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Ice breaker


Ice breaker Please stand up if you Know someone who has been bullied 2. Know someone who was a bully 3. Have witnessed someone being bullied when you were a student – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Ice breaker

Ice breaker
  • Please stand up if you
  • Know someone who has been bullied
  • 2. Know someone who was a bully
  • 3. Have witnessed someone being bullied when you
    were a student
  • 4. Have dealt with a bullying situation as a

By the end of this presentation
  • Understand the negative effects bullying has on
    us all
  • Understand that bullying is NOT a right of
    passage that everyone has to go through
  • Why educators have a tough time preventing
    bullying from occurring
  • Discuss what any effective anti bullying policy
    at our schools must do

  1. Ice Breaker
  2. Reading Responsibility of a good citizen
  3. The Bullying Quiz
  4. Take up Quiz
  5. What every anti bullying policy should do
  6. Reading Rue

Bill 157
  • The latest government Safe Schools initiative is
    Bill 157 "Keeping our Kids Safe at School".  It
    comes into effect on February 1, 2010.
  • The purpose of this new legislation is to make
    schools safer by
  • requiring all school staff to report to
    principals when they become aware that students
    may have engaged in incidents for which they
    could be suspended or expelled
  • requiring the principal to inform the parents of
    students harmed as a result of an incident for
    which a student could be suspended or expelled
  • requiring that school staff respond if they
    observe student behaviour likely to have a
    negative impact on the school climate.  This
    response is to be carried out in accordance with
    Ministry and school board policy.

Definition Bullying
  • Intentional, repeated hurtful actions (including
    name calling, intimidation, and shunning)
    committed by one or more children against
    another. These acts are neither provoked nor
    welcomed by the victim and reflect a significant
    imbalance of power between victim and bully

1) In a bullying scenario there are 2 roles
the victim and the bully
  • True or False?
  • False

There are 3 roles
  • The victim
  • The bully
  • The spectators

Students with social inability often find
themselves assuming one of these roles
voluntarily or involuntarily
All 3 players (bully, victim, spectator) suffer
in these daily dramas!
Please take a few minutes to complete Brainstorm
1 on page 3 of your hand out.
How bullies are negatively impacted by bullying
  • At greater risk for dropping out of high school
  • Develop tendencies towards violence and
    criminality in adolescence and adulthood
  • One US study found that 60 of school bullies had
    criminal convictions by age 24

How spectators are negatively affected
  • Distracted from learning
  • May be afraid of associating with the victim out
    of fear of becoming victims themselves
  • Become intimidated
  • May experience feelings of guilt and helplessness
    because of their reluctance to assist or intervene

How Victims are affected
2) Bullying is prevalent in our schools
  • True or False
  • True

In a recent survey
  • 88 of students observed incidents of bullying or
  • 76 report being victims
  • 14 say bullying plays a major negative role in
    their lives

3) Many Educators are unaware of the scope and
severity of the bullying that occurs at their
  • True or False
  • True

Most incidents of bullying occur AWAY from adult
supervision. The supervising adult is often
unaware the bullying incident even occurred.
One Midwest school principal asked teachers and
students if bullying was a problem in his
building and if the incidents of bullying were
dealt with appropriately
The results?
  • The overwhelming majority of teachers reported
    they felt bullying was NOT a major problem and
    that these incidents were dealt with decisively
    and appropriately
  • In contrast the overwhelming majority of
    students surveyed felt that bullying was a
    SIGNIFICANT problem at the school and that the
    staff was INEFFECTUAL in dealing with the issue

4) Bullies are more accepted by their peers in
their elementary school years than in their
secondary school years
  • True or False
  • True

In elementary school
  • The bully can gain status and even a degree of
    popularity amongst his peers
  • His classmates may be somewhat entertained by his
    intimidation of less popular children

In Secondary School
  • Students recognize the inherent inequality and
    cruelty of bullying and will begin to ostracize
    the tormentor
  • Difficult for bully to establish relationships
    with his victims and bystanders, and often
    becomes isolated and lonely

5) Bullies are cruel, malevolent, sadistic,
ruthless people bent on the destruction and
humiliation of others
  • True or False
  • False

Often they are merely insecure kids from good
families whose need for social acceptance
temporarily overcomes their moral code and social
An effective anti bullying program must teach
  • Please take a few moments to jot down some ideas
    on Brainstorm 2 on the bottom of page 3 of your

The Bully must be taught
  • The negative harmful impact their behavior had on
    another person
  • Others are likely to reject you later in life if
    you continue to bully others

The bystanders must be taught
  • True heroism rests in helping unpopular kids
    anyone can hurt them (Levine 259)
  • It is safe to report incidents of bullying to a
    supervision adult
  • Supervising adults will take action and hold
    bullies accountable for their actions

Victim must be taught
  • They did nothing wrong
  • It is ok to be different
  • It is important to build self confidence
  • Teachers and other adults will help you if you
    are being bullied

Examples of effective anti bullying program
  • Announcing that if a teacher came across a fight
    between 2 students ALL students present
    (including bystanders) would be suspended.
  • A confidential reporting strategy wherein ANY
    member of the school community can anonymously
    inform the admin of patterns or incidents of
    bullying. If a person wishes to make a report
    about bullying that is occurring on or off school
    grounds he can leave an anonymous message in a
    designated box

Thank you!