New Voice issues and acts as consultant for the MobiCall solution, a middleware platform for mobilization and unified communication. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


PPT – New Voice issues and acts as consultant for the MobiCall solution, a middleware platform for mobilization and unified communication. PowerPoint presentation | free to download - id: 69749c-Yjg4Z


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New Voice issues and acts as consultant for the MobiCall solution, a middleware platform for mobilization and unified communication.


Connections by WiFi, 3G and specially encoded SMS on link down. ... Positioning Engine. The solution Ekahau used in connection with MobiCall offers: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: New Voice issues and acts as consultant for the MobiCall solution, a middleware platform for mobilization and unified communication.

New Voice International
  • New Voice issues and acts as consultant for the
    MobiCall solution, a middleware platform for
    mobilization and unified communication.
  • For 20 years, New Voice has been an important and
    faithful partner of Alcatel-Lucent and since 1999
    an AAPP partner.
  • With more than 500 new systems implemented
    worldwide each year, MobiCall is a highly
    reliable, professional Swiss quality product!
  • New Voice worldwide
  • USA (California, Florida)
  • France (Paris/Ville dAvray)
  • Switzerland (Lachen, Zurich, Nyon)
  • Germany (Frankfurt/Mainz)
  • Austria (Vienna/Linz)
  • UAE - United Arab Emirates (Dubai)
  • Asia (Hong Kong, Shanghai)
  • Australia (Brisbane)

MobiCall modular, flexible, standard
  • Re-use of existing infrastructure OXE Maximum
    advantage of Alcatel features

Swiss University Hospital, since 1998
Quellenhof Bad Ragazz Hotel Dolder Grand Palace
Hotel St. Moritz
  • Best adaptation and integration into existing
    work flow managements and concepts

Business Process Automation
  • High acceptance by operators and staff

Lyon University Hospital 24000 voice lines 125
Interfaces 10 MobiCall Systems
  • Intelligent, convenient and easy to use
    management of human and material resources

Hôtel Crillon Paris 5 five star hotels 2 MobiCall
systems 1 OXE
  • Supervision of guest services Automation of
    recurring events and processes in the course of
    professional activities
  • One Solution for all mobilization scenarios
    hospital, hotel and administration
  • Conference, alarming, voice recording, task

VLHG USA Rauland OXE WiFi GSM MobiCall
Shangri-La Four Seasons Hyatt, Hilton worldwide
  • Being prepared for simple and worst case
  • More efficient response to crisis and emergency
  • Highly reliable, fully redundant, cost effective,
    Swiss quality.

MobiCall OXE enabling unique selling points!
OmniVista HP-Openview
Database Login/Logout
Emergency button Night - door bell
Evacuation Hotel Administration Floor by
floor, in guest-language
Cardiac alarm Birth alarm
Mobilization Notification Confirmation
LS, Pager, SMS, MMS, 3G Relay, Sirenes, XML, Web
TMS ( Tasks ) Voice Recording
Elevators stairs
MobiCall Supervisor
DECT 300/400 and Wi-Fi 8118 / 8128 with - dynamic
Display 1 - dynamic Display 2 - dynamic or fix
voice - confirmation/reject - voice conference -
callback to room - additional SMS text - callback
on MMS for Completed task - broadcast - data,
pictures, video - phone book
Portercall / IVR Voice/Fax-Mail
Fire alarm
Rapid response and nurse call
BMS heating aircondition
MobiCall Master
VIP-Calls Wakeup escalation
Room status Mini-Bar
IT, video cam SNMP ping
Emergency calls launched from any
dect/wifi/gsm/3G also in case of agressions (DSK)
Work plan PMS Opera
Analog sensors Temperature Blood fridge
Technical alarms
All interfaces at fixed prices printer , V.24,
TCP/UDP/IP, E-444, modbus , HL7, csta, BACnet,
KNX, OPC, eMail, ESPA-X, ftp, pc
Nurse Call Workflow Extension
  • Nurse call ? MobiCall ? voice
    call to the Nurse ? display 1 Room Call

    she answers ? display 2 R512 Angelina J.
  • (the room number can be shown with the call, but
    sometimes there are reasons to get a confirmation
    from the nurse first, before showing the
    room). It is possible is to activate the loud
    speaker for hand free room call information.

Convenient function for the nurse Call-back to
the room initiated with key 5 Patient phone is
ringing ? MobiCall sets up up a two-party
conference with the nurse concept 1 the phone is
ringing until the patient or the (elderly) person
answers concept 2 the phone activates the loud
speaker, the patient is able to hear the nurse
but has to pick up the phone to
talk to the nurse concept 3 the phone answers
the call automatically (only this function needs
a CSTA link) to activate the loud
speaker and the microphone.
On answer, the nurse asks Good morning
Angelina, what can I do for you? The patient
answers Id like to have some tea, double
cream, no sugar. The nurse Ok, Ill prepare
everything for you. She saves one way thanks to
DECT/WiFi becomes part of the security concept
Contacts Relays Analog Sensors
Voice- Recording DR-Link
OmniVista Supervisor IT-Network
Interfaces Fire, BMS, Nurse Call
third party applications
Data base
Video cameras
Splitters RS232/IP
Libraries protocols
tcp/ip XML
Modbus and other
BT-trading Etrali, IPC 2-party conference Analog,
UA high impedance recording
Centralized Solution Full redundant hot
stand-by high reliable
Loud speaker
Libraries protocols fix-price
Interfaces Fire, BMS, Nurse Call
dect, wifi, phones, XML, 3G popup, tcp/ip
Gateway SIM / Internet
MobiCall enables sales, pre-sales and field
engineers to answer any question regarding
security issues, protecting persons and goods
within every company and organization!
5 Mkg Prog and Incentives 2011
Fire Alarm Workflow Speed-up
  • Processes, which can be handled automatically,
    should be treated 24 hours a day
  • Fire alarm system tells ? MobiCall
    via a V.24/RS232 link Fire Room 1818
    MobiCall ? calls all fire fighters ? display
    1 fire room 1818
    answer ? display 2 F1818
    use stairs
  • Voice message Please coordinate with other fire
    fighters in conference

MobiCall joins all fire fighters in a voice
conference (up to 120 people, depending on the
number of voice channels and people answering the
call) Fire fighter 1 Im in the lobby Fire
fighter 2 Im on the 19th floor and go down to
18th Fire fighter 3 Ill go to the fire alarm
If there is a fire, the fire fighter 3 calls the
external fire brigade by pressing the push
button if not, the alarm on the fire alarm panel
is reset. This concept prevents many people from
ascending the stairways to verify whether there
is a fire. The guests are not aware about this
pre-fire alarm. Especially in hospitals, where
evacuation is not possible, MobiCall accelerates
the clearing of fire.
MobiCall in the Alcatel Lucent OXE/OXO environment
400 DECT and 500 DECT alone worker
SNMP traps
Alarms over e-mail
Master/ Supervisor
Incoming events
Dynamic recording over DR Link
Text ringtone/answered Mini-messages Voice
messages TTS Acivate loudspeakers
Image Formatted text
MobiCall web Monitoring resources Vertical
Evacuation by Phone, Room by Room
  • Whenever the external fire brigade decides to
    evacuate guests, MobiCall allows evacuating the
    hotel floor by floor/room by room in the language
    of the guest.
  • The duty manager starts a secure voice call
    (verified by CLI, DDI and password) to MobiCall
    to start the evacuation process. Option launch
    via a graphic web interface.

First, MobiCall sends the evacuation helpers to
the floor to guide the guests.
Then MobiCall calls each occupied room in the
language of the guest (information provided by
the Property Management System (PMS), such as
Opera/Fidelio). Voice message to room 1801
Veuillez quitter votre chambre suite à une alarme
feu Voice message to room 1818 Please leave the
room due to a fire alarm. Voice message to room
1819 Feueralarm Bitte verlassen Sie den
In a first sequence all phones ring (first in the
occupied rooms, then in the free rooms). The
statistics are printed out in the lobby for the
external fire brigade. In a second sequence,
MobiCall calls all rooms by automatically
activating the loud speakers. By reuse of the
telephone infrastructure, customer return of
investment is increased.
New Voice MobiCall Information Server
Event notification
Eventos de entrada
MobiCall Mobilization notification
confirmation escalation
  • IP and XML set
  • Voice
  • Text
  • Image
  • Sound
  • Relay
  • Protocol

  • WiFi terminal
  • GSM
  • PDA Phone
  • Video

Emergency call recording
  • Conference
  • DECT localisation
  • WiFi localisation

Personal monitoring
  • E-mail

Administrator accounts
  • Web interface

Call centre Hotline, IVR
  • Text to speech
  • Loudspeaker

Complementary application modules
Rapid Response Workflow
  • A staff member tells the rapid response
    system Mirror broken in room 1881 The
    RRS tells ? MobiCall ? calls the expert display
    1 tech. call answer ? display 2 R1881
  • (the type of work may be shown with the call, but
    sometimes there are reasons to get an
    confirmation from the staff first, before telling
    the work to do, especially when the work takes
    several hours and starts on Friday 5 pm ).

Voice message Please confirm with key 3 and
find details in the mini-message The staff
confirms with key 3 and gets the job details by
mini-message. If he/she rejects with key 4,
MobiCall calls the next person (parallel calls
are possible, like fire alarm).
Once the job is done, the staff turns back to the
mini-message and starts a call back (to the CLI
number stored with the mini-message). MobiCall
answers Please confirm that the job is done by
pressing key 3 MobiCall forwards this
information to the rapid response system. TTS
allows MobiCall to speak the job-details during
the first call. All languages supported.
MobiCall - DECT400/500 Emergency Call Solution
Housekeeping or any person from the spa has to go
to a guest room and is assaulted. She presses the
emergency button on the DECT 400/500. Immediately,
MobiCall will call the phone in the room,
activate the loud speaker and broadcasts a clear
message to the guest and the staff
member. Security guards are mobilized and sent to
the room. This creates clear situations and
prevents situations such as the case DSK.
MobiCall configurable Web-Interface / visualizer
  • Alarm

Confirmation de prise en compte / débordement
Rappel de confirmation
  • End

MobiCall XML Application Generator for IP-Touch
MobiCall XML integration with freely configurable
MobiCall integration of My IC Phone
Processing generic security applications over
MobiCall web i.e. Evacuation pop-up with floor
Processing specific flows for vertical
markets By the means of a web editor on MobiCall
Door camera with voice call application Monitorin
g system resources
MobiCall Application for health care and elderly
MobiCall offers standard functions such as nurse
call, service call, short dial buttons etc. for
retirement homes and for persons in a managed
care center with a My IC Phone at home!
MobiCall evacuation plan and health check
MobiCall offers a wide range of flexible and
customizable applications based on the easy to
setup, configure and use MobiCall web visualizer
/ web application editor.
MobiCall door cam solution with My IC Phone
The guest or the security guard can talk to
the person at the door If the person is unknown,
the call can be forwarded to another phone.
Once the button is pressed, the three My IC
Phones will ring and show the video camera
with the call Camera X Door Y
Button to open the door
Voice and video can be recorded on MobiCall
MobiCall Video telephony with My IC Phone
Any video camera linked to a telephone allows
to exchange voice in connection w/ images.
MobiCall clients for mobile phones, 3G, WiFi SMS
MobiCall offers small clients on all mobile
phones to support large character sets and
gps. They allow to popup in case of an alarm, to
request confirmation and to handle pictures. TMS
included. Connections by WiFi, 3G and specially
encoded SMS on link down.
MobiCall Conference just another application
120 people can be called and joined into
conference if all persons confirm positive.
Task Management just another application
MobiCall coice playback GUI the flexible solution
Supports high impedance voice recording
on analog, UA, ISDN BRI, PRA, multi-party
and two-party conferences (emergency
calls) Etrali, BT, IPC and DR-Link.
Centralized management information tool for
all systems within an organization
Accelerates mobilization, coordination
escalation processes
Takes the human factor out of routine work while
decisions remain with the responsible.
New Voice International AG
Tel 41 58 750 11 11
a Swiss product since 1991
The Unified EVENT Communication-
Platform Its not an alarm server
anymore Die
The Alarm, conference and information System
Voice Recording and Task Management-Server
Product MobiCall Alarm, information and
conference server
Complete convergence
Centralised Telecommunication Infrastructure
(Call Server)
S(IP)-DECT / IP-Wireless Phones
Information Technology
Various alarms
Fire alarm
Central building and processes control
systems Burglar alarm and access control
system Network management systems
Intelligent IP Network
Backbone for Telecommunication, IT Security
Video control
Loudspeaker systems
GSM (Mobile), PDAs (3G)
PSA / Pager / SMS MMS
Subsystems and primary systems
MobiCall easy and convenient configuration
MobiCall is easy to install, configure and
maintain. Upgrades and extensions are easy to
handle worldwide.
Fully integrated management for alarm inputs and
  • Visualised interactive management platform for
    the administration of
  • 512 integrated WAGO IP Contact controllers
  • Over 10000 contact inputs and outputs
  • Possibility to define contacts as bottom
  • Integration of temperature and water-level
    indicator (analog signals)
  • Direct assignment of alarm processes for each
  • Possibility to activate flexibly relay outputs
    for each alarm setting
  • individual text messages for each contact
  • Individual recording of a voice message for each
    contact input

MobiCall designer for SNMP Traps resolution
  • IT Security SNMP traps from
  • OXE, 4760 / 8770
  • BMC Patrol
  • Etrali, IPC, BT
  • HP Openview
  • Castle rock
  • Etc.

Simple dispatching depending on Enterprise,
OID, Trap-Value etc. To inform the concerned
persons anywhere and anytime.
MobiCall Lone worker protection (LWP) in brief
  • Manual alarms
  • Emergency button
  • Trigger line
  • Man-down
  • Immobility
  • Automatic alarms
  • by antenna
  • by fingerprint/site survey
  • 400 DECT 500 DECT (alone worker)
  • Localisation
  • Caller number

Location Based Mobilisation Mobilisation of the
nearest group
Intervention group
Intervention group
  • Ringtone when message is displayed
  • LWP ltCallerNbgt ltLocationgt
  • LWP alarm
  • ltLocationgt

Confirmation and overflow management in case of
MobiCall configurable Web-Interface / visualizer
  • Alarm

Confirmation de prise en compte / débordement
Rappel de confirmation
  • End

MobiCall OXE Localisation by Antenna
Localisation based on one DECT-Antenna The
localisation bases on the antenna to which the
DECT is connected. This concept is supported
without site survey and on all OXE
Precision A zone is defined by the coverage of
the antenna
MobiCall OXE/OXO Localisation by fingerprint
Localisation by zone The localisation takes place
by zone as defined in the site survey. A zone is
limited by the set of measures for this
purpose. A fingerprints uniqueness and the
localisation algorithm leads to the zone.
Fingerprint Unique RSSI entity
Search Comparing fingerprint in the site surveys
Precision Depending the number of antennas and
the position and direction of the antennas
Alarm visualization over web interface
MobiCall Localisation-based solutions
  • Some examples
  • Lone Working Persons In case of an emergency
    call, MobiCall is able to add the position of the
    person to the alarm message
  • Location Based Mobilisation MobiCall is able to
    call the persons near to the incident.
  • Alarms upon leaving a zone, entering prohibited
    zones etc.
  • On-duty, off-duty depending on the DECT in
    charger/out of charger
  • Detection of leaving the covered area/site,
    battery low, switch on/off
  • DECT search (localise objects and persons, find
    back lost equipment etc.)
  • Support of hot-keys for fast communication of
    situations and actions. i.e. Room status,
    minibar, call to the desk, emergency calls etc.

MobiCall and 400 DECT/ 500 DECT
Functions 400 DECT 500 DECT (Lone Worker)
Compatibility IBS / RBS / IP-DECT IBS / RBS / IP-DECT
Display text 16 characters while ringing 16 characters on answer Mini-Message with up to 120 char. 16 characters
Vocal Voice message DTMF conference Voice message DTMF conference
Ringtone (tonality and volume) 1 special ringtone 3 special ringtones
Emergency Buttons Short key, center button, keyboard Emergency button and keyboard
Battery control Yes Yes
Attendance management Yes Yes
Localisation By antenna or fingerprint By antenna or fingerprint
PTI function (lone worker protection) Manual emergency call Manual emergency call Man-down Immobility
  • 400 DECT Hardware 400 DECT with firmware
    update 500 DECT new hardware with detector of
    loss of verticality and emergency button

Based on a site survey
Integration Flexibility
TAE means Individual alarms per - group of
phones - group of zones - group of buttons Down
to individual - persons - zones - buttons Easy
MobiCall integrates unique features of OXE
  • MobiCall connected via T0/T2 offers following
  • Dynamic display message while the phone is
    ringing and upon answering 16 16 characters on
    DECT 300/400 32 32 on WiFi 8118 8128
  • Send UUI messages to DECT 300/400 and WiFi
    8118/8128 (mini-messages with up to 120
  • Announcement over loudspeaker (broadcast)
  • Distinction of ring-tone sequences
  • Multi-line DECT 400(never busy line), optional
    call intrusion, ANS-interface
  • Supplementary CSTA licenses
  • Intercom function automatic hands-free answering
  • eDR-Link recording, XML, HTTP
  • Many other features

Evacuation Visualization Activating
Solution and operation examples
Safety and security Staff may be equipped with a
portable panic button. In emergencies, the
button is activated for immediate
help. Supervision of patients when leaving a
defined area MobiCall informs the responsible
people in detail about the aforementioned cases.
The solution Ekahau used in connection with
MobiCall offers
Asset tracking Vital equipment such as IV pumps,
heart monitors, crash carts etc. is mobile by
necessity. The Real Time Location solution
allows locating a tracked item anywhere in the
Workflow and resource management Has a patient
completed the lab tests? How long has she been
waiting in the queue? Was the tracking path
completely itemized in the billing system?
Efficient workflow improves the quality of
service throughout a hospital stay and enables
more precise billing.
MobiCall Overview