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Living a Healthy Life


Living a Healthy Life Chapter 1 – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Living a Healthy Life

Living a Healthy Life
  • Chapter 1

Your Health and Wellness
  • Health is the combination of physical,
    mental/emotional, and social well-being

The Health Continuum
  • Your health is constantly changing
  • Think of your health at any moment as a point
    along a continuum
  • A health continuum shows that your health can
    be measured on a sliding scale with many degrees
    of health and wellness

The Health Continuum
  • A person with a balanced life is said to have a
    high degree of wellness, an overall state of
    well-being, or total health.

Promoting your health
  • The decisions that you make everyday have an
    impact on your health
  • Doctors have identified habits that affect
    peoples overall health, happiness, and longevity
    or how they live

Lifestyle Factors
  • The habits that you have in your everyday life
    are called lifestyle factors, they are personal
    behaviors related to the way a person lives his
    or her life.
  • Lifestyle factors determine your level of health,
    certain ones are linked to specific diseases,
    others promote good overall health

Wellness and Prevention
  • A key to your wellness is prevention or
    practicing health and safety habits to remain
    free of disease and injury

The importance of Health Education
  • Knowing how to become healthy and staying healthy
    should be a persons top priority
  • Therefore health education or the providing of
    accurate health information to help people make
    healthy choices, is very important.

The Nations Health Goals
  • Everyone has health goals including our nation
  • Healthy People 2010 is a nationwide health
    promotion and disease prevention plan designed to
    serve as a guide for improving the health of all
    people in the United States

Healthy People 2010
  • They have established 2 main goals
  • Increase the quality and years of healthy life
    for all Americans
  • Remove health differences that result from
    factors such as gender, race, education,
    disability, and location

Healthy People 2010
  • In order to stay healthy you have to know how to
    evaluate your own health and where to get health
  • When evaluating health information it should be
    reliable, accurate, and current

Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle
  • Lesson 2

Your Health Triangle
  • There are 3 main elements to your health
  • Physical
  • Mental/Emotional
  • Social
  • Otherwise known as your Health Triangle

Your Health Triangle
  • Your physical side of your health triangle deals
    with how well your body functions.
  • This side of the triangle deals with anything
    dealing with your body, such as substance abuse,
    fitness, nutrition, or any non-communicable

  • This side of your health triangle deals with your
    feelings, how well you meet the demands of daily
    life, and your ability to process information.
  • Other health categories that may fall under this
    side include suicide, mental disorders, and stress

  • This side of the health triangle involves the way
    you get along with others. Your ability to make
    and keep friends, communicating, being able to
    show respect
  • Other health categories on this side of the
    triangle may include, family relationships, peer
    relationships, public health

Your Health Triangle
  • Keeping your Triangle balanced is a big key.
  • Each side of the health triangle is just as
    important as the other

Influences on your health
  • There are several things that can influence your
    overall health or well-being including
  • Heredity
  • Environment
  • Media Technology
  • Values
  • Attitudes
  • Behavior

Heredity Environment
  • Heredity refers to all the traits that were
    biologically passed onto you from your parents
  • Environment is the sum of your surroundings they
    can be either physical or social

Culture, Attitude Behavior
  • Culture refers to the collective beliefs,
    customs, and behaviors of a group
  • Attitude is the way you view situations. Your
    attitude greatly affects the choices you make
  • Behavior refers to how you react or respond to
    certain situations

Media Technology
  • Media or various methods of communicating
    information can greatly have an affect on your
  • Technology advances also affect your health.
    Many technological advances in medicine have
    helped to prolong our lives

Your Behavior and Reducing Health Risks
  • Lesson 3

Understanding Health Risks
  • Risk Behaviors are actions that can potentially
    threaten your health or the health of others.
  • The consequences of risk behaviors may add up
    over time these cumulative risks are related
    risks that increase in effect with each added risk

Abstaining from risk behaviors
  • Abstinence is avoiding harmful behaviors,
    including the use of tobacco, alcohol, and other
    drugs along with sexual activity