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The Great Prince: Delivery of the Faithful


At that time Michael shall stand up, the great prince who stands watch over the sons of your people; ... But you, Daniel, shut up the words, ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The Great Prince: Delivery of the Faithful

The Great Prince Delivery of the Faithful
  • Daniel 12

Daniel 121
At that time Michael shall stand up, the great
prince who stands watch over the sons of your
people and there shall be a time of trouble
Michaels Proclamation
Daniel 121
Such as never was since there was a nation,
even to that time. And at that time your people
shall be delivered, every one who is found
written in the book.
Michaels Proclamation
A Great Distress
  • This is a continuation of the messenger Michael
    discussion with Daniel beginning in Chapter 10.
  • He stands watch over the sons of Daniels people.
  • Designated as the time of the end (1140)
  • Protector over Gods people.

A Great Distress
  • The Great Protector of Gods people (faithful)
    from the beginning of the conflict
  • Time of troubleunlike any in the lifetime of the
  • No nation has experienced such distress
  • Only those found written in the book shall be
  • Michael would intervene on behalf of Gods

Daniel 122
And many of those who sleep in the dust of the
earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, some
to shame and everlasting contempt.
Great Awakening!
Daniel 123
Those who are wise shall shine like the
brightness of the firmament, and those who turn
many to righteousness like the stars forever and
Great Awakening!
A Great Awakening
  • Is talking about the last resurrection?
  • Resurrection of the righteous only?
  • Emphasis on those who have died during this
    terrible distress
  • Given assurance God is not yet finished with them
  • Tribulation, testing, and persecution will have a
    determined end designated by God.

A Great Awakening
  • Old Testament passages can also be used
    figuratively to speak of a spiritual or moral
  • In the days of Herod, the whole nation awoke out
    of spiritual sleep due to the preaching of John
    the Baptist, Jesus, and the NT apostles.
  • Many slumbering in spiritual indifference would
    awake and answer the gospel call.

A Great Awakening
  • The angel spoke of teaching stars.
  • Teaching of the wisecauses others to be wise.
  • Leading many to righteousness by obedience to
    God. (123 Matthew 1343)
  • Give godly instructions in times of conflict and

Daniel 124
But you, Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the
book until the time of the end many shall run to
and fro, and knowledge shall increase.
Shut up the Words
Seal up the Book!
  • The angel speaks and tells Daniel to seal up the
  • Fulfillments of the prophecies he was writing
    would come long after his death.
  • Preserve and protect the revelation for the
  • Includes the whole book of Daniel.
  • Only in the future would these words be clearly

Seal up the Book!
  • Until the time of the end.
  • Many run to and fro seeking knowledge.
  • Knowledge shall increase.
  • Gods final dealings with the nation of Israel!
  • By the teaching of others, knowledge would
    increaseif it was sought after.

Seal up the Book!
  • Preaching the gospel of Christ provides spiritual
    insight to Old Testament scriptures!
  • Matthew 243-44vs.6,8,15,21
  • Mark 13ffvs,7,8,13,14,19,20
  • Luke 1720-37vs.37
  • Luke 215-36vs.8,9,20,22,24,26,28

Daniel 125
Then I, Daniel, looked and there stood two
others, one on this riverbank and the other on
that riverbank.
On the Riverbanks
Daniel 126
And one said to the man clothed in linen, who
was above the waters of the river, How long
shall the fulfillment of these wonders be?
Question Asked
Daniel 127
Then I heard the man clothed in linen, who was
above the waters of the river, when he held up
his right hand and his left hand to heaven, and
swore by Him who lives forever
Daniel 127
that it shall be for a time, times, and half a
time and when the power of the holy people has
been completely shattered, all these things shall
be finished.
Question and Answer
  • The oath of the heavenly messenger
  • Same as the one in 105ff
  • Witness to an oath
  • Both sides of the Tigris River
  • One was above the water of the river guiding
    Daniel through the vision.
  • The angel on the other side asked the superior
    one a question

Question and Answer
  • Questions reference the end and the distress
  • The question is not. How long to the end, but,
    How long is the end.
  • How long would the terrible events described in
    121, the tribulation, last?
  • Answer comes in the form of a solemn oath.

Question and Answer
  • The angel raises both hands toward heaven,
    signifying most solemn assurance.
  • He swears by Him who lives forever.
  • Duration of the period of great distress
  • Results of the events taking place at the time of
    this great distress.
  • The endthe appointed time

Question and Answer
  • For a time, times, and half a time.
  • Power of the Holy People has been completely
    shattered, all these things shall be finished.
  • Time frame used in other places
  • Daniel 725
  • Parallel period in Revelation 124 114 126
    112 135

Question and Answer
  • A set appointed time
  • Period of intense suffering
  • During Roman persecution, there was intense
  • Yet, when the time came, Rome fell but Gods
    kingdom continued.
  • Scattered and persecuted, but not completely

Daniel 128
Although I heard, I did not understand. Then I
said, My lord, what shall be the end of these
Daniels Question
Daniel 129
And he said, Go your way, Daniel, for the words
are closed up and sealed till the time of the
The Answer
Daniels Question and Answer
  • Daniel did not comprehend what he had been
  • His questionwhat shall be the issue of these
  • Who would win in the struggle and how would the
    participants fare?
  • Answergo your way these words are sealed and
    concealed up until the time of the end.

Daniels Question and Answer
  • The vision did not directly concern Daniel.
  • As time went on, these events would unravel
  • Concerning At the end of time, there are two
    possible answers
  • The end of Gods dealing with Israel (Matthew 24)
  • When Rome would be brought down
  • Consider Revelation 107

Daniel 1210
Many shall be purified, made white, and refined,
but the wicked shall do wickedly and none of the
wicked shall understand, but the wise shall
The Wise Understand
The Wicked and the Wise
  • Predictions would not be understood by alleven
    in the day of their fulfillment!
  • Many of the Jews would be purged, purified,
    and refined.
  • How?
  • By the ordeal itself
  • Preaching of the gospel
  • Some who have insight recognize their Messiah.
  • They remember the teaching and words of Jesus.

The Wicked and the Wise
  • The obstinately wicked, would continue in their
    wickednesseven as events were crashing down
    around them.
  • Matthew 24 gives a discourse of Jerusalems
    impending destruction at the hands of Rome.
  • Jesus gave his disciples warning signs and
    urged them to flee the city.
  • Another reason for not discussing the end of
    times at Christs second coming

The Wicked and the Wise
  • Christians who heeded the warning were not
    affected by Jerusalems destruction in AD 70.
  • Two pivotal events
  • The ceasing of the daily sacrifices at the
    templemorning and evening
  • Armies surrounding the holy cityanother warning
  • The abomination of desolation standing in the
    holy place!

Daniel 1211
And from the time that the daily sacrifice is
taken away, and the abomination of desolation is
set up, there shall be one thousand two hundred
and ninety days.
Abomination of Desolation
Daniel 1212
Blessed is he who waits, and comes to the one
thousand three hundred and thirty-five days.
Blessing on Those Who Wait
Abomination of Desolation
  • The two pivotal events
  • Taking away daily sacrifice
  • Roman armies in the holy place
  • The same events prophesied by Jesus during His
    teaching on earth
  • Matthew 2415
  • Luke 2120
  • The difference between what Epiphanes did and
    what took place at the destruction of Jerusalem

Abomination of Desolation
  • Length of time between the two events1290 days.
  • Days represent an indefinite time period, known
    to God, while things ran their course.
  • Some theories
  • 43 months after the abomination set up
    (surrounding the city), daily sacrifice ceased
  • HistoryRomans armies besiege the city (Oct AD
  • (July 14 AD 70) sacrifice suspendedTitus comes
    into Jerusalem.

Abomination of Desolation
  • Thus, the 1290 days would represent the period of
    most intense suffering by the inhabitants of
  • Remember Jesus statementexcept for the elects
    sakes, those days would not have been shortened.
    (Matthew 2422)
  • 1335 daysblessings on those who keeps waiting45
    days longer than 1290 days
  • City was torched in September, AD 70.

Abomination of Desolation
  • Remember what Rome was seeking to docrush the
  • She failed to do so, and Gods kingdom proved
    indestructiblelater, Rome itself would fall.
  • Could the additional days of waiting be for the
    achievement of Gods final judgment against Rome?

Daniel 1212
But you, go your way till the end for you shall
rest, and will arise to your inheritance at the
end of the days.
Final Instructions
Final Instructions
  • Daniel will endure till the end of his life.
  • His body shall rest in peace (grave).
  • He shall standthe faithful will be rewarded.
  • Daniel confirmed as a true prophet of God
  • He will arise to receive his inheritance in the
    eternal kingdom he foretold in his prophecy.

Duration of the Time of TroubleDaniel 124-12
AD 66 67 68
Feb AD 67 Roman Army Begins Siege of Jerusalem
Aug.AD 70 Temple Sacrifice Ceases
The Abomination of Desolation stands in the Holy
Place Nov. AD 66 Roman Armies approach Jerusalem
then withdraw Matthew 2415 Luke
Sept.AD 70 Jerusalem Burned. Ordeal Over
45 Days
1290 Days (Daniel 1211)
1335 Days (Daniel 1212)
Time, Time, and Half Time (Daniel 127) 3 years
Significant Events With Gods People
ROME FALLS (Armageddon)
TEMPLE POLLUTED (Antiochus Epiphanes)
Daily Sacrifice(1290 Days) Taken Away
Jewish Economy Falls (45 days)
Gods Kingdom Stands
Saints Possess the Kingdom Daniel
718,22,27 Revelation 1920206
Abomination of Desolation Daniel 926,27
1211 Matthew 2415 Luke 2120-22
Abomination That Makes Desolate Daniel 811
1335 Days