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Who are the Hebrews?


Who are the Hebrews? What is Judaism? The religion of the Hebrews The Jewish/Hebrew Bible is part of the Christian Bible (The Old Testament) Who is Abraham? – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Who are the Hebrews?

Who are the Hebrews?
What is Judaism?
  • The religion of the Hebrews
  • The Jewish/Hebrew Bible is part of the Christian
    Bible (The Old Testament)

Who is Abraham?
  • According to the Bible, God told Abraham to leave
    Mesopotamia and look for a new land.
  • He left Mesopotamia and went to Canaan (current
    day Israel).
  • His descendants were called Hebrews.
  • There was a famine in Canaan so some Hebrews
    moved to Egypt.

Hebrews in Egypt
  • The Hebrew population grew in Egypt
  • This worried the Egyptian pharaoh who was afraid
    that the Hebrews would try to take over Egypt
  • To stop this from happening the pharaoh made the
    Hebrews slaves

Who is Moses?
  • A leader of the Hebrews
  • In 1200BC God told Moses to lead the Hebrews out
    of Egypt
  • Moses went to the pharaoh and demanded that he
    set the Hebrew slaves free
  • The Pharaoh refused

  • Soon after the pharaoh refused to set them
    freeplagues and disasters struck Egypt
  • This scared the pharaoh so he agreed to free the

What is the Exodus?
  • Moses led his people out of Egypt in a journey
    called the Exodus
  • The Hebrews thought that their release from
    slavery proved that God loved them and was
    looking after them.

After their release.
  • The Hebrews wandered around the desert trying to
    return to Canaan.
  • During their wanderings
  • they came to a mountain
  • called Sinai
  • The Bible says that this
  • is where God gave
  • Moses 2 stone tablets-
  • The 10 Commandments

What are the Ten Commandments?
  • I am God your Lord, who brought you out of
    Egypt, from the place of slavery.
  • Do not have any other Gods before Me
  • Do not take the name of God, your Lord in
    vain-God will not allow the one who talked his
    name in vain to go unpunished.

10 Comandments cont.
  • Remember the Sabbath to keep it holy
  • Honor your father and your mother. You will then
    live long on the land that God your lord is
    giving you.
  • Do not commit murder
  • Do not commit adultery
  • Do not steal

10 Commandments cont..
  • Do not testify as a false witness against your
  • Do not be envious of your neighbors house.
  • Do not be envious of your neighbors wife or
    anything else that is your neighbors.

The return to Canaan
  • The Hebrews wandered for 40 years before they
    reached Canaan.
  • They conquered Canaan and became known as the
  • They lived in small scattered communities
  • Each community had its own judges as leaders

  • In the 1000s BC the Philistines invaded the
    Israelites (Hebrews)
  • The Israelites picked a leader named Saul to lead
    them in battle
  • Saul became the first king of Israel

King David
  • David was a servant is Sauls palace
  • Saul didnt like David and made him an outlaw
  • For many years David lived in the desert
  • Once Saul died, David became King
  • The Israelites loved David
  • David defeated the Philistines

King David cont..
  • King David captured many lands
  • He also captured Jerusalem which became Israels
    new capital

King Solomon
  • Was King Davids son
  • He expanded the
  • Kingdom
  • He made Egypt and Phoenicia his allies and
    started trading with them
  • This made Israel very rich
  • He built a huge temple dedicated to God in

  • After Solomon died, people fought about who
    should be king
  • Israel split into 2 kingdoms-Israel and Judah
  • The people of Judah became known as Jews

Scattering of Jews
  • The Chaldeans captured Jerusalem and made
    thousands of Jews their slaves
  • In 530 BC the Persians conquered the Chaldeans
    and let the Jews free

The Maccabees
  • A family called the Maccabees revolted and once
    again the Jews ruled their own kingdom
  • However they were soon conquered by the Romans

Hebrew Women
  • Couldnt choose husband
  • Had to obey husband
  • Couldnt inherit property

Important Hebrew Women
  • Queen Esther and Judge Deborah saved the Hebrews
    from their enemies
  • Ruth left her people to care for her
    mother-in-law-Naomi (was seen as a role model)
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