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Today's Book Hook...


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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Today's Book Hook...

Today's Book Hook...
  • If you like adventure, and survival books, then
    "Island" is certainly the book for you.
  • It is about six kids who get put on a ship by
    their parents because they can't behave at home.
    It turns out that the ship gets hit by a storm
    and the mechanic tries to fix the boat by taking
    apart the motor.
  • The mechanic fixes the motor and then the boat
    explodes and crashes on a island. Six kids have
    to survive on a dessert island. Will someone
    rescue them? Will they run out of supplies? You
    will have to read it to find out.

Today's Book Hook...
  • You are about to complete your training as a
    smoke jumper - one of an elite group of fire
    fighters patrolling the mountainous region of the
    Pacific Northwest.
  • Several small fires have broken out in the area
    and volunteers are needed to go on patrol. You
    want to volunteer but you know that if you do,
    you will miss your final test and delay
    certification until the jump can be rescheduled.
    But lives may be in danger. You must decide what
    to do...
  • What happens next in the story? It all depends
    on the choices you make. How does the story end?
    Only you can find out!
  • And the best part is that you can keep reading
    and rereading until you had not one but many
    incredible adventures!

Today's Book Hook...
  • Luke has never been to school. Hes never had a
    birthday party, or gone to a friends house for
    an overnight. In fact, Luke has never had a
  • Luke is one of the shadow children a third
    child forbidden by the Population Police.
  • Hes lived his entire life in hiding and now,
    with a new housing development replacing the
    woods next to his familys farm, he is no longer
    even allowed to go outside.
  • Then one day he sees a girls face in the window
    of a house where he knows two other children
    already live.
  • Finally hes met a shadow child like himself.
    Jen is willing to risk everything to come out of
    the shadows does Luke dare to become involved
    in this dangerous plan?

How do we show respect when using school
Today's Book Hook...
  • Molly Moon is no ordinary orphan. When she finds
    a mysterious old book on hypnotism, she discovers
    she can make people do whatever she wants.
  • But a sinister stranger is watching her every
    move and he'll do anything to steal her hypnotic

Todays Book Hook
  • After his parents are killed in an accident,
    Jeffrey Lionel Magee is forced to live with his
    aunt and uncle--a situation he eventually finds
    so unbearable that he runs away.
  • Initially, Jeffrey leads an interesting life,
    finding food and shelter where he can, but his
    circumstances change forever when he makes his
    way to Two Mills--a small, racially divided
    Pennsylvania town. Jeffrey's amazing abilities in
    all sorts of sports, his bravery, his
    intelligence, and his kindness win him a
    reputation (and the nickname "Maniac"), but his
    achievements also make him a threat to some of
    the other kids in Two Mills.
  • As he searches for a place to call home, Manic
    learns that the residents of the East and West
    ends have more in common than they ever
    imagined--and he sets out to find a way to bring
    them together.

Todays Book Hook
  • Does everyone deserve a second chance?
  • Martys parents think so even Judd Travers,
    whose history of drinking and violence keeps
    Marty from completely trusting that his beloved
    dog Shiloh, will always be safe from Judd.
  • Some people just seem to attract trouble, Martys
    Ma says, and Judd attracts the sort of trouble
    that makes it hard to believe that hes really
  • First the police find the body of a man whod
    fought with Judd. Then a vicious attack forces
    Judd to kill one of his dogs. But just when it
    seems Judd will never be able to escape the
    shadow of his past, a dangerous accident gives
    him the chance to prove himself.
  • Can Judd Travers actually become a hero?

Todays Book Hook
  • Someone has been raiding Sally May's garbage
    barrels! Hank knows the crime is the work of a
    notorious gang of raccoons, but in a tragic case
    of mistaken identity, the Head of Ranch Security
    is himself forced to take the heat.
  • Even more trouble lies ahead. Rip and Snort, the
    good-for-nothing coyote brothers, are planning to
    pull an even bigger job.
  • Not only is Hank powerless to stop them, he's
    forced to fight on the side of evil--and must
    contend with terrifying forces!

Todays Book Hook
  • Orphan, clock keeper, and thief, Hugo lives in
    the walls of a busy Paris train station, where
    his survival depends on secrets and staying
  • But when his world suddenly interlocks with an
    eccentric, bookish girl and a bitter old man who
    runs a toy booth in the station, Hugo's
    undercover life, and his most precious secret,
    are put in jeopardy.
  • A cryptic drawing, a treasured notebook, a
    stolen key, a mechanical man, and a hidden
    message from Hugo's dead father form the backbone
    of this spellbinding mystery.

Todays Book Hook
  • After breaking his arm during the first tryout
    of last season, Robby is determined to make the
    football team this year.
  • Andy Renkins, one of the best football players
    in the league, is not going to make it easy for
    him though.
  • Along with that, Coach Parker is consumed by the
    thought of winning the championship game, making
    him meaner than ever.
  • Robby is already having second thoughts about
    wanting to be on the team. Hes not sure hell
    have the skills necessary to lead the team to
  • Can he do it? Read it and find out!

Todays Book Hook

After his adventures in THE DIVIDE, Felix lives
quietly at home with his parents. But Snakeweed,
the arch villain, is still at large. Having
failed to sell bad magic to the real world, he
wants to go back home. All he needs to get there
is the spell hidden in Felix's notebook. So
Snakeweed pays a visit to Felix--and freezes his
parents with a horrible curse that begins to
spread like a magical disease. Soon the curse is
effecting everything--and the Earth itself may be
in danger. Felix must return to The Divide to
find the counter-charm that can cure his
parents...and save the world!
Todays Book Hook
The Turkey Shot Out of the Oven The turkey shot
out of the oven And rocketed into the air, It
knocked every plate off the table And partly
demolished a chair. It ricocheted into a
corner And burst with a deafening boom, Then
splattered all over the kitchen, Completely
obscuring the room. It stuck to the walls and
the windows, It totally coated the floor, There
was turkey attached to the ceiling, Where thered
never been turkey before. It blanketed every
appliance, It smeared every saucer and
bowl, There wasnt a way I could stop it, That
turkey was out of control. I scraped and I
scrubbed with displeasure, And thought with
chagrin as I mopped, That Id never again stuff a
turkey With popcorn that hadnt been popped.

Todays Book Hook

Id Rather By Bruce Lansky Id rather wash the
dishes. Id rather kiss a frog. Id rather get a
F in math Or run a ten-mile jog. Id rather do
my homework. Id rather mow the lawn. Id rather
take the garbage out. Id rather wake at
dawn. Id rather dine on Brussel sprouts Or
catch the chicken pox. Id rather do most
anything Than clean the litter box.
Todays Book Hook

Five geese a-laying? A pear tree with no
partridge in it? Someone or something is running
afoul on Chickadee Court. Every Christmas since
Alex can remember, his family and neighbors have
decorated their yards using The Twelve Days of
Christmas as the theme. This year someone is
stealing the decorations one by one. Its up to
Alex and his best friend and his ace detective
cat, to crack the case or risk holiday havoc! If
you love mystery stories with a Christmas theme,
this is a book for you!
Todays Book Hook
  • It comes on everybody at a certain time in
    their life to not believe in Santa Claus, says
    the narrator of A Christmas Sonata.
  • For him it came when he was a small boy during
    World War II and stumbled across his neighbor
    putting on a Santa suit.
  • But when this young boy and his mother spend the
    holiday in Minnesota with his cousin who is
    dying, a Christmas miracle restores both
    childrens faith in the spirit of the season.

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Library Expectations
  • Be Respectful
  • Be Safe
  • Be On Task
  • Be Responsible
  • Enter, leave and work quietly because others are
    also trying to work here.

  • 1st warning reminder
  • 2nd warning A fix it plan and sent to the
    recovery area to complete it.
  • 3rd warning Sent to office

Todays Book Hook
  • Susan Simmons can tell that her new substitute
    teacher is really weird. But she doesn't know how
    weird until she catches him peeling off his face
    -- and she realizes that "Mr. Smith" is really an
  • At first no one will believe her -- except Peter
    Thompson, the class brain. When Peter and Susan
    discover Mr. Smith's horrible plans for their
    classmates, they know they have to act fast. Only
    they can get rid of their extra-terrestrial
    visitor -- and save the rest of the sixth grade
    class from a fate worse than math tests!
  • Check out this mystery/science fiction book

Todays Book Hook
  • What goes up must come downright?
  • When Aunt Glorias son, Salim, mysteriously
    disappears from a sealed pod on the London Eye
    Ferris Wheel, everyone is frantic. Has he
    spontaneously combusted? Has he been kidnapped?
    Is he even still alive?
  • Even the police are baffled. Ted, whose
    thinking is unique and his older sister, Kat,
    overcome their differences to become partners in
    solving this mystery
  • They follow a trail of clues across London in a
    desperate bid to find their cousin before it is
    too late
  • Read this great mystery to find out what happens!

Todays Book Hook
  • What if your mom were president?
  • Kay Kay Granger and her sister, Annie, have just
    moved into the White House after their mom's
    inauguration, and soon find out that it's not
    exactly as fun as it sounds.
  • But things get a lot more interesting when the
    sisters find out that the White House may be
    haunted. Could Abraham Lincoln's ghost really be
    hanging out in the Lincoln bedroom?
  • Kay Kay and Annie want to get to the bottom of
    this mystery-but are they ready for what they
    might uncover? Read it and find out!

Todays Book Hook
  • A strange chain of events begins when sixteen
    unlikely people get together for the reading of
    Samuel W. Westings will.
  • And though no one knows why the eccentric,
    game-loving millionaire has chosen a stranger
    and possible murderer to inherit his fortune,
    one things for sure
  • Sam Westing may be deadbut that wont stop him
    from playing one last game!
  • Check out this mystery today!

Todays Book Hook
  • The Herculeah Jones Mystery series book Death's
    Door is a great mystery.
  • As the story goes, Herculeah finds out that her
    best friends uncle is mixed up in some tricky
    business and somebody's out to get him.
  • Of course Herculeah comes to the rescue once
    again and solves the mystery. This book will make
    you want to read it from cover to cover.
  • If you enjoy mystery stories like Nancy Drew and
    Sammy Keyes, you will love reading this book.

Todays Book Hook
  • Have you ever wondered about the other side of
    the story? Have you ever wondered about how a
    secondary character feels and thinks? If you
    have, Journey to Jamestown is the book for you!
  • When Elias leaves his home in England for
    Jamestown, Virginia, he is hardly excited. He
    will be an apprentice to a barber surgeon, and
    the sight of blood makes him faint.
  • But Elias finds his strength when he meets a
    young Indian girl. She is a half-Indian,
    half-English and she doesn't fit in but all that
    changes when she meets Elias, one of the enemy
    settlers who have stolen Indian land.
  • This is a great historical fiction book! Read
    it today!

Todays Book Hook
  • Have you ever wondered what inspires people to
    climb mountains? What drives some to the highest
    peaks? Fourteen-year-old Peak Marcello was born
    to climb. Born to a couple of dedicated "rock
    rats," Peak has climbing in his blood. Peak's
    parents are divorced. He hasn't heard from his
    father for years. Suddenly, after being arrested
    for illegally climbing a skyscraper, Peak finds
    himself on his way to Katmandu to join his dad,
    famous climber, Joshua Wood. Peak Marcello is
    about to have the adventure of a lifetime. His
    mental as well as physical strength will be
    tested, and what is truly important in life will
    be revealed.

Todays Book Hook
  • Fourteen year old Doug Cannon thinks his summer
    is going to be boring, but that's before he meets
    Red Roberts, an energetic cycling enthusiast who
    encourages Doug to help out with the construction
    of a new bike path and to learn more about the
  • All summer long, Doug struggles to become the
    young athlete Red thinks he can be. But does he
    have what it takes to really go the distance and
    make it to the Olympics?

Todays Book Hook
  • Discovered in the attic in which she spent the
    last years of her life, Anne Frank's diary has
    since become a powerful reminder of how terrible
    war is.
  • In 1942, with Nazis occupying Holland, a
    thirteen-year-old Jewish girl and her family fled
    their home and went into hiding for two years.
  • Cut off from the outside world, they faced
    hunger, boredom, and the ever-present threat of
    discovery and death.
  • Check out this powerful book today!

Todays Book Hook
  • What was supposed to have been a reunion with
    Mr. Benedict turns into trouble for the four
    young heroes of The Mysterious Benedict Society.
  • Mr. Benedict and his assistant Number 2 have
    been kidnapped by the evil Mr. Curtain, so
    Reynie, Kate, Sticky, and Constance set off to
    rescue him, helped by a set of clues Mr. Benedict
    left before his abduction.
  • Adventure and danger await in this spell-binding
    adventure/mystery book.

Todays Book Hook
  • Sasha has everything she wants kind people who
    take care of her during the day and the freedom
    to explore the woods beyond Twolegplace at night.
  • But when Sasha is forced to leave her home, she
    must forge a solitary new life in the forest.
    Life on her own is exciting at first but quickly
    gets lonely.
  • When Sasha meets Tigerstar, leader of
    ShadowClan, she wonders whether she would be
    better off joining the ranks of his forest Clan.
  • But Tigerstar has many secrets, and Sasha must
    decide whether she can trust him.

Todays Book Hook
  • This is a story about a secret, but it also
    contains a secret story
  • When detectives Cass and Max-Ernest discover a
    mysterious box, they accidentally stumble upon a
    mystery surrounding a dead magicians hidden
    diary and the hunt for immortality.
  • Filled with word games and a mysterious
    narrator, this is a book that wont stay secret
    for long

Todays Book Hook
  • Theres a great deal going on plot wise in this
    sequel to Swinde, and thats just how the legions
    of Gordon Korman fans like it.
  • Once again, The Man with the Plan Griffin,
    animal expert Savannah and her Great Dane Luthor,
    and Every kid Ben join forces to solve a mystery.
    This time, theyre out to rescue Savannahs pet
    monkey Cleo from an unethical zoo owner. When
    Cleo disappears from Savannahs backyard and is
    later spotted on a school field trip to a
    decrepit floating zoo, madcap plans and
    adventures ensue getting to and from the zoo in
    the middle of the night distracting Klaus, the
    overzealous security guard springing Cleo from
    her cage and ultimately stashing more than 40
    freed zoo animals in classmates houses without
    any parents noticing.
  • The action is fast and entertaining, with just
    the right amount of realistic drama to ring true.
    Check it out today!

Todays Book Hook
  • Redwall is an exciting fantasy book that never
    slows, never bores, and never disappoints the
  • You could say it's a simple "good vs. evil"
    story between the good, honorable mice of Redwall
    Abbey and the evil forces of Cluny the one-eyed
    rat, but that would be an oversimplification.
  • It's much more, largely in part due to the
    author and his skillful writing.
  • Check it out today!

Todays Book Hook
  • When Travis and Mandy find a strange, metal
    insect at the nearby park, they have a lot of
    questions. Where did it come from? Are there
    more? And most importantlyare they dangerous?
  • They are about to find out.
  • And what they discover is more horrifying than
    they would ever imagine. Thousands of iron
    insects are about to descend upon the city of
    Elkhart, Indianaand these metal monsters mean
  • Its a race against the clock as they try to
    uncover the secret of the bizarre bugs and stop
    the savage swarm before the iron insects
    terrorize the entire city!

Todays Book Hook
  • The book, Jason's Gold, written by Will Hobbs,
    conveys themes of determination, disappointment,
    and hardship. These themes led to a well-written,
    page turning thriller that makes you feel lucky
    for all that you have. Fifteen-year-old Jason
    Hawthorn hears news of a gold rush, taking place
    in the Klondike.
  • Jason leaves his job as a newspaper boy, and is
    immediately infected with Klondike fever. Jason
    wishes to return home to Seattle, and rejoin his
    two older brothers and then set out for gold!
  • Along the way, Jason runs into many problems,
    such as food shortages, transportation,
    bone-chilling cold, and fierce competition with
    other people infected with Klondike fever. To
    survive the elements along the way, Jason has to
    use all of his skills, and comes very close to
  • This is an exciting, historical fiction story!

Historical Fiction
Historical Fiction.
  • Some characters may be real and others may be
  • The story takes place during a period in history.
  • Real events from history are mixed with fictional
  • Characters may speak in a way that represents the
    time period.

Todays Book Hook
  • Falsely accused of theft and murder, an orphaned
    peasant boy in fourteenth-century England flees
    his village and meets a larger-than-life juggler
    who holds a dangerous secret.
  • This is a perfect example of historical fiction

Todays Book Hook
  • Tucked away in a gray patch of woods called
    No-Bob, the ODonnell family has nothing but a
    bad reputation. So when Addys mom abandons her
    on the afternoon of Mr. Frank Russells wedding
    celebration, nobody is very surprised.
  • A reluctant Mr. Frank and his new wife take Addy
    in, and Addy does everything she can to prove
    that at least one ODonnell has a promising
  • But one day, Addy witnesses a terrible event that
    brings her old world crashing into the new
  • As she finds herself being pulled back into
    No-Bob and the grips of her ODonnell family,
    Addy is faced with the biggest decision of her
    life. Can she somehow find the courage to do
    whats right even if it means betraying one of
    her own?

Todays Book Hook
  • When their peaceful valley is threatened with
    danger, Firedrake, a silver-skinned dragon, and
    his sidekick, Sorrel, set off to find the
    mythical Rim of Heaven -- the only place in the
    world where dragons can be safe forever.
  • Along the way they meet an orphaned boy named
    Ben who volunteers to be their navigator and
    quickly becomes their friend. But when they learn
    that an evil dragon hunter is on their trail,
    their quest quickly turns into a battle for
  • As the adventure draws to a breathtaking close,
    it soon becomes clear that one person's fate will
    decide the destiny of them all.