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ERCOT 2013 Winter Storm Drill (WSD) Summary


ERCOT 2013 Winter Storm Drill (WSD) Summary Brian Barcalow Training Specialist, Sr. 2013 WSD Drill was conducted November 5th and 6th New for 2013: Provided remote ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: ERCOT 2013 Winter Storm Drill (WSD) Summary

ERCOT 2013 Winter Storm Drill (WSD)Summary
  • Brian Barcalow
  • Training Specialist, Sr.

2013 WSD
  • Drill was conducted November 5th and 6th
  • New for 2013
  • Provided remote access to the ERCOT simulator for
    Market Participants (31 of the participants
    utilized this service)
  • TOs/TDSPs had access to the Macomber Map and
    WebFG with full privileges to perform switching,
    control voltage, etc.
  • QSEs had access to WebFG only and this was Read
    Only due to how the simulator works.
  • Forum phone system in the OTS for hotline calls
  • Hotline calls for Day 1 were from the Realtime
  • Hotline calls for Day 2 were from the OTS using
    the FORUM system

2013 WSD Participants
Entity Type Number of Entities Number of Participants Number of NERC Certified Participants ERCOT/NERC Reliability Training Hours
TO/TDSP 18 180 77 755
QSE 35 221 48 712
ERCOT Operators N/A 12 11 88
ERCOT Support/Trainers N/A 5 5 40
Totals 53 418 141 1,595
Not included in the table above is Rayburn County
Electric Co-op
  • This is based on Market Participants that
    responded to Hotline calls on the day of the
  • TO/TDSP 18 out of 18
  • QSE 35 out of 37
  • This is based on data from the Market
    Participants that submitted critiques.
  • TO/TDSP 14 out of 18
  • QSE 27 out of 35

Participant Feedback
  • Was ERCOTs level of involvement the correct
    amount? If no, please explain.
  • All participants overwhelmingly thought that
    ERCOTs involvement was the correct amount for
    the drill.
  • Prior to the start of the drill, did you have the
    external phone lists you needed? Also describe
    any problems with phones, fax, emails, radios,
  • All participants agreed that all the contact
    numbers for the drill were correct and provided
    to them in a timely manner. Some participants
    reported that they had trouble contacting ERCOT
    operators at times. This was largely due to the
    single line phones in the OTS. ERCOT also
    experienced issues with the FORUM system (server
    issues that crashed the system) forcing ERCOT
    operators to make individual calls to
    participants for hotline calls in the afternoon.
    This forced ERCOT to deviate from the timeline of
    the drill script.

Participant Feedback
  • Did you use ERCOTs simulator (Macomber Map /
    WebFG) during your participation in the drill?
    If yes, did you experience any problems with your
    remote access to the ERCOT simulator?
  • TO/TDSP Response
  • A majority of the TOs used the Macomber Map and
    WebFG. There was only one participant that was
    unable to use it due to connectivity issues. One
    of the larger TOs recommended several Citrix
    accounts (logins) per participant instead of only
    one. Other recommendations were about the
    Macomber Map functionality having a look-up table
    to search for the station acronym names, be able
    to rapidly zoom in/out of the one line diagram,
    and the dark red/dark blue for over/under voltage
    was hard to see.
  • QSE Response
  • 16 participants requested simulator logins and
    based on critiques received, 12 logged in during
    the simulation. All were able to login with
    little to no issues. Most were satisfied with
    being able to view their stations and resources
    during the drill. Others made recommendations
    such as provide multiple logins, allow full
    access to operate their generators, provide a
    user guide, and provide screens that show PRC,
    total Gen and Load, Frequency, etc.

Participant Feedback
  • List other lessons learned, as well as any
    recommendations for improvement of the drill.
  • Most participants agree that the overall drill
    went well. Some of the lessons learned were as
  • Identified internal emergency procedures and
    notifications that needed to be revised or
  • Identified issues with some of their
    communication tools (radios, phones, etc.)
  • Do not use the same phone lines for communicating
    with ERCOT as well as all other internal areas
    (resources, facilities, and other participants)

Participant Feedback
  • Recommendations for future drills
  • Provide multiple simulator logins per participant
  • Have specific events built into the simulator vs.
    the participants doing them manually
  • Fix the phone issues (FORUM), from numerous
  • Provide access to the Macomber Map for QSEs
  • Allow QSEs to operate their equipment (instead of
    read only)
  • Find an actual day with resource and transmission
    line limitation to run the drill against not let
    people dream up scenarios
  • Engage more plants in simulated drills and also
    simulate changes to base points at plants
  • Provide additional training on the use of the
    simulator (user guide)
  • Man the ERCOT phones on Day 1 of the drill

Hurricane Drill 2014
Hurricane Drill 2014
  • The drill will be conducted during the week of
    May 12th, 2014
  • The simulated storm will be based on Hurricane
    Carla (September 1961) for intensity and path.
  • ERCOT took a snapshot of the grid October 31,
    2013, this will be the topology of the grid and
    scheduled generation for the drill.
  • Market Notice (invite, scripts, storm path map,
    wind speeds, and rainfall totals, etc.) will be
    sent out mid-January 2014
  • Participant RSVPs and information returned to
    ERCOT by March 1, 2014
  • ERCOT Training Department will incorporate as
    many of the recommendations from the WSD as