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2008-2035 Master Plan City of Perry "Planning for Perry


2008-2035 Master Plan City of Perry – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: 2008-2035 Master Plan City of Perry "Planning for Perry

2008-2035 Master PlanCity of Perry"Planning for
Perrys FutureAugust 13, 2008
Presentation by Bradley Sharlow and Samara
What is a Master Plan?
  • A land use and infrastructure plan that sets
    forth local goals, objectives, and policies for
    community growth and/or redevelopment over the
    next 20-30 years (Michigan Planning Enabling
    Act (MPEA), 2008).
  • Required to be updated every five years

MPEA - 2008
  • Sec. 7. (1) A local unit of government may
    adopt, amend, and implement a master plan as
    provided in this act.
  • (2) The general purpose of a master plan is to
    guide and accomplish, in the planning
    jurisdiction and its environs, development that
    satisfies all of the following criteria
  • a. Is coordinated, adjusted, harmonious,
    efficient, and economical.
  • b. Considers the character of the planning
    jurisdiction and its suitability for particular
    uses, judged in terms of such factors as trends
    in land and population development.
  • c. Will, in accordance with present and future
    needs, best promote public health, safety,
    morals, order, convenience, prosperity, and
    general welfare.

MPEA - 2008
  • (d) Includes, among other things, promotion of or
    adequate provision for one or more of the
  • i. A system of transportation to lessen
    congestion on streets.
  • Safety from fire and other dangers.
  • Light and air.
  • Healthful and convenient distribution of
  • Good civic design and arrangement and wise and
    efficient expenditure of public funds.
  • Public utilities such as sewage disposal and
    water supply and other public improvements.
  • Recreation.
  • The use of resources in accordance with their
    character and adaptability.

Layout of the Master Plan
  • Chapter-by-Chapter Review
  • Introduction
  • Planning Process and Plan Adoption
  • City Description
  • Accomplishments Since Last Plan
  • Demographic Information
  • Government Structure/Administration
  • Land Use/Zoning
  • Municipal/Public Services
  • Schools/Education
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Library
  • Community Activities
  • Public Utilities
  • Transportation
  • Business and Industry
  • Goals and Objectives
  • Action Plan/ Capital Improvement Program

Planning Process
  • Development Process
  • Employment Survey Summer 2007
  • Brainstorming Sessions September/October 2007
  • Gathering of Information October 2007 June
  • Drafting Draft/Master Plan Nov. 2007 July 2008
  • Public Comment Period July 2008 October 2008
  • Tentative Adoption of Master Plan October 2008

Accomplishments Since Last Master Plan
  • City Services
  • New City Hall and Police Station Headquarters
  • Fire/Ambulance Development of SSESA
  • Fire/Ambulance Advanced Life Support
  • New Zoning Ordinance (2004)
  • Schools
  • New High School (1994)
  • Renovations/Additions to all schools (2004-2006).
  • New Administration Building

Accomplishments cont.
  • Public Library
  • Advancement in services high-speed internet,
    computer training, teen services, and other
  • Merging of the City Library with the CDL
  • Utility Enhancements
  • Radio-read system water meters (2003)
  • Water Iron removal plant (2009)
  • Wastewater pump station upgrades
  • purchase of VACTOR/sewer jet
  • Computer-based mapping system municipal water
    and wastewater/sewer system inventory

Accomplishments cont.
  • Transportation
  • M-52 (Main Street) reconstruction in 2003 between
    Bath and Britton Roads
  • Addition of welcome signs along M-52
  • at the north and south city limits
  • Community Parks/Activities
  • Development of new park across from
  • Snyders IGA and Perry Elementary (2006)
  • Creation of two annual festivals in 2003-2004
    (Perry Fest and Winter Fest / Mudge Festival)
  • Development of Parks and Recreation Plan (2008)

Demographics - Population
  • Population 2,086 persons in 2006

Demographics - Households
  • Dwelling Units 787
  • Occupied DUs (Households) 750
  • Vacant DUs 37 (4.7)

Demographics Current Trends
  • Aging Population
  • Age 45-64 increased from 14.8 to 21 between
    1990 and 2000.
  • Decreasing Household Size
  • Average HH size dropped from 2.94 to 2.73
    persons/HH between 1990 and 2000.
  • Decreasing Family Size
  • Average family size dropped from 3.34 to 3.16

Demographics - Employment
  • Employment 1,026 total workers in 2007, almost
    double the amount of workers in 1980

Demographics - Projections
  • Projections are based on the 2035 Regional
    Economic Models, Inc. (REMI) estimates made for

Projections - City of Perry Projections - City of Perry Projections - City of Perry Projections - City of Perry
Year Population Households Employment
2000 2,065 748 729
2007 2,086 800 1,026
2010 2,050 815 1,050
2015 2,100 900 1,100
2025 2,200 1,000 1,300
2035 2,500 1,200 1,500
Goals vs. Objectives quick review
Meaning The purpose toward which an endeavor is directed Something that ones efforts or actions are intended to attain or accomplish purpose target
Time Frame Long term Short term
Measure Cannot be measured Can be measured
Example I want to achieve success in the field of genetic research and do what no one has ever done I want to give you the thesis on genetic research within this month
Type Intangible Tangible
Action Generic action Specific action
Plan Broad plan Narrow plan
Action Plan
  • Definition
  • A specific method or process to achieve the
    results called for by one or more objectives.

Government Structure/ Administration
  • Goal Coordinated planning between City and its
  • Action Development of Southwest Shiawassee
    Regional Planning Authority
  • Quarterly meetings will facilitate communication
    on major issues, activities, and plans within
    each community

City Ordinances
  • Goal
  • Review current ordinances regularly to ensure
    compliance with applicable rules and regulations
  • Action
  • City Council to review Ordinances annually.
  • Planning Commission updates to be addressed in
    early 2009.

Land Use/Zoning
  • Goals
  • Development and maintenance of Master Plan
  • Maintain Zoning Ordinance and zoning maps which
    support the Plan
  • SMART Growth
  • Support development of multiple-family housing
  • Provide opportunities for commercial/industrial
  • Address parking concerns within Downtown area
  • Aesthetics

Land Use/Zoning
Future Land Use
  • Increased opportunities for commercial and light
    industrial development along Lansing Road
  • Greater commercial development along M-52 both
    north and south of the downtown
  • Increased opportunities for mixed use development
    and occupancy in the Historic Downtown Business
  • Increased residential opportunities in SW portion
    of City limits (S of Bath W of M-52)
  • Increased opportunities for multi-family dwelling
    units along Britton Road

Questions and Answers
Municipal/ Public Services
  • Goals
  • Development of a new public safety services
  • Continue to support joint 911 Emergency efforts
    for Police, Fire, and Ambulance with neighboring
  • Action
  • Feasibility Study

  • Goals
  • Purchase an additional squad car
  • Purchase new radios
  • To be equipped with AEDs
  • Fully-Equipped Trained Reserve Program
  • Department to be equipped with patrol rifle
  • Develop a central organization for Police service

Police cont.
  • Actions
  • Squad car replaced in 2009-2010 budget year
  • Radios to be purchased in 2009
  • AED purchase in progress (to be completed in
  • Fully-Equipped Reserve Program in progress (to be
    completed in 2009)

  • Goals
  • 75 ft. aerial truck replacement
  • Additional full-time staffing
  • Third ambulance
  • Action
  • Aerial truck to be budgeted for
  • Full-time staffing project in progress
  • Third ambulance purchase in progress

Refuse Collection
  • Goal
  • Development of a recycling and composting program
  • Action
  • Research feasible options which
  • make sense for community
  • as a whole
  • Current options
  • Curbside recycling pick-up service
  • Recycling drop-off
  • Composting education

  • Goals
  • Explore locations for a new or additional
    Elementary School
  • Expand vocational educational opportunities
  • Coordinate with local universities/colleges to
    integrate curriculum
  • Increase number of affordable opportunities in
    higher education
  • Develop study researching development of possible
    satellite college campus

Education/Schools cont.
  • Action
  • Build new elementary school
  • Consult with local universities and colleges in
    order to get buy-in and commitment to offer
    opportunities for students in the Perry area

Parks and Recreation
  • Goals
  • Expand parks and recreational activities/opportuni
    ties in the area
  • Objectives
  • ADA accessibility at City parks
  • Recreational/picnic spaces at existing parks
  • Skate park
  • Nature trails for walking/biking
  • Disc golf course

Parks and Recreation cont.
  • Objectives continued
  • Additional athletic fields
  • Outdoor amphitheatre
  • Tennis courts at Jubilee Park
  • Fishing/skating pond
  • Community Center
  • Community swimming pool
  • Veterans Park

  • Goals
  • Stable long-term funding
  • Expand facility
  • Increase parking
  • Maintain/Expand services
  • Action
  • Support the CDL in researching options to expand
    facilities and services

Community Activities
  • Goals
  • Provide opportunities for residents and workers
    in the community to gather together for
    entertainment and other common purposes
  • Increase children and youth programs
  • Actions
  • Continue to promote Perry Fest and other
    community activities
  • Development of local volunteer non-profit (501
    C3) Performing Arts Support Group

Utilities - Water System
  • Goals
  • Continued upgrades to the water distribution
  • Replace remaining 2-4 inch diameter water mains
    with 8 inch mains
  • Well exploration study
  • Completion of the Iron Removal Plant
  • Action
  • Continual annual review of water system
  • Operation of the Iron Removal Plant in 2009

Utilities - Wastewater System
  • Goals
  • Continued maintenance of the sewage pump stations
  • Replace lagoon liners
  • Actions
  • Annual review of the stations
  • Liners to be replaced during Spring/Summer of
  • Practice preventative maintenance procedures

Utilities - Stormwater Drainage
  • Goals
  • Provide adequate storm drainage for the entire
  • Development of a comprehensive computer-based
    mapping system to provide inventory of storm
    sewers, manholes, and catch basins
  • Actions
  • Prepare a drainage study
  • Creation of the mapping system

Utilities - Basic Public Utilities
  • Goals
  • Provide and improve the quality of services for
    our telephone, cable, and internet
  • Provide wireless internet options throughout the
  • Actions
  • Solicit existing vendors as well as recruit new
    providers to offer additional service options
  • To expand availability of wireless internet
    throughout Perry area

Transportation Local Roads
  • Goal Continue to upgrade street drainage
    facilities along the local roads, pave existing
    gravel roads, and extend curbed streets into all
    residential areas
  • Actions
  • Development of a special assessment program
  • Continue with the annual paving program to
    maintain street integrity

Transportation - Highways
  • Goals
  • Improve accessibility along M-52 through the City
    during peak periods
  • Action
  • Coordinate traffic study with MDOT to research
    the need for traffic signals
  • Coordinate with MDOT to study expansion of the
    I-69/M-52 Interchange

Transportation Traffic Volume Projections (2035)
Transportation Non-motorized
  • Goals
  • Improve safety for pedestrians and bicyclists
  • Walk-able community
  • Schools Increased pedestrian accessibility and
    safety measures
  • Actions
  • Coordinate with SCRC to develop sidewalks and
    bike lanes along Bath and Britton Rd.
  • Develop sidewalk construction program
  • Implement traffic-calming measures (i.e. raised
    cross walks) near schools

Transportation - Transit
  • Goals
  • Increase transit opportunities for the Perry area
  • Continued coordination with transit providers

Transportation - Transit
  • Actions
  • Coordinate with SATA to develop a collaborative
    plan with Lansing area transit agencies to link
    transit services to and from Perry to Lansing

Business and Industry
  • Goals
  • Increase parking for HDBD (Historic Downtown
    Business District)
  • Encourage influx of family-style restaurants and
  • To support regional opportunities for commercial
    and light industrial development
  • Attract business meetings, conferences, and large
  • To provide support for agricultural and farming
    industry for our neighboring communities

Business and Industry
  • Actions
  • Perform needs study to assess parking
    availability in HDBD
  • Encourage development of family-style restaurants
    and hotels/motels
  • Develop a conference center/banquet facility for
    meetings/special events
  • Expand commercial agricultural outlets

Areas Under Development
  • Maps of the City
  • Zoning, future land use, soils, water,
    wastewater, storm water drainage.
  • Future Land Use Plan
  • Final Goals and Objectives
  • Action Plan
  • Capitol Improvement Program

Thank you
  • Participants in the Development of the Master
  • Planning Commission members John Plowman, Carol
    Sanford, David Shirey, Mindy Galbavi, Bradley
    Sharlow, Greg Wekwert, and Samara Hamilton
  • Mayor Ross DeLau
  • City Council Members Thomas Chaput, James
    Huguelet, Mark Landers, Christine Tobias, Greg
    Wekwert, and Terry Wood
  • City Hall Staff and Department Heads Judy
    Guenther, Jo Ann Velting, Devin Miller, Chuck
    Mudge, Kyle Bawks, and Guy Hubbard
  • Others Julie Chrisinske, Jackie Hurd and Perry
    School Board, Larry Alpert and SATA Board, Jim
    Martin, Dori Boertman, and Dan Lewis

Questions and Answers
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