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Welcome to AVID 10 Parent/Student Meeting!


Welcome to AVID 10 Parent/Student Meeting! It s not only a program, it s an ATTITUDE – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Welcome to AVID 10 Parent/Student Meeting!

Welcome to AVID 10 Parent/Student Meeting!
  • Its not only a program, its an ATTITUDE

Who are the AVID 10 Teachers?
  • Matt Bean mbean_at_murrieta.k12.ca.us
  • (951) 894-5750 ext. 6608
  • Holly Wood hdwood_at_murrieta.k12.ca.us

How does the AVID program contributeto the
success of the students?
  • Teaches study and organizational skills
  • Supports English classes through the use of
    writing as a tool for learning
  • Gives tutorial help with college/peer tutors
  • Enhances collaborative thinking to ensure success
    in rigorous courses
  • Students visit colleges and universities
  • Assists students with the application process for
    four-year colleges and universities
  • Helps students with self exploration, and college
    / careers inquiry

VMHS AVID Expectations
  • Individual Determination (AVID is a choice not a
  • I am an AVID Student not just a student in
  • Adopt the AVID Methodologies- Must be willing to
    change some of your personal habits. Do things
    the AVID way!
  • Maintain a Competitive Grade Point Average
    (Tutoring/ Probation/ Dismissal)- Effort Wins!
  • Complete a Rigorous Course of Study (minimum 1
    Advanced Placement/ Dual Enrollment Course before
  • Actively Participate on Campus (sports, clubs,
    band, leadership etc.)

AVID Protocol
  • All schedule changes go through AVID teacher/
    coordinator AVID counselor AVID
    administrator. Communicate with us about
  • Priority of schedule changes are based on Core
    Teachers who support the needs of AVID students.
  • Allow your student to handle his/her issues (They
    must communicate with teachers)
  • Rigor- Advanced English (9th and 10th grade)
    Take at least one Advanced Placement (AP)/ Dual
    course during high school. The Program dictates
    the students schedule not the student or the
  • Hold your student accountable!

Main differences Between 9th and 10th Grade
  • Level of rigor in academic classes for example
    Chemistry (standard college bound 10th grade
    course), Advanced English II/ AP Euro History
    (designed for competitive college bound)
  • Increased Homework Time/ More Reading!
  • One more core class- MWH/ AP Euro
  • Begin basic introduction to SAT/ ACT

Significance of 10th Grade!
  • Grade Point Average Counts for College!
  • 50 of College GPA is completed this year!
  • Academic Separation (Students are moving at
    different academic levels which will directly
    impact college options). Math- Algebra 10-12 /
    Pre Calculus Earth Science/ Chemistry MWH/ AP
  • AVID resources (tutoring) should be readily
    incorporated into students academic plan

10th Grade AVID
  • All students should take the PSAT (Wednesday
    October 16 _at_ 700 am) Register w/ bookkeeper
  • All students should take the Practice Full-
    Length SAT (end of January / 20 to
  • All Students should challenge themselves w/ level
    of Rigor (40 increase in College Readiness).
  • All students should attend college field trips
    (donation ), one each semester (cannot have
    any Ds/ Fs on grade check given every 3 weeks).

  • Occur throughout the week (one graded each week)
  • Students break into groups based on core subjects
    in which they need support
  • Students engage in collaborative inquiry and
  • A tutorial form MUST be filled out before the
  • Tutorials are turned in at the end of the
    tutorial. They should not be taken home except
    as a study tool! No late tutorials will be
  • Missed Tutorials (due to absences, etc.) must be
    made-up on the assigned makeup date (2 per month)
  • Tutorials are NOT a place to do HOMEWORK!
    Tutorial Request Form-new.doc

Notebook Checks
  • Used as a way to check organization and note
    taking. Notes are checked daily!
  • Note guidelines (for core classes)
  • -1 pages for every block period (Front and Back)
    Detailed Summary is the most important part of
    the notes.
  • -1/2 page for 5th Period (Front Only)
  • --Notes must be complete and include heading,
    name/date (in pen!), topic, notes, and summary
  • All students should have 7 checks (7 pages of
    notes) every three weeks.
  • AVID GENERAL STUFF\Cornell Note Sample.pdf
  • AVID 2011 Note Verification 9th.doc

Tutoring Program
  • If a student is struggling in a class (grade is
    less than 75), students are required to get
    tutoring. Any Ds or Fs or Multiple Cs requires
  • Identify if Concept Based/ Effort Based
  • Tutoring consists of two hours a week of
    mandatory tutoring in the subject area. If a
    student has multiple unsatisfactory grades, he or
    she should divide the tutoring time among all
    needy areas, but he or she should not exceed four
    hours of tutoring.
  • AVID GENERAL STUFF\Tutoring Program 2007.doc

  • Always contact the specific teacher first!
  • Communicate with your AVID teacher!
  • AVID Lunch Tutoring
  • 1st Lunch M/ Weds (EE25)
  • Tues/ Thurs (EE22)
  • 2nd Lunch M- Thurs. (EE28)
  • Morning Tutoring Monday(715 in EE28)
  • Wednesday (645 in EE28)
  • Late Start Tutoring 730- 830 in Library

  • Probation is assigned to any student that
    receives a D or to the students that do not
    maintain a competitive G.P.A.. For 10th grade
    the G.P.A. should not be below 3.0 (Anything
    under a 3.0 will result in very few college
  • Consecutive grading periods on probation will
    result in dismissal from AVID. (It is an
    academic program!)
  • Summer School and/ or ELO is required for all
    grades lower than a C. Failure to attend may
    result in dismissal from AVID as well as
    incomplete college eligibility.

College Information
  • A-G requirements
  • A History/Social Science-2 years required
  • B English-4 years required
  • C Mathematics-3 required, 4 recommended
  • D Lab Science-2 required, 3 recommended
  • E Foreign Language-2 required, 3 recommended
  • F Visual and Performing Arts- 1 year required
  • G College Prep electives-1 year required
  • Course level impacts college decisions and
    increases college readiness.

AVIDs Impact on College
  • National College Going Rate to complete 4-year
    college entrance requirements
  • National (Non-AVID) 36
  • National (AVID) 89
  • VMHS (AVID)98

College Admission Profile
  • Cal States Eligibility Index
  • SAT Index GPA (10-12) x 800 SAT CR SAT Math
  • 2900 minimum to qualify target score 3500
  • ACT Index GPA (10-12) x 200 ACT Comp x 10
  • 810 target score
  • Reality
  • SDSU GPA 3.85 CR 580 M590 Index 4250
  • LB State Index 3.6 3950
  • CSUF Index 3.45 3850
  • CSUM Index 3.0 3400 (local)

College Admission Profile
  • UC Eligibility
  • SAT CR, Math, Writing / ACT w/ writing
  • 3.0 (academic GPA ) minimum to apply
  • Other factors
  • -extracurricular activities/involvement/essays/
    rigor of academic schedule
  • Reality
  • UC Berkeley GPA 4.18 CR665 M696 W674
  • UCR GPA 3.58 CR 536 M 576 W 576 ACT

How can parents help?
  • Encourage students to come to school daily!
  • Be active with www.vmhs.net and abi
  • Discuss with students selection of tutorial group
    they will join on tutorial day.
  • Occasionally review a page of notes.
  • Use questions developed by students to help
    review for concepts and tests.
  • Have weekly checks of organization

How can parents help? (cont.)
  • Discuss colleges and if possible, visit colleges
  • Develop a Family College Plan
  • Force your children to be responsible for their
    education- Dont bail them out!
  • Good resources
  • www.csumentor.edu
  • www.collegeboard.com
  • www.avidonline.org

AVID Funding
  • Fundraise/ Donate- 50 per student ( Equals 5
    per month)
  • Donate - Pay Cash to Bookkeeper or Online with
  • Card at the Trading Post Online Tax
    Deduction(By October 1st)
  • OR
  • Fundraise ????? Sell the equivalent to
  • 50 profit (Average return about 25 means
    you sell about 200 worth of product)
  • Corporate Sponsorship - ???? (Tax Write

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