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Welcome to Notts County FC Emma Trent Notts County FC in the Community – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes


Welcome to Notts County FC Emma Trent Notts
County FC in the Community
to the East Midlands Platform meeting
  • Cllr David Parsons CBE
  • Platform Chair

Health Work and Wellbeing Defining the priorities
and engaging staff
Mandy Wardle
Specialist in Public health Health, Work and
Wellbeing Co-ordinator
Workplace Health Needs Assessment Tool
  • Work and health-background
  • Why Health needs assessment
  • Overview of the tool- structure and content
  • survey- rationale and examples of questions
  • Analysis-illustrated with pilots' results
  • Step by step guide

Some numbers..
  • The cost of working days lost and worklessness is
    over 100 billion to the economy with 140 -150
    million working days lost each year
  • The CIPD survey reports that the average cost of
    absence is 692 per employee a year.
  • 27.3 million people are in employment in the UK
    with 74 healthy, 26 with a health condition or
    disability and 650,00 off sick at any one time.
  •  Total cost of mental ill health at work to UK
    employers estimated at 26 billion per year
    (Centre for Mental Health) Prevention and early
    identification of mental health problems could
     save employers 8 billion per year (NICE 2009)
  • Estimates suggest inactivity costs the NHS
    across the UK 1.06 billion
  • It is likely that by 2025 40 of adults
    will be obese and the number of people working
    with chronic conditions will rise steadily
    affecting morale, competitiveness and

Work and health
  • Research shows that good work is good for health
    and that better employee health is good for
  • Our conclusion from the evidence available is
    that the correlation between engagement,
    wellbeing and performance is repeated too often
    for it to be a coincidence (Macleod
  • 1 Engaging for Success enhancing
    performance through employee engagement. A
    report to Government by David Macleod and Nita

HNA audit process
  • Identify problems/priority
  • Engage stakeholders/team
  • Identify effective action/intervention
  • Implement action
  • Evaluate impact outcomes inc economic
  • Review and..
  • Assess the need-S/A, health check, self reported
  • engage stakeholders
  • Identify priorities
  • implement evidence based intervention
  • measure impact/outcome
  • Repeat cycle

Turning that process into an accessible tool for
  • Background why is health an issue for
    employers-Introductory summary
  • Why are the topics included-rationale
  • What can employers do evidence
  • What questions ..and why?
  • Carrying out the survey-checklist
  • Survey
  • How to analyse the data what does it tell you
  • Step by step process
  • Further help

Why and What
  • Only 6 of men and 4 of women meet the
    recommended levels of physical activity.
  • We spend 60 of our waking hours in work
  • Physical activity in the workplace can reduce
    sickness absence by up to20
  • Public health Guidance13-business case
  • C4L

Carrying out the survey
  • Why the information is being collected?
  • What will be done with the information - how will
    it help to develop/prioritise workplace health
  • How will the results be publicised ?
  • What are the timescales for completion of the
    questionnaire and when will the results and
    outcomes be circulated?
  • Assurance of confidentiality no names or other
    identifying information collected
  • Participation is voluntary choosing not to
    complete a questionnaire will not affect access
    to services/resources
  • Details of any incentive or reward for completed
  • Instructions for completion
  • Details of how and to whom to return the
  • Other questions- from the longer version on
    EMPHOs website

Validated Questions on key areas
  • Demographic info-who are you asking?
  • General health and wellbeing including mental
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol
  • Healthy eating ,healthy weight
  • Physical activity
  • Workplace health

  • Used in national surveys/research-so comparative
    and tested
  • Matching reported behaviour to actual
  • Good indicator for topic covered

Who are you asking?
  • About you
  • What is your age?
  • ? Under 25 ? 35-44 ? 55-64
  • ? 25-34 ? 45-54 ? 65 and
  • What is your sex? ? Male ? Female
  • What is your occupational group? (in this section
    use the range of roles/groups which reflect your
    workforce spread)
  • ? Nursing/midwifery ? Admin/clerical
  • ? Scientific/technical
  • ? Medical ? Management ?
  • ? Therapeutic staff ? Ambulance ? Other

Healthy eating
A portion of vegetables approximately equals one
handful or 3 serving spoons of vegetables or
salad vegetables. A portion of fruit equals
approximately a tablespoon of dried fruit, 1
medium sized piece of fruit (e.g. apples), 2
small pieces of fruit (e.g. kiwi fruit, apricot)
or a 125ml glass of pure fruit juice. How many
pieces of fruit, of any sort, do you eat on a
typical day? _______ How many portions of
vegetables, excluding potatoes, do you eat on a
typical day? _________
Physical activity
In the past week, on how many days have you done
a total of 30 minutes or more of moderate or
intensive physical activity? This includes any
activities done to the point where you were
slightly sweaty, breathing faster than usual and
your heart was beating faster than usual. ?0
?1 ?2 ?3 ?4 ?5 ?6
Analysing the results
  • Question by question guide
  • What the data tells you
  • Illustrated from the pilot

Who are you asking
Sex Pilot survey Pilot survey Workforce percent
Sex Number Percent Workforce percent
Male 34 21 23
Female 129 79 77
Total 163 100 100
Healthy eating
Fruit veg consumption Pilot survey Pilot survey General population comparative data
Fruit veg consumption Number Percent General population comparative data
5 a day 78 41 30
lt5 a day 114 59 70
Total 192 100 100
Physical activity
No. days 30 mins or more moderate or intensive physical activity Pilot survey Pilot survey
No. days 30 mins or more moderate or intensive physical activity Number Percent
0 2 days 89 46
3 5 days 81 42
6 7 days 22 12
Total 192 100
  • 15 no moderate intensity P/a
  • 19 5 days
  • 41 5 a day
  • 22 limited daily activity
  • 20 reported that they had had sickness or
    injury caused or made worse by work compared to 2

Using the results
  • Implementing evidence based interventions on your
  • Evaluating their impact measuring outcomes

Steps to a healthy workplace
  • Identify priorities for health in the workplace
  • Guidance, tools and services for action based
    on evidence of what works best
  • Implementation
  • Evaluation, impact and outcome
  • Re-do survey,
  • Review plans

Steps to creating a healthy workplace
Improving OH provision to employers Standards
and Accreditation
  • Enable services to identify the standards of
    practice to which they should aspire
  • Credit good work being done by high quality
    occupational health services, providing
    independent validation that they satisfy
    standards of quality
  • Raise standards where they need to be raised
  • Help purchasers differentiate occupational health
    services that attain the desired standards from
    those that do not.

Standards were published in January 2010 and the
accreditation scheme was launched in
2011. www.seqohs.org
Produced by Faculty of Occupational Medicine
National charter standards
  • England wide
  • Consistent accreditation process
  • Framework for health in the workplace
  • Leadership, attendance matters, health and
    safety, physical activity, mental health, healthy
    eating, tobacco, alcohol and substance misuse

Leicester/Nottingham FFW
  • Have exceeded case mgt target at month 8 -278/250
  • Rise in GP referrals/SME programme
  • 98 of sickness absence target at month 8
  • Return to work 58
  • Stayed at work 19
  • Still off sick 11
  • Unemployed 7
  • Disengage from return to work plan 5

Occupational Health Advice Helpline 0800 077 8844
  • Provides businesses and GPs with tailored
    occupational health advice, by advisers with
    special training in Mental Health.
  • Employers calling the service are predominantly
    micro (0-9 employees) and small (10-49 employees)
    businesses the target group
  • Most callers are calling about an individual
    employee issue
  • So far, few GPs have used the line
  • 95 appreciate the contact and 92 would
    recommend to other employers

42 calls about sickness absence 24 calls are
about the fit note 20 calls are about mental
health (anxiety, depression, stress, and other
mental health conditions) 19 calls are about
health surveillance
Guidance and tools-issue is selection not supply
  • National Health work and wellbeing self
    assessment tool/Charter
  • Health work and wellbeing website
  • HNA tool
  • Case studies
  • NICE
  • Responsibility deal
  • Sickness absence review

Further help
  • Guidelines, tools and services
  • NICE Guidance
  • Health ,work and wellbeing Coordinators
  • List of useful contacts/websites

Next steps
  • Nationally available used by as many different
    organisations as possible
  • HWWC - Platform Website-EMPHO-Hub/DWP
  • SME support project

Positive Workplaces
  • Key features common to those organisations which
    have achieved success in promoting physical and
    mental health and well-being
  • Senior visible leadership
  • Accountable managers throughout the organisation
  • Attention to both mental and physical health
  • Systems of monitoring and measurement to ensure
    continuous improvement
  • Empowering employees to care for their own health
  • Fairness
  • Flexible work

Health and well-being need to be embedded in
every aspect of an organisations structure and
Soap Box Quiz Legitimate Health Claim?
Legitimate health claim?
  1. water soluble tomato concentrate Y
  2. Catalgine N
  3. Chewing gum 100 xylitol Y
  4. Elancyl Global Silhoutte N
  5. Bimuno Probiotic N
  6. Ocean Spray N
  7. Sugar free chewing gum Y
  8. Breakfast Oat beta-glucan Y
  9. Regular consumption water N
  10. Phosphorus Y
  11. Soy protein N
  12. Actimel N
  13. Kinder chocolate N
  14. Calcium containing fruit juice N

  • 12.20 Round table discussions
  • 12.55 Lets Get Cooking
  • Whats on the menu for your lunch
  • 1.pm Notts County FC in the Community-
    Pre lunch activity
  • 1.15 Lunch Networking
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