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The Contemporary Church


On a Pilgrimage into the Future Much growth in the church 60% of Catholics live in Asia, Africa, and Latin America Renewed in dramatic ways Vatican II Church is on a ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The Contemporary Church

The Contemporary Church
  • On a Pilgrimage into the Future

  • Much growth in the church
  • 60 of Catholics live in Asia, Africa, and Latin
  • Renewed in dramatic ways
  • Vatican II
  • Church is on a pilgrimage, making its way toward

Reform and Renewal Vatican Council II
  • Church as a moral force in the world
  • Theologians and scholars looked inward
  • No change since Council of Trent
  • Called by Pope John XXIII

Pope John XXIII
  • Elected in 1958
  • Approachable, warm, and humorous
  • Compromise candidate/interim pope

What do you remember about previous church
  • Usually called in a time of crisis

How was Vatican II different?
  • Most Catholics did not recognize the crisis
  • There was no outward persecution
  • Church was not facing heresy or other major
    challenges to beliefs

Why did Pope John XXIII call Vatican II?
  • No longer a European institution
  • Worldwide
  • Developments in technology, politics, economics
    and science
  • Open church to dialogue with the world
  • 1962-1965

What did Vatican II discuss?
  • Liturgy
  • The Churchs Understanding of Itself
  • Ecumenism its relationship with other religions
    in the world
  • Relationship with the modern world

The Liturgy
Pre-Vatican II Vatican II
standardized throughout the church Mass said in Latin Elaborate prayers and rituals Peoples participation limited Priest faced the Tabernacle Singing minimal Only bread No laity Prayers and rituals were simplified Local language Focus on scriptures Spoken responses and song Bread and wine Jesus present among community, support faith and growth of community, to move the community to serve
Churchs Understanding of Itself
Pre-Vatican II Vatican II
focus on hierarchy Pope rules, bishops and priests exercise authority Dogmatic Constitution of the Church brought more lay participation and leadership permanent deacons studying theology, giving retreats, offering spiritual direction
Ecumenism Reaching Out
Pre-Vatican II Post Vatican II
wounded Jewish-Christian relations a greater need for collaboration and conversation find common ground between Christian denominations and non-Christian religions theological commissions for understanding encourage dialogue Declaration on Religious Freedom
Relationship with the Modern World
Pre-Vatican II Post Vatican II
suspicious and wary of modern secular developments Pastoral Constitution of the Church in the Modern World declared its solidarity with struggles of people everywhere
Vatican III
  • Write an agenda of at least 5 points for Vatican
    III. They can be in the form of questions or
    statements, but they must represent the most
    pressing issues for the Church at this time.

Gaudium et Spes
  • How does Gaudium et Spes describe the Church?
  • According to this document, the Church is to read
    the signs of the times. What are some of those
    times the document mentions?
  • What has been the effect of modern life and
    technology on religion, according to this
  • Why does the document express particular concern
    for the young people of today?

Gaudium et Spes
  • Church recognizes itself as a part of the world
  • Links future of church and future of human race
  • Joys and anxieties of human race are joys and
    anxieties of the Church
  • Called to serve, worship, witness truth, and
    rescue not judge
  • Church must listen
  • Particular ministry to young, poor, and afflicted

  • Considering the vision of the Church offered in
    Gaudium et Spes, can you think of a situation in
    todays world that needs the Churchs presence?
    What could the Church do to benefit this
  • Gaudium et Spes speaks of technological
    advancements long before the dawn of the
    internet. Read the signs of the times. How, do
    you think, can the Internet benefit human
    dignity? How is the internet threatening it?
  • Why is it vitally important today that the Church
    be able to speak to the young people of the world
    in a way that is intelligible and meaningful to
    them? How have you seen todays church
    communicate more effectively with young people?

Lumen Gentium
  • What does Lumen Gentium suggest from the very
    beginning that the role of the laity in the
    modern Church will be?
  • How does Lumen Gentium describe the make up of
    the early Christian community?
  • What is the mission of this messianic people?
  • What is the role of the sacraments in the life of
    Gods priestly people on earth?

Lumen Gentium
  • Calls all members of the church to be priestly
  • To be the light of Christ to the world
  • Urgency for church to respond to the needs of the
    modern world
  • Response must affirm freedom and dignity of human
  • Role of laity is to transform the structures of
    society by using their own unique gifts,
    cultures, and technologies to bring Christ to the
    ends of the earth

  • Lumen Gentium calls the Church to be a sacrament
    visible sign to the world. It says lay people
    have a unique role in the Church because they are
    in closer contact to the world than the clergy
    are. Name three specific ways that laypeople can
    bring the light of Christ to the world in ways
    that are different from those of a priest.
  • What do you think the Church needs from you to
    fulfill its mission of being the light of Christ?

  • Brainstorm a list of the greatest strengths and
    assets that young people bring to the church
  • Brainstorm a list of the greatest needs of young
    Christians today
  • Write summary statements of the greatest needs
    and strengths of young people today.

Two Pilgrims, One Church
  • African Elder
  • Walks with God
  • Simple worship
  • Faithful witness to tradition
  • A Pope of Peace
  • A voice of peace in the midst of war
  • Moral authority and political neutrality to speak
    for all
  • Bring peace and love to a suffering humanity
  • Brought message to all humankind
  • Two stories, very different lives, both represent
    one church