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Working Group Reporting


Working Group Reporting Jean-Claude Roussel Technical Director Closing Plenary on 24th Jan 2012 – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Working Group Reporting

Working Group Reporting
Jean-Claude Roussel Technical Director Closing
Plenary on 24th Jan 2012
Closing Plenary
  • Some figures
  • Attendees to IW12 331 (334 at IW11, 303 at
  • Attendees to MBSE Workshop 170
  • Countries represented 15
  • Australia (7), Austria,(1), Canada (1), China
    (1), France (8), Germany (11), Hungary (1), Italy
    (1), Japan (1), Netherlands (6), Norway (3),
    Singapore (1), South Africa (3), Sweden (10), UK
    (8) USA (268)
  • Nb of groups (30 WG committees / boards) 58
  • Nb of meetings 109

Knowledge Domain WG Quad Chart Reporting
  • Assistant Director Richard Freeman
  • Working Groups
  • Architecture - C. Dickerson / M. Wilkinson / D.
  • Competency - Eileen Arnold / Rashmi Jain
  • Complex Systems - Sarah Sheard
  • Decision Analysis - Franck Salvatore
  • Intelligent Entreprises - Steve Else
  • Knowledge Management - Kevin Forsberg
  • Process Improvement - John Clark
  • Resilient Systems - Scott Jackson
  • Systems Engineering Effectiveness - Joe Elm
  • Systems Science - James Martin
  • System of Systems Alan Harding
  • Training - John Clark

Architecture Working Group (AWG)
International Workshop 21 24 Jan
2012 Jacksonville, FL USA
The AWG Charter is
AWG Chair Charles Dickerson
.uk Co-Chair Dimitri Mavris dimitri.mavris_at_ae Co-Chair Mike Wilkinson mike.wilkin Co-Chair James Kanyok james.kanyok_at_ INCOSE Web/connect page http//
Number of Members 32 additional IW12
To expand the practice of Architecture in Systems
Engineering and advance the body of knowledge To
engage in architecture related standards and
Published Products
Planned Work
  • IEEE SoSE 2012 AWG Session publications
  • Initiate Architecture Certification in ESEP/CSEP
  • Engage with MBSE Initiative, SoS WG
  • Start Workstream on Product Line Architecture
  • Continue contributions to SEBoK,
  • ISO/IEC 42030 Architecture Evaluation
  • OMG Requirements Relational Traceability
  • INCOSE/IEEE SoS Knowledge Network
  • Investigate SE role in Enterprise Architecting
  • Architecture Practice Seminar/Training Material
  • Webinars
  • IEEE SoSE 2011 INCOSE AWG Session
  • 7 conference papers accepted
  • 2 in process w/ IEEE Systems Journal
  • S. Arnold, Relationship between Systems
    Engineering and Systems Architecting
  • Review and input to final publication of ISO/IEC
    42010 Architecture Description

Competency Working Group
International Workshop 21 24 Jan
2012 Jacksonville, FL USA
Template Chairs INCOSE Connect
address https// I
NCOSE Web page http//
hactivities/wg/template Number of Members 40
on email list, added 5-10 more _at_ IW2012
The Charter The aim of the INCOSE Competency
Working Group is to improve the practice of
Systems Engineering through further development
and adoption of competency management approaches.
Published Products
Planned Work 1. IW FOCUS Evolve to globally
accepted and marketed std competency framework,
tailorable to needs of the customer
orgs. 2. Create a globally accepted and marketed
std assessment instrument 3. IS2012 Panel,
Charter approval IS2011 Will expand INCOSE SE
Competencies Framework 2010-0205 Guide to
Competency Evaluation - Framework Annex A
Complex Systems WG
International Workshop 21 Jan 24 Jan
2012 Jacksonville, FL, USA
Charter We focus on enlarging the intersection
of Complex Systems Science and Systems
Engineering, focusing on knowledge that is not
addressed in current systems engineering
documentation such as standards, handbooks, and
textbooks.  ... We want to develop useful
products that will help INCOSE members and their
organizations perform systems engineering better,
based on knowledge from these sciences. Although
complex analysis is important, the goal is to
make a difference in synthesis (creation of new
systems) as well.
CxSWG Chair Sarah Sheard Sarah.Sheard_at_incose.or
g 12 Core members, 21 Key Reviewers, 65
Interested Parties INCOSE Connect
address https//
ems/default.aspx INCOSE Web page None
  • Planned Work
  • Largely inactive in late 2011
  • Resume activity in 2012 with monthly telecons
    and webinars
  • Complete matrix of complexity problems and tools
    that help
  • Start sub-projects of interest to members
  • Published Products
  • None


International Workshop 21 Jan 24 Jan
2012 Jacksonville, FL, USA
Decision Analysis Working Group
Chairs Frank Salvatore Chair TBD
Co-chair Number of Members 16 INCOSE Connect
address https//
Charter Advance the state of the practices,
education and theory of Decision Analysis and its
relationship to other systems engineering
Published Products None Current Work 2012 Review
INCOSE Handbook
Planned Work - Continue to review the INCOSE
Handbook and provide comments by early June 2012
Knowledge Management WG
International Workshop 21 Jan 24 Jan
2012 Jacksonville, FL, USA
  • The KMWG Charter was approved (Sept 2009)
  • Scope
  • Determine how technical INCOSE Knowledge
    Management needs are currently being met, and
    what the new state(s) should be.
  • Maintain KM products (INCOSE Handbook and BKCASE
    SEBoK v1.0)

KMWG Chairs Kevin Forsberg, Chair Garry Roedler,
Co-Chair INCOSE Connect address https//connect. INCOSE Web
page http//
s/wg/template Number of Members 22
  • Planned Work
  • The KMWG near-term focus
  • Prepare for BKCASE SEBoK 1.0 release, governance,
    and sustainment
  • Initiate plans for SEHv3.3
  • Mar 2012 - Objectives defined
  • May 2012 Draft outline sent to WGs, and
    coordinate with CAG
  • Jul 2012 Coordinate w/ Working Groups and
    Identify topics/authors
  • Jan 2013 Draft SEHv3.3 avail for review
  • Jul 2013 Target for release

Published Products SE Handbook v3.2 was approved
for release on 1 Feb 2010
  • Planned Work (Contd)
  • Roll-out of new KM approach
  • Apr 2012 Test Site and Early Adopters
  • Jul 2012 First production site
  • Dec 2012 Migrate 50 of content from INCOSE
  • Jul 2013 100 migration (TBR)

Process Improvement WG
International Workshop 21 Jan 24 Jan
2012 Jacksonville, FL, USA
The Process Improvement Charter is to
Process Improvement Chairs John Clark (chair) Dr
John Noblin (Co-Chair) INCOSE Connect
address None INCOSE Web page
ctice/techactivities/wg/piwg/ Number of Members
1. Identify process improvement needs by
soliciting recommendations and reviewing
processes, activities, steps, and practices. 2.
Solicit and/or develop process improvements. 3.
Provide process improvement recommendations.
Planned Work 1. INCOSE Track _at_ SSTC 2012
(INCOSE-SSTC MOU will be renewed). 2. INCOSE
Region I Track _at_ IEEE SysCon 2012 (INCOSE-IEEE
SysCon MOU will not be renewed at this time). 3.
Review process documents. 4. Recruit new chair
  • Published Products
  • INCOSE Track _at_ SSTC 2011.
  • INCOSE Track _at_ IEEE SysCon 2011.
  • IEEE Track _at_ INCOSE IS2011.

SE Effectiveness Working Group
International Workshop 21 24 Jan
2012 Jacksonville, FL USA
Charter Promote effective systems engineering
by collecting and analyzing quantitative data on
the impact of specific SE processes and practices
on project performance. This data will contribute
to the development of a stronger business case
for systems engineering.
Chairs Joseph Elm Chair
Eric Honour Co-chair
INCOSE Web page http//
  • Published Products
  • SE Effectiveness Survey
  • Elm, J Building a Business Case for Systems
    Engineering (INCOSE IS2011
  • Planned Work
  • Conduct the SE Effectiveness Survey
  • Develop the Business Case for Systems Engineering

Systems of Systems WG
International Workshop 21 24 Jan
2012 Jacksonville, FL USA
The SoS Charter is to
SoS Chairs Alan Harding (chair) Judith
Dahmann(co-chair) INCOSE Connect
address TBD INCOSE Web page TBD
  • Promote application of systems engineering to SoS
  • Understand and share what we mean by SoS in our
    various contexts
  • Develop guidance and advice
  • Inform and up-skill practitioners
  • Exert influence on BKCASE, Standards, SE Vision
    2025 etc.
  • Develop the practice of SE for SoS.
  • Work in partnership with other groups addressing
    aspects of SoS (e.g. INCOSE WGs, IEEE, NDIA).
  • Understanding and applying insights from relevant
  • Planned Work
  • BKCASE Contribute to development and support of
    SoS Section
  • SoS Bibliography Develop and share
  • SoS Pain Points Identify key SoS challenges to
    guide WG activities
  • Related organization identify and develop
    relationships (inside and outside INCOSE)
  • Webinars Program to share SoS activities and

System Sciences Working Group
International Workshop 21 24 Jan
2012 Jacksonville, FL USA
The SysSci WG Charter is
WG Chairs James Martin (chair) Duane Hybertson
(co-chair) WG Web Site https//
site/syssciwg/home WG IW2012 Meeting
Page https//
ngs/workshop-2012-january Number of Members 100
  • Promote the advancement and understanding of
    Systems Science and its application to SE.
  • Objectives
  • Encourage advancement of Systems Science
    principles and concepts as they apply to SE.
  • 2) Promote awareness of Systems Science as a
    foundation for SE.
  • 3) Highlight linkages between Systems Science
    theories and empirical practices of SE.
  • Planned Work (Red active)
  • Unified Systems Science Theory
  • System Pathologies Id Characterization
  • Systems of Innovation Health Pathologies
  • Better SE for INCOSE
  • Unified Ontology of Science Systems
  • Formulation of Periodic Table of Systems
  • INCOSE mapping to MOSES Framework
  • Ontology for the BKCASE SEBoK
  • Synergies Between SS, SE EOS
  • White Paper on SS/SE relationships / synergies
  • Published Products/IW2012 Work
  • Draft Ontology of Science Systems, now in
    comment feedback process reviewed in IW.
  • Systems of Innovation Submitted IS2012 paper
    Draft high level SOI Model now in comment
    feedback processreviewed in IW.
  • R-Theory (J Kineman) Lectureat this IW.
  • Common Language for Systems PracticeDrafted at
    this IW, for development with systems sciences

Training Working Group
International Workshop 21 24 Jan
2012 Jacksonville, FL USA
The Training Charter is to
Training Chairs John Clark (chair) Ed Weltin
(co-chair) INCOSE Connect address https//connec https
INCOSE Web page aboutblank Number of
Members 3
  • Provide SE training to INCOSE members by other
    members, i.e.,
  • Develop training modules.
  • Solicit SE training volunteer instructors.
  • Provide SE training as a benefit to INCOSE
  • Coordinate SE training throughout INCOSE to
    expand SE training opportunities.
  • Published Products
  • SE Handbook/CSEP Tutorial 16 weekly 2-hour
    webinars 2x/year.
  • SE Fundamentals Tutorial 9 weekly 1.5-hour
    webinars 4x/year.
  • On-Site Tutorials
  • North Star Liberty Chapters (3 days),
  • INCOSE IS, SSTC, and Old Dominion University (2
  • 4. Graduate Course, Fall Semester 2011,
  • University of Maryland, ENEE 660.
  • Planned Work
  • Solicit training needs from CAB and WG members.
  • Identify, solicit, and/or develop training
    products and instructors.
  • 3. Schedule, coordinate, and provide training.
  • 4. Finalize and submit SE Handbook/CSEP Tutorial.

Processes Domain WG Quad Chart Reporting
  • Assistant Director Bob Swarz
  • Working Groups
  • Affordability - Joe Bobinis
  • Cost Engineering - Ed Casey
  • Human Systems Integration - Jennifer Narkevicius
  • In-Service Systems Marcel van de Ven
  • Lean Enabler for Program Management Josef
  • Lean Systems Engineering - Bo Oppenheim / Deb
  • Life Cycle Management- Jan de Liefde
  • Measurement - Paul Frenz
  • Object-Oriented SE Method - Howard Lykins
  • Reliability Engineering - Albertyn Barnard
  • Requirements - Kathy Baksa
  • Risk Management - Jack Stein / Bob Parro
  • System Safety Integration - Katri Hakola
  • Systems Security Engineering - Rick Dove
  • Verification Validation - Ben Mancuso

Affordability Working Group
International Workshop 21 Jan 24 Jan
2012 Jacksonville, FL, USA
AFFWG Chairs Joe Bobinis Taki Turner INCOSE
Web page http//
ities/wg/affordability Number of Members 42
INCOSE Affordability Working Groups goal is to
enhance the Systems Engineering Affordability
body of knowledge. The scope is to advance
the state of the practice for Systems Engineering
for Affordability across the Life Cycle. This
includes defining the relative value of the
system across the Total Life Cycle based on
desired System capabilities.
  • Published Products
  • Affordability as Cost Effective Capability Over
    time Whitepaper (Draft complete final 11/2012)
  • Compare Contrast Value Engineering with Design
    for Affordability (uncertainty) Whitepaper
  • INCOSE Affordability comments/suggestions for
    INCOSE SE Handbook(submitted 12/2011)

Planned Work Documentation of approaches for
Analysis of the Variables that contribute to
Systems Engineering Trade Space that effect cost
of function in our future Guidebook 2013
Human Systems Integration WG
International Workshop 21 Jan 24 Jan
2012 Jacksonville, FL, USA
HSIWG Co-Chairs Jen Narkevicius Ajoy Muralidhar INCOSE Connect
address https//
si/default.aspx INCOSE Web page http//www.incos Number of
Members 90
The HSIWG Charter is To facilitate embedding
Human Systems Integration within Systems
Engineering, promoting the benefit of placing the
proper focus on the role of people in the
development and operation of systems
  • Published Products
  • Definition of HSI
  • HSI inclusion in SE HDBK v3.2
  • INSIGHT Theme Issues
  • HSI, Cognition, Security Systems
  • HSI Seminars IS07,IS08, IS09
  • HSI Analysis Seminars IW08, IW09
  • HSI Tutorials IS08, IS09
  • Planned Work
  • Focus on HSI Insertion Model
  • Continue other efforts
  • Participate in BKCASE
  • Transport/UAS Dev. Walk-thru
  • Joint Activities Products
  • Outreach

In-Service Systems Working Group
International Workshop 21 Jan 24 Jan
2012 Jacksonville, FL, USA
  • The ISSWG Charter is
  • To provide improved advice on
  • The difficulties encountered in practice in
    applying authoritative guidance on SE, including
    the INCOSE SE Handbook, to systems which are in
    service. The Group should restrict itself to
    difficulties which are related to the fact that
    the systems are in the in service phase of the
  • Best current practice in adapting SE guidance to
    overcome these difficulties

ISSWG Chairs Chair Marcel van de Ven Dep.
Chair Jon Hulse Dep. Chair Joe Talik INCOSE
Connect address https//
wg/isswg/default.aspx INCOSE Web
page http//
s/wg/iss/ Number of Members 24
Published Products Roadmap Structuring the body
of SE knowledge to facilitate expansion in the
range of application of SE, October 2010 Initial
report Applying Systems Engineering to
In-Service Systems, May 2011
  • Planned Work
  • Recommendations on how additional guidance on SE
    should be integrated in existing channels
  • Extend collaboration with research institutes and
    other INCOSE WG
  • Development of knowledge and experience (case
    studies) on SE for In-Service Systems

INCOSE-PMI-LAI Lean in Program Management
Community of Practice
International Workshop 21 24 Jan
2012 Jacksonville, FL USA
Lean PM Charter
  • Lean PM Chairs
  • Josef Oehmen (MIT)
  • Mark Bowie (Boeing)
  • Web page
  • http//
  • Members (on our first anniversary today)
  • Very close collaboration with Lean SE WG
  • Joint working group between INCOSE, PMI and MIT
  • 105 members
  • 15 very active subject matter experts

- UNDER REVISION to align with long-term
PMI-INCOSE strategy - Our goal is to apply lean
thinking to improve the integration between
systems engineering and program management on
engineering programs. This will enable programs
to achieve cost, schedule and performance goals
while becoming more responsive to change at the
same time. To this end, we bring together systems
engineering, program management and lean
management expertise and operate as a joint
working group between INCOSE, PMI and MIT.
Published Products
Planned Work
  • Report on program management challenges and
    corresponding lean enablers
  • Last revision of content at workshop on Sunday
  • Within next weeks Circulation of first draft
    report for INCOSE and PMI feedback
  • Planned
  • Extended, more detailed description of enablers
  • Teaching material
  • Implementation case studies
  • Extensive circulation and discussion of
    intermediate products
  • Collection of program management challenges
  • Collection of Lean Enablers for Program
  • Several conference and workshop presentations
  • PMI Global Conference
  • INCOSE IC 2011, IW 2012, several chapters
  • LAI-MIT consortium

Lean Systems Engineering WG
International Workshop 21 Jan 24 Jan
2012 Jacksonville, FL, USA
Lean Systems Engineering WG
Lean SE WG Chairs Co-Chair   Bo Oppenheim,
Ph.D., LMULA, Co-Chair   Deb
Secor, Rockwell Collins, dasecor_at_rockwellcollins.c
om INCOSE Connect address https//connect.incose.
org/tb/leansw/default.aspx INCOSE Web page
engineering/INCOSE.htm Number of Members 206
It is our goal to strengthen the practice of
Systems Engineering (SE) by exploring and
capturing the synergy between traditional SE and
Lean.  To do this, we will apply the wisdom of
Lean Thinking into SE practices integrating
people, processes, and tools for the most
effective delivery of value to program
stakeholders formulate the Body of Knowledge of
Lean SE develop supplements to the INCOSE SE
Handbook (and other such manuals) with Lean
Enablers for SE and develop and disseminate
training materials and publications on Lean SE
within the INCOSE community, industry, and
Next Steps- Collection of Case Studies on A3,
Lean Program Management, Additional Workshops on
LEfSE, Open Items
Mapping the Lean Enablers for Systems Engineering
to Handbook Book Lean for Systems Engineering
with Lean Enablers for System Engineering, B.W.
Oppenheim, Wiley, September 2011 Workshops/Tutoria
ls INCOSE-Cedar Rapids (Oct. 2007) Northrop
Grumman, Jan. 2009 Am. Soc. Mfg. Engineers, Feb.
2009 INCOSE-Israel (2), March 3, 2009
INCOSE-Los Angeles, March 21, 2009 Boeing Lean
Conference, April 2009 INCOSE-France, EADS and
AFIS, May 26, 2009
INCOSE-Seattle, September 2009 The Aerospace
Corporation, Sept. 2009 Loyola Marymount
University, Los Angeles (6) Booz Allen Hamilton,
Los Angeles, Oct. 2009 INCOSE-University College
London, Jan. 2010 INCOSE IW Conference, Mesa AZ,
Jan. 8, 2010 INCOSE webinar, March 17, 2010
Stevens Institute of Technology, Feb 17, 2010
Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA, Feb
24,2010 Lean Management Conference, Atlanta, GA,
April 22, 2010 EuSec, Stockholm, May 23-26,2010
Naval Postgraduate School, Sept. 22, 2010
Partners in Business, Utah State University,
Sept. 29, 2010 Leaders for Global Operations,
Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Oct. 2010 Int.
Conf. on Lean Enterprise Software and Systems,
Helsinki, Oct. 17-20, 2010 CETCA, RC, Rockwell
Collins partner for COMAC C919, Fl, Oct.2010
Rockwell Collins, Cedar Rapids (4), 2010.
Kongsberg Defense Systems, Oslo, Norway, Nov.
23, 2010 Industrial Forum of Kongsberg, Oslo,
Nov. 24, 2010 Politecnico di Bari, Italy, May
24, 2010 Politecnico di Milano, Italy, May 26,
2010 Sapienza University di Roma, May 27, 2011
Akademia Obrony Narodowej, Warsaw, April 2011
Polish Academy of Sciences, Institute for
Systems Research, Warsaw, April 2011 Polish
Academy of Sciences, Institiute for Systems
Research, Warsaw, June 2011 Politechnika
Wroclawska, May 2011 National Research
Technological University, MISA, Moscow, May 2011
AIAA Naval Aviation Conference, September 2011,
Virginia Beach, CA Embassy of the Republic of
Poland, September 2011, WDC
Measurement Working Group
International Workshop 21 Jan 24 Jan
2012 Jacksonville, FL, USA
MWG Chair Paul Frenz INCOSE Connect
address https//
wg/default.aspx INCOSE Web page http//www.incos Number
of Members 48
The MWG Charter is Promote shared understanding,
education and advancement of measures,
measurement practices, measurement tools/support,
and the overall measurement process as applied to
systems engineering.
Published Products Measurement Primer
2010 Technical Measurement Guide 2005 SE
Handbook (Chapter 5, Sec 3) 2010 SE Leading
Indicators V2 2010 Academic COSYSMO 2006 PSM
Guide, Chapters 1 2
  • Planned Work
  • PSM Guide (the Systems part), revision to
    Chapters 1 2 - 2012
  • INCOSE Joint Project with Knowledge Management
    Working Group to develop Wiki and search
    capability In Progress
  • Joint Affordability Working Group Effort

International Workshop 21 Jan 24 Jan
2012 Jacksonville, FL, USA
Object Oriented Systems Engineering Method
Chairs Howard Lykins (Technical Co-Chair) Mike
Pafford (Logistics Co-Chair) INCOSE Connect
address https//
INCOSE Web page TBD (The group will set up a
web page in 1Q2012.) Number of Members 16
  • The OOSEM Charter is
  • Use Object Oriented Modeling to
  • Support capture, design and understanding of
    complex systems,
  • Improve integration between SE and other
    disciplines, and
  • Facilitate reuse and design evolution.
  • Planned Work
  • 2012 Technical planning is underway. Candidate
    tasks include
  • Updates to published products,
  • Extensions to the method, and
  • OOSEM-Lite, based on SysML-Lite.
  • Published Products
  • OOSEM Section of SE Handbook (Section 4.12.3)
  • OOSEM Training Course

Reliability Engineering WG
International Workshop 21 Jan 24 Jan
2012 Jacksonville, FL, USA
  • Reliability Engineering Working Group provides a
    forum for reliability and systems engineers to
    address reliability engineering from a systems
    engineering viewpoint
  • life cycle stages
  • system hierarchy
  • consequence of failure
  • engineering discipline

Rel Eng WG chairs Albertyn Barnard Lambda
Consulting Tony Lockwood Ford Motor Company
INCOSE Connect address TBD INCOSE Web page
TBD Number of Members 30 (about 8 attended)
Published Products None
  • Planned Work
  • Update of INCOSE SE Handbook
  • Replacement of sections of Chapter 9 (Specialty
  • Enhancements to sections on Technical Processes
    (to integrate RE into SE processes)

Requirements Working Group
International Workshop 21 Jan 24 Jan
2012 Jacksonville, FL, USA
Chair Mike Ryan INCOSE
Connect address https//
plate INCOSE Web page http//
The RWG Charter The purpose of the Requirements
Working Group is to advance the state of the
practices, education and theory of requirements
engineering and its relationship to other systems
engineering disciplines.
Published Products
  • Planned Work
  • complete review and submission of Guide to
    Writing Requirements
  • consider the future of REGAL
  • update the Tools Database for Requirements

None for 2011
  • Harmonized Guide to Writing Requirements with
  • Harmonized SE Handbook with ISO/IEC29148
  • RWG has unmerged with VVWG
  • Charter of unmerged group amended

Risk Management Working Group
International Workshop 21 Jan 24 Jan
2012 Jacksonville, FL, USA
The RMWG Charter is to advance knowledge, common
understanding, and quality of practice of risk
and opportunity management in the systems
engineering community worldwide. Number of
Members 73
RMWG Chairs Jack Stein (Co-Chair) jack.stein_at_teru Bob Parro (Co-Chair) b.parro_at_rivern INCOSE Connect
address https//
INCOSE Web page http//
Published Products Risk Management survey (with
MIT) Preliminary results only at this time
  • Planned Work
  • Develop collaboration (strategic alliance) with
    PMI CoP. Potential items
  • Joint webinars and publications
  • Install collaboration structure
  • Collaboration on events
  • Analyze survey results
  • Adjust WG activities accordingly
  • Update and expand charter
  • Update website
  • Accomplishments
  • Refreshed Charter
  • Membership growth
  • External webpage update submitted
  • Conducted Risk Management survey in connection
    with MIT
  • Initiated collaborative alliance with the PMI
    Risk Management CoP

System Safety Integration WG
International Workshop 21 Jan 24 Jan
2012 Jacksonville, FL, USA
The SSIWG Charter is
SSIWG Chair Katri Hakola INCOSE Connect
address https//
afety/default.aspx Number of Members 17 listed
chair Linked In discussion forum for
WG http// Search for INCOSE
System Safety Integration under Groups
  • Encompassing activities relating to defining,
    capturing, evolving, and communicating system
    safety integration within the context of systems
    engineering and systems engineering based
  • Focus on Handbook material, training and exam
    material, recommendations for industry best
    practices, and shared output with WGs from other
    organizations as well as other WGs within INCOSE

Published Products
Planned Work
None to date aside from input into SE Handbook
from previous iteration of team.
  • SEBoK inputs
  • SE Handbook analysis with recommended changes to
    content and CSEP
  • Coordination with International System Safety
  • Roadmap for laying out SS within INCOSE

System Security Engineering WG
International Workshop 21 Jan 24 Jan
2012 Jacksonville, FL, USA
  • Charter
  • to identify effective system security
    principles consistent with new reality
  • to integrate responsibility for system security
    into the system engineering community

Chairs/Co-Chair Rick Dove
Jennifer Bayuk INCOSE
Connect address https//
cialty/systemsecurity INCOSE Web
page http//
s/wg/template Number of Members 50 on list
  • Published Products
  • 2008 April INSIGHT Declaration of Responsibility
  • 2009Q2 INSIGHT 11 Theme Essays The Interplay of
    Architecture, Security, Systems Engineering
  • 2011Q2 INSIGHT 11 Theme Essays Systems of
    Systems and Self-Organizing Security
  • Work in Process Planned
  • SEBoK Review
  • Next Gen Agile-SysSec Patterns
  • 2013Q2 INSIGHT 11 Theme Essays The Buck Stops
    Here SEs Responsibility for System Security
  • Security responsibility integrated with Handbook
  • Security responsibility in CSEP

Verification Validation WG
International Workshop 21 24 Jan
2012 Jacksonville, FL USA
I/VV/TE Chairs Ben Mancuso Open Number of Members
The VV Charter is Being expanded to include the
responsibility for Integration TE. Proposed
new WG name is I/VV/TE Working Group
Published Products TBD
  • Planned Work
  • Develop new, expanded charter
  • Identify WG Leadership
  • Communicate changes to INCOSE Membership
  • Establish Relationships Integrate with NDIA,
    ITEA, Other WG
  • Provide input and guidance to
  • INCOSE Handbook
  • SeBOK
  • Review of ISO 15288

VV WG Charter
Existing Charter The Charter for the INCOSE
Verification and Validation Working Group (VV
WG) is to ensure that VV activities are
presented as a core discipline of systems
engineering. The VV WG forms the cadre which
will ensure active volunteer participation Propos
ed Charter The Charter for the INCOSE
Integration / Verification and Validation/ Test
and Evaluation Working Group (I/VV/TE WG) is
to ensure that System Integration, Verification,
and Validation activities are presented as a core
discipline of systems engineering. The I/VV/TE
WG forms the cadre which will ensure active
volunteer participation including the test and
evaluation community.
Industry Domain WG Quad Chart Reporting
  • Assistant Director Gauthier Fanmuy
  • Working Groups
  • Biomedical Melissa Masters / Meaghan ONeil
  • Infrastructure - Alain Kouassi
  • Net-centric Operations - John Hsu
  • SE in VSME Joe Marvin

Biomedical Working Group
International Workshop 21 Jan 24 Jan
2012 Jacksonville, FL, USA
BWG Chair Meaghan ONeil INCOSE Connect
address https//
omed INCOSE Web page http//
ice/techactivities/wg/biomed Number of Members
The purpose of the Biomedical Working Group is to
promote awareness and the practical application
of Systems Engineering in the biomedical field
through collaboration across commercial,
academic, and government entities.
2012 Accomplishments
Planned Work
  • Tripled working group membership
  • Strengthening collaborations with key industry
    affiliations and associations
  • Completed general system architecture of medical
    device MBSE
  • Further developed industry lexicon of systems
    engineering terminology
  • Continue development of medical device MBSE model
  • Expand industry lexicon of systems engineering
  • Promote knowledge exchange of SE applications,
    challenges, and best practices across the
    biomedical industry

Infrastructure Working Group
International Workshop 21 24 Jan
2012 Jacksonville, FL USA
Chair Alain Kouassi Co-Chairs Mike deLamare
Neil Snyder INCOSE Connect address https//conne INCOSE Web
page http//
s/wg/infra Number of Members 46
The Infrastructure WG Charter is to bring
together designers, builders and operators of
economic and physical infrastructure systems to
advance the application of Systems Engineering.
Published Products
Planned Work
1. MBSE for Infrastructure 2. Asset Management
in Large Infrastructure
Projects 3. SE Processes for Infrastructure 4.
MOU with ASCE 5. Collaboration with Brazil
CE-EPC 6. Collaboration with NETLIPSE 7. Webinars
and Teleconferences
Guide to the Application of Systems Engineering
in Large Construction Projects
Net-Centric Operations WG
International Workshop 21 24 Jan
2012 Jacksonville, FL USA
NCO WG Chairs INCOSE Connect address https//co IN
COSE Web page http//
activities/wg/template Number of Members 97
The Net-Centric Operations Working Group Charter
is To advance the knowledge, the understanding
and the use of systems engineering in net-centric
Published Products Approaches to Realizing
Net-Centric Solutions. Network Centric Operations
Implementations in Several Domains. Systems
Engineering Net-Centric Solutions An Analysis of
Different Perspectives. Applying Systems Modeling
Language to A Simple Hardware System. NCO List of
Acronyms/Abbreviations. ANSI/AIAA G-043, ConOp
Planned Work Obtain approval from ANSI and
Publish ANSI/AIAA, G-043, Guide for the
Preparation of Operational Concept
Documents. Support the generation of ANSI/AIAA,
G-135, Guide for Aerospace Systems Integration
(ASI). Develop taxonomy and ontology of NCO and
SE for VSMEs WG (Systems Engineering for Very
Small, Micro Entities and small projects)
International Workshop 21 24 Jan
2012 Jacksonville, FL USA
SE for VSMEs Chairs Joseph Marvin Chair Claude
Laporte Co-chair Ken Ptack Co-chair Number
of Members 105 INCOSE Connect
address https//
t.aspx INCOSE Web page http//
SE for VSMEs Charter Assist in the application
of systems engineering for product development in
very small and micro entities or small projects.
Published Products For Review ISO Draft
Systems and Software Engineering Standard
Systems Engineering Lifecycle Profiles for Very
Small Entities (VSEs) Part 5 Management and
engineering guide Generic profile group Basic
profile (comments due 1 April)
  • Planned Work
  • Develop VSME Systems Thinking Introduction (in
  • Develop Draft Deployment Packages
  • Project Management (in work)
  • Requirements Engineering (in work)
  • Functional and Physical Architecture
  • Interfaces Management
  • Integration
  • Verification and Validation
  • Configuration and Change Management
  • Product Deployment
  • Present VSME Panel at IS12
  • Contribute/Coordinate with ISO SC7 WG24 (VSE)

Technology Domain WG Quad Chart Reporting
  • Assistant Director John Nallon
  • Working Groups
  • Autonomous System Test Validation - Jack Ring
  • Tools Database - Randy Bullard
  • Tools Integration Interoperability - John

Autonomous Systems Test and Evaluation Working
International Workshop 21 24 Jan
2012 Jacksonville, FL USA
Chair Jack Ring Co-chair Americas Thomas
Tenorio Co-chair Quality Don Greenlee Co-chair
EMEA and Oceana tbd INCOSE Connect
address None INCOSE Web page http//groups.googl Number of Members 47
Charter to develop and promote principles and
practices that produce confident assessment of
system(s) capability, whenever and wherever
  • Planned Work
  • Papers and Tutorials for INCOSE, and IEEE, NDIA,
  • ITEA Keynote by John Thomas
  • Ontology of Autonomy v.1.
  • WG assessment of 20 tenets.
  • WG Theme Issue of INSIGHT
  • Involvement of state, civil, industrial and
    commercial organizations (iRobot)
  • Advising DOD autonomous, large scale systems
  • Published Products
  • Papers re System Viability Assessment at 
  • ITEA SE of SOS 2012, ICSEng 2011
  • Presentation to Enchantment Chapter
  • Proposed tutorial for ITEA SE of SOS Conf.
  • Proposed Tutorial for INCOSE 2012
  • Proposed Paper for INCOSE 2012
  • IW2012 ASTEWG Paper Review
  • broadening INCOSE understanding
  • that SE must initialize TE

Tools Database Working Group
International Workshop 21 24 Jan
2012 Jacksonville, FL USA
The TDWG Charter is to Partner with appropriate
INCOSE Functional Working Groups to host the SE
Tools Database, a resource for systems engineers
to obtain information on tools based on their
specific needs
TDWG Chair Randy Bullard Nu
mber of Members 5 INCOSE Web page http//
Published Products Three Survey Response
Databases 1 - Requirements Management 2 -
Systems Architecture 3 Measurements Note
website is currently not functional due to IT
infrastructure General Tools Database gt1600
  • Planned Work
  • Review and update current SE Tools Database
  • Initiated design of Next Generation Tools
    Database System including stakeholder
    identification, functional analysis, and dialogue
    with current Architecture and Requirements
    Working Group partners (in-work)
  • Develop proposal requesting INCOSE funds to build
    the Next Generation Tools Database system

Tool Integration Interoperability WG
International Workshop 21 24 Jan
2012 Jacksonville, FL USA
TIIWG Chair John Nallon INCOSE Connect
address https//
INCOSE Web page http//
echactivities/wg/tii Number of Members 28
The Charter is to provide the INCOSE membership
best practices and guidelines for using computer
based tools and exchanging data between the tools
and the processes supported by these tools in an
integrated systems engineering environment.
Published Products
Planned Work
  • ISEE CONOPS refresh
  • Integrated System Engineering Environment (ISEE)
    guide refresh incorporating multiple engineering
  • Paper on multiple discipline SE integration and
  • ISEE Concepts of Operation
  • Integrated System Engineering Environment (ISEE)
    Volume 1
  • ISO10303-AP233
  • Integration and Interoperability briefing for
    INCOSE Chapters

Government Domain WG Quad Chart Reporting
  • Assistant Director Carl Landrum
  • Working Groups
  • Anti-terrorism International - Bill Mackey
  • Defense Systems - Karl Geist
  • Global Earth Observation System of Systems -
    Larry McGovern
  • Power and Energy Systems - Ray Beach
  • Space Systems - Bjorn Cole
  • Transportation - Anne O'Neil / Duncan Kemp

Anti-Terrorism International WG
International Workshop 21 Jan 24 Jan
2012 Jacksonville, FL, USA
  • The ATIWG Charter is to create an INCOSE-wide
    product(s), which demonstrate the use of systems
    engineering principles, techniques, and practices
    to reduce and eradicate international terrorism.

ATIWG CoChairs William Mackey william.mackey_at_inco Steven Sutton, Jerry Nolte, Bruce
Shelton Number of Members 20 INCOSE Connect
address https// INCO
SE Web page http//
  • Planned Work
  • ATIWG-led
  • Complete Root Cause Analysis
  • Submit IS13 Panel Proposal(s)
  • Joint Activities Products
  • Joint WG Challenges
  • Continue WMD SubWG Support
  • Support for Power Energy Systems WG

Published Products 8 Symposia Panels
(2002-2009) 1 Tutorial (2004 Mid-Atlantic
Conf.) 2 Professional Papers (2003) Insight
Issue July 2006, The Use of Systems
Engineering in Emergency Preparedness 4 Local
Chapter presentations Many models and
analyses 2009 WG Award for Sustained Performance
GEOSS Challenge Team WG
International Workshop 21 Jan 24 Jan
2012 Jacksonville, FL, USA
The GEOSS WG Charter is
GEOSS Chairs INCOSE Representative Lawrence
McGovern, Blue Heron Services INCOSE Connect
address https// I
NCOSE Web page http//
hactivities/wg/geoss/ Number of Members 4
Task List January 2012 Develop RMP-ODP UML
Viewpoints for Engineering and Technical
Viewpoints and update Enterprise, Information and
Computational viewpoints for all nine SBAs
Published Products GEOSS AIP-1,2,3,and 4 AIP-4
Report consisted of 5 viewpoints in UML and
Planned Work Build technical viewpoints for five
scenarios and conclude actual addition to
registry of the scenarios to GEOSS Portal for
public use
GEOSS Portal gives access to register and
Power Energy Systems WG
International Workshop 21 24 Jan
2012 Jacksonville, FL USA
The PESWG Charter is to facilitate a systems
engineering approach to the analysis, decision
support, and future development of effective
energy solutions. Purpose is to direct
expertise and a systems focus to support
decision makers in the critical challenges of
developing future energy systems that meet
stakeholder needs for safety, effectiveness,
cost, and availability. The principal means of
approaching these challenges will be to combine
the disciplined system lifecycle methodologies
evolved in INCOSE with sophisticated modeling
tools, guided by Energy systems subject matter
experts toward desired outcomes.
PESWG Chairs Ray Beach, Charles
Alexander INCOSE Connect address https//connect INCOSE Web
page http//
s/wg/template Number of Members 42
  • Planned Work
  • IW2013 PESWG workshop (co-hosted)
  • NASA /IEEE / SAE /..other?
  • Energy Systems profile doc
  • Preliminary model-based reference architecture
  • IS2012 Panel Power Energy
  • Published Products
  • IS11 Panel Lessons from Fukishima re
    imperative for Systems Methods
  • PESWG Charter (draft)
  • PESWG Member roster

Space Systems Working Group
International Workshop 21 Jan 24 Jan
2012 Jacksonville, FL, USA
SSWG Chairs Bjorn Cole, Caltech/JPL, Chair John
Silvas, Booz Allen Hamilton, Co-Chair INCOSE
Connect address https//
o/sswg/default.aspx INCOSE Web page http// Number
of Members 10 at IW, 200 on mailing list
  • The SSWG Charter is
  • Promote the use of systems engineering
    principles, techniques, and practices in a wide
    range of activities in the government, academic
    and private industry organizations which are
    identified with space applications
  • Share best practices in the international space
  • Link systems engineering organizations across
    international boundaries
  • Provide a specific node in the professional
    networking of INCOSE that is pertinent to
    professionals in the space systems community

Published Products IEEE Big Sky Paper CubeSat
Challenge Team INCOSE IS Paper CubeSat
Challenge Team
Planned Work Productize CubeSat model for
distribution to academic, small industrial and
government teams Work on knowledge capture of a
Risk List for space systems practitioners to
Transportation Working Group
International Workshop 21 24 Jan
2012 Jacksonville, FL USA
Chairs Simon Smith, IBI Group, NY, NY Nigel
Murphy, Atkins, Atlanta, Georgia Duncan Kemp, UK
Department for Transport INCOSE Connect
address http// INCOSE Web
page http// of Members
Affiliates 130
Mission - To improve the state-of-the-art and
state-of-the-practice of SE in transport Vision
- The right transport services on time and to
cost Charter - Promote the development
tailored application of SE best practices to
ground Transportation systems, including public
and private interests and seamless inter-modal
interfaces. With emphasis on roadways, rail, bus
  • Published Products
  • Library of SE Transportation Case Studies
  • Building a Systems Engineering Capability
  • The Value Proposition for Systems Engineering in
    Railways and Transit for Engineering
  • Planned work
  • Outreach and Marketing
  • Member development and networking
  • Webinars
  • Improving SE soft-skills
  • Best practice for transportation requirements
  • Systems Engineering 101 guides for transportation

Standards Initiative WG Quad Chart Reporting
  • Assistant Director Ken Zemrowski
  • Working Groups
  • Standards Initiative Ken Zemrowski

Standards Initiatives
International Workshop 21 24 Jan
2012 Jacksonville, FL USA
Assistant Director Ken Zemrowski INCOSE Connect
address http//
ties/standards.aspx INCOSE Web
page http//
s/standards.aspx Number of Liaisons JTC1
SC7 8, TC184 1, OMG - 1
Standards Initiatives Charter is Encourage,
guide, and assess INCOSE's participation in
standards activities coordinate INCOSE's review
of standards and disseminate information on
standards and standardization activities.
Supported publication of ISO/IEC 152882008
System Life Cycle Processes ISO/IEC 122072008
Software Life Cycle Processes ISO/IEC TR
24748-12010 Guide for Life Cycle
Mgmt ISO/IEC/IEEE 291482011 Requirements
Engineering ISO/IEC TR 163372011 Systems
Engineering Handbook ISO/IEC/IEEE 420102011
Recommended practice for architectural
description of software intensive systems
  • Planned Work
  • Further harmonization of 15288 12207
  • Tools and methods for product lines
  • Life cycles for Very Small Entities
  • Object Process Methodology
  • Support for modeling standards including SysML,
    UPDM, SysML/AP233 mapping and other model-based
    systems engineering

MBSE Initiative WG Quad Chart Reporting
  • Assistant Director Mark Sampson
  • Working Groups
  • MBSE Chair SE Vision Sandy Friedenthal
  • Communications Ray Jorgensen

Academia Domain WG Quad Chart Reporting
  • Assistant Director Bill Miller
  • Working Groups
  • Motor Sport Jack Ring / Bill Mackey

Motor Sports Working Group
International Workshop 21 24 Jan
2012 Jacksonville, FL USA
The MSWG Charter is to use the motor sports venue
to accelerate learning regarding systemics and
systems engineering principles, practices and
MSWG Chair W. Mackey, Co-Chairs J. Ring, S.
Settles INCOSE Connect address https// INCOSE Web page http//www.inco Number of
Members 30
  • Published Products
  • MSWG Charter
  • Syllabus for SE in Motor Sports semester course
    with enthusiasm factors
  • IS 10 Panel in Chicago, IL
  • IW10 Received INCOSE Award for WG Outreach
  • Planned Work
  • Updating Syllabus
  • Three lectures underway
  • Physics of Motor Sports
  • The Race Car
  • The History of Motor Sports