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Welcome New Ashburton Families


Monday, August 30th Caf Burger w/ Sweet Potato Fries Grilled Cheese Sandwich w/ Oven Baked Tator Tots Cheese Pocket (Smuckers) Tuesday, August 31st Cheese, ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Welcome New Ashburton Families

Welcome New Ashburton Families
  • 2010-2011
  • School Year

  • Mrs. Charlene Garran Principal
  • Ms. Barbara Cino Assistant Principal
  • Mrs. Sarah Booth - Teacher
  • Ms. Jordan Dunn - Teacher
  • Ms. Amy Hirsch - Teacher
  • Ms. Joanna Robbins Teacher
  • Mrs. Monica Stoltzfus - Teacher
  • Ms. Erin VanVoorhis Teacher
  • Mrs. Yvette Killian Special Education Teacher
  • ESOL Teachers
  • Mrs. Marilyn Glick
  • Mrs. Diane Golden
  • Mrs. Carolyn King

WELCOME!Please take a moment to record any
questions that you would like answered by the
end of this meeting. Thank you! ?

The First Day
  • The first day of school is Monday, August 30th.
    We look forward to meeting and greeting your
  • During arrival that first morning, parents of
    kindergartners are welcome to join Mrs. Garran,
    the PTA, and others for Tea and Sympathy in the
    Media Center.

Kindergarten Name Tags
  • Please send your kindergartner with a NAME TAG.
    Your child should wear this tag for the first two
    weeks. It should have the following information
  • An information card is helpful for all students
    who are not familiar with their new information.
    Students can keep this information in backpacks.

Name_______________________ Address
____________________ Teachers Name
______________ Phone Number ______________ Bus
Color/Number _____________
  • Your child should have a BACKPACK with his/her
    name on it. It should be large enough to hold
    standard pocket sized folders. Your child will
    have a home/school folder in their backpack daily
    with important notices, newsletters and homework.
    Please empty the folder each night and send it
    back the following day.

  • Please dress your child casually and comfortably.
    We have active days planned. Kindergartners
    use paint, glue and play dough and well play
    outdoors. Clothes should be washable.
  • Sneakers are safer for active play and required
    for P.E.
  • The health tech has some spare clothes for the
    occasional emergency, however kindergartners may
    keep a set of clothes in a sealed plastic bag at
    the bottom of their backpack. Please keep it up
    to date in terms of size and season. ?

  • Art
  • Music
  • PE Physical Education
  • Computer Lab
  • Media Center
  • Chorus Instrumental Music
  • Grades 4 5

Lost and Found
  • To help prevent lost belongings, please label all
    of your childs possessions, including clothing
    (especially coats, jackets, sweaters, and vests).
  • Lost items are placed in the lost and found box
    located in a hallway closet outside of the APR.
    Parents are encouraged to check the lost and
    found box at anytime. ?

Items to Keep at Home
  • All toys, candy and chewing gum should stay home.
    These are not allowed in school.
  • Cell phones, electronic devices, trading cards,
    and NO HEELIES!

  • MCPS policy states that homework is for
    reinforcing and practicing concepts learned in
  • Kindergartners will receive a quarterly homework
    calendar and it will be sent home in their
  • Keep your child engaged at home. Kindergartners
    should work approximately 10 minutes per night to
    work on the objectives being taught in class to
    reinforce those skills.
  • Grades 1-5
  • Usually assigned Monday-Thursday
  • Math, Reading, Spelling
  • Special Projects

Home Supplies
  • To complete homework students will need a place
    at home with some basic supplies scissors,
    (Kindergarten-safety scissors) crayons/colored
    pencils, glue, tape, and extra paper.

  • If you do not live within walking distance to the
    school your child will ride a school bus.
  • The school bus is free!
  • Each bus has designated routes and bus stops that
    correlate to addresses.
  • Each bus is called a different color, however all
    the buses are actually yellow. ?
  • On the first day of school please have your child
    ride the bus to school because he/she will get a
    sticker with their bus color on it when he/she
    exit which lets teachers know what color bus they
    ride. ?
  • 5th grade patrols ride the bus with students and
    4th grade students will escort students to their
  • ALWAYS communicate with the teacher when there is
    any changes in the departure routine.
  • We have copies of the arrival and departure bus
    schedule. If you have any specific questions
    regarding bus stops and routes, see Marney Jacobs
    in the office. She is an expert! ?

Bikes and Skateboards
  • Students are permitted to travel to school on a
    bike or skateboard following the guidelines
  • Students must complete the permission slip that
    is located in the school office.
  • Students are responsible for locking bikes to the
    bike racks. Ashburton has two bike racks located
    in the front and back of the school. Ashburton ES
    is not responsible for damaged, lost, or missing
  • Skateboards can be stored in the school office
    and retrieved during dismissal.
  • Students MUST not ride bikes or skateboards on
    school property. Students must walk the bike or
    skateboard once they are on school property.
  • Students should wear a safety helmet.

  • We do offer hot lunch everyday at school.
  • Printed menus are sent home bi-monthly. Lunch
    menus are also posted on this website
  • Each student is issued a four digit pin number
    that allows them to access their account.
  • Please make sure that you are monitoring your
    SNAP lunch account balance. You should deposit
    money into your account first thing in the
    morning or parents can send money in with
    students and it will be put into their account
    before lunch. Paying during your lunch time will
    only hold up the line.
  • You can use the computerized/prepayment system _at_
  • Students must have money in their account in
    order to buy hot lunch.
  • Lunch Prices Breakfast 1.30 / Lunch - 2.50
  • There are two hot lunch items everyday for
    students to choose from or a cheese pocket.

For Example
  • Monday, August 30th
  • Café Burger w/ Sweet Potato Fries
  • Grilled Cheese Sandwich w/ Oven Baked Tator Tots
  • Cheese Pocket (Smuckers)
  • Tuesday, August 31st
  • Cheese, Veggie, or Pepperoni Person Pizza
  • Baked Chicken Nuggets w/ Baked Beans
  • Cheese Pocket (Smuckers)

Milk Choices White, Fat Free White, Fat Free
Chocolate, Fat Free Strawberry
  • If your child has any allergies (food or
    otherwise) please notify your childs teacher and
    the health room in writing immediately!
  • Since children will be eating a snack daily in
    the classroom it is even more important that we
    are aware of all allergies.
  • (Snack time varies in Grades 1-5)

  • Your child will have a daily afternoon snack in
  • Please provide your child with 1 healthy dry
    snack each day. Teachers will not provide
  • Examples of healthy dry snacks are one piece of
    fruit, one granola bar or one snack sized baggie
    of dry cereal.

Report Cards/Conferences
  • The parent conferences will be held on November
    11th and 12th. There will be sign-up sheets for
    appointment times at Back-to-School Night.
  • Kindergarten report cards go home twice a year
    February and June.
  • Grades 1-5 report cards go home quarterly
  • You will learn more about Standards Based
    Grading and Reporting during Back to School Night.

  • We do not have birthday parties for the students
    in school however, your child may bring a
    special book to share with the class. Teachers
    will make this day very special for your child.
  • If your child has a summer birthday they may
    bring a book to share on his/her ½ birthday.
    Please coordinate dates with the classroom
  • Student are not permitted to distribute
    invitations to individual students, unless they
    invite ALL students in the class.
  • Grades 1-5
  • Please see teacher for guidelines regarding

  • We have two class parties each year
  • Halloween and Valentines Day
  • Room parents help organize the classroom parties.
    ALL parents are welcome to volunteer! Please
    coordinate with the room parent.
  • There is always an alternative party option if
    your child does not celebrate Halloween or
    Valentines Day. Please inform the classroom
    teacher if your child will not participate in the
  • Note
  • All snacks/food MUST be store-bought!
  • Please work with the teacher on specific
    treats/food items as we have many students with

  • Dismissal is at 1235. It is very important your
    childs teacher knows where your child is going
    on half-days. Please provide a note to the
    teacher if your child is not going to leave
    school the way they do for a normal dismissal.
  • Please make sure your paperwork in the office is
    update because your child can not be released to
    anyone that you have not given permission to on
    the release form.

  • Student success in school is directly tied to
    daily attendance. Students needing to leave
    school early need a note from their parent or
    guardian. For security reasons, you MUST always
    sign your child in and out of the school building
    when arriving or departing at a time other than
    the scheduled arrival and dismissal times.
  • When your child is absent, please call the office
    at 301-571-6959 by 930 a.m. to let us know. You
    can also email the teacher and Dana Lynch,
    attendance secretary. (Dana_R_Lynch_at_mcpsmd.org)
  • When a child returns to school following an
    absence, s/he must always bring a dated note from
    a parent or guardian stating the reason for the

Daily Arrival Routines
  • School doors open at 830 a.m. and students may
    sit in the hallways until the first bell.
    Students may not enter the school prior to 830
  • The first bell rings at 840 a.m. and students
    may enter the classrooms.
  • The second bell rings at 850 a.m. and morning
    announcements begin. The back door will be locked
    at this time and you must enter through the front
  • If you arrive after 850 a.m. you are considered
    TARDY. You must stop by the office, be signed in
    by a parent and get a late pass. It is essential
    to the instructional program that all students
    are on time for school each day. If your child is
    absent for any reason, please call the office and
    notify them that your child will be out and write
    a note and send it with your child the date of
    his/her return.
  • - When visiting or volunteering,
    always sign-in and wear a
  • visitor sticker.
  • - Kiss and Say Goodbye Procedures

Daily Dismissal Routines
  • Please send a note granting permission for any
    schedule changes, including
  • Child to go home with Grandparent or another
    adult, per your request.
  • Child to go home with a friend on another bus or
    via other modes of transportation BOTH children
    MUST have a note.
  • Play-dates should be scheduled in advance of the
    school day.
  • Please refrain from sending emails during the
    day to inform the teacher of a change in a
    dismissal routine. In case of an emergency,
    contact the office so the teacher is notified
    immediately. It is always best to copy the
    office, Dana Lynch or Marney Jacobs, on these
    emails to ensure that the teacher receives the

  • Please instruct your children to use a walking
    route that ensures safety. Walking students who
    are met by adults will meet in the gym lobby or
    breezeway and be released to their parents or
    others with permission. Children who are to walk
    home by themselves should leave the building and
    walk directly home after school. Please make sure
    you are there promptly for pick-up supervision
    is available until 315 p.m. and then students
    will be sent to the office.
  • Please discuss weather emergency procedures with
    your child.

  • Ashburton has limited parking and one entrance
    for buses. To protect the safety of the students,
    the driveway is blocked to auto traffic from 830
    a.m. to 900 a.m., and from 245 to 325 p.m.
    Only buses may enter to drop-off or pick-up.
  • The drop-off in the rear of the building off
    Pomona Drive has been constructed to help
    alleviate the congestion in the front of the
    school. You may drop-off or pick-up students
    there or park and walk in. The doors will be
    locked after 850 a.m. students who arrive after
    that time should not be dropped off at this
    location since they would have to walk around the
    building to enter. Walkers or children who are to
    be picked up can be met at this drop-off loop in
    the afternoon.

Weather Delays
  • Please listen to the radio or TV for weather
    delays and school closings.
  • MCPS also posts the announcement online at
  • Email Alerts Subscribe to MCPS Newsfeed to
    receive alerts to your computer about early
    dismissals, emergencies, and other news.

Field Trips
  • Field trips are an important part of the
    instructional program of each class. Students
    will go on different field trips throughout the
  • When a field trip approaches, teachers will send
    home a permission slip form and ask for
    chaperones. Written permission from a parent or
    guardian is required for a child to attend.
    Parent chaperones aid the teacher with
    supervision on these outings however,
    regulations prohibit siblings from attending.
  • There is usually a fee for bus transportation
    often there is also an admission fee. Financial
    assistance is offered by the PTA through Mrs.
    Gillespie, counselor, for those children in need
    please contact Mrs. Gillespie directly.

Safety Drills
  • Fire Drills
  • Code Blue
  • Code Red
  • Shelter in Place
  • Tornado Drills

New Safety SystemCamerasComputerized Sign-In
Kindergarten Integrated Curriculum
  • This year, our school is using the Montgomery
    County Public Schools (MCPS) Elementary
    Integrated Curriculum (EIC) in Kindergarten. The
    EIC includes the same rigorous content as the
    current MCPS curriculum with several upgrades.
  • The EIC identifies an instructional sequence that
    maximizes the natural connections among the
    content areas of mathematics, reading/language
    arts, science, and social studies.
  • Music, art, and physical education/health also
    have been integrated, connecting these areas to
    the work of classroom teachers.
  • Students to develop critical and creative
    thinking skills as well as academic success
  • Reading Assessments (mClass Testing)
  • Fall, Winter, Spring
  • Goal Level 4/6 or higher ?
  • Differentiation
  • Small Group Instruction (Reinforce, Re-teach,

Ashburton Elementary School A Great Place to
  • Differentiated Instruction
  • Reading Initiative Grades 1 2
  • Accelerated Math Classes/Groups 1-5
  • Departmentalization in Grades 3, 4, 5
  • After School Activities
  • School PTA Sponsored
  • Parent Involvement
  • Student Recognition
  • Birthday Announcements
  • TQ Stars (Top Quality Stars)
  • Weekly Announcements, Pictures, Awards Monthly
    Luncheon with Administration and Mrs. Gillespie
  • Kindergarten Stars of the Week
  • End of the Year Awards in Special Areas

  • President Kathy Rose
  • Co-Administrative Vice Presidents Wendy Calhoun
    Amy Cohen 
  • Co-Membership Vice Presidents Sonali Arurkar
    Veronica Walgamotte
  • Treasurer Christine Furman
  • Secretary Jen Luna
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