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The Spanish-American War 1898


Spanish-American War 1898 ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The Spanish-American War 1898

The Spanish-American War 1898
Spanish American War- 1898 An armed military
conflict between Spain and the United States that
took place from April to August 1898.
  • The war began due to American demands that
    Spain peacefully resolve the Cuban fight for
    independence. However, strong expansionist
    sentiment in the United States may have also made
    the US target Spain's other remaining overseas
    territories Puerto Rico, the Philippines, Guam
    and the Caroline Islands.

A. Causes of American involvement
  • 1. Cuban Revolution/ Spanish mistreatment of
    Cubans, Americans- Cubas fight for freedom from
    Spanish oppression led to harsher rule by the
    Spanish in Cuba.

Reported atrocities angered many Americans! -
Spanish ruler put Cubans into concentration-like
camps b/c he couldnt tell the difference b/t
civilians and rebels. - 400,000 Cubans die from
disease and starvation.
Weylers Rule
Spanish American War Cartoon Analysis
  • 2. De Lome Letter- The Spanish Ambassador to the
    US wrote a letter that criticized Pres. McKinley.
  • - Leaked to US press
  • - Gave de Lome a bad name- forced the removal
    of him from his post.
  • "...McKinley is weak and
  • catering to the rabble and,
  • besides, a low politician who
  • desires to leave a door open
  • to himself and to stand well
  • with the jingos of his party."

  • 3. Yellow Journalism Newspapers like the New
    York Journal and the New York World relied on
    sensationalist headlines to sell newspapers- the
    Cuban Revolution was an excellent chance to sell
  • Everything is quiet. There is no trouble.
    There will be no war. I wish to return.
  • Please remain. You furnish the pictures, Ill
    furnish the war.

Yellow Journalism Jingoism
Joseph Pulitzer
Hearst to Frederick Remington You furnish
the pictures, and Ill furnish the war!
William Randolph Hearst
  • 4. Explosion of the USS Maine (Feb 15, 1898) An
    American battleship exploded in Havana Harbor
    (while protecting US interests in Cuba). Spanish
    were blamed.

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  • Caused outrage in the U.S. and helped lead
    America into Cubas revolution against Spain.
  • Killed 266 crewmen
  • Later determined an accidental fire caused
  • Focused national attention on the crisis in Cuba
  • Rallying cry for the war Remember
  • the Maine!

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Why is Cuba so Important to US?
B. American Demands
  • 1. Spain must resolve the Cuban fight
  • 2. Ulterior motive? Expansionist sentiment U.S.
    citizens may have also motivated the govt to
    target Spains other territories Puerto Rico,
    Guam, and the Philippines

  • II. March 29, 1898 The United States Government
    issued an ultimatum to the Spanish Government to
    terminate its presence in Cuba. Spain did not
    accept the ultimatum.
  • III. April 4, 1898
  • The New York Journal
  • issued a million copy press run dedicated to the
  • war in Cuba. The newspaper called for the
  • immediate U.S. entry into war with Spain.

Yellow Journalism
C. Timeline of the War
  1. April 11, 1898- McKinley asks Congress to
    intervene in Cuba

in the name of humanity , in the name of
civilization, and in behalf of endangered
American interests.
  • 2. April 20, 1898- US passes the Teller Amendment
  • Teller Amendment
  • the U.S. will not take
  • political control of
  • Cuba, who should be
  • independent.
  • 3. April 25, 1898- US declares war on Spain.
    McKinley ordered a Blockade of Cuba

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Spain also owns territory in Pacific a good
place for our land birds to land on!!
  • 4. May 1, 1898- Battle of Manila Bay
  • - US Commodore George Dewey and his men sailed
    from China ordered Fire when ready at first
  • - Victory made Dewey a great war hero
  • - brought Philippines under US control

  • 5. July 1, 1898- Battle of San Juan Hill
  • - Most famous battle of the war
  • - Victory is credited to Teddy Roosevelt and
    the Rough Riders
  • - Lt. Col T. Roosevelt had resigned as Assistant
    Secretary to the navy and gathered a group of
    college athletes, cowboys, American Indians, and
    ranchers to form the Rough Riders.
  • - Their horses had not been shipped to Cuba, so
    this group stormed San Juan Hill (in Santiago)
    and claimed victory!

The Rough Riders
Theodore Roosevelt and the Rough Riders at San
Juan Hill
  • 6. July 3, 1898- the naval Battle of Santiago
  • - The American Navys defeat of the Spanish
    battle fleet marked the end of centuries-long
    Spanish power in the western hemisphere.
  • - almost 350 Spanish deaths / 1 dead American
  • - Spain surrendered

  • 7. December 10, 1898-Treaty of Paris ended war
    b/w Spain and US Representatives signed the peace
    treaty in Paris, France.
  • Effects
  • What did America gain? Puerto Rico and Guam
    also bought the Philippine Islands from Spain for
  • Cuba Spain allowed an independent Cuba.

D. Additional IMPORTANT Information
  1. Nicknamed A Splendid Little War
  2. Most US soldier deaths were due to food-poisoning
    and disease.
  3. Marks U.S. as an Imperialistic nation.

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