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Transcript and Presenter's Notes



School Change
  • Are buildings necessary?
  • Are we hunting saber toothed tigers?
  • Educational design for each student?

From the Agricultural Age to Today
Information Age (knowledge workers)
Industrial Age (factory workers)
Agricultural Age (farmers)
18th century
19th century
20th century
21st century
From the Historical Perspective Recognizing
Right Brained Thinking
  • Carl Wernicke and Paul Brocas discoveries about
    language acquisition (Wernicke-spoken language
    Broca-understanding language) shaped peoples
    thinking that the left side of the brain was
    dominant---it makes us human
  • Roger Sperry The right side of the brain was
    superior at performing certain types of tasks
    There are two modes of thinking.
  • Overturned the notion that the left hemisphere
    was the dominant part of the brain.

  • The past decades have belonged to.A certain kind
    of person with a certain kind of mind
  • (Pink, 2006)

Left Brained
Narrowly logical, deeply analytical, linear,
computer-like capabilities
The future belongs to
Right Brained
How do we know so much about the brain, its parts
and functions?
Cognitive Neuroscience
  • Cognitive neuroscience is the study of the brain
    and nervous systems, including structure,
    function, and disorders. Neuroscience as a
    discipline emerged only in the last few decades.
  • Cognitive neuroscientists have learned more about
    the workings of the brain in the past ten years
    than they had in the past centurymostly due to
    Pet Scans.
  • Pet Scans show what areas of the brain are being
    engaged according to specific stimulus and what
    function it has ie executive function (frontal
    cortex) vs emotional arousal (limbic)

  • Can transform a real brain hidden within a skull
    into a virtual brain observable on a computer
  • Allows scientists to observe how various brain
    processing systems collaborate when they develop
    a decision and then activate the appropriate
    behavior captures pictures of the brain in
    action- as determined by blood flow

Current Findings on the Brains Two Hemispheres
  • Contralateral The left hemisphere controls the
    right side of the body the right hemisphere
    controls the left side of the body.
  • The left hemisphere is sequential (controls
    serial functions such as verbal activities such
    as talking, understanding others speech, reading
    and writing) the right hemisphere is
    simultaneous (specializes in seeing many things
    at once seeing all the elements of a situation
    and understanding what they mean).

Current Findings on the Brains Two Hemispheres
  • The left hemisphere specializes in text the
    right hemisphere specializes in context. The left
    hemisphere focuses on what is said the right
    hemisphere focuses on how it is said (includes
    facial expression, tone- non-verbal cues.
  • The left hemisphere analyzes the details (break
    down the whole into components) the right
    hemisphere synthesizes the big picture (Weave the
    components into a whole).

In essence.
  • Left Brain.
  • Converges on a single answer
  • Focuses on categories
  • Grasps details
  • Right Brain
  • Diverges into a Gestalt
  • Focuses on relationships
  • Sees the big picture

Although they function differently, The two
sides work in concert!
Why the Shift to R-Directed Thinking?
  • Material abundance that is deepening our non
    material yearnings
  • Globalization that is shipping white-collar work
  • Powerful technologies that are eliminating
    certain kinds of work

Abundance Elevates R-Directed Thinking
  • Abundance- the victory of L-Directed Thinking,
    has lessened its significance.now design,
    beauty, spirituality and emotion are the
  • While abundance has brought wonderfully beautiful
    things to our livesprosperity, personal, family
    and life satisfaction havent improved.People
    are searching for meaning! There is a rise in
    spirituality in the workplace.

Globalization-Outsourcing Elevates R-Directed
  • Work that was almost done exclusively in the
    United States- and that provided comfortable
    white-collar salaries of 70,000 a year, is now
    outsourced for 2/3 less
  • More than ½ of the Fortune 500 companies
    (Hewlett-Packard, Siemens, Oracle, Nokia, Home
    Depot, GE) outsource to India.
  • Any L-Directed work (financial analysis, IT,
    radiology) that is English-based such in markets
    such as the U.S., the U.K. and Australia can be
    done in India and instantly delivered via fiber
    optic links.

  • A society and economy built on people who are
    high touch and high concept.

Able to see the big picture
Inventors/ Creators
Story Tellers
High Concept
  • Detect patterns
  • Detect opportunities
  • Create artistic and emotional beauty
  • Craft a satisfying narrative
  • Combine unrelated ideas into something new

High Touch
  • To empathize with others
  • To understand the subtleties of human interaction
    interpret emotions and nonverbal expressions
  • To find joy in ones self
  • To elicit joy in others
  • To stretch in pursuit of purpose and meaning

How is High Touch/High Concept Materialized?
  • Yale and Harvard Schools of Medicine train
    doctors in the art of narrative medicine.
  • Medical school curriculum now incorporates
    special programs to develop medical students
    empathy for patients.
  • While Japanese students lead the world in science
    and math scores, they have redesigned their
    curriculum to foster creativity, play and
  • The Education Ministry in Japan has pushed
    students to reflect on the meaning and mission of
    their liveseducation of the heart.
  • MBAs vs MFA (Master of Fine Arts) MFA is now one
    of the hottest credentials in the worlddifficult
    to get accepted into programs
  • Today, we are all in the art business!

What are the Aptitudes for this Conceptual Age?
The Six Senses
Designers are the alchemists of the
  • Design is interdisciplinary people who design
    see the big picture. View things holistically
  • Design is the act of creating solutions.
  • In an age of material abundance, design has
    become crucial for modern businesses--- as a
    means of differentiation and as a way to create
    new markets.
  • As a result of rising prosperity and advancing
    technologies, good design is more accessible than
    ever, which allows more people to partake in its
  • As more people develop a design sensibility,
    well increasingly be able to deploy design for
    its ultimate purpose changing the world.
  • Design is the only thing that differentiates one
    product from another.

  • Study at Georgetown University Even if
    students, teachers and educational approaches
    remained the same, improving a schools physical
    environment increases test scores by 11.
  • Study at Pittsburghs Montefiore Hospital
    Surgery patients with natural lighting require
    less pain medication and their drug costs lower
    by 21
  • Study of two groups of people who suffered
    identical ailments 1 group in a sun lit,
    visually appealing ward, the other in a dreary
    conventional ward --- The group in the visually
    appealing ward were released at least 2 days
    earlier than the other group.

  • Keep a Design Notebook When you see a great or
    even, flawed design, keep note of it. You will
    soon be looking at graphics, interiors, and
    environments with greater aquity.
  • Read Design Magazines Reading design magazines
    will sharpen your eye and inspire your mind
    How, iD, O Magazine, Print, Real Simple,
    Metropolis, Dwell
  • Be Like Karim go to www.karimrashid.com to
    view the 50 point guide to life and design.
  • Be a Design Detective Visit open houses and
    look at real estate ads in search of homes likely
    to yield a mix of design ideas and insights
  • Design Something Yourself Examples Design your
    own font at www.fontifier.com, Nike shoe at
    www.atnikeid.nike.com or Vans skate shoe at
  • C-R-A-P ify Your Graphic Design Read about and
    learn the four basics of effective graphic design
    by reading The Non-Designers Design Book Design
    and Typographic Principles for the Visual Novice
    (Contrast, Repetition, Alignment, Proximity)
  • Be Choosy Choose things in your life that will
    endure, that are a pleasure to use. Never let
    things be more important than your family,
    friends, and your own spirit!

STORY Narrating imagining story is the
fundamental instrument of thought
  • Content enriched by Emotion As facts become
    so easily and widely available, they become less
    valuable. What matters more is the ability to
    place these facts in context and to deliver them
    with emotional impact!
  • In an age of abundance, storytelling
    differentiates organizations, businesses,etc.
  • Stories are important cognitive events, for
    they encapsulate, into one compact package,
    information, knowledge, context and emotion.
  • The tendency to see and explain the world in
    common narratives is very deeply ingrained that
    we often do not notice it.
  • Storytelling does not replace analytical
    thinking, but it supplements it be enabling us to
    imagine new perspectives and new worlds.
  • An organizations knowledge is contained in its
    stories Organizational Storytelling

  • Write a Mini-Sage Write a mini-saga just 50
    words longYet, it must have a beginning, middle
    and end.
  • Whip Out the Tape Recorder Find a friend or
    relative, sit him down, turn on a tape recorder,
    and ask questions about his life.
  • Visit a Storytelling Festival National
    Storytelling Festival Yukon International
    Storytelling Festival Bay Area Storytelling
    Festival Digital Storytelling Festival Sharing
    the Fire-New England Storytelling Conference
  • Get One Story Read short stories by Maribeth
    Batcha and Hannah Tinti.
  • Play Photo Finish Select a photo and fashion a
    tale about what is happening in the picture.
  • Experiment with Digital Storytelling Enhance
    storytelling by using modern technology Digital
    cameras, Photoshop, video editing programs-
  • Ask YourselfWho Are These People? When in
    public place, make up a story about two people
    you see. This activity can help one challenge
    assumptions, bypass stereotypes and broaden the
    stories you create in your interactions with

SYMPHONY .is largely about relationships
  • The ability to put together the pieces
  • To synthesize rather than analyze
  • To link unconnected elements to create something
  • Being able to understand the connections between
    diverse and seemingly separate disciplines
  • To detect broad patterns rather than to deliver
    specific answers
  • To invent something new by combining elements
    noone else thought to pair
  • With increases in automation and outsourcing to
    Asia, professionals must be equipped to do what
    technology cant do.recognizing patters,
    crossing boundaries to uncover hidden
    connections, and making leaps of imagination.
  • ..In the Conceptual Age, there are three kinds
    of people needed the boundary crosser, the
    inventor and the metaphor maker. In the next 10
    years, people will be required to think and work
    across boundaries into new zones that are totally
    different from their areas of expertise. They
    will not only have to cross these boundaries, but
    they will also have to identify opportunities and
    make connections between them.

  • Listen to Great Symphonies Listening to
    symphonies is an wonderful way to develop your
    powers of symphony.
  • Draw Learn how to draw Read the book Drawing on
    the Right Side of the Brain. Try drawing
    yourself using only five lines.
  • Hit the Newsstand Spend 20 minutes at the
    newsstand reviewing magazines youve never looked
    at. Then look for connections to your own work or
  • Look for Solutions in Search of Problems Read
    the book Why Not? How to Use Everyday Ingenuity
    to Solve Problems Big and Small. Smart solutions
    need a few more problems Examine existing
    solutions and ask two questions Where else
    would it work? Would flipping it work?
  • Follow the Links Choose a topic you find
    interesting, type it into Google and follow the
    links. Repeat the process, always clicking on a
    new link from the site youre working on. At the
    end, reflect on your journey and what you have
  • Create an Inspiration Board When your working on
    a project, empty your bulletin board and turn it
    into an inspiration board Each time you see
    something that you find compelling- a photo, a
    piece of fabric, the page of a magazine, pin it
    to the board- You will start seeing connections
    between the images that will enliven and expand
    your work.
  • Look for Negative Spaces Train your eyes to look
    for negative space in pictures. Being aware of
    negative space will change how you look at your

..feeling with someone, sensing what it would be
like to be that person----virtual
reality-climbing into anothers mind to
experience the world from that persons
  • Emotions generally arent revealed in L-Directed
    waysthey are mainly not put into words, but
    rather in non-verbal means--- Reading into
    expression is a R-brained speciality.
  • Because our brains are contralateral, when
    caretakers cradle babies who cant talk, they
    look at their emotions and solicit the right
    hemisphere to do it. (People who have damage in
    their right hemispheres or who have Autism, have
    difficulty translating facial expression and
    emotions. By contrast, people who damage to the
    right hemisphere, have difficulty processing
    language and are very good at reading facial
  • Cheap and widespread online access, combined
    with outsourced knowledge workers, are making the
    attributes measured easily by IQ more easily
    replaced--- what is far more difficult to
    reproduce is empathy.
  • Scientists in the field of affecting computing
    havent made much progress some can detect the
    existence of emotions but cant take it apart
    to understand it

REMEMBER..In the Conceptual Age.
  • Any work that be reduced to rules using computers
    or can be outsourced to low-wage workers
    overseas, will be eliminated.
  • The work that will remain will be require a deep
    understanding of the subtleties of human
  • New university course in business and medical
    schools are being developed called Interpersonal
    Dynamics.otherwise known as touchy-feely.
  • Empathy is needed to live a life of meaning.
    It is connected to Design, Story and SymphonyHOW?

  • Test yourself Empathy Quotient
    (www.tinyurl.com/dbsd8),Spot the Fake Smile
    (www.tinyurl.com/2u7sh ), Mayer-Salovey-Caruso
    Emotional Intelligence Test (www.emotionalintellig
  • Study Ekmans books. Emotions Revealed, Telling
    Lies, visit his website www.paulekman.com to
    learn about the expression training tools
  • Eavesdrop Listen to the conversations of those
    nearby. Then imagine yourself in their situation.
    What are you thinking and feeling at that moment?
    What emotions are coursing through your body?
    How did you end up in this particular place a
    this particular time?
  • PlayWhose Life? Ask someone to loan you a
    purse and take out identification of person. Then
    in small groups, review the contents and
    determine what sort of life personal,
    professional, emotional the person
    livesDetermine from the artifacts in the purse.
  • Empathize on the Job? A Day in the Life Do you
    really know what work is like for a colleague?
    Write participants names on flipchart. List 4
    categories my highs, my lows, my frustrations,
    my rewards. Post sheets on walls. Participants
    walk around and write what the answers are from
    their colleagues.

.Moving away from sober seriousness as a
measure of ability and the elevation of the next
essential high-concept, high-touch aptitude
PLAY! When you are playful, you are activating
the right side of your brain. The logical brain
is limited. The right hemisphere is unlimited.
  • Madan Kataria Physician in Mumbai,
    India---believes that laughter is contagious and
    a very integral component of improving health,
    increasing profits and brining world peace----
    laughter clubs are popular in India Laughter
    reduces stress hormones
  • It was once believed that work and play were
    toxic combinations- The opposite of play IS NOT
    workrather, it is depression.
  • People succeed when they have fun doing their

  • As abundance increases, work and play will become
    more common and necessary.
  • Games (including virtual sports) have become a
    larger business than the motion picture industry
    Field of education, the medical fields and the
    military have also embraced them as powerful
    learning tools Video games increase visual
    perception and the capacity to process
    information simultaneously
  • Changes in the ways games are build indicate
    less of a future demand for coders, but more for
    artists, designers, producers, and story-tellers.

.Humor embodies many of the right hemispheres
most powerful attributes the ability to place
situations in context, to glimpse the big
picture, and to combine differing perspectives
into new alignmentsAnd that makes play
increasingly valuable in the world of work.
  • Humor reduces hostility, deflects criticism,
    relieves tension, improves morale and helps
    communicate difficult messages.

  • Find a laughter club www.laughteryoga.org or
    read the book, view the video, or listen to the
    DVD Laugh for No Reason
  • Play the Cartoon Captions Game Get cartoons but
    white out the captions- Develop captions of your
  • Play at Inventing Check out the Invention at
    Play website at www.inventionatplay.org This
    focuses on the similarities between the way
    children and adults play and the creative
    processes used by innovators in science and
  • Get Your Game On Learn about and play all kinds
    of games! Yahoo! Games www.games.yahoo.com, Game
    Spot www.gamespot.com, Game Talk www.gametalk.com
    , Game Zone www.gamezone.com and Newsgaming,
  • Go Back to the Playground! Have fun at your
    neighborhood park!
  • Play Right-Brain Games Two new wireless games
    designed to test and enhance R-Directed
    abilities---- www.bluelavawireless.com

The search for meaning is a drive that exists
in all of us There is a growing recognition that
spirituality not religion necessarily, but the
more broadly defined concern for the meaning and
purpose of life is a fundamental part of human
  • While taking spirituality seriously is
    commonplace in Asia, because of the success of
    the L-Directed Thinking which has led to
    abundance, more and more people in the US are
    in search for their life meaning
  • Our capacity for faith (not religion) but the
    belief in something larger than ourselves-may be
    wired into our brains
  • There is a need for a whole-minded approach to
    medical healing L-Directed reason combined with
    R-Directed spirit
  • There is a need to take happiness more
  • There is a growing number of labyrinths
    People walk into them, and they shift
    consciousness from the linear to the non-linear-
    they begin to see their whole life David Tolzman
    (designed and built the John Hopkins labyrinth)
    stated, As the left brain engages in the logical
    progression of walking the path, the right brain
    is free to think creatively

  • Say Thanks Gratitude enhances well-being and
    deepens ones sense of meaning
  • Write a letter of gratitude and then read it to
    the person.
  • Take the 20-10 Test Jim Collins, in his book
    Good to Great, asks. If you inherited 20
    million or you knew you had 10 years to live,
    would you continue to do what you are doing now?
    Would you stick with your current job? How would
    you spend your days?
  • Measure Your Spirit Spiritual Transcendence
    Scale If you score high, you believe that there
    is a larger plan and meaning to life Index of
    Core Spiritual Existence- It will let you now how
    much spirituality plays a role in your overall
    happiness Visit www.tinyurl.com/5sz7u
  • But Out Break through your obstacles Compile a
    list of some of the importance changes youd like
    to make happen in your life and whats keeping
    you from actualizing them. Then exchange the
    ands for the buts. Example I like to
    spend an hour a day on exercising, but I always
    have other things to do. Take the excuse
    out of your reason and make the change!
  • Visit a Labyrinth Go to the Worldwide Labyrinth
    Locator wwll.veriditas.labyrinthsociety.org

Creating the 21st. C. Curriculum
The Generative Question What curriculum will
prepare students for the 21st Century? What
skills values will be required?
  • creativity and innovation
  • facility with the use of ideas and abstractions
  • self-discipline and organization to manage ones
    own work and drive it through to successful
  • leadership
  • ability to function well as a member of a team

Creating the 21st. C. Curriculum
The Generative Question What curriculum will
prepare students for the 21st Century? What
skills values will be required?
  • Do we believe the following?
  • Imagination is more important than knowledge?
    Albert Einstein. If so why so little of it in
    school from grade 4 on?
  • Note Fourth-grade slump," Newsweek, 2/19/07.
    40 of 5-8 year olds read each day. "Kids lose
    their mojo when they get to 4th grade. Declining
    interest in reading (by 4th grade it drops to
    29) and gradual disengagement from school.

Creating the 21st. C. Curriculum
The Generative Question What curriculum will
prepare students for the 21st Century? What
skills values will be required?
  • Do we believe the following?
  • Theres too much pressure on our overscheduled
    kids. If so, why does research say the most
    engaged and healthy kids are heavily involved in
  • Cf Yale Professor Joseph Mahoneys study the
    more activities the better Newsweek 10/2/06.
    Also, Douglas Heaths research in Schools of Hope
    and Lives of Hope on successful independent
    school graduates success tracks best not with
    grades or SAT scores but with extracurricular

Creating the 21st. C. Curriculum
The Generative Question What curriculum will
prepare students for the 21st Century? What
skills values will be required?
  • Do We Need More of or Less of
  • Teaming in class not just out?
  • Math, Science, Technology?
  • Critical Thinking Skills? What exactly are
    they? Can you measure them?
  • Ethical grounding?
  • Communications Skills?
  • Creativity?

In the new Conceptual Era Ask Yourself
  • Can someone overseas do it cheaper?
  • Can a computer do it faster?
  • Am I offering something that satisfies the
    nonmaterial, transcendent desires of an abundant

And Remember. The Age of the Art world will be
in your hands if you are.
  • Inventors
  • Artists
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Imaginative
  • Right-brain professionals
  • Emotionally intelligent
  • Storytellers
  • Effective, empathetic communicators
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