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Energy Efficiency in the Data Center


A Convenient truth, the Colour of Money is Green Aaron Reynolds Competitive Business Manager Systems Technology Group * – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Energy Efficiency in the Data Center

A Convenient truth, the Colour of Money is Green
Aaron Reynolds Competitive Business
Manager Systems Technology Group
The Colour of Money is Green Green IT.Beyond
the Hype. Implement Change Through Innovation.
Gartner predicts that Green IT will be the No.1
Strategic Technology for 2009, accelerating and
expanding the focus that came to the forefront in
2008. Source - Gartner Inc
Data source Green IT A New Industry Shock Wave,
Gartner Symposium/ITxpo, October 2007,
What IT Problems do we face?
What are the Business drivers for Green IT?
Social / Regulatory
Financial Benefit f (cost savings) f
(manageability) f (flexibility) f
Non-Financial Benefit f (Operational) f
(Social) f (Global)
Green IT vs. other choices
or we could remove 4 Million cars and light
trucks from company fleets. or you can plant 500
Million tree seedlings and grow them for 10
years or you could manage and preserve 16
Million acres of pine forest per year ..or
recycle 7 Million tons of company waste instead
of sending to landfills
What if all data centers were Green?
20 efficiency improvement could save 36 billion
kWh or 22m tons of CO2
Data source http//
Green IT has delivered profound results!
Up to 40 reduction in power and cooling Some
have achieved 80 reduction in floor
space Utilization rates increased 4X Avoided new
What has IBM Done?
1997 Today
CIOs 128 1
Host data centers 155 7
Web hosting centers 80 5
Network 31 1
Applications 15,000 4,700
Reduced operational costs by US1.5 billion/year
  • IBM has 70,000 Citrix Presentation Server
    Licenses globally to Virtualise Applications
  • IBM will convert 30,000 Desktop PCs to
    Thin-Clients and Virtual Desktops by 2010

Project Big Green
  • IBM Example
  • Between 1990 and 2006, IBMs global energy
    conservation actions reduced or avoided CO2
    emissions by an amount equal to 44 of our 1990
  • New goal to extend the above achievement by
    reducing CO2 emissions by 12 between 2005 and

1998 Became the first semi-conductor company to
set a numerical target for PFC emissions reduction
58 Reduction
IBM will double compute capacity by 2012 without
increasing consumption or impact
  • IBM operates 8M sq. ft of commercial data center
    operations largest in the world
  • Projected annual savings of 5B KWH
  • IBM actions will result in the avoidance of 2.5M
    tons of CO2 per year, which equates to taking 1M
    cars off the road
  • One Example 3900 UNIX/x86 servers consolidating
    to 33 IBM System z mainframes saving 25M in
    energy cost , 450M overall in 5 years

Use Green as your new business barometer
Social / Regulatory
Cost savings from more efficient energy use ROI
on IT more than 3 years old is less than 2
years Every 1 saved on energy, drives another 6
-8 operational savings
More computing performance per kilowatt Extend
the life of IT equipment Results in a shared,
flexible infrastructure
Verifiable energy conservation Proactively
address energy/climate challenges Improves
customers image of your company
IBMs holistic approach to Green data centers
Review Computing Resources
Responsible Disposal
Active Energy Management
Cooling Innovations
IBM Global Asset Recovery Services
Every piece of hardware that IBM takes in and
resells or recycles is one less unit that will
end up in a landfill.
  • IBM Global Asset Recovery Services has
  • Collected and recovered more than 635 million
    kilograms of product waste since 1995
  • Harvested and sold over 11.4 million parts for
    reuse and reused over 4.2 million machines (PCs,
    servers, storage) over the past five years
  • Recycled over 52,969 metric tons of materials
    over a three year period

In the last 3 years that recycling represents
  • Steel
  • Over three times the amount used in the Eiffel
  • Plastic
  • Over 22 filled railroad cars of condensed
  • Paper
  • Enough bales to span the Golden Gate Bridge 23
  • Non-ferrous metal
  • Roughly the equivalent payload weight of 150
    coal-filled railroad cars

IBM offerings can help across the board
Data center
Seize control by implementing energy management
and virtualization
Active energy management Storage and server
virtualization leadership
IBM a Company of Innovation
  • For each of the past 16 years (1993-2008), IBM
    has been granted more U.S. patents than any other
    company. During that period IBM has received more
    than 38,000 US patents. In 2007, IBM received
    3,125 U.S. patents.
  • Since 1996, IBM has invested approximately 5
    billion per year in research, development and
    engineering. IBM's current active portfolio of
    about 26,000 patents in the United States and
    over 40,000 patents worldwide for inventions in
    areas of primary technology focus for all IBM
    customers, is a direct result of that investment.
  • The six broad categories illustrated here present
    a sample of the array of technology areas covered
    by the IBM patent portfolio. While many of these
    inventions find their way into IBM products and
    services, they may also be licensed to enhance
    the value of your business as well.

IBMs 2007 Patent Total 15 yrs of Leadership
Green Patents System Tech Group 800 IBM 3700
Mat. Elec
Advanced Innovation in IBM Systems Mainframe to
Modular to Storage Enhancements
IBM iDataPlex
IBM System z10 EC
IBM BladeCenter
IBM System Storage
IBM System x3950
Cuts energy costs 40 compared to equivalent
compute power in an enterprise rack
Up to 93 savings in energy costs and 46 less
space than Sun X2100 Single Core servers
Uses up to 24 less energy than the HP
BladeSystem c-class
DS8000 can consume up to 31 less power than
competitive solutions
IBM Power 550 uses 91 less energy and 98
less space than a 64-core HP 9000 Superdome
64-core scalability, now for x86 large scale
POWER Innovation IBM Invests 6 Billion
From consumer devices to supercomputers
IBM Power Systems
OEM Storage
OEM Routers
IBM Storage
Binary Compatibility
Mobile Phones
Digital Cameras
SatNavs / Trackers
IBM shipped over 40M POWER processors in 2006
IBM System Storage N series Unified Storage
N series Business Solutions
A Unified Approach Delivers
  • Thin provisioning
  • Rapid cloning and provisioning
  • Data deduplication
  • Application-empowered data management
  • Quality of service (QoS)
  • Zero penalty snapshots rapid recovery
  • Simplified DR
  • Multi-protocol
  • Scales from small to large
  • Common software, UI, training
  • Support for multi-vendor storage
  • 50 less storage
  • 50 savings in power, cooling, and space
  • Up to 38 savings in TCO

Eliminate Complexity
Exchange Admin
Server Admin
Server Admin
App Admin
Automated Services Eliminate Wait Time
Automated Services Eliminate Wait Time
Queue here for Service
  • Provision
  • DR
  • Backup/Recover
  • Test/Dev Copies

Storage Admins
Manual Processes
  • Provision
  • Recover
  • Configure

Eliminate Admin Workload
The N Series Data Center Transformation
New model data center
On the way to recycling
IBM Green innovations
  • Intelligent Utility Networks
  • IBM and CenterPoint Energy are engaged in a
    strategic effort to develop and deploy
    Intelligent Utility Network (IUN) solutions
  • Environmental Research
  • Transport Systems
  • Advanced Water Management
  • Carbon Management
  • Alternate Energies

Innovation for the Future!
The Next 5 in 5
  • Energy saving solar technology will be built into
    asphalt, paint and windows
  • You will have a crystal ball for your health
  • You will talk to the Web . . . and the Web will
    talk back
  • You will have your own digital shopping
  • Forgetting will become a distant memory

Energy saving solar technology will be built into
asphalt, paint and windows
Ever wonder how much energy could be created by
having solar technology embedded in our
sidewalks, driveways, siding, paint, rooftops,
and windows?
In the next five years, solar energy will be an
affordable option for you and your neighbors.
Reducing the cost of producing solar cells by 50
IBM is reaching the goal of affordable solar
energy in two ways
  • IBM is working on breakthroughs in thin-film
    solar cells, a new type of cost-efficient solar
    cell module which doesnt use costly and limited
    silicon. Thin-film solar cells can be 100 times
    thinner than silicon-wafer cells and can be
    produced at a lower cost.
  • IBM is working on projects that may help to
    create brand new thin-film solar cells that could
    be arranged on a flexible backing, suitable for
    the tops and sides of buildings, tinted windows,
    cell phones, notebook computers, cars, and even
  1. IBM is using a large lens to concentrate the
    suns power, capturing the equivalent of 2,300
    suns, on to a centimeter square solar cell - the
    most ever in such a small space. That energy is
    then converted into 75 watts of usable electrical

You will have a crystal ball for your health
What if you could foresee your health destiny and
use that knowledge to modify your lifestyle?
In the next five years, your doctor will be able
to provide you with a genetic map that tells you
what health risks you are likely to face in your
lifetime and the specific things you can do to
prevent them, based on your specific DNA all
for less than 200.
Genetic mapping will become your healthcare
crystal ball
  • Computational biology and supercomputing can help
    determine our expected longevity, the likelihood
    to develop certain diseases and the impact of
    daily routines on our health.
  • Well use this information to decide which habits
    we can change to avoid diseases, choose the most
    effective medications given our genetic makeups,
    and take other preventative measures that could
    help us live longer, smarter lives.
  • Advances in genetic mapping will help the
    pharmaceutical industry change the ways it
    develops new drugs, to produce medicines that are
    the most effective for treating your individual
    needs rather than focus on the general

Computational Biology used to predict patient
  • IBM researchers are developing a system that will
    provide clinicians tools to predict the response
    to antiretroviral treatment for HIV patients
    helping them choose the best drugs and drug
    combinations for any given HIV genetic variant.
  • This innovative approach to predict the
    efficiency of anti-retroviral drug regimens
    against a specific HIV is based on viral genotype
    data integrated with treatment response data
    collected from some of the largest HIV databases
    in Europe.
  • Looking closely at a current patients blood
    work, virus stage, family history, race, and so
    forth and then comparing it to the thousands of
    people who have been treated over the years, we
    can see what was done, what worked, and what
  • Based on the history data, scientists can predict
    how the virus will respond to a certain drug

Healthcare will use the power of many to make
life better for you
  • When your own blood work, virus experiences,
    family history, race, and other personal health
    information are compared to thousands of other
    peoples, researchers and physicians can see
    correlations in what has been done, whats
    worked, and what hasnt.
  • The use of predictive modeling will help
    scientists understand which variations in
    genetics, conditions and treatment can cause
    specific outcomes. That means well have a better
    grasp of when a drug might work for us but not so
    well for a relative or a friend.
  • When our doctors can increase the use of genetic
  • sequencing to map our health destinies and help
    us adjust
  • our lifestyles, the results will be huge
  • better health services and
  • increased chances for healthier, longer lives
    all based on the information each of us carries
    in our genes.
  • big savings in healthcare costs,

You will talk to the Web...and the Web will
talk back
Imagine being within a phone calls reach from
the ability to post, scan and respond to e-mails
and instant messages without typing. Or sort
through the Web verbally to find what you are
looking for and have the information read back to
you as if you are having a conversation with
the Web.
In the next five years you will be able to surf
the Internet, hands-free, by using your voice
eliminating the need for visuals or keypads.
The Spoken Web from IBM
The Spoken Web is the World Wide Web in a
telecommunications network, and it will change
how people create, build and interact with
information and e-commerce websites using
speech instead of text.
What the Spoken Web Can do for You
  • Feel connected at all times. No longer will you
    be tied to a keyboard and a computer.
  • Enable the underprivileged to create, produce,
    host and share information and services with
  • Provide simple and affordable access mechanisms
    to let people use technology services and
    applications that are currently available only to
    computer users.
  • Provide a cost effective ecosystem that enables
    users to create and sustain a community parallel
    to what the World Wide Web has done.

You will have your own digital shopping
Ever find yourself in a fitting room with all the
wrong sizes and no salesperson in sight?
In the next five years, shoppers will
increasingly rely on themselves - and the
opinions of each other - to make purchasing
decisions rather than wait for help from in-store
sales associates.
Forgetting will become a distant memory
Information overload keeping you up at night?
Forget about it.
In the next five years, it will become much
easier to remember what to buy at the grocery
store, which errands need to be run, who you
spoke with at a conference, where and when you
agreed to meet a friend, or what product you saw
advertised at the airport.
HERMES Cognitive Care for Active Aging
HERMES is geared towards helping seniors remember
important details of their daily lives and
improve their short-term memory all without
requiring that they become technology-savvy.
  • Microphones and video cameras will record
    conversations and activities.
  • Information collected will be automatically
    stored and analyzed on a personal computer.
  • Seniors can then be prompted to "remember" what
    discussions they had, for example, with their
    daughter or doctor.
  • Based on such conversations, smart phones
    equipped with global-positioning technology might
    also remind them to pick up groceries or
    prescriptions if they pass a particular store at
    a particular time.
  • To keep their minds fit, seniors will be able to
    engage in memory exercises that use names or
    events from their daily lives.

The Experience Organizer from IBM
  • For travelers or businesspeople, solutions such
    as the Experience Organizer from IBM will become
    increasingly commonplace.
  • The Experience Organizer takes photographs
    captured on mobile phones, extracts and sorts the
    information contained in these pictures, and then
    transfers the relevant data to personal address
    books or calendars.
  • All this information can also be recalled using
    an intuitive, Web-based application.

For example You capture images of people,
posters, business cards, or lectures from a
conference. The system understands the context
and can infer relationships between pieces of
information based on such factors as image, time,
and location. Prior to the next meeting with the
same people, your calendar might enable you to
review your notes and timeline about the previous
In the final analysis, its only our planet.
Understand your present environment Make
efficient use of technology through
Innovation Lead by example!
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Manager Systems Technology Group Email Mobile 040 333 4266