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Using Live Streaming to Turn your Brand Website into a


Wine as a social bond Building brand attachment and enhancing WOM through virtual communities Using Live Streaming to Turn your Brand Website into a – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Using Live Streaming to Turn your Brand Website into a

Wine as a social bond
Building brand attachment and enhancing WOM
through virtual communities
Using Live Streaming to Turn your Brand Website
into a Virtual Cellar Door
What were talking about today
  • What is brand engagement and brand attachment?
  • Why do we care?
  • Consumer empowerment what does that mean to me?
  • Assessing your web presence
  • What can an online wine brand community achieve?
  • How do we build one, what do we know?
  • Making sure we have a pro-active attitude to
  • Hosting a meaningful event
  • Topic and wine selection
  • Camera set up
  • Whos on camera
  • Active engagement with customers
  • Q A

What is it that consumers buy?
  • Nobody buys products or services and they
    never have.
  • Consumers buy benefits real or imagined
  • Products are a bundle of attributes that
    consumers assess in a holistic way.
  • Wading through the attributes to determine where
    (if anywhere) the value is for THEM.
  • People trade off to get what they deem
  • Dont think there are many knowledgeable
    consumers there arent.

Extrinsic cues that matter
  • How the wine tastes should be the most important
  • Cues that consistently cue wine quality for
  • Price
  • Packaging
  • Retailer
  • Country-of-origin
  • Brand
  • Referral
  • Associated products

Lets talk about price
  • People choose the cheapest product for these
  • They are demographically constrained (no money).
  • They have an attitude towards spending money
    (have the first dollar they ever made) think of
    shopping as combat.
  • They see all products in a range as the same
    hence go to the lowest price because it really
    doesnt matter.
  • This is where brand values driving attachment
    come into play loyal and attached consumers
    are much less price sensitive. Well come
    back to this.

The empowered consumer
  • C2C interaction is facilitated by the Internet.
  • Consumers are culturally and technically savvy
    and ever more resistant to brand lead,
    traditional message channels.
  • Empowered consumers build strong stakeholder
    groups, with a louder voice.
  • Very active in co-creating brand meanings
    marketing managers exert far less direct control
    than in the past.
  • Looking also for co-created experiences, on and
    off line.
  • Some risks, but greater opportunities too.

What is brand attachment
  • Consumers have moved on from feeling loyalty
  • Used to be measured by behavioral and attitudinal
  • E.g. repeat purchases and brand preferences
  • Consumers now identify strongly with many brands,
    to the point where they use products and brands
    as a form of communication of theirideal-self.
  • Consumers become attached both emotionally
    (they love and trust and defend their brands) and
    cognitively (get functional satisfaction).
  • Attachment is a welcome heuristic or cognitive
    shortcut now when time is the ultimate
    currency and choices are endless.

Attached consumer lead groups
  • When the product brand, category or activity
    becomes highly meaningful for consumers, forms of
    communities emerge around it (this is nothing
  • High level of attachment - involvement,
    interest and personal significance.
  • Substantial amount of time thinking,
    communicating and gathering information about the
    product category or activity.
  • High degree of interaction, face to face or

  • What are the benefits and risks to brands?
  • Consumers attached to a brand are
    loyalattitudinally and behaviorally.
  • Advocates and defenders.
  • Less price sensitive.
  • Generate strong and positive WOM but demand a
  • Low cost per sale (obviously).
  • Source of ideas and other forms of valuable
  • Not all communications are positive
  • Not all C2C communications will reflect reality

Wine an interesting context.
  • Brand attachment can be established in a number
    of ways
  • Wine is a highly socially oriented product
  • Some people become involved - but are unlikely
    to become truly knowledgeable.
  • The more involved the more a referral means.
  • The more involved the more likely to be
    influenced by extrinsic cues.
  • Country of origin
  • Brand
  • Price
  • A tourism experience can be a catalyst and/or
    reinforce beliefs and set-up the propensity to
    seek community membership.

A recent international study
Place Attachment
Resulting in positive influences in loyalty and
willingness to pay a premium price.
Data from wine regions in Australia, the USA,
France and Italy
Building brands
  • Building brand values is easy if you have
    unlimited funds and world-wide reach.
  • A little tougher for smaller players
  • Have to use funds wisely and with imagination
  • Have to seek to find a unique place in the
    minds of customers
  • Brands are like people
  • None are perfect you cant please everyone!
  • Think about the group that you want for your own
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • What is your over-riding competitive advantage?
  • How can you make sure your values are
    communicated consistently?

Lets look at some examples
The Adelaide Hills Wine Region
What is special about your brand?
  • Is your brand ready for, or already engaged in
    co-creation activities?
  • Are you clear on the pillars of your brands
  • If yes . then this strategy of community
    building will work incredibly well for you and
    also the region.
  • Actively listen and engage with consumers.
  • Seek their opinions and feedback.
  • Give them opportunities to also engage with
    fellow fans.
  • Have fun with them stimulate their interest
  • Take their ideas on board let them co-create
    with you ( later..)

(No Transcript)
Fostering attachment online
  • Wine makers perceived to be real people.
  • Strong attachment between wine makers and their
  • Consumers looking for the chance to interact with
    them as ask their own questions .
  • Consumers crave sincerity its a perfect fit.
  • Wine buyers want to feel special.
  • Premium wine buyers in particular want to have a
  • Works well at a dinner party
  • This is an in-group experience.
  • Wine is a strongly socially oriented product.
  • A perfect fit for the medium.
  • Brands build their own group of devotees it can
    be done.

How does it work?
A cellar door experience can be a catalyst and/or
reinforce beliefs and set-up the propensity for
further engagement.
Live streaming
  • Equipment and accounts.
  • Webcam set on a tripod with USB computer
  • Desk microphone set close to presenters with USB
    computer connection.
  • High speed BB although we have streamed
    successfully without it.
  • Problems with drop outs, time lags and so forth
    not ideal.
  • Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder 3.2 (free
  • An account with a streaming provider (e.g.
    Netromedia) at 148 p/mth.
  • A place to store the videos (e.g. Vimeo) at 99

The set-Up
How it looks to consumers
Sharing the Sparkle
(No Transcript)
(No Transcript)
A few days later..
  • Email from a participant
  • The tasting panel was a delight! In fact I took
    a trip with a friend to the Barossa Valley solely
    for the purpose of visiting the St Hallett winery
    and hopefully meeting Stuart in person.
    Unfortunately, he was not available that day but
    we left absolutely charmed by the quality of the
    cellar and personalised customer service. Simply
    excellent!  My friend and I had a wonderful time
    there! I probably would not have found this gem
    if it was not for you. So thank you again for
    this opportunity! I will spread a good word among
    my friends and anyone who is interested in

Consumer response
  • I liked the website with the links to the
    tasting notes. The streaming went very smoothly.
  • Great concept. Been to similar events with craft
    beer makers and distillers at a specific site,
    but the cyberspace aspect added something more.
  • First experience with online forum I'm not
    even on Facebook. So took a bit of time to adjust
    to what was happening, but found it quite
    interesting and lively. Enjoyed the presenters'
    relaxed and friendly down-to-earth style felt
    like a personal encounter with nice people.
  • Really great way to learn about local products
    and be able to ask questions and interact with
    other people with similar interests.
  • A great idea and a great way to showcase some
    excellent wines. I had fun and I'd be more than
    happy to do it again.
  • From the email I got, I didn't understand it's
    going to be online meeting I was really surprised
    when I had to sit in front of computer and speak
    online. It was excellent experience, one Ive
    never had before.

Reseller support
The effect of only 1 event
WPP increase of 2.74 (ave) From 28.68 to
31.42 Decent bottle costs 27.61
With absolutely no promotion AHWR 400 HQ
350 MS 90
The all powerful Brand Ambassador
Getting people to join in
  • Building a community takes planning.
  • Rome wasnt built in a day this is one strategy
    (albeit a powerful one) that forms one part of a
    strategic branding and marketing plan.
  • Activate your inactive club/emailing list.
  • Many of our participating brands were shocked at
    the lack of reaction to invitations.
  • Many lists are just that harvested names and
    email addresses, thats all.
  • Plan a calendar of meaningful events that support
    your brand values and competitive advantage.
  • These dont have to be complex or difficult.
  • Its the interaction that consumers are looking
  • 2 to 3 wines works well wines and food is a

Your Website
  • For one-way streaming (not chat) insert the
    Netro-Media embed code.
  • For live-chat (What were on about) you need to
    get this facility added to your website.
  • At the same time you may consider an
    up-date of your current site
  • Remembering the benefits sought by consumers
  • Clarity! Ease of Navigation! No Clutter! Less is
    usually more
  • Online wine ordering system or at least where
    they can buy it.
  • All info current and up to date.
  • What are your brand pillars?
  • These will inform the content of your events.

  • Plan your calendar.
  • 1 event per month perhaps or per fortnight
    whatever works.
  • Include lead in or teaser videos to support
  • Create your email documents and other media.
  • Review your email listing.
  • Schedule a launch email to introduce your
    community, include the calendar.
  • Provide some manner of special this is an
    in-group privilege.
  • Promote this off line and on line
    (advertise/distributor support).
  • Reminder emails and other prompters
  • Link to Facebook, Twitter etc, cellar door