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Global Climate Change and Social Justice


Global Climate Change and Social Justice – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Global Climate Change and Social Justice

Global Climate Change and Social Justice
Past Climate Change
  • Changes in climate are not new
  • Earth has experienced long cycles of global
    warming and cooling
  • Scientists have theories about why the climate
    changes over long periods of time
  • Sun intensity, earths tilt, etc.
  • The past 1000 years have been very stable but
    the last century has encountered extremely
    unusual trends

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Greenhouse Effect
  • The sun and the greenhouse gasses in the earth
    troposphere keep earth warm and hospitable
  • Water, Carbon Dioxide, Methane, Nitrous Oxide
  • The greenhouse effect keeps us alive
  • Last century greenhouse gas emissions have
  • More greenhouse gasses in our atmosphere trap the
    heat of the solar rays that reach earth
  • So, the more greenhouse gasses the more heat
    stays on earth

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Human Impact of Climate Change
  • Clear link between our emissions and the rise in
    global temperature
  • Industrial Revolution sent CO2 emissions and the
    global temperature on a rapidly increasing trend
  • We add to global warming by
  • Using fossil fuels, burning coal for electricity,
    cutting down forests, burning waste, and in tons
    of other ways these are the most common and
    easily understood ways

Indicators of Climate Change
  • The earth is the hottest it has even been in 1000
  • Since 1900, the average global temperature has
    risen .6-.8C with most of this increase since
  • 10 warmest years since the 1800s has been since
  • In the last 50 years, arctic temperatures have
    risen twice as fast as the temperature over the
  • Glaciers and sea ice are melting at alarming
  • Permanent Permafrost is melting in Alaska and
  • Over the last century the sea level rose 20cm

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Some Effects of Climate Change
  • Melting snow and ice
  • Will cause sea levels to rise and throw off
  • Rising sea levels
  • Will displace millions and harm our ability to
    produce food
  • Changing ocean currents
  • Will alter weather patterns and make inhabited
    areas uninhabitable and farmable areas useless
  • Warmer and more acidic seas
  • Will also alter weather patterns and have
    catastrophic effects like those of the changing
    ocean currents
  • Changes in weather
  • Will make inhabited areas uninhabitable or
  • Lowering of biodiversity
  • Will cause extinctions the extinction rate is
    already 1000x what it was 1000 years ago
  • Overall decrease in farming and fishing
  • Lower our ability to produce food and feed the
    growing population
  • Increase death rate
  • Severely harm peoples way of life

Rising Sea Levels
  • By 2100
  • High projection 88cm
  • Medium projection 50cm
  • Low projection 10cm
  • Flooding of coastal areas with massive
  • Ex. New York, London, Buenos Aires, Shanghai,
  • Submerge low-lying islands in Pacific
  • Ex. Maldives

Rising Sea Levels Continued
  • Contaminate coastal aquifers with saltwater
  • Would leave many developing countries without
  • Flood agricultural lowlands and deltas in
    southeast Asia
  • Displacing millions of people
  • Destroying Asias main food source (rice)
  • Disrupt other food sources
  • Agriculture and Fisheries

Effects on People
  • Heat stress will be more frequent and kill more
    and more people especially elderly and sick
  • The spread of malaria, dengue fever, and yellow
    fever will increase especially in developing
  • More insects, and pests that will harm human
    populations and food sources
  • Flooding and drought will produce 150-250 million
    environmental refugees
  • An estimated 150,000 people die from a cause
    linked to climate change
  • Number expected to double by 2030
  • Number expected to be in the millions by the next
  • Cultures are being destroyed and populations,
    especially in developing countries, and starting
    to feel the effects of climate change, but this
    is only the beginning

People are Already Feeling the Change
Highland Dwelling People of Peru
  • The potato is a very important crop for the
    highland dwelling people of Peru
  • Climate change has lead to warmer temperatures
    for this region which has made the potatoes
    susceptible to a plant disease that caused the
    Irish potato famine
  • Similarly to Ireland, for these people the potato
    is not just a food but it is a part of their
    culture and a necessity that they cannot live
  • Communities in the mountains of Peru that are
    being effected by the loss of the potato are
    being forced to move those who are not are
    facing many deaths in their communities due to
    lack of food

Indigenous Tribes of the Amazon
  • Deforestation in the Amazon to make roads not
    only eliminates trees that clean CO2 out of the
    atmosphere but also aids in the spread of Malaria
  • The road construction creates puddles that are
    perfect habitats for infected mosquitoes
  • This is a prime example of how the contributors
    of global warming such as deforestation and air
    pollution not only cause global warming but hurt
    people as well this is a very common trend in
    global warming contributors

Greek People of Crete
  • This summer a heat wave hit Crete that the
    islanders will never forget
  • Temperatures caused wildfires, electricity
    blackouts and deaths
  • Farmland on the island has dried up, some of
    which has not recovered for this years farming
  • This is a great example of how a slight change in
    weather patterns can greatly impact a community

Kenyan Tribes
  • Water is becoming scarcer in many parts of Africa
    due to an increasingly dryer climate due to
    climate change
  • Kenya is one place where water is becoming a
    source of conflict
  • Kenyan tribes are battling and raiding each
    others villages killing tons of people for
    access to resources
  • The resources are shrinking and water wars are
    not just anticipated, they have started

Tuareg Tribes of the South Sahara
  • The Tuareg people have a culture of being nomads
    who wander around Africa just south of the
    Saharan desert
  • They live off their animals and survive by
    breeding and trading them
  • Recently, the Tuareg people have been forced to
    settle down and farm in one place due to drought
    caused by an increasingly dryer climate in
    northern Africa their traditional way of life
    is no longer sustainable
  • This is a good example of how climate change can
    even destroy cultures and traditional ways of life

Residents of the Niger Delta
  • Nigeria is Africas top oil exporting nation
  • The gas companies located in Nigeria have been
    burning off unwanted natural gas released during
    oil production
  • This flaring of unwanted gas emits more CO2 and
    greenhouse gases more than any other single
    source in Africa south of the Sahara
  • The residences living around the area are feeling
    the effects of the oil companies doing this
  • Many chronic health and environmental problems
    have been increasingly problematic in the
    surrounding areas
  • The burning off of this unwanted gas is ruining
    lives and adding to global climate change a
    very common trend

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Tibetan Buddhists
  • The Mingyong glacier is melting on the Tibetan
  • Scientists project that the glacier is receding
    at about 150 feet per year
  • The residences of a small village surrounding the
    glacier are Buddhist, and the glacier is one of
    the most holy peaks in the Buddhist tradition
  • The disappearance of this holy place will be a
    disaster for the Buddhist religion
  • In addition, if the glacier shrinks or
    disappears, the number of people that will go
    through the village will diminish and the
    villages source of income will be gone
  • This is an example of how even a religion can be
    hurt as an effect of climate change and global

People of the Maldives
  • The Maldives is a nation in the Indian Ocean made
    up of small low-lying islands
  • 80 of the 1,192 islands that make up the nation
    lie less than 1 meter above sea level
  • If sea levels rise at the project rate, the
    country will be under water and its 295,000
    inhabitants will be forced to migrate

Urban Populations of Developed Countries
  • 70,000 Europeans died during a heat wave four
    summers ago
  • Chicago, London, Athens and Tokyo have had
    epidemics of fatal heat stroke
  • These heat waves will become more and more
    frequent and become more and more intense as
    climate change continues
  • Large cities toward the equator will be hit the
    hardest, but the heat will spread north and south
    from the equator
  • The developed world is not exempt from the
    effects of global warming though we have
    resources to make it less of a bother

Farmers in Australia
  • Australia is the driest inhabited continent
  • Most of Australia is getting even drier, putting
    most ranchers at risk of their farmland becoming
    useless while a few ranchers are actually seeing
    an increase of rain on their farm
  • This is common and a trend that will be seen
    around the world some may actually benefit from
    the changes (i.e. Canada), but most will not
  • The cons heavily outweigh the pros

  • Venetians no longer live on the ground floor
  • Rising sea levels have caused the entire city to
    move upstairs
  • The water is now 11 inches higher than it was 100
    years ago
  • This has caused many of the buildings to flood
    and become useless
  • A vital part of Italian culture will soon have to
    be abandoned if climate change continues on its
    current path

Dealing With Global Warming
  • Cutting fossil fuels
  • Shift to more efficient energy sources
  • Transfer energy efficiency to developing
  • Reduce deforestation
  • Use more sustainable agriculture
  • Reduce poverty
  • Slow population growth

What You Can Do
  • Drive a fuel-efficient car, bike, carpool, and
    use mass transit
  • Use energy efficient windows
  • Use energy efficient appliances and lights
  • Heavily insulate your home
  • Use compact fluorescent light bulbs
  • Plant trees
  • Wash laundry in warm or cold water
  • Use low-flow shower head
  • Buy products from companies who support the
    environmental movement
  • Demand that government make climate change an
    urgent priority

Our Duty
  • We are the ones who are capable of making this
  • It is our duty to do so for the sake of all those
    who will be the most greatly impacted the
  • We do not feel the consequences, but it is our
    duty to ameliorate the situation
  • Do your part, in every way you are helping
    prevent climate change you are helping the
    impoverished people of the world
  • It is all of our duties to be a steward of the
  • Take part in a mission trip through your own home
    go green!

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