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Supplemental Budget Preparation Tenth Grade U.S. History


Supplemental Budget Preparation Tenth Grade U.S. History Carolyn L. Johansen – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Supplemental Budget Preparation Tenth Grade U.S. History

Supplemental Budget PreparationTenth Grade U.S.
  • Carolyn L. Johansen

Project Goals
  • Supplemental Social Studies Materials
  • Based on a 32 Week 180 day schedule
  • Includes a wide variety of multimedia materials

  • The goal of Grade 10 Social Studies is to study
    the period 1877 to Present
  • The 32 week schedule means the students must
    study approximately 20 years per week.
  • I propose to use some type of media with the full
    class once a week
  • I also want media available for individual and
    group research projects.

  • The Background of the Reconstruction Period VHS
  • This tape examines the rebuilding and
    restoration of the South from 1865 to 1877. It
    explains the political and historical issues and
    the clashes between Congress and the presidents.
  • Color 20 minutes
  • (I chose to use this for review and background)

  • The Donner Party A Film By Ric Burns VHS
  • In 1846 the Donner Party of 80 members were
    trapped in the famous pass of that name. Their
    trials and sorrows were dramatic evidence of the
    dangers families faced traveling west to
    California. Color 90 minutes
  • Railroads, Robbers and Rebels Rediscovering
  • VHS with guide 34.95
  • This video documents the impact of U.S. railroads
    from 1869 through the early 1900s. It explains
    how railroad entrepreneurs built vast rail
    networks. That speeded the settlement of the
    west, fueled the Industrial Revolution, fired the
    U.S. economy, and sparked labor conflict.

  • Panama Canal Modern Marvels VHS, 50 min.
    color, 19.95
  • Rare vintage film footage, still photos , and an
    interview with the last living American who
    worked on the canal. Also includes discussion of
    the French failure, Teddy Roosevelts clandestine
    military intrigue which put the property in U.S.
    hands, and modern footage detailing the
    maintenance necessary to keep the canal
  • The Wright StuffWright Brothers and the
    Invention of the Airplane The American
  • VHS, 60 min. color, 19.95
  • Wilber and Orville Wright were bicycle makers
    from Dayton, Ohio who used a home made wind
    tunnel to develop the first practical airplane.
    Using archival footage, family interviews and
    still photos, the film details their childhoods,
    their experiments, successes, competitors, and
    many trials.

  • The Lost Battalion, DVD, color, 100 min. 19.95
  • Based on the true story of an American Battalion
    that was trapped behind German lines in the
    Argonne Forest for 5 days.
  • They withstood repeated German assaults without
    food, water or reserve ammunition and cut off
    from all communication. An excellent realistic
    re-enactment of WWI battlefield conditions.
  • The Great Depression Set VHS, color, 4 vol. 200
    min, 59.95
  • This covers the era from the Stock Market Crash
    until WWII.
  • New Deal Policies, gangs and gangsters, the Dust
    Bowl, migration, marathon dancing and Huey Long.
  • Pearl Harbor DVD Set, DVD, color, 200
    min. 22.95
  • The most recent Pearl Harbor film with bonus
    features including the History Channels
    COMMANDERS, Pearl Harbor Facts, Interactive
    menus, and scene selection.

  • Korean War Stories, VHS, color, 60 minutes
  • More than fifty years ago, American and UN troops
    fought a bitter and bloody war in a country
    almost no one had ever heard of. Many were not
    even sure why but 37,000 American died and
    thousands more are still listed as missing. The
    personal stories of the men who fought there are
    put in historical context.
  • The Missiles of October VHS, color, 150
    minutes 19.95
  • This Dramatic film details the Cuban Missile
    Crisis of October 1962 when the world hovered on
    the brink of nuclear war. US reconnaissance
    photos proved the Soviets were building missile
    silos. Pres. Kennedy blockaded Cuban ports and
    demanded their removal

  • Biography Lyndon Johnson Triumph and Tragedy
  • VHS, color, 50 minutes 19.95
  • This video details LBJs childhood in Texas,
    his first taste of Texas politics, and his
    election to the US Senate. As Senate Majority
    Leader he transformed the position into one of
    great power. He became John F. Kennedys
    running mate and ultimately his successor. With
    so much to accomplish as President, Vietnam
    sapped his energies and made his presidency
    appear to be a failure.
  • All The Presidents Men, VHS, color, 135
    min. 19.95
  • Washington Post reporters Bernstein and
  • persistently investigate and break open the
    Watergate cover-up. The story traces the key
    events from the break-in until Nixons
  • Warning strong language

  • Desert Storm The Ultimate War VHS, Color, 50
    min. 24.95
  • US military officers tell the complete tale of
    the first real test of the high tech military. In
    their remarkable stories an intimate portrait of
    the war emerges which is much different from the
    versions the world saw nightly on CNN. Learn
    about the high tech weapons that worked and those
    that did not. These lessons learned in Iraq
    continue to shape US military thought in the
  • 20th Century with Mike Wallace The impeachment
    of Clinton VHS, Color, 50 min. 24.95
  • William Jefferson Clinton Became the first
    sitting President in the 20th century to be
    impeached. Lawyers for both sides help promote an
    inside view of the proceedings that became a
    public spectacle. The program examines the media
    coverage that made Monica Lewinsky and Linda
    Tripp household names.

Photograph Collections Posters
  • The Transcontinental Railroad 400 Rails to the
  • 25 Photo aids 43.00
  • These pictures were taken by noted pioneer
    Photographers and depicts the building of the
    impossible railroad . Subjects include
    construction workers, officials, trains and the
    ceremony at Promontory Point.
  • American Inventions 6 color posters 22 x 17
  • They are divided into 6 eras from 1753 to 1990
    and highlight over 40 American achievements in
    science, medicine, industry, and architecture.
  • Child LaborThe Shame of a Nation Poster
  • 12 black and white posters 17 x 22,
    guide 28.00
  • The weary smudged faces of boys and girls as
    young as five express the cruelty of their labors
    in the fields and factories.

  • Immigration Photo Aids 24 posters, 11 x
    14 41.50
  • Photos of immigrants who arrived at the Port of
    New York between 1855 and 1934.
  • The New Deal America Goes Back to Work
  • 12 posters, 17 x 22 26.00
  • Captioned images of the unemployed, hungry
    children, and government sponsored workers appear
    in grainy black and white poster size photos. The
    images evoke the desperation of the Depression.
    Includes a reproducible guide, a timeline,
  • sheets and discussion questions.

  • Who Built America? From the Centennial
    Celebration of 1870 to the Great War of 1914.
    Windows 29.95 each or lab pack 5 for 119.95
  • By the American Social History Project.
    Historical video, audio, images, and documents
    augment the text of this book .
  • Click on the the pictures and text to see how
    nameless laborers shaped the outcome of history
    in fundamental ways. Includes popular music of
    the era from ragtime and spirituals to folk tunes
    and campaign songs.
  • The American History CD-ROM reference 95.00
  • Contains over 2500 images, including photos,
    artwork, maps, pictures, documents, audio and
    video clips.
  • The captions include their sources and place
    them in their historical perspective.
  • it includes a picture identification game and a
    quiz program.

  • The War In Vietnam A Multimedia Chronicle from
    CBS News and the New York Times
  • CD-ROM for Mac/Windows 39.95
  • LAB PACK 5 CD-ROMs for Mac/Windows
  • NY Times Comprehensive coverage and factual
    accuracy combined with CBS News footage from the
    first TV War that Vietnam came to be. It
    includes field dispatches, personality orofiles,
    and historic documents such as the Paris Peace
    Accord and the Pentagon Papers. Detailed maps,
  • filmography, reports on Medal of
  • Honor Winners, and a searchable
  • database of the names on the WALL.
  • Bibliography and glossary.

  • ImmigrationMaintaining The Open Door Decisions,
    Decisions For Mac/ Windows
  • 1 CD-ROM, 28 booklets, guide 149.95
  • LAB Pak 5 CD-ROMs, 28 booklets, guide 249.95
  • A simulation that puts students in a challenging
    position. They are President and must decide what
    to do about a flotilla of uninvited refugees.
    Should they be welcomed or turned away?
  • Students examine historical and contemporary
    immigration policy to decide the issue.

Simulations Games
  • Merger, Trust, Monopoly. Board Game-Simulation
  • Students play the roles of mine owners, railroad
    magnets, bankers and oil distributors in this
    simulation of unregulated business during the
    late 1800s. The winners are those who make the
    biggest profits.

  • History has numerous resources and
    offers a 10 discount to educators who sign up
    for their newsletter. It offers study guides and
    one can exchange tips with other teachers.
  • Biography. Com also has numerous resources for US
    and World History. If you know the name, chances
    are this site has a biography and resources about
  • has a fantastic archives where
    one can find just about anything about anything.
    I check this site out when I am searching for
    military history but nearly all their related
    sites have an abundance of resources.
  • has a large selection of
    free clipart and other resources for teachers.

  • Teaching Outlining In U.S. History A Game
  • Set of reproducible activities 21.50
  • The activities teach outlining, note-taking, and
    listening skills while introducing US History
    topics. The class divides into 8 lecture teams
    and take turns preparing and delivering lectures,
    listening, taking notes, preparing a composite
    outline with their teammates. They check their
    results against a master outline. The winning
    team has the lowest number of errors after all 8
    lectures are delivered.
  • American History Research Projects. By Daniel A.
  • Set of reproducible activities 11.95
  • Critical thinking skills are developed through
    nine library research activities focusing on
    various topics in
  • US History.

  • US History The Way We Saw it in Illustration and
  • Recent American History 132 transparencies, 11
    guides with reproducible pages 208.00
  • Covers the era of the Populists to the day JFK
    was shot.
  • Broad Themes in US History 108 transparencies, 9
    guides with reproducible pages 170.00
  • Covers a variety of subjects such as
    Afro-American History,
  • The immigrant experience, the labor movement,
    urban growth, and the womens rights movement.

  • 1638.38
  • There was so much more out there that could have
    been included but no school district would
    support such a lust for resources. Thank heaven
    for the Internet and the History Channel.