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Museum Entrance


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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Museum Entrance

Museum Entrance
Welcome to 6th Grade Math and Science!
Classroom Expectations
Interactive Notebooks
Grading Procedures
All About Ms. Rogers
Curators Office
Ms. Rogers
My name is Jennifer Rogers and I will be your
Math/Science teacher for the 2011-2012 school
year. I grew up near Youngstown, Ohio, and
graduated from Youngstown State University with a
Bachelors in Middle School Education. I was
ready for warmer weather and moved to North
Carolina in February of 2006. I taught in
Johnston County Schools from 2006-2009, and then
decided to move to the beach. I have taught at
Hunters Creek Middle School since then. I coach
volleyball and also enjoy going to the beach,
Ohio State Football, riding my bike, and spending
time with friends. I finished my Masters in
Science Education in August 2010 and also have an
AIG Endorsement from Barton College.
Contact me at
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Room 1
Classroom Expectations Room
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Room 2
Consequences Room

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Room 3
Interactive Notebook Room
Table of Contents
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Room 4
Grading Policies Room
Grading Rules
Math Grades
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Room 5
Frequently Asked Questions Room
What do I do if I finish my work early?
What do I need to do to use a pass?
I was absent,now what?
What should I doif I need extra help?
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Rule 1 Be on Time
Be on time to class! Be quick about getting out
your books, pencils, notebooks, or doing
something that I have asked you to do.

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Rule 2 Be Prepared
Come to class with all necessary materials and
ready to learn. Along with your books and
workbook, you will need a pencil, pen, and
notebook. You may also want to bring colored
pencils, markers, and gluesticks.
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Rule 3 Raise hand before speaking
Raise your hand and wait to be called upon. Dont
blurt out answers! Stay in your seat unless you
have permission to get up! Be respectful when
other students are talking.
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Rule 4 Follow all CHAMPS Expectations
CHAMP stands for Conversation, Help, Activity,
Movement, and Participation. CHAMPs Expectations
are posted on the wall for each activity. Please
be sure to follow the expectations and refer to
the posters if you forget.
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1st Offense
Verbal Warning
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2nd Offense
Note or Phone Call Home
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3rd Offense
After-school Detention
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4th or Serious Offense
Office Referral Please remember that any
student that is assigned ISS/OSS may be
ineligible to attend field trips and/or school
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Spiral Notebook

You will need a spiral notebook for both Science
and Math class. This will be your Interactive
Notebook or IAN. We will be using this everyday
and it is your responsibility to stay up-to-date.
If you are absent, be sure to get the notes you
missed from a classmate or Ms. Rogers.
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Table of Contents
You will be required to keep a Table of Contents
in your Notebook. You should update your Table of
Contents daily so you do not get behind. This
will be part of your notebook grade. A good time
to update your Table of Contents is when you
first enter the classroom, have finished an
assignment early, or after taking notes.
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You will be using all the pages in your notebook,
including the front and back of the pages! It is
important that you keep each page numbered to
help you stay organized. Right Side The right
side of the notebook will be odd-numbered pages.
This is for notes we take in class, key terms,
notes from the textbook, or other
information-based writing. We will be taking
notes in Cornell Style. Left Side The left
side of the notebook is for your ideas about the
topics we are studying. Writing, labs, practice
problems, drawings, etc. will be put on the left
side. When looking at the open notebook, the
left and right pages always relate to each other,
which is a good way to help review!
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Notebook Checks
Your Math and Science IANs can and will be
checked randomly. This is an important part of
your grade so it is important that you stay
up-to-date and organized. What will Ms. Rogers
check? Table of Contents is updated, all notes
are current, each page is numbered, labeled with
a title, and dated, and the work is neat,
organized, and of high quality.
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Grading Rules
Grades for each grading period will be determined
by the total percentage of the points
accumulated. All assignments should be turned in
on the due date. The grade of the assignment will
be affected if it is turned in late. Students are
also responsible for making up any worked missed
while absent. Students can find the missing
assignments on the classroom calendar. Missed
work should be made up in a timely manner.
Students will receive Progress Reports every 4
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Science Grades
Tests 20 Quizzes 15 Labs/Classwork 30 In
teractive Notebook 20 Homework/Projects 15
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Math Grades
Tests 30 Quizzes 25 Homework 25 Classwo
rk (including IAN and Warm-ups) 20
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Grading Scale
A 93-100 B 85-92 C 84-77 D 76-70F 69-below
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What do I need to do to use a pass?
You need to ask Ms. Rogers for permission to use
a pass to visit the office, go to the bathroom,
or get a drink. You should have your agenda
filled out before you ask so Ms. Rogers can
easily sign it. Along with filling out your
agenda, you also need to sign the Check-Out sheet
in the back of the room. Passes to your lockers
are not permitted during class time! You should
use your lockers at the designated locker time!
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What do I do if I finish my work early?
The first thing you should do is recheck your
work to make sure it is done correctly! After
that, you may go to the Did You Finish Early?
Bulletin Board for a Challenging Assignment. Pick
one activity to complete. These can be turned in
for extra-credit. You should also make sure your
IAN is up-to-date and that all of your work is
turned in.
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What should I do if I need extra help?
You should ask questions during CLASS when we
have time to work on assignments. You can also
make arrangements to see me during Tutorial or
after school. If you would like to stay for
after-school tutoring, you must make prior
arrangements a day in advance as well as bring a
note from your parents that gives you permission
to stay after school. You SHOULD NOT wait until
an assignment is DUE to ask for help!
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I was absent, now what?
If you were absent, the first thing you should do
is come to class the next day and look at the
Classroom Calendar located on the side board.
Copy any missed assignments in your agenda to be
completed within 3 days. If you missed any
notes, you should make arrangements to copy them
from a classmate or from Ms. Rogers IAN. Any
labs that are missed can be made up after school
or during Tutorial. Some labs may not be able
to be made up. If that is the case, you will be
given an alternative assignment to make-up that
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Science Topics
  • In Science, students will be studying
  • Scientific Method and Measurement
  • Geology
  • Astronomy
  • Ecology
  • Physics

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Math Topics
  • This year, we will be covering a variety of
    topics in math including
  • Rational Numbers
  • Two- and Three-Dimensional Figures
  • Geometric Figures in the Coordinate Plane
  • Probability
  • Simple Algebraic Expressions.

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