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Heritage Team Intro to Regional reps


Heritage Team Intro to Regional reps 28 Feb 2014 Col Benson * * * * * * It was identified that the RFP was not yet out on the street. We have been invited to ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Heritage Team Intro to Regional reps

Heritage Team Intro to Regional reps
  • 28 Feb 2014
  • Col Benson

  • Agenda
  • Introduction to the Heritage Committee
  • RCEME Museum
  • RCEME 75
  • RCEME Artefacts
  • Key Milestones and Support
  • Questions / Discussion

The Heritage Committee
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Manage on behalf of the EME Branch Fund Board of
    Directors and the the EME Guild for items and
    activities related to EME Heritage
  • Operate a Remembrance Program
  • Preserve and Promote the story of the Canadian
    Armed Forces EME History
  • Collect and maintain EME memorabilia
  • Educating the CAF and Canadian Public about the
    impact of EME
  • Fundraising on behalf of the EME Guild

General Overview Org Chart
RCEME Council (Chairperson D RCEME)
RCEME Heritage Committee (Cmte) (Chairperson CO
202 WD)
EME Guild
202 WD Heritage Team
RCEME History Project Sub Cmte (Craftsman at
Fundraising Sub Cmte
RCEME Museum (Kingston) Sub Cmte
75th Anniv National Coord Sub Cmte
4/ 77
202 WD Heritage Team
EME Heritage Cmte (Chair Col A.T. Benson)
Major J. Guérette OC 202 Heritage Team
2Lt A. Lévesque RCEME Museum POC
2Lt R. Guzman Bontemps (Class A) RCEME History
Project POC
Lt E. Giguère Adventure Training OPI RCEME
Nijmegan Team OPI
Marie-France Chrétien RCEME Journal / Comms OPI
Capt A. Henderson Corporate Governance Sync
Matrix Coord RCEME CFSAC Team OPI
Lt S. Royal Heritage Team Desk Officer
5/ 77
Heritage Cmte members
Chairperson Colonel A.T. Benson Co-Chairperson
Colonel (Retd) A. Nellestyn Members
Brigadier-General (Retd) P.J. Holt, Colonel
Commandant Colonel (Retd) M.C. Johnston, RCEME
Association Representative Colonel (Retd) G.
Nappert, EME Association Representative Colonel
(Retd) T. Temple Co-Chairperson, RCEME
Museum Major (Retd) D. Knight, RCEME Corps
Assistant Archivist Captain G. Dzeoba, Guild
Manager and RCEME Corps Archivist Warrant Officer
E. Johnson, RCEME National Administrator Reverend
D. Chisholm, RCEME Corps Padre LCol D.P.
Matsalla, RCEME Corps Historian RCEME Council Rep
Vacant RCEME Reserve Rep Vacant
Key Tasks
  • RCEME Museum
  • Ground Breaking Ceremony May 14
  • Opening Ceremony Late 2015
  • RCEME 75
  • RCEME Commemorative Products
  • RCEME Commemorative Monument
  • RCEME 75 Celebratory Activites
  • RCEME 75 Communication
  • RCEME 75 Logo Competition Mar- Sep 14
  • Revue du GEMRC Heritage Spring 2014
  • RCEME History Project
  • Afghanistan A Soldiers Story
  • Fund Raising

  • RCEME Museum Accredited 2013
  • Shared Anx with Royal Corp of Signals Museum
  • Heritage Room RCEME School Borden
  • Stand Alone Museum and Technology Park
  • Annex Construction
  • Request for proposal (RFP - in progress)
  • CA April 2014
  • Ground Breaking Ceremony May 2014
  • Opening Ceremony Late 2015
  • Develop Business Model
  • Advertising budget

RCEME Corps 75th Anniversary
  • Concept of Ops - Three Thrusts
  • Commemorative Products (details next slide)
  • 7 Projects
  • OPI Historian (Lcol Matsalla)
  • RCEME Monument Expansion Project
  • OPI DCO CFSEME (Maj Garrard)
  • Celebratory Activities
  • Organize and implement specific National Events
  • Synchronize, Track, Enable Regional Activities

(approved by BOD in April 2013)
RCEME Corps 75th Anniversary Governance
Org (Temptative)
EME Heritage Cmte
75th National Coord Sub Cmte (202 WD Col A.T.
Integral Support (OPI 202 WD) Maj J. Guerette
Admin (Secretary, )
Thrust 1
Thrust 2
Thrust 3
Commemorative Products (OPI Branch
Historian) Lcol D. Matsalla
75th Celebratory Activities
Monument Expansion (OPI DCO CFSEME) Maj G.
Finance (Fund Mngmt, Treasurer, )
National Activities (10)
Projects OPI (6)
Communication (RCEME Network, Journal, Website
Regional Activities OPIs Arty Team OPI Marty
Team OPI Gen Sports OPI Social Activities OPI
Regional Comms Reps (West, Cen, Qué, East)
RCEME Corps 75th Anniversary Thrust 1
Commemorative Products
Commemorative Products (Lcol Matsalla)
A Day in a life of RCEME OPI (MWO Drouin/ 2 Cdn
Honouring our RCEME Heritage OPI (Capt Borys /
4 Cdn Div)
Time Capsule OPI (CWO Moreau / CFSEME)
45-min Commemorative Film OPI (Capt Drouin /
RCEME Journal Special Edition (Marie-France
Chrétien / 202WD)
75th Anniversay Logo (Capt Dzeoba / CFSEME)
Québec Region Rep
Central Region Rep
Atlantic Region Rep
West Region Rep
NDHQ Northern Rep
Ops Commands Rep
Training Systems Rep
RCEME Corps 75th Anniversary Thrust 1
Commemorative Products
  • RCEME Time Capsule
  • Articles, photos from across Canada
  • A Day in the Life of RCEME
  • Photos of RCEME across Canada in a Publication
  • Honouring our RCEME Heritage
  • Antique objects, parts. Competition.
  • Link to national administrator
  • Develop esprit de corps competition and
    strengthen the bond between serving and retired
    RCEME members
  • 45-min Film The RCEME Soldiers Story,
  • Dan Rodrique film editor clips, interviews
  • Andrew Nellestyn and CWO Saunders
  • Afghanistan A Soldiers Story by Andrew
  • Coffee table book of anecdotes, stories
  • 75th Anniversary Artwork/Logo
  • Logo competition in mars 2014 OPI Corps Adjt
  • Artwork/Collage competition to be planned
    latter on
  • RCEME Journal Special Edition in 2019

De-linked from Commemorative Products (because
book will be published before 2019)
RCEME Corps Monument Move from A-72 to New RCEME
School Consolidation Site
RCEME Corps 75th Anniversary Thrust 2 Monument
Proposal drafted by Maj G.C. Garrard DCmdt RCEME
School 31 Oct 13
13/ 77
Enlarged View - South Learning Living Centre
RCEME Corps 75th Anniversary Thrust 2 Monument
Ortona Road
Dieppe Road
Lundys Lane
South LLC Quarters
CFSATE Consolidation
RCEME School Consolidation Phase 1 (HQ, Art Coy
HQ, EO Pl, Regt Coy complete)
14/ 77
Current and 4 x Potential Monument Sites
RCEME Corps 75th Anniversary Thrust 2 Monument
15/ 77
Best Option (from School perspective) Site 4 !!
? View from the North at the Ortona/Lundy
RCEME Corps 75th Anniversary Thrust 2 Monument
-Potential Monument location
RCEME Corps 75th Anniversary Thrust 3
Celebratory Activities
  • Potential Activities of Interest - National
  • Unveiling display at Ottawa War Museum
  • 75th Coin distribution to members
  • CFSAC Competition (send a RCEME team)
  • Adventure Training (send a RCEME team)
  • Nijmegen March (send a RCEME team)
  • Coast-to-Coast Bicycle Relay
  • School Open house (Borden) CFSRCEME
  • with an Opening ceremony ?
  • Skyhawks demonstration during opening ceremony ?
  • Kiosks Exposition all over CFSRCEME ?
  • or Museum Open House
  • National Golf Tournament
  • National Hockey Tournament (theme remain WO
  • National RCEME Mess Dinner

RCEME Corps 75th Anniversary Thrust 3
Celebratory Activities
  • Potential Ideas for Regional Activities
  • Arte Team
  • Recovery competitions
  • Fix and Fire competitions
  • Jiffy Jeep demonstrations
  • All trade competitions
  • Marte Team
  • RCEME biathlon (winter activity)
  • Silent Drill Team
  • Route Marches
  • Orienteering (patrolling) competitions
  • General Sports
  • Tug of War
  • Golf (Theme 75th Anniversary)
  • Curling (Theme 75th Anniversary)
  • Soccer
  • Baseball/Softball
  • Social (Party)
  • Mess Diner
  • Candle Light Diner
  • Balls/Dances
  • Feux de Joie

RCEME History Project Craftsman at 75
  • Intent
  • Produce a book, e-book and/or website to capture
    the last 25 years
  • Requirement to collect events, stories and
    anecdotes from larger RCEME community, filter,
    edit, publish
  • Exact CONOP TBC
  • Initial commemorative work published at 2019 with
    complete work sometime after 2019
  • Heritage Committee to develop proposed concept of
    implementation for approval at fall 2014 Corps
  • Initial suggestions
  • Populate information on the RCEME Website
  • Perhaps a timeline of significant events,
    punctuated with anecdotes, stories, etc
  • Capture the broader RCEME Community, serving and
    retired, new members, Friends of the Corps
  • Integrated with project communication plan,
    information collection plan
  • POC to sent info/ideas 2Lt Guzman-Bontemps

United Kingdom Artefacts REME School (Bordon, UK)
Gen McNaughton Cornerstone (Continued)
RCEME Information Repository
  • ?? Information Requirement ??
  • Stories, anecdotes, photos, items, etc
  • (Could be 75th Ann Project Team, Author, etc.)

Manage/Populate repository
RCEME Website
2. Verify if already available?
1. Request submitted
Populate repository
3. Track info reqrts , advertise
RCEME Archivist
Heritage Coord (202)
RCEME Historian
3. Submit request to archivist
Further req to historian
3. Submit request to network
Manage/consult archives
Consult Col Johnston, Doug Knight, etc.
5. Submit Info for publishing
RCEME Rep Network
WO Ferland
Bordon Archives
Div Rep
Div Rep
Formn Reps
Formn Reps
Formn Reps
Formn Reps
Formn Reps
Formn Reps
Formn Reps
Formn Reps
Formn Reps
Formn Reps
Formn Reps
Formn Reps
EMEA Members
RCEME Members
RCEME Members
RCEME Shared E-mail Account
  • Support required

  • OPIs required to act as PM for
  • 75th Anniversary Thrust 3 National and
    Regional Activities of Interest
  • History project
  • Fundraising
  • Museum
  • Historian / commemorative products
  • LCol Matsalla

  • RCEME 75
  • BPT provide POC for RCEME 75
  • Form local committees
  • Provide regional feedback into the national plan
  • Begin fund raising

  • Heritage committee
  • Missing input from
  • Western area
  • Navy / Air Force
  • SOF
  • Reserve officer
  • Reserve CWO
  • Missing representation from
  • 1x NCM
  • 1x CWO

  • Discussion
  • Questions


  • In Fall of 2016 REME School will be leaving
    Bordon (UK). The land and bldgs will be turned
    over to the town for redevelopment
  • That redevelopment plan will include the
    destruction of some bldg
  • REME Corps is currently conducting a survey of
    all artefacts of historical significance for
    their Corps
  • In the process, they have also identified many
    items which will hold significance to other
    organization (i.e. RCEME Corps)
  • Couples items would be worthwhile for the RCEME
    Corps to be repatriated to Canada (and not being
    torn down).

Gen McNaughton Cornerstone
  • History
  • Stone laid in 1942 as part of the foundation of 1
    Canadian Base Workshop (destined to become the
    largest Military Repair and Overhaul facility in
    the entire British Empire)
  • The facility was built for the Royal Canadian
    Ordinance Corps by the Royal Canadian Engineers
  • For RCEME, this workshop saw the birth of our
    Corps on the 15th of May 1944 as the unit changed
    from RCOC to RCEME under the command of Col
    Gordon A Secord
  • Following the War, the workshop was turned over
    to the British who immediately transformed it
    into their REME School.

Gen McNaughton Cornerstone (Continued)
  • Today
  • Decision has been made to close the Camp in
  • REME School/museum will be relocated to new site
  • REME Corps has accepted that the stone could be
    repatriated to Canada but will not pay to extract
    it or ship it (funding needs to come from Canada)

Gen McNaughton Cornerstone (Continued)
  • Underway
  • Contact with external contractor has been made to
    get cost estimate for the stone removal of the
    existing structure
  • Plan includes crating cost and building
    remediation costs
  • Cost estimate received
  • Process underway to pay contrator in UK

Other Historical Items
  • 20() red bricks engraved with Canadian Graffiti
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