT
  • Make a College Action plan

Things to doSeptember December
  • Complete college applications
  • Fill out the senior self assessment
  • Contact individuals for letters of recommendation
  • Contact institutions about scholarship process
  • Continue to work hard in classes.

Things to doJanuary - May
  • Receive letters of admittance from colleges and
  • Fill out scholarship applications
  • Study for AP exams
  • Make final decision about college choice

What to expect
  • The Fall is VERY busy
  • Applications (3-5), letter of recommendations,
    deadlines, testing
  • Try to complete all applications by Thanksgiving.
    A huge load will be lifted
  • Winter
  • Submit mid-term grades in February
  • Look for Scholarships
  • Make final decisions apply for housing (depends
    on college)
  • Spring
  • Make contact with chosen school
  • Decline other offers
  • AP tests!
  • Summer
  • Send final transcript
  • Attend orientation
  • PACK!

Other Important Information
What is Counselors Corner?
  • Scholarship Information
  • Transcript forms
  • Presentation material
  • Powerpoints, handouts, flyers
  • Upcoming events
  • Registration information
  • Care Team forms
  • Community Scholar Ambassador forms

What is the Community Scholar Ambassador Program?
  • 3 years of the same foreign language
  • 100 hours of community service and no failed
    courses. All hours due at the end of March.
  • Information and cards in
  • counseling office and on
  • line.

October 15th Information will be coming soon.
Students may sign up in the counseling office.
  • Trudy Conner, TCU
  • Where CHHS Auditorium
  • When Nov. 3rd 630 PM 800

College Night
  • Tuesday, October 21st at the PDEC
  • Financial Aid presentation
  • Many local, state and national colleges and
    universities attend
  • Military representatives attend

Parent Support
  • Struggling with your students Senior year?
  • Stressed about all that the future holds?
  • Join Counselor, Lindsey Hopkins, and other senior
    parents for our very 2nd year of Senior Parent
    support group.
  • 1st Thursday of the Month

Please remember to Join the Colleyville Heritage
Counseling Center Facebook Page.Check out the
Counselors Web pages for more important
information.Update your email address in
Skyward for the Principals Panther Pause email.
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