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Guess Who and What


My truck makes loud noises when I drive down the street. ... , I look lovely in a tray. ... Your parents car would never start ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Guess Who and What

Guess Who and What
  • Making Inferences

(C) 1998, Arden Davidson
Text and pictures
and guesswho
Catch Me If You CanWhen somebody hits me, a
crowd always cheers.I don't understand it,but
it brings me to tears.It thrills people
sillyto throw me aroundand make me go
bouncingacross the hard ground.What have I
doneto deserve this cruel fate?I've gone from
just madto completely irate!I'm battered by
batsjust to make the crowd shout.I am sick of
this game-it's not safe, I want out!WHO AM I?
A Baseball!                            
Stamp of ApprovalI stop by your housealmost
every daybut don't ask me in,I've got no time
to stay.I've got places to go,lots of stuff to
deliver.Sometimes I'm a takerand sometimes a
giver.I'm not sure what I'm bringing,or what
has been sentwhich makes sense, since Iwork for
the government.I love that on Sunday I get to
saw logs, But I'd like my job more if there
weren't any dogs.Who Am I?
A Postman!                                      
Holding It TogetherI hang out in a little hole
in the wall.I'm sharp but I'm also blunt.And if
you drive me home, I promiseI'll stay there as
long as you want.Although you can easily move
me around,It's my job to keep things in
place.Lots of stuff would fall down if I didn't
exist,but luckily, that's not the case.There
are plenty of things you can hang on me,like
pictures and clocks and your coat.There are even
more things your can build with me,like a house
or a chair a boat.Sometimes I get a pounding
headachefrom you hammering away at me.But I
don't get mad. If I did you would see - I'd be
fighting you tooth and me.WHAT AM I?
A Nail!                                    
A Hop, Skip and a JumpI'll tell you about the
career that I choseit definitely keeps meon my
toes.I've been practicing sincea very young
age.Now I travel aroundand perform on the
stage.I'm graceful and pretty,but I'm also
real strong.My body is thinand my legs are
quite long.I often wear pinkand love satin and
lace.Watch me twirl, flit and flutterall over
the place.Who Am I?
A Ballerina!                                    
Fitting InI fit inside your door just
rightwherever you reside.But put me in your
neighbor's doorand you'll still be
outside.There's just one hole that I fit
inmade specially for me.There's just one door,
one safe,one skate and one locked diary,which
makes me feel real I am one of a
kind.Of course, sometimes folks copy mein case
I'm hard to find.I share a ring with othersof
my type I'm rarely single.But that's okay
'cause when wetouch each other, then we
jingle.WHAT AM I?
A Key!                                 
Hot ShotA lot of kids thinkthat they want to
be me.Danger 's my best friend and my
enemy.When I'm summoned to dutyI'm often
alarmed.Still, I help lots of peoplestay safe
and unharmed.I wear a cool hat and a raincoat
and boots.Which I'd much rather wearthan some
stuffy old suits.My truck makes loud
noiseswhen I drive down the street.It's a lot
of fun but I still take lots of heat.Who Am I?
A Fireman!                         
The Cold Hard FactsSometimes I'm very
squareand sometimes I'm very hard.But heat me
up and soonI've melted like a tub of lard.I
look excellent in glasses,I look lovely in a
tray.And with me inside your cooleryou can
picnic all darn day.When kids fall down in
footballI make sure their wounds don't
swell.And when someone has a bloody lipI
comfort them as well.You can eat me when I'm
solid.You can drink me when I'm not.And
although I suffer freezer burn,I'm not what
you'd call hot.WHAT AM I?
An Ice Cube!                             
Keeping the BeatI get to wear a uniformand a
big badge shining bright.Sometimes I work all
dayand sometimes really late at night.I drive
a special carso you will know me anywhere.When
kids get lost , I find them - and I take away
their scare. I have a lot of powerto put bad
folks behind bars.I nab people when I see
themrobbing banks or stealing cars.I try to
watch your neighborhoodmake sure that its
secure.Which helps me hear my favorite
wordsOh, thank you officer!Who Am I?
A Police Officer!                               
Your Pace or MineI don't come out of my shell
very often'cause it takes me 'bout half the
day.And I'll never be thrilled about
travelinguntil I find a faster way.For me,
crossing over a speed bumpis like you trekking
'cross the state.And I never can keep an
appointment,'cause I'm always 'bout three days
late.If you raced me against a turtle,I'd
still have no fair chance of winning.He'd zoom
right past the finish linebut I'd still be back
at the beginning.It's a leisurely life, but it
has its drawbacks.It's a jungle out there when
you're slow.And if I could just run about 20
times faster,there'd be no more escargot.WHAT
A Snail!                                   
It's a Sick WorldPeople often visit mebut
usually not by choice.I make them feel more
comfortablewhen I use a soothing voice.I went
to school a long, long timeto learn just how to
heal.Now I can treat a cold, the flu,the's no big deal.So stick your tongue
out at melet me look inside your nose.I'll
check you out all over, from your head down to
your toes.I can tell that you don't like it
hereby the way you fuss and squirm.But an apple
a day just might keep me away....(unless you
bite into a worm!)Who Am I?
A Doctor!                     
Fear of FryingThe story of my life is sad,But
I'll tell you, if you like.I was born dirt poor
in the richest soilin a town called Spudsville
Pike.One day I got snatched away from my
homeand then thrown in the back of a truck.My
eyes could see life on the road was not easy,so
I smiled and wished myself luck.I knew that I'd
be a success in the world,no matter what trials
lay ahead.I was told that the world would butter
me upBut boy, what a line I'd been fed!I knew
life had taken a turn for the worstwhen I first
saw those golden arches.Now my hope for the
future is fried just because I amone of your
favorite starches!WHAT AM I?
A Potato!                       
Live and LearnI really like apples and numbers
and books.I don't like gum chewing,or rude,
dirty looks.I'm crazy about storiesand old
dates and places.I can't stand misbehavingor
untied shoelaces.I love to play gamesthat make
your brain think.I hate when kids say stuff
like"boo!" and "you stink!"I have 32 kidswho
all think I'm the best'til I say those feared
words,"Kids, it's time for a test".Who Am I?
A Teacher!                            
Power HungryWithout me and my energy,your
radio wouldn't play.Your flashlight would be
useless,it could never light the way.Many of
your favorite toyswould sit there like a
rock.And you'd never know what time it
iswithout me in your clock.Your tape recorder
wouldn't keepa word that you had said.Your
parents car would never start(just like when I
play dead.)I don't usually like to gamble, but
I would bet big money, that without me there
would not have beenan energizer bunny.WHAT AM
A Battery!                                   
Life is Picking Up!I get up really earlythen
come driving down your street.It's an awfully
dirty job,but in a way, it's kind of
neat.After all, I am important.Without me, the
world would stink!And believe me, that would not
behalf as cool as you might think.So bring me
all your wrappers and youregg shells and your
tissues.(I'd rather not get into allthe
sanitary issues). But I'd like to say one
thingabout the garbage bags you use-Make sure
they're strong orall your trash will fall out on
my shoes!Who Am I?
A Garbage Man!                    
A Taste of the Good LifeMy most admirable
quality isI have fantastic taste.That is, until
some little kid,decides to dine on paste.When
I'm quiet people always askif a cat's got ahold
of me.But that's silly - most cat's have their
own...they don't need two or three.Selling
seashells by the seashoreoften makes me rather
twisted.But give me a pickled pepperand I
simply can't resist it.When I take a trip to
the candy storelife's at its very best.But when
I go to the doctor,I always get depressed.WHAT
A Tongue!                            
Early RiserIm not close to my neighbors,but I
have lots of friends.I take care of them feed
them - my work never ends.Of course most of my
friendsare on four legs, not two.But they give
me great presentslike milk, eggs and glue.Plus
I ride a big tractorand grow lots of stufflike
corn, wheat and cotton - My jobs pretty
tough.I get sore, I get tired,but once Im all
healed,I can boast that Ive beenout-standing
in my field.Who Am I?
A Farmer!                                 
Raised RightYou often see me waving,but not
"hi" or "goodbye".You often see me flyingbut
I'm not free in the sky.I have many strange
designsbut the one I like the besthas stars and
stripes, red, white and bluemuch nicer than the
rest.I watch over this great land ofall the
brave, the true, the free.There's even a June
holidaynamed specially for me.When people talk
to me, theyput their hand over their heart.
Then they pledge allegience to me,Boy,
Americans are smart!WHAT AM I?
The American Flag!                            
Sweet SurrenderWhen people get marriedthey
give me a calland the gift I make for themis
usually tall.But I make many thingsfor all
types of folks.All I need's sugar, flour,some
milk and egg yolks.Whether you're just a kidor
some rich, famous queenA dozen, to memeans not
twelve, but thirteen.I'm rolling in dough,but
I'm not very wealthy.I make marvelous
treats,but they're not very healthy.Who Am I?
A Baker!                             
It's a Dirty JobI don't like to make sweeping
statements,but dirt is the scum of the earth.I
hate it! I hate it! I've hated all dirtsince the
moment of my fateful birth.I try really hard to
get rid of it all,from the crumbs to the sand to
the litter.Whether inside or ouside, I brush it
awayand it makes my heart go patter-pitter.But
most of the time I just stand in the
corner,very anxious to fight the good fight.If
I had my way, all the dirt in this worldwould
just 'poof', disappear overnight!Of course,
then I wouldn't have much to do.I'd be bored as
a fellow can get.Unless some old, daredevil
witch came alongand used me as her personal
jet!WHAT AM I?
A Broom!                                        
A Novel IdeaWhatever I imagineI can somehow
make turn real.I have no special powers, just
some talent and some zeal.Sometimes I stay up
really late and type the night away.(It drives
my family crazybut they love me anyway!)Im
kind of a perfectionist,I edit and amend.Not
til every word is just right,have I truly
reached The EndI bring fantasy to lifewith
every page I scrawl upon.And even though the
stories end,the words are never gone.Who Am
A Writer!                                   
The Dating SceneYou can sit me on a deskor you
can hang me on a wall.Sometimes I'm big and
colorful,sometimes I'm plain and small.People
always want to change me.I get flipped and
ripped a lot,just 'cause I keep such good track
ofappointments that they've got.But though my
days are numberedmy future's not so bleak. Some
things I can count on to never change,like my
months and my days of the week.My popularity
has always beena subject of many debatesBecause
no matter how good or bad I look,I always have
hundreds of dates.WHAT AM I?
A Calendar!                             
My Pet ProjectsIf your puppy isn't feeling
well,or your kitty cat has fleas,or your pet
monkey got scrapedwhile he was swinging through
the trees.I am the one to come towhen you've
got a queasy bunny,or an elephant that's
sneezing,or a pig whose nose is runny.I'm also
good for check-ups,and those shots that all pets
need.Just bring in any dog or catand I'll tell
you their breed.Last week I helped this strange
manwho's giraffe had a sore throat.It wasn't
funny, but I gota kick out of his goat!Who Am
A Veterinarian!                                 

I've Been Set Up!I come in all shapes and
sizes,including the smallest a "pup".But
unlike the pup that you keep as a pet,I will
never get big or grow up.Huge versions of me
are called "big tops",when I'm housing bears,
llamas and clowns.And when I'm a big top I feel
like a big shot'cause I'm welcome in all the
cool towns.Most often I'm taken on camping
tripsthat's my favorite thing to do.I love the
outdoors, even though my whole purposeis to keep
the outdoors from you.I keep out the rain and
the skunks and the bugs,while you sing a nice
campfire song.Just keep me away from those mean
grizzly bears - I'm strong but I'm not that
strong.WHAT AM I?
A Tent!                                    
Drill TeamI love to ask you questionswhen it's
hard to answer me.I don't know why I do
that,but I do it constanty.You come to me when
you're in pain,and then, I cause you more.I
hate to do it, but to truly heal,you must feel
sore.Your smile is importantit's my job to
make it shine.But I warn you - too much
sugarmakes your mouth a small gold mine.You're
very brave to visit me,and I hope that you come
back.I won't give you a medal,but I'll take
away your plaque!Who Am I?
A Dentist!                                      
Making The GradeWhenever a teacher
announces,that I'll prob'ly be coming real
soon,Kids scramble for books, study 'specially
hard,Cuz they don't want to look like a
goon.Sometimes when a kid takes me home,I'm
displayed proudly up on a shelf.But other kids
don't give me credit at all,but I don't give out
credit myself.You have to earn what you get
from me,I'm an honest reflection of you.Your
teacher writes down some big letters all basedon
your work and the answers you knew.So whether
I'm covered with A's or with D's,and whether
you've passed or you've failed,Just remember,
not bringing me home doesn't work,because hey, I
can always be mailed.WHAT AM I?
A Report Card!                                  
Getting ThereMy career is really taking offbut
there's more to it than that.For I can take you
far awayin 30 minutes flat.You can sit beside
the windowand look at the ants below.From here,
the earth looks all the same,no matter where you
go.My future is up in the air.My hopes remain
sky high.Most people are beneath me,cuz I'm
quite a lofty guy.Of course, sometimes I have
to keepmy feet firm on the ground.Like when I'm
home,or when somebody's luggage can't be
found.Who Am I?
A Pilot!                                        
How many did you guess correctly?