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The Industrial Revolution


How it began UEQ: How did the Industrial Revolution change the world and society? LEQ: What is the Industrial Revolution? How did it begin? – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution
  • How it began

  • UEQ How did the Industrial Revolution change the
    world and society?
  • LEQ What is the Industrial Revolution? How did
    it begin?

Key Concepts
  • Industrial Revolution
  • Industrialization
  • Great Britain
  • Factory
  • Factors of Production
  • Entrepreneur

Warm Up
  • Free Write
  • This will be a timed, graded, writing assignment.
    Your responsibility will be to write for the
    amount of time given to you on the smart board.
    What you will be writing about, will deal with
    the question below. (Worth 20 points)
  • Free Write Question How has technology changed
    your life today?
  • Write down as much information as you can,
    include examples, why technology is important for
    you to live your life, how technology is a good
    thing to have in your life or a bad thing to have
    in your life, and even what your life would be
    like without technology.

Picture Study on Work
  • If presented with a picture of a child working
    hard in a job that was made for adults, would you
    want to change what the child was doing?
  • Turn to page 282 in your textbook.
  • Read over and consider the opening question about
    fair working conditions. Answer the question in
    your own opinion. (5 pts)
  • Read over the paragraph and carefully study the
    picture, once finished, answer the two questions
    at the bottom with detailed explanations. (5 pts.

Changes in Peoples Lives
  • Revolutions around the world changed the way
    governments controlled people.
  • Changes in government were not enough for people,
    there needed to be changes in their everyday

The Industrial Revolution
  • Carefully look at the following slides and their
    accompanying pictures. Pay attention to what is
    going on, once finished you will answer the
    questions below.
  • Question 1 In your own words, create a
    definition of what you think the word Industrial
    Revolution means.
  • Question 2 What life was like for people living
    through the Industrial Revolution? In your
    explanation, give an example from one of the
    pictures to support your explanation.

The Industrial Revolution
The Industrial Revolution
The Industrial Revolution
The Industrial Revolution
The Industrial Revolution
Your Definition of the Industrial Revolution
  • Definitions 1 Make life easier through industry
    or make life easier by machines.
  • Definition 2 changing of old things to enhance
    to new things.
  • Definition 3 a period in time where the growing
    need for technology caused an increase in
    inventions, factories, and businesses.
  • Definition 4 When a lot of families lived in one
    building and work all day.
  • Definition 5 a time when people had gotten tired
    of working conditions and how they were working.

Industrial Revolution
  • Definition
  • The Industrial Revolution is a period of time
    beginning in the 1700s in the country of
    Britain, when machines made products and items
    citizens used.

Before Revolution After Revolution
People made their own clothing slowly Machines made clothing faster
Life Before Machines
  • What was life like for people before machines?
  • Read the article, Before the Industrial
    Revolution, follow my directions in the creation
    of a foldable, where you will write down the key
    ideas about peoples lives before the Industrial

Where did the Industrial Revolution Begin?
  • The Industrial Revolution began in the country of
    Britain in the 1700s.
  • Britain had many different things that helped the
    Industrial Revolution begin.

You Be the Judge
  • Why did the Industrial Revolution begin in
  • Working individually or together, you will
    complete a Document Based Question and mini-essay
    where you will find out and explain why the
    Industrial Revolution began in the country of
  • Be sure to include supporting facts from the
    packet into your short essay on why the
    Revolution began in Britain.

How the Revolution Changed Society
  • Using your book from pages 284 to 288 you will
    read about how the Industrial Revolution helped
    create new inventions and tools for everyday work
    and how these inventions changed society.
  • As you read, fill in each of the four boxes of
    the graphic organizer with information related to
    each box, that shows inventions or how life
  • Box 1 Inventions, Box 2 Changes in Textile
    Industry, Box 3 Changes in Transportation, Box
    4 Changes in Railroads

New Inventions
  • What new inventions were created during the
    Industrial Revolution?

The Textile Industry
  • How did the Industrial Revolution change the
    textile industry?

  • How did the Industrial Revolution change

  • How did the Industrial Revolution change