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Joshua God of War? ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Joshua

  • God of War?

  • I did this because they had rejected my
    commands, broken my laws, profaned the Sabbath,
    and worshiped the same idols their ancestors had
    served. Then I gave them laws that are not good
    and commands that do not bring life. (Ezekiel
    2024-25 GNB)

  • They answered Joshua, We will do everything you
    have told us and will go anywhere you send us. We
    will obey you, just as we always obeyed Moses,
    and may the LORD your God be with you as he was
    with Moses! Whoever questions your authority or
    disobeys any of your orders will be put to death.
    Be determined and confident! (Joshua 116-18

Joshuas final sermon
  • Now then, Joshua continued, honor the LORD and
    serve him sincerely and faithfully. Get rid of
    the gods which your ancestors used to worship in
    Mesopotamia and in Egypt, and serve only the
    LORD. If you are not willing to serve him, decide
    today whom you will serve, the gods your
    ancestors worshiped in Mesopotamia or the gods of
    the Amorites, in whose land you are now living.
    As for my family and me, we will serve the LORD.
    The people replied, We would never leave the
    LORD to serve other gods! (Joshua 2414-16

  • The LORDs servant Joshua son of Nun died at the
    age of a hundred and ten. He was buriedThat
    whole generation also died, and the next
    generation forgot the LORD and what he had done
    for Israel. (Judges 28-10 GN)

The High Road
  • No one will be able to stand against you all the
    days of your life. As I was with Moses, so I will
    be with you I will never leave you nor forsake
    you. Be strong and courageous, because you will
    lead these people to inherit the land I swore to
    their ancestors to give them. (Joshua 15-6
  • Rahab
  • Caleb

(No Transcript)
  • So the priests blew the trumpets. As soon as the
    people heard it, they gave a loud shout and the
    walls collapsed. Then all the army went straight
    up the hill into the city and captured it. With
    their swords they killed everyone in the city,
    men and women, young and old. They also killed
    the cattle, sheep, and donkeys. (Joshua 620,21

  • The people of Israel proved to be disloyal about
    the things claimed by the LORD. Achana member of
    the tribe of Judah, took something that had been
    claimed by the LORD. So the LORD became angry
    with the people of Israel. (Joshua 71 GODS
  • Drawing lots Judah, Zerah..ZabdiAchan
  • So Joshua sent some men, who ran to the tent and
    found that the condemned things really were
    buried there, with the silver at the bottom. They
    brought them out of the tent, took them to Joshua
    and all the Israelites, and laid them down in the
    presence of the LORD. Joshua, along with all the
    people of Israel, seized Achan, the silver, the
    cloak, the bar of gold, together with Achan's
    sons and daughters, his cattle, donkeys, and
    sheep, his tent, and everything else he owned
    and they took them to Trouble Valley.

  • And Joshua said, Why have you brought such
    trouble on us? The LORD will now bring trouble on
    you! All the people then stoned Achan to death
    they also stoned and burned his family and
    possessions. They put a huge pile of stones over
    him, which is there to this day. That is why that
    place is still called Trouble Valley. Then the
    LORD was no longer angry. (Joshua 722-26)

  • Why so severe?
  • Whoever questions your authority or disobeys any
    of your orders will be put to death (Joshua 118
  • Why did the kids and the pets have to die too?

Corporate Personality
  • The extension of a persons personality beyond
    himself in time and space. In other words, the
    effect of a persons sin extended beyond himself
    to affect others in a family or tribe (space),
    even when the one who committed the sin was dead
    and gone.
  • H. Wheeler Robinson, Corporate Personality in
    Ancient Israel (Philadelphia Fortress Press,

  • Remember how Achan son of Zerah refused to obey
    the command about the things condemned to
    destruction the whole community of Israel was
    punished for that. Achan was not the only one who
    died because of his sin. (Joshua 2220 GNB)

  • The LORD said to Joshua, Take all the soldiers
    with you and go on up to Ai. Don't be afraid or
    discouraged. I will give you victory over the
    king of Ai his people, city, and land will be
    yours. (Joshua 81 GN)
  • The Israelites in the city now came down to join
    the battle. So the men of Ai found themselves
    completely surrounded by Israelites, and they
    were all killed. No one got away, and no one
    lived through it except the king of Ai. He was
    captured and taken to Joshua.

  • The Israelites killed every one of the enemy in
    the barren country where they had chased them.
    Then they went back to Ai and killed everyone
    there. Joshua kept his spear pointed at Ai and
    did not put it down until every person there had
    been killed. The whole population of Ai was
    killed that day---twelve thousand men and women.
    The Israelites kept for themselves the livestock
    and goods captured in the city, as the LORD had
    told Joshua. Joshua burned Ai and left it in
    ruins. It is still like that today. He hanged the
    king of Ai from a tree and left his body there
    until evening. At sundown Joshua gave orders for
    the body to be removed, and it was thrown down at
    the entrance to the city gate. They covered it
    with a huge pile of stones, which is still there
    today. (Joshua 822-29 GN)

  • The LORD made the Amorites panic at the sight of
    Israels army. The Israelites slaughtered them at
    Gibeon and pursued them down the mountain pass at
    Beth HoronWhile the Amorites were running down
    the pass from the Israelite army, the LORD made
    large hailstones fall down on them all the way to
    Azekah. More were killed by the hailstones than
    by the Israelites. On the day that the LORD gave
    the men of Israel victory over the Amorites,
    Joshua spoke to the LORD. In the presence of the
    Israelites he said, Sun, stand still over
    Gibeon Moon, stop over Aijalon Valley. The sun
    stood still and the moon did not move until the
    nation had conquered its enemies. This is written
    in The Book of Jashar. The sun stood still in the
    middle of the sky and did not go down for a whole
    day. (Joshua 1010-13 GN)

  • Samuel to Saul Go and attack the Amalekites and
    completely destroy everything they have. Dont
    leave a thing kill all the men, women, children,
    and babies the cattle, sheep, camels, and
    donkeys (1 Samuel 153 GN)

  • You have heard that it was said, An eye for an
    eye, and a tooth for a tooth. But now I tell
    you do not take revenge on someone who wrongs
    youYou have heard that it was said, Love your
    friends, hate your enemies. But now I tell you
    love your enemies and pray for those who
    persecute you, so that you may become the
    children of your Father in heaven. For he makes
    his sun to shine on bad and good people alike,
    and gives rain to those who do good and to those
    who do evil. (Matthew 538-45 GN)

  • Instead, If your enemies are hungry, feed them.
    If they are thirsty, give them something to
    drink. In doing this, you will heap burning coals
    of shame on their heads. Dont let evil conquer
    you, but conquer evil by doing good. (Romans
    1220-21 NLT)

The Canaanite nation
  • In the fourth generation your descendants will
    come back here, for the sin of the Amorites has
    not yet reached its full measure. (Genesis 1516

  • But when GOD pushes them out ahead of you, dont
    start thinking to yourselves, Its because of
    all the good Ive done that GOD has brought me in
    here to dispossess these nations. Actually it's
    because of all the evil these nations have done.
    No, its nothing good that youve done, no record
    for decency that youve built up, that got you
    here its because of the vile wickedness of
    these nations that GOD, your God, is
    dispossessing them (Deuteronomy 94-5 The

  • Completely destroy all the people the Hittites,
    the Amorites, the Canaanites, the Perizzites, the
    Hivites, and the Jebusites, as the LORD ordered
    you to do. Kill them, so that they will not make
    you sin against the LORD by teaching you to do
    all the disgusting things that they do in the
    worship of their gods. (Deuteronomy 2017-18

  • No man or woman is to have sexual relations with
    an animal that perversion makes you ritually
    unclean. Do not make yourselves unclean by any of
    these acts, for that is how the pagans made
    themselves unclean, those pagans who lived in the
    land before you and whom the LORD is driving out
    so that you can go in. Their actions made the
    land unclean, and so the LORD is punishing the
    land and making it reject the people who lived
    there. They did all these disgusting things and
    made the land unclean, but you must not do them.
    (Leviticus 1823-26 GN)

  • If any of you give one of your children to
    Molech and make my sacred Tent unclean and
    disgrace my holy name, I will turn against you
    and will no longer consider you my people.
    (Leviticus 203 GN)

Canaanite religion
  • A very crude and debased form of ritual
  • El had three wives, who were also his sisters,
    and who could readily step down from his eminence
    and become the hero of sordid escapades and
    crimes. Philo portrays El as a bloody tyrant,
    whose acts terrified all the other gods, and who
    dethroned his own father, murdered his favorite
    son, and decapitated his own daughter.

  • Baal was the son of El
  • As the giver of rain and all fertility, he
    figures prominently in Canaanite mythology in his
    struggle with Mot (Death), the god of drought and
    adversity. In his grapple with Mot, he is slain.
    As a consequence, a seven year cycle of scarcity
    ensues. Thereupon the goddess Anath, the sister
    and lover of Baalgoes in search of him, recovers
    his body and slays his enemy, Mot. Baal is then
    brought back to life and placed on Mot's throne

  • Anath (sacred prostitute) sister and spouse of
    Baal, was one of three Canaanite goddesses. The
    other two are Astarte and Asherah.
  • All three were patronesses of sex and war -- sex
    mainly in its sensuous aspect as lust, and war in
    its aspects of violence and murder.
  • she had made an obscene idol of the fertility
    goddess Asherah. (1 Kings 1513)

  • Sacred prostitution, fertility cult worship,
    temple prostitutes
  • Fertility of the soil was linked with fertility
    of the gods
  • Extreme cruelty and violence
  • Child and human sacrifice
  • Snake worship

The Israelites were tempted
  • When the LORD your God places these people in
    your power and you defeat them, you must put them
    all to death. Do not make an alliance with them
    or show them any mercy. Do not marry any of them,
    and do not let your children marry any of them,
    because then they would lead your children away
    from the LORD to worship other godsDestroy every
    nation that the LORD your God places in your
    power, and do not show them any mercy. Do not
    worship their gods, for that would be fatal
    (Deuteronomy 72-4,16).

  • After the LORD destroys those nations, make sure
    that you don't follow their religious practices,
    because that would be fatal. Don't try to find
    out how they worship their gods, so that you can
    worship in the same way. Do not worship the LORD
    your God in the way they worship their gods, for
    in the worship of their gods they do all the
    disgusting things that the LORD hates. They even
    sacrifice their children in the fires on their
    altars. (Deuteronomy 1230-31 GN)

  • King Solomon
  • He married them even though the LORD had
    commanded the Israelites not to intermarry with
    these people, because they would cause the
    Israelites to give their loyalty to other godsby
    the time he was old they had led him into the
    worship of foreign godsOn the mountain east of
    Jerusalem he built a place to worship Chemosh,
    the disgusting god of Moab, and a place to
    worship Molech, the disgusting god of Ammon (1
    Kings 112,4,7 GN).
  • Rehoboam
  • Whos mother was Naamah from Ammon (1 Kings
    1421 GN)
  • Things deteriorated
  • So he sent some messengers to consult Baalzebub,
    the god of the Philistine city of Ekron, in order
    to find out whether or not he would recover (2
    Kings 12 GN)

  • I took you out of Egypt and brought you to the
    land that I promised to your ancestors. I said,
    I will never break my covenant with you. You
    must not make any covenant with the people who
    live in this land. You must tear down their
    altars. But you have not done what I told you.
    You have done just the opposite! So I tell you
    now that I will not drive these people out as you
    advance. They will be your enemies, and you will
    be trapped by the worship of their gods. (Judges

God did not want them to fight
  • Dont be afraid of them, for the LORD your God
    will fight for you (Deuteronomy 322 GN)
  • I will send an angel ahead of you to protect you
    as you travel and to bring you to the place which
    I have prepared (Exodus 2320 GN)
  • For my angel will go before you, and bring you
    in to the Amorites, the Hittites, the Perizzites,
    the Canaanites, the Hivites, and the Jebusites,
    and I will cut them off. (Exodus 2323 NET

  • If you say in your heart, These nations are
    greater than I how can I dispossess them? You
    shall not be afraid of them, but you shall
    remember what the LORD your God did to Pharaoh
    and to all Egypt, the great trials which your
    eyes saw, the signs, the wonders, the mighty
    hand, and the outstretched arm, by which the LORD
    your God brought you out so will the LORD your
    God do to all the peoples of whom you are afraid.
    Moreover the LORD your God will send hornets
    among them, until those who are left and hide
    themselves from you are destroyed. You shall not
    be in dread of them for the LORD your God is in
    the midst of you, a great and terrible God. The
    LORD your God will clear away these nations
    before you little by little you may not make an
    end of them at once, lest the wild beasts grow
    too numerous for you. But the LORD your God will
    give them over to you, and throw them into great
    confusion, until they are destroyed (Deuteronomy
    717-23, RSV).

  • As you advanced, I threw them into panic in
    order to drive out the two Amorite kings. Your
    swords and bows had nothing to do with it
    (Joshua 2412).

  • Joshua did to them what the LORD had commanded
    he crippled their horses and burned their
    chariots. (Joshua 119 GN)

God didnt like the fighting
  • David could not build the temple he has
    forbidden me to do it, because I am a soldier and
    have shed too much blood (1 Chronicles 283
  • Come and see what the LORD has done. See what
    amazing things he has done on earth. He stops
    wars all over the world he breaks bows, destroys
    spears, and sets shields on fire. Stop
    fighting, he says, and know that I am God,
    supreme among the nations, supreme over the
    world. (Psalms 468-10 GN)

God the patient missionary
  • Polygamy
  • Divorce laws
  • Violence eye for an eye
  • Private vengeance
  • Slavery
  • Women

The danger
  • But youve got to kill the terrorists before the
    killing stops. And Im for the president to chase
    them all over the world. If it takes 10 years,
    blow them all away in the name of the Lord.
    (Jerry Falwell)

  • My Kingdom is not an earthly kingdom. If it
    were, My followers would fightMy Kingdom is not
    of this world. (John1836 NLT)

  • And if one of the occupation troops forces you
    to carry his pack one mile, carry it two miles.
    (Matthew 541 GN)
  • But I tell you who hear me Love your enemies,
    do good to those who hate you, bless those who
    curse you, and pray for those who mistreat you.
  • If anyone hits you on one cheek, let him hit the
    other one too
  • if someone takes your coat, let him have your
    shirt as well.
  • Give to everyone who asks you for something, and
    when someone takes what is yours, do not ask for
    it back.
  • Do for others just what you want them to do for
  • Love your enemies and do good to them

  • Lend and expect nothing back.
  • Do not judge others.
  • do not condemn others.
  • forgive others (Luke 627-37 GN)

  • Until 313 AD the blood of the martyrs is the
    seed of the Church - Tertullian
  • 312 AD, Constantine legalized Christianity By
    this sign you shall conquer
  • The first time anyone ever associated the
    Christian faith with violence
  • 380 AD the official religion of the Roman empire
    a crime not to be a Christian.

  • The militant church
  • If there is anyone of the Saxon people lurking
    among them unbaptized, and if he scorns to come
    to baptismand stay a pagan, let him die.
    Charlemagne (742-814 AD)
  • Inflicting temporal pain to help someone avoid
    eternal pain is justified.

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  • I happened to visit a July Fourth worship
    service at a certain megachurch. At center stage
    in this auditorium stood a large cross next to an
    equally large American flag. The congregation
    sang some praise choruses mixed with such
    patriotic hymns as God Bless America. The
    climax of the service centered on a video of a
    well-known Christian military general giving a
    patriotic speech about how God had blessed
    America and blessed its military troops

  • Triumphant military music played in the
    background as he spoke. The video closed with a
    scene of a silhouette of three crosses on a hill
    with an American flag waving in the background.
    Majestic, patriotic music now thundered.
    Suddenly, four fighter jets appeared on the
    horizon, flew over the crosses, and then split
    apart. As they roared over the camera, the words,
    God Bless America appeared on the screen in
    front of the crosses. The congregation responded
    with roaring applause, catcalls, and

  • A standing ovation. I saw several people wiping
    tears from their eyes. Indeed, as I remained
    frozen in my seat, I grew teary-eyed as well
    but for entirely different reasons. I was struck
    with horrified grief. Thoughts raced through my
    mind How could the cross and the sword have been
    so thoroughly fused without anyone seeming to
    notice? How could Calvary be associated with
    bombs and missles...How could the kingdom of God
    be reduced to this sort of violent, nationalistic
    tribalism? Has the church progressed at all since
    the Crusades? The Myth of a Christian Nation,
    Greg Boyd

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