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Update on the Enhancement Process


What happens with problem statements. Intro to Voyager 5. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Update on the Enhancement Process

Georgia Users Group Meeting Product Update
May 20, 2004 Michele Arms Customer Liaison
Product Management Update
Knowledge is of two kinds. We know a subject
ourselves, or we know where we can find
information upon it. Samuel Johnson
  • Overview
  • LinkFinderPlus Update
  • ENCompass Update
  • Voyager Update

Product Management is Growing
  • Added two staff members since last year
  • Mike Visser
  • Kathryn Harnish

Endeavor 2004
  • Alive and Growing
  • Voyager - 1,281 libraries- up 10
  • ENCompass - 139 libraries- up 40
  • LinkFinderPlus - 147 libraries- up 27
  • Delivering to you
  • Voyager with UnicodeTM in early release
  • ENCompass 3.5 in early release
  • LinkFinderPlus 3.5 in general release

Endeavor Library Advisory Boards
  • European Board
  • Call for nominations in September 2003
  • Board appointed November
  • First meeting March 2004 in London
  • Australasian Board
  • Call for nominations in February 2004
  • Board appointments to be announced in May
  • First meeting by end of year
  • North American version under discussion with
    EndUser Board

Digital Product Update
MARC must die! Roy Tennant
  • LinkFinderPlus 4.0
  • LinkFinderPlus Subscription Service
  • ENCompass 3.5
  • User Interface update

LinkFinderPlus 4.0
  • Windows System Administration client replaced by
    a web-based client called WebAdmin
  • Aggregator Configuration has been added to System
  • Server scripts and editing of server file no
    longer required
  • Expanded Knowledge Base
  • Pre-populated Knowledge Base has
  • 32 more sites 71 more linked journals
  • Over 100,000 additional unlinked journal titles
    have been added to make it easier to add journals
    to sites
  • Normalized Knowledge Base
  • No more special JS_ or Agg_ sites
  • Full-time Digital Linking Analyst has been hired
    to maintain Knowledge Base and fix broken links

LinkFinderPlus 4.0
Navigation Bar (Appears on all screens)
LinkFinderPlus 4.0
Bread Crumbs (Appear on all screens)
LinkFinderPlus 4.0
  • Online usage reporting feature that enables
    online reports to be generated for one or more

LinkFinderPlus 4.0
  • Consotium Server set up
  • There is an area for consortium-level
    configurations that are shared by all
  • In addition, each member institution has its own
    configuration area that can add to options
    inherited from the consortium
  • The user always gets a combination of
    consortium-level and institution-level links

LinkFinderPlus Subscription Service
  • LinkFinderPlus Subscription Service is
  • An OpenURL-compliant link resolver
  • Hosted by Endeavor at the same professionally-run
    hosting site that hosts ScienceDirect and
    LexisNexis providing 24x7 support
  • LinkFinderPlus Subscription Service provides all
    the features of LinkFinderPlus plus.
  • There is no need to purchase or re-purpose
  • There is no need to install and upgrade software
  • No extra work for the IT staff

LinkFinderPlus Subscription Service 4.0
  • Subscription Service customers will be upgraded
    to LinkFinderPlus Subscription Service 4.0 by the
    4th quarter of this year
  • Re-designed system administration interface
  • WebAdmin client introduced in LFP 4.0 will be
    moved to LinkFinderPlus Subscription Service
  • WebAdmin will be expanded to include all special
    Subscription Service features

Beyond LinkFinderPlus 4.0
  • Knowledge base will continue to get larger
  • Embargo periods
  • Non-continuous journal runs
  • More statistical gathering and packaged reports
  • Additional support for OpenURL 1.0
  • Addition of non-journal data to Knowledge Base
  • E-Books
  • Dissertations

ENCompass Solutions
  • ENCompass is a product suite for
  • Searching multiple resources at once
  • Organizing electronic resources
  • Linking to full text articles
  • Integrating locally digitized content

ENCompass 3.5
  • ENCompass 3.5 Release
  • Features
  • Status
  • ENCompass and Course Management Systems
  • Upcoming Development

ENCompass 3.5
  • Major release with both new features and
    enhancements to existing ones
  • Strategic functionality
  • Course Content Integration
  • FAST search engine
  • Multiple digital objects
  • Enhancements
  • More data for web displays
  • Metadata loader rewrite
  • Staff client usability

Metadata Loader
  • Rewritten from the ground up
  • Modularized
  • More Flexible
  • New features
  • Style sheets control mapping of data elements
  • Ability to overlay existing records
  • Better control over container vs. object records
  • No need for multiple DTDs to load records!

Learning Management Systems
  • Any type of instructional or educational course
    delivered via a software program or over the
  • Typical Functionality
  • Post syllabus
  • Quizzes
  • Discussion forum
  • Course Content

Changes in Environment
  • Movement towards enterprise decision
  • Part of both on-campus and distance learning
  • Growing interest in integrating library content
    into course documents

Whats the Connection?
  • Courseware of increasing importance on campuses
  • Students view of resources shaped by courseware
    and campus portals
  • Integrate traditional forms of research with new
    teaching methods

One Model for Integration
Learning Management System
Communication Layer
Other Resources
Z39.50 Catalogs
Digital Collections
Catalog (Voyager)
Commercial Databases
Tools for Instructors
  • Ability to locate relevant library content within
    courseware context
  • Licensed content
  • Faculty learning objects
  • Electronic reserves
  • Local digital content
  • Build links into course documents

ENCompass Search Tool
  • ENCompass allows the instructor to
  • Create a search box and associate it with
    particular databases the is accessible in the
    course documents
  • Create a pre-defined search that can be embedded
    in the course documents
  • Create links to specific ENCompass objects (e.g.
    e-reserves) and embed the link in the course
  • Embed standard ENCompass interface in courseware
  • All embedded searches or links are through the
    ENCompass interface

Integration Benefits
  • Streamlines the ability to embed searches or
    object links into courseware
  • Eliminates the need to cut and paste links from
    the library web pages into the courseware
  • Single search (Google-like) interface for
  • Persistent URLs

ENCompass 3.5
  • Entered Early Release in March
  • Currently working with staff at 5 libraries
  • Visit site on SupportWeb for more details
  • Road to 3.5
  • Maintenance release underway
  • WebCT CCI
  • Additional gateways
  • Luna
  • Elseviers Scopus database
  • Support for new Science Direct gateway

Post 3.5 Development
  • Integration with WebCT Campus Editions
  • Pass user profile data (e.g. student from
    Sociology 101)
  • Embed links to records found through dynamic
    searches Redesign of Web Interface
  • Collaborative effort with Elseviers User
    Centered Design group
  • End User testing
  • Loyola-Notre Dame
  • University of Rochester

(No Transcript)
(No Transcript)
Consortium Support
  • Support for decentralized consortiums
  • Multiple Collection Managers
  • Central Collection Manager for consortium
  • Push/Pull resource definitions from central
    Collection Manager

Release 4.0
  • In the early planning stages
  • Candidates list being developed
  • Our favorites
  • Support for SUTRS for Z39.50
  • Support for SRU/SRU in client
  • SRU/SRW server support (allow in-bound searches)
  • Schema support
  • Shibboleth support

Voyager Product Update
When you get right down to the root of the
meaning of the word succeed, you will find that
it simply means to follow through. F.
W. Nichol
  • Voyager with Unicode
  • Voyager InterCirc
  • Voyager 5

Voyager with Unicode Topics
  • New Features
  • Workflow Improvements in Circulation
  • Endeavors Unicode Implementation An Overview
  • Cataloging
  • New Validation Rules
  • Special Character
  • Fonts
  • Import/Export Round Trip of Records
  • WebVoyage
  • Searching
  • Z39.50
  • The Rest of Voyager

New Features
  • Cataloging, Acquisitions Circulation
  • Increased Resource Availability for Staff with
  • MARC Record HTTP Posting
  • Staff Client Search URI
  • These two features are PC specific (configured in
    the voyager.ini file) so operators can utilize
    their best resources.

New Features
  • Send Record To.in Cataloging
  • Send Record To.in Acquisitions

New Features
MARC http Posting from staff searching
Available in Cataloging, Circulation, and
New Features
  • Circulation
  • Filter Fine/Fee List
  • Operators can view the fines/fees/demerits that
    are most relevant to their circulation happening
  • Session Preferences can be used to define the
    active circ desk as the default limit.
  • WebVoyáge
  • Bib ID Redirect to WebVoyáge
  • Course Reserves Browsing (New option for display)

New Features
  • Filter Fine/Fee list

Circulation Session Preferences
New Features
  • Course Reserve List Browsing

New Features
  • Call Slip
  • Call Slip Queue Reassignment
  • allows a Call Slip operator to direct a request
    to another Call Slip Queue before it is processed
  • Call Slip Reassignment History
  • system tracks the history of call slip requests
    that are reassigned and provides the ability to
    print and view this reassignment information.
  • Call Slip Item Substitution Without Barcode
  • operators have the ability to view all of the
    item records associated with the bibliographic
    record and to link requests to one of those item
    records during processing
  • Citation Server Call Slip Requests
  • allows a patron to place a call slip request
    against a bibliographic record from a citation
    database when the citation database is searched
    through an associated Voyager database

New Features
  • New Call Slip
  • Features

Interface Workflow Improvements
  • Based on Circulation Acquisitions Task Forces
  • Circulation
  • Patron Search focus is always on Last Name now
  • Access to patron record during discharge
  • You can retrieve patron record for any discharged
  • Items entry is selected in discharged items list
  • Selected items lists only allows single item to
    be selected
  • Acquisitions
  • Check-in note remembers its placement (i.e.
    bottom left of screen)
  • Clear button on all search forms to return to
  • Resource See Interface Workflow Improvements
    document on SupportWeb for a complete list.

Wed Like to Thank the Task Force Members
  • Cambridge University
  • Cornell University
  • Getty Research Institute
  • University of Hawaii
  • Library of Congress
  • Linnea2 Consortium of Finland
  • Pepperdine University
  • University of Pittsburgh
  • Princeton University
  • Yale University

Unicode Implementation in Voyager
  • Follows Standards (not proprietary)
  • The Voyager implementation of the Unicode
    standard gives libraries and their users greater
    flexibility when accessing collection materials
    that contain both Roman and non-Roman text.
  • By introducing improved multilingual input and
    display capabilities in Voyager, our libraries
    stay on the leading edge of MARC21 format.
  • Greater script coverage for cataloging materials
    from around the world.

Unicode Implementation in Voyager
  • Designed to work with Windows
  • Standard Windows 2000/XP Unicode support
  • Standard Unicode fonts
  • Standard input using IME (Input Method Editors)
  • Standard browser support
  • Data Conversion
  • The MARC records in the Voyager database are
    converted from Voyager legacy encoding (VRLIN) to
    (MARC21-compliant) UTF-8 encoding.

Voyager with Unicode
  • Find and display records in their native
  • Select the Unicode font of your choice
  • Create and edit any MARC record using UTF-8
  • Error-checking and logging during conversion and
  • Import and export of records with any supported
    character set
  • Display Unicode characters in WebVoyáge without
    any proprietary software

Upgrade Resources
  • SupportWeb Resources
  • The Road to Voyager with Unicode
  • New icons for various types of information
    Technical, Functional, Must Read
  • Release Handbook 50 pages of detailed
    information on each new feature
  • Bug Fix List
  • Interface Workflow Improvements List
  • Preview Server Coming Soon
  • EndUser Presentations/Handouts
  • Session 8 Preparing for the Voyager with Unicode
  • Session 29 Coded Character Sets A Primer for
  • Session 45 Transitioning to Unicode Strategies
    for Tidying Your Data
  • Session 65 Why Unicode? Its Not Just English
  • Session 74 Unicode Conversion at the Library of
  • Additional Resources
  • Chapter 4 Technical Users Guide
  • Appendix C Cataloging Users Guide

Voyager with Unicode Topics
  • New Features
  • Workflow Improvements in Circulation
  • Endeavors Unicode Implementation An Overview
  • Cataloging
  • New Validation Rules
  • Special Character
  • Fonts
  • Import/Export Round Trip of Records
  • WebVoyage
  • Searching
  • Z39.50
  • The Rest of Voyager

Cataloging Diacritics in Voyager
  • Cataloging practices then and now
  • Pre-Unicode input in Cataloging accent
    character (diacritic) then the base character.
  • Example espana
  • Post-Unicode input in Cataloging base character
    then the accent character (diacritic).
  • Example espana
  • Ability to display combined characters is an
    improvement over past versions and a way to
    insure accurate entry

Special Characters.cfg
SpecialCharacters.cfg Located in the
C\Voyager\Catalog folder Defines what is in the
special character entry dialog box You can define
your most used characters here.
Cataloging Input of Non-Roman Text
  • Example of standard Microsoft Windows On-Screen

Fonts You Decide!
Voyager Font Goes Away!
  • MARC data supplied to the browser in UTF-8
  • New UTF-8 download/save format
  • Search and display in native languages for staff
    and users.
  • WebVoyáge and Cataloging allow for UnicodeTM
    input in searching to search for and and retrieve
    records in their native languages.
  • This display of all characters in the record is
    available for non-Latin scripts, including
    right-to-left scripts like Arabic and Hebrew,
    taking advantage of the web browsers native
    rendering support.

WebVoyáge Public Display of Unicode Records
Announcing Voyager InterCirc
  • Voyager InterCirc INN-Reach
  • Complements Bridge to INN-Reach
  • Enables circulation through the union catalog
  • Voyager InterCirc URSA
  • NCIP-based integration with Dynixs URSA
  • Replaces SIP2 integration with URSA

Voyager 5 is in development
  • Safeguard end user privacy
  • Manage local Circulation policies
  • Predict complex publication pattern
  • Determine serials display in WebVoyáge
  • Extend searching capabilities
  • Present new Media services to end users
  • Facilitate automated updates

Safeguard End User Privacy
  • Secure archived circulation history and patron
    information display.
  • Batch job for deleting retained history removes
    links from patrons to specific transactions.
  • Patron Purge removes historic patrons from the
    Voyager database.
  • Security manages access to retained history in

Manage Local Circulation Policies
  • Maximize the usage of your collections with even
    more granularity in hold policies.
  • Hold shelf life is moved to the matrix.
  • Hold Life and Recall Life are associated with
    Circulation Happening locations.
  • Circjob 6 separated into two jobs
  • Circjob 6 Hold/Recall Cancelled Notices and
  • New Circjob 9 Hold Shelf Expired Report.
  • Regulate circulation by introducing more distinct
    constraints on materials.
  • Max Items Borrowed is changed from a single
    setting at the policy group level to
  • number of items borrowed globally,
  • number of specific item types borrowed globally,
  • number of items borrowed within a policy group,
  • number of specific item types borrowed within a
    policy group.

Manage Local Circulation Policies
  • Administer exceptions to deliver end-to-end
    services in a single interaction.
  • Direct links are provided from the discharge
    transaction to the patron record.
  • Information appearing in the FYI message can be
    controlled locally.
  • Alerts can be enabled at charge and discharge
    when a patron has items available or a
    fine/fee/demerits balance.
  • Alerts to exceptions allow processing to stop
    when an exception condition arises during
  • Oversee your collection, even when items are
  • For In-transitDischarged and In-transitOn Hold
    items see more specific information
  • discharge location,
  • discharge time, and
  • destination of item.

Predict Complex Publication Patterns
  • Create complex publication patterns to match your
    normalized irregular serial patterns.
  • The complex pattern patterns work alongside (not
    replace) basic publication patterns and
  • Voyager 5 Acquisitions maintains a single
    interface for searching all publication patterns.
  • Complex publication patterns are based on issues
    rather than frequency.
  • Issue-based patterns provide the ability to
    predict patterns not associated with a standard
  • Combine and Omit options are extended.
  • Special syntax is added for handling Days of
    Month and Days of Year

Determine Serials Display in WebVoyáge
  • Display your MARC holdings data for serials
    according to the standard, or according to your
  • This new XSL-based capability leaves the decision
    of how to present this data to end users in the
    hands of those who know their local users needs
  • Coordinate, group, and display elements from the
    85x/86x holdings fields.
  • Exercise local control over display

Present New Media Services to End Users
  • Further your strategy to present all of your
    resources through the web.
  • Amplify your Media Desk presence and services
  • Enable end users to create media bookings through
    WebVoyáge, ensuring one-stop patron services
  • Pickup and Delivery type bookings can be created
  • Items and/or equipment can be included in the
  • Includes patron information display for accurate
    record keeping
  • Charged Bookings
  • Scheduled Bookings

Extend Searching Capabilities
  • Supporting more strategies for finding results.
  • Holdings keyword searching
  • Define individual keyword indexes on holdings
  • Available in all staff modules
  • Keyword-in-Headings searches
  • Provide end users with a list of all of the
    headings that contain the search term
  • Wildcards for left and internal truncation
  • Allow end users to specify wild-card characters
    at the beginning or in the middle of a search

Facilitate Automated Updates
  • Assign Voyager more automated tasks and save your
    staff resources for more important activities.
  • Extend Bulk Import processing
  • Replace/No add profile in duplicate detection
    giving libraries options to use files of bib
    records solely to update local data, not
    necessarily adding records to the local database
  • Improved handling of suppression allows you to
    update suppressed records in bulk processing
  • Insure that your links deliver their expected
    value to end users
  • Batch jobs (Catjobs 9 10) for validating URLs
    are extended to check links in all MARC fields
    that support URLs

Release Update
  • Voyager
  • 2001.2 in General Release
  • Voyager with Unicode in Early Release
  • Voyager 5 in Alpha
  • Target Early Release in Q1 2005
  • ENCompass
  • 3.0 in General Release
  • 3.5 in Beta
  • Early Release in late Q1/early Q2
  • LinkFinderPlus
  • 3.5 in General Release
  • LinkFinder Plus Subscription Service in General

Regional User Group Update
  • Thanks for inviting us to attend today!
  • Questions?
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