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Welcome to PARCC Field Test Training!


Welcome to PARCC Field Test Training! Presented by the PARCC Field Test Team On this screen, you will see a summary of the estimated time associated with tasks during ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Welcome to PARCC Field Test Training!

Welcome to PARCC Field Test Training!
  • Presented by the PARCC Field Test Team

  • 1. Overview
  • Participating schools
  • Paper and online
  • Grades and test sessions
  • 2. Proctoring the test
  • Calculator
  • Testing accommodations
  • Testing Protocols
  • 3. Preparing your school
  • Resources
  • The PearsonAccess website
  • Sample Test Items for students

1. Overview
  • This year, we are running a Field Test of the
    PARCC exam, to prepare us for full-scale testing
    in the future.
  • Approximately 11 of our students will be tested.
  • 47 schools will be doing online testing.
  • 17 schools will be doing paper testing.
  • Students nor schools will receive scores.
  • Purposes of field test
  • To test the reliability of the items.
  • To test readiness and help prepare for future
    online testing on a mass scale.

Overview Schedule and Subjects
  • Schools testing PBA (Performance-Based
    Assessment) will test
  • March 24 April 25
  • Schools testing EOY (End of Year) will test
  • May 5 May 21
  • Schools who are testing both PBA and EOY
  • PBA Assessment is March 24 April 11
  • EOY Assessment is May 5 May 21
  • The tested subjects are Math and/or English
    Language Arts (ELA).

Overview Roles
  • There is one Test Coordinator per school.
  • That person oversees the Test Administrators.
  • There should be one Test Administrator per test
  • A Test Administrator may be assisted by Proctors.
  • All Test Administrators and Proctors must be
    trained prior to administering or monitoring a
    testing session.
  • See the Test Coordinator manuals on PearsonAccess
    for more detailed definitions and descriptions of
    who may serve in those roles.

Key Responsibilities of Field Test Coordinator
  • Be familiar with relevant manuals
  • Establish and communicate test schedule
  • Develop Security Plan, including Chain-of-Custody
  • Develop Training Plan
  • Plan ahead to provide accommodations for those
    who are permitted to use them
  • Meet with Test Administrators meet with
  • Confirm necessary test materials are available
  • Securely destroy test materials as detailed in
    Coordinators manual

Overview Test sessions
  • Each participating class will need to take the
    test over two or three Sessions per subject.
  • A single session will have a total time of 60 to
    120 minutes depending on the class and session.
  • Extended time beyond the allotted session time is
    permitted for students with that accommodation.
  • Allow for
  • Each session must be done within one day.
  • Two sessions of a test may be done within one
    day, but not three in one day.
  • All students within the same grade level and
    subject must test on the same day.

Overview Test sessions
  • Example The third grade ELA test has three PBA
    sessions and two EOY sessions.
  • See the Test Coordinator Manual for Paper-based
    Testing for all grades.
  • The amount of time allotted for each test session
    consists of Session Time and Additional Time
  • The total Field Test time includes any
    individual interruptions (e.g., bathroom breaks).

Guidelines for Session Times
2. Proctoring the test.
  • Calculators
  • Testing accommodations
  • Security Protocols
  • Testing Protocols

  • Tests for grades 3-5 do not involve use of a
  • All other grades have a calculator part of the
    math test, in which a calculator may be used.
  • Grades 6, 7 Four-function calculator with square
  • Grade 8 Scientific calculator
  • High school Graphing calculator consistent with
    the TI-84.

Calculators and accommodations
  • Accommodations on IEPs, 504s, and ELLs require
    selection during student test registration.
  • Appendix G of the Coordinators manual, and
    Appendix D of the Administrators manual list
    accessibility features and accommodations and
    content area and tests permitted.
  • Accommodations that have been used must be
    indicated on the student registration record.

  • Is an Accessibility Feature for math.
  • Or Accommodation for ELA/Literacy Assessment.
  • A test administrator giving a Read-Aloud will
    need a Proctor Authorization Ticket in order to
    access the test administrator copy of the test.

Accommodations Documentation
  • There is much information on accessibility and
    accommodations in the manuals and training
    modules at PearsonAccess.
  • Test Coordinator Manual, Appendix G
  • Test Administrator Manual, Appendix D
  • www.parcconline.org/parcc-accessibility-features-a
  • Accessibility Features and Accommodations
    Training Module

Security Protocols
  • All staff involved in testing must sign security
    agreement and kept for 3 years.
  • Distribute and collect materials from Test
  • Implement a Chain-of-Custody plan which ensures
    that test materials are accounted for before,
    during, and after the test administration.

Paper-Based Test Materials
  • Test Booklets
  • Answer Documents (grades 4high school)
  • Vendor-supplied Rulers and Protractors
  • Vendor-supplied Mathematics Reference Sheets
  • Scratch Paper
  • Calculators where permitted in Math tests

Contaminated/Damaged Materials
Testing Protocols
  • Sessions must be administered in order.
  • Schedule sessions for entire allotted time.
  • Students who finish early may read or do
    classwork that is unrelated to test content.
  • Student may not leave test room if finish early.
  • Bathroom breaks permitted, one at a time.
  • At discretion of test administrator, permitted
    ONE class break up to 3 minutes.
  • No student may go onto next session before all
    students in session have completed the session.
  • Test protocol breaches are reported to the test
    coordinator, who then contacts Cindy.

More Testing Protocols
  • Test Administrator must actively proctor at all
  • Prohibited Materials during testing
  • Materials that define, explain, or illustrate
    terms in the subject area tested
  • Graphic organizers
  • Word lists
  • Number lines
  • Math charts, including those with formulas (a
    math reference sheet is supplied with the test)
  • Definitions
  • Cell phones or music devices

Post-test protocols
  • ID Labels
  • etc.

Field Test Survey
  • ID Labels
  • etc.

3. Preparing Your School
  • Training of your Test Administrators should
    consist of
  • Their reading of the Test Administrator manual
    (online or paper).
  • Viewing the relevant training sessions on the
    PearsonAccess website.
  • Having their students go through sample items.

  • Relevant documentation can be found at the
    PearsonAccess Website using the Support Tab
  • Pearson Access User Guide
  • Test Coordinator Manual for Paper-Based Testing
  • Test Administrator Manual for Paper-Based Testing
  • Accessibility Features and Accommodations
    Training Module

The PearsonAccess Website
  • Go to www.pearson.access.com, and choose PARCC in
    the drop-down menu.

The PearsonAccess Website
  • For documentation and training, use the relevant
    links in the Support tab,

The PearsonAccess Website
  • The PearsonAccess website has two sections for
    which you need distinct accounts to enter.
  • Training site Here is where you set up an
    Infrastructure Trial.
  • Home Also called the Live, or Development site.
    Here is where you register Field Test.

The PearsonAccess Website
  • To run an infrastructure trial, you need an
    account on the Training side of the website.

The PearsonAccess Website
  • To run the Field Test, you need an account on the
    Live, or Development side of the website.

Sample Test Items
  • It is recommended that each school allow
    participating students to become familiar with
    the nature of the test by viewing Sample Items.
  • If done, must be done at least one day before the
  • These are available at
  • http//parcconline.org/samples/math
  • Follow the links to the relevant grade level and

Sample Test Items
  • If you show students the sample items, you may
    help a student see how answers are written.
  • During the test, you will not be allowed to help
    a student enter answers.

4. Any questions?
  • Thanks for being here, and for your past,
    present, and future work!
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