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Getting Ready to Read


Read and Comprehend Suffixes ly, -ous -ly means a characteristic of -ous means full of or having much The dog s loud, furious barking woke the neighbors. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Getting Ready to Read

Getting Ready to Read
What is the bond between animals and humans? Look
at pages 138-139. Why is it important for pet
owners to be dependable? How do animals and
people show dedication to one another? Why do
people need to be conscientious when they care
for a pet? What substantial things do people
provide for their pets?
Getting Ready to Read
  • Amazing Words
  • Advocate
  • Why do animals need an advocate to represent
  • Can you think of people who might need an
  • What kinds of jobs require people to work as
  • Do you know someone who works as an advocate for
    other people or for animals?
  • What kind of work does this person do?
  • Commitment
  • A pledge or a promise or involvement with
  • The students made a commitment to help save the
    neighborhood park.
  • When have you made a commitment to another person
    or a cause?
  • Keep these in mind as you read Jack to the Rescue
    page 143.

Getting Ready to Read
Word Analysis Multiple Meaning Words Choose one
of the words from the chart and write two
sentences, each using a different meaning of the
word. Share your sentences with your group.
Multiple Meaning Word Definitions
Case An instance or example A legal matter
Patient Showing calm endurance A person being treated by a doctor
Right Healthy or normal Exactly precisely
Spring To rise or move suddenly Season that follows winter
Getting Ready to Read
Literary Terms Imagery Look at paragraph 1 in
Jack to the Rescue. The following sentence helps
us hear and see the scene The ducks made a
furious noise as people fed morsels to them. Find
examples of imagery in Jack to the Rescue and
share them with your group.
Getting Ready to Read
Story Structure Setting Setting plays an
important part in historical fiction. The
details of the setting should accurately reflect
the time and location in which the story takes
place. The setting can influence the mood, the
plot, and the main characters. What are some
details of the setting on page 146?
Read and Comprehend
Suffixes ly, -ous -ly means a characteristic
of -ous means full of or having much The dogs
loud, furious barking woke the neighbors. Fury
can mean violent, uncontrolled activity. -ous
means full of. Furious must mean full of violence
or uncontrolled The ducks paddled around the pond
and nestled quietly in the grass. Use the suffix
to write a definition of quietly. Do the same for
boldly and happily
Read and Comprehend
Fluency Practice Read the first paragraph of Jack
to the Rescue out loud with me, using
expression. Now read paragraph 2 with your
partner, using expression. Speak clearly as you
Brain Break!
Choose from the bucket. No more than 2 minutes!
Read and Comprehend
How do dogs show their loyalty? How do people
become attached to dogs? What is your favorite
type of dog? Why? Genre Historical
Fiction Tells about fictional characters in
historical settings and situations. Historical
fiction mixes facts about the past with imaginary
characters and events. Look at the title and
illustrations in Hachiko. What do you think you
will find out as you read?
Read and Comprehend
  • Read pages 146-147. Think about
  • Find one statement of opinion on page 147. How
    do you know it is an opinion?
  • Find an example of a sentence that helps you
    visualize what you are reading.
  • Identify one detail that might be based on fact.

Read and Comprehend
  • Read pages 148-149. Think about
  • What question could you ask yourself to clarify
    what you have read so far?
  • What causes Kentaro to hide from Hachiko when he
    meets the dog?
  • What conclusion can you draw about Kentaros
    feelings for Hachiko?

Read and Comprehend
  • Read pages 150-151. Think about
  • Use word structure to tell the meaning of sadly
    on page 150.
  • What can you infer about Papas friendship with
    Dr. Ueno?
  • Based on what you have read, what do you think
    Hachiko will do when he is taken away?

Language Arts
Common and Proper Nouns Appositives Hachiko, Dr.
Uenos dog, was loyal. Dr. Uenos dog is an
appositive, a word or phrase that renames or
clarifies the word or words that come before
it. Use the following phrases as appositives in
sentences. Be sure to capitalize proper
nouns! Ms. Simpsons dog Jonathans cat Dr.
Melvin Taylor My favorite flavor
Language Arts
Take out your spelling words. Sort them into a
chart like the one below
Plural Plural possessive Singular possessive

Language Arts
Revising Strategy Clarifying
When you revise, ask yourself Are the problem,
solution and supporting details clear to my
readers? Trade papers with your partner and give
your partner suggestions to help clarify the
writing. Go back over your paper and revise it.