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Finance admin sessions


Finance admin sessions CFL Finance 13th & 14th November 2013 A Data Controller will be in breach of any rights owed to a Data Subject, where their Data is disclosed ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Finance admin sessions

Finance admin sessions
  • CFL Finance
  • 13th 14th November 2013

Guest inputs
  • Pensions - Teachers
  • Diane Whyte
  • Vicki Langston
  • Pensions LGPS
  • Freda Townsend
  • Audit and Governance
  • Helen Garvey Audit Governance Manager
  • Patrick Austwick Deloitte Internal Audit
  • HR/Liberata Payroll
  • Cathy Brearley
  • Suresh Uppu
  • Paul Fitzpatrick

  • Schedule AM 13/11/13
  • 09.30 - 10.15 Finance Team
  • 10.15 - 10.40 Pensions Teachers/LGPS
  • 10.40 - 11.00 Break
  • 11.00 - 11.20 Audit and Governance
  • 11.20 - 11.30 AOB
  • 11.30 - 12.00 Croydon HR / Liberata Payroll 
  • Schedule PM 14/11/13
  • 13.30 - 14.15 Finance Team
  • 14.15 - 14.40 Pensions Teachers/LGPS
  • 14.40 - 15.00 Break
  • 15.00 - 15.20 Audit and Governance
  • 15.20 - 15.30 AOB
  • 15.30 - 16.00 Croydon HR / Liberata Payroll

Proposed finance agenda
  • Team update
  • Various
  • 13/14
  • Funding 14/15
  • AOB

Update on the CFL finance team
  • Restructure completed June 2013.
  • In terms of the direct support to schools there
    is a dedicated team under the direct leadership
    of the Head of Finance.
  • A senior schools finance advisor
  • Two schools finance advisors
  • Two finance officers

CFL Finance Team Structure Autumn 2013
CFL Head of Finance 1FTE Lisa Taylor
  • Finance Manager 1FTE 0
  • SCFS, Learning and Inclusion
  • Janet Baidoo
  • Finance Manager 1FTE
  • Educ Funding Community and Support Services
  • Ian Geary
  • Management Accountant 1FTE
  • Funding
  • Ingrid Auguste
  • Management Accountant 1FTE
  • CALAT and CSS
  • Jan Elliott
  • Management Accountant 1FTE
  • Social care family support
  • Fatmata Mustapha
  • Management Accountant 1FTE
  • Social Care and Family support
  • Kay Oshin
  • Management Accountant 1FTE
  • Learning and Inclusion
  • Margaret Oliso

Management Accountant 1 FTE consolidation -Jude
  • Finance Officer 1FTE
  • Schools funding and pensions
  • Greg Boyce
  • Finance Officer 0.5FTE
  • CALAT and CSS
  • Lorraine Wallace
  • Finance Officer 1FTE
  • Schools funding
  • David Morris
  • Finance Officer 1FTE
  • Schools funding
  • Nicholas Vargas
  • Finance Officer 1FTE
  • Social Care and Family support
  • Tracey Pearson
  • Finance Officer 1FTE
  • Social care and family support
  • Bamidele Akinfenwa

Finance Officer 1FTE - Learning and
Inclusion Vera Ladega
  • Finance Officer 0.4FTE
  • Funding and consolidation
  • Shirley Cross
  • Finance Support Officer 0.22 FTE
  • Systems
  • Cathy Horne
  • Finance Support Officer 0.36FTE
  • Schools funding
  • Sarah Pearce

Senior Schools Finance Advisor 1FTE John Fennell
  • Finance Support Officer 1FTE
  • Early Years
  • Celda Legister

Schools Finance Advisor 1FTE Jane Frith
Schools Finance Advisor 1FTE Patrick Leavy
Finance Officer 1FTE Louise Watts
Finance Officer 1FTE Vanessa Newton
Apprentice 1FTE Jessica King
Update on the CFL finance team schools support
  • John Fennell appointed November 2013
  • Jane Frith schools finance advisor
  • Patrick Leavy schools finance advisor appointed
    November 2013
  • Ingrid Auguste reverting back to her management
    accountant role. Ingrid will be keeping a small
    number of schools and will also be available to
    provide back up and support when required.
  • Vanessa Newton finance officer
  • Louise Watts finance officer
  • Martin Dean will be leaving us at the end of this

Update on the CFL finance team funding
  • Ian Geary is the finance manager leading the
    funding and pensions processes
  • The members of the team areGreg Boyce, David
    Morris, Nick Vargas, Celda Legister, Sarah Pearce
    and Cathy Horne.
  • They will deal with teachers pensions, the
    development of the funding formula for primary
    and secondary schools and the allocation of funds
    to all types of schools and PVIs.
  • Apprentice Jessica King.
  • CIPFA Trainee Don Robertson.

Update on the CFL finance team high needs
  • Janet Baidoo is the finance manager leading the
    funding for high needs and early years
  • Janet will deal with development of the changes
    in high needs and early years funding formula to
    all types of provision

  • Presented by Ian Geary

Funding Sheets1
  • This is the remittance advice for our funding
    payment to you each month
  • It shows
  • Capital funding
  • De-delegated monies (ie expenditure taken from
    gross funding)
  • Delegated funding (both Schools Block and Early
    Years Block)
  • SEN and High Needs funding
  • Other grants

Funding Sheets2
  • Schools Block
  • This shows each formula factor for your school
    (AWPU AEN lump sums rates)
  • This should not change during the year it is
    based on pupils counted in the preceding October
    census (Oct 2012)
  • Early Years Block
  • This shows the early years free provision for
    your school
  • Free provision does change, based on the
    pro-forma returns completed each period

Funding Sheets3
  • High Needs Block (HNB)
  • For mainstream schools, this will be the top up
    amounts to meet the needs of statemented pupils
  • It is the cost over a 6,000 threshold, which is
    the 12 hours per week at 12.55 per hour, and
    will be shown per pupil
  • Notional funding is not extra funding it is part
    of the Schools Block sums on the previous slide
  • Special Schools / PRUs get Place funding as well
    as top up funding. This is because they dont
    get AWPU AEN in the usual way
  • Please check the names and hours of pupils!

Funding Sheets4
  • High Needs monies for Out of Borough pupils
  • The responsibility has now changed
  • Schools need to contact the other LA to get the
    top-up funding paid directly to the school
  • Pupil Premium Grant (PPG)
  • Again responsibility has changed
  • PPG for Looked After Children is paid to
    responsible LA you need to contact that LA to
    get funding for a CLA in your school who is not a
    Croydon child

Schools block growth fund
  • This is a separate part of the schools block,
    agreed by Schools Forum
  • Provides revenue funding for- bulge classes-
    expansion programmes- amalgamations- and
    similar instances where the funding formula
    doesnt cope well with structural changes to
  • Most now funded in 2013-14, but let the team know
    if you think you are owed it

Funding 2014/2015
  • Consultation held during September October
  • Main changes
  • - mobility
  • - prior attainment
  • - lump sum
  • What is not changing is level of funding and MFG
    reduction of -1.5

Funding 2015/2016
  • Expect a national formula for primary and
    secondary schools and possibly some further
    convergence for early years and high needs.
  • I predict there will still be some local/regional
    differences but these may only be for a
  • The Department for Education will launch their
    consultation early in the New Year

Funding 2013/2014
  • Any questions about - funding sheet codes?-
    early years?- high needs?
  • De-delegation should be thought of as
    expenditure, rather than lower funding
  • New funding sports grant return needed

Timetable of returns
January 2014 School submits Period 9 (quarter 3) return and Analysis of Balances Proforma 28 January 2014 or 14 January 2014 if school is in deficit
February / March 2014 School sets initial budget Electronic version returned by 31 March 2014
March 2014 Schools Financial Value Standard (SFVS) and Assurance SFVS due by 31st March 2014 and must have been agreed by the governing body at a Full Governing Body Meeting before that date
April 2014 School submits Period 12 (quarter 4) return 28 April 2014 or 14 April 2014 if school is in deficit
April 2014 School submits the 2013/14 year end schedules and preliminary CFR return (SFVS due by 31st March and must have been agreed by the governing body at a Full Governing Body Meeting before that date) The end of year returns are due by the 3rd Thursday in April 2014 - schools will be notified of the actual date as part of the closing of accounts instructions
April / May 2014 Scanned and signed initial budget Signed version 1 May 2014
June 2014 School submits final CFR return DfE set the date, but it is normally in late June once the date has been confirmed schools will be notified
  • Schools Forum are looking at schools with
    apparent excessive balances and reviewing the
    balance analysis produced within the year end
  • If in deficit then need to apply for a licensed
    deficit and follow the procedure for deficit

3 year budgets
  • Schools should be projecting balanced budgets for
    the next 3 years
  • Make estimates
  • The HCSS FPS.web software is Croydon personalised

  • Electronic or active spreadsheet so we can pull
    out the data from the cells
  • Signed
  • Confusion over quarterly returns
  • There are two - a normal quarterly return - an
    analysis of balances

  • Dates need to be adhered to. This is an Audit
    requirement and each schools date of return is
    recorded and will be checked by Internal Audit.
  • We do issue dates in advance and many are also on
    the Fronter calendar and Finance Matters.

Returns - SFVS
  • Please encourage your Headteacher and Governing
    Body to start looking at this NOW
  • They must be- updated from March 2013 do not
    just submit last years with no changes- agreed
    by governing body- fully signed before 31 March
    2014- received by 31 March 2014
  • Internal Audit check every SFVS when you are

Returns Book B (Contracts) / Bank Statement
March 2014
  • Please start completing your Book B now. It is
    for all your contracts /SLAs 2013/14. This is
    one of the most important documents in the
    academy conversion process so should be kept up
    to date.
  • March 2014 bank statement must be signed, scanned
    and returned promptly this includes any deposit
    accounts linked to your main account and they
    both must be recorded in Book A.
  • Audit requirement both internal and external
  • Thank you to all the schools that returned the
    audit queries promptly during the Summer.

Other external / internal audit queries
  • Please ensure you do have a signed staff contract
    on file in school for every member of staff.
  • If you do not have one please approach HR or see
    if your staff member has a copy they can bring

Setting the 2014/2015 budget
  • Electronic budget plans by 31 March 2014
  • Signed budget plans by 1 May 2014

29 760 5610
LGPS and Teachers Pensions
  • Presented by
  • Freda Townsend Local Government Pension Scheme
  • Diane Whyte Teachers Pensions
  • Vicki Langston Teachers Pensions

http// http//lgps2
Audit and Governance
  • Presented by Helen Garvey

Information Management Helen Garvey - Audit
Governance Manager
Data Protection Act 1998
  • The Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA) gives people
    rights over personal data that is held about
  • This includes all information held on paper,
    computer records, data bases, emails etc.

Is it Data?
  • Can a living individual be identified from the
    data, or, from the data
  • and other information - if yes then it is Data
  • Personal Data information which relates to a
    living individual who could be identified from
    that information e.g. name, address, date of
    birth, employment details, housing benefit
    details and National Insurance number, family
    information etc and/or
  • Sensitive Personal Data information about a
    living individual which indicates their racial
    origin, political/religious beliefs,
    physical/mental health, sexuality, criminal
    convictions or trade union membership.

Processing Data
  • Personal Data generally consent of the data
    subject is
  • may not be required to process their Personal
    Data as long
  • as there is compliance with the 8 Data Protection
  • Sensitive Personal Data generally requires the
  • consent of the data subject before their
    Sensitive Personal
  • Data can be processed.

8 Data Protection Principles
  • Fairly lawfully processed
  • Held processed for limited specifically
    registered purposes
  • Adequate, relevant not excessive
  • Kept accurate up to date
  • Kept for no longer than is necessary
  • Processed in line with data subjects access
  • Kept secure against unauthorised access, loss,
    disclosure or destruction
  • Not transferred outside of the E.U. without an
    adequate level of protection

Points to consider
  • Has your school got an up to date information
    management policy?
  • Do you have a record retention schedule for
  • How long do you keep data for?
  • Who can access pupil data (particularly data not
    currently in use)?

Points to consider
  • Is personal data securely destroyed?
  • Do you use encrypted memory sticks and laptops
  • Do staff email personal data to their personal
    email accounts?
  • Do you use data only for the purposes you are
    registered for?
  • How would you report data loss?

Subject Access Request (SAR)
  • Any data subject can request information held
    about them from a data controller - this is
    called a SAR.
  • All requests must be in writing and there is a
    statutory fee of 10 for each request and a
    reply must be provided with 40 days of the
    request subject to applicable exemptions in the
  • Third Parties - (member of the family, solicitor
    etc) acting on behalf of a data subject requests
    information on their behalf. Check!

Wrongful disclosure
  • A data controller will be in breach of Data
    Protection rights owed to any data subject, where
    their personal data is disclosed to a third party
    without the requisite consent.
  • Where this happens, an individual can lodge a
    complaint with the Information Commissioners
    Office (ICO) and can also go to court to seek
    damages for breach of their Data Protection

Education (Pupil Information) (England)
Regulations 2005 (EPIR)
  • In addition to DPA, pupils and parents also have
    separate rights to access to the Educational
    Record under - EPIR.
  • The definition is wide and includes any
    information about current and past pupils that is
    processed by or for a schools governing body or
  • It includes a 'curricular record', defined in
    Section 4 of the Regulations as a formal record
    of a pupils academic achievements, other skills
    and abilities and progress in school. Except for
    information the teacher has solely for their own

Education EPIR
  • Under the EPIR information may be withheld if it
    relates to
  • information which might cause serious harm to the
    physical or mental health of another individual
  • Cases where the disclosure would reveal a child
    is at risk of abuse
  • Information about third parties
  • Information contained in adoption and parental
    order records
  • Information given to a court in proceedings under
    the Magistrates Courts (Children and Young
    persons) Rules 1992
  • Copies of examination scripts providing
    examination marks before they are officially

  • Not all information about pupils is contained in
    their educational records.
  • Where a request is made under DPA, a pupil or
    parent will be entitled to all the information
    (subject to exemptions) relating to the pupil and
    this is not limited to the educational records.
  • Requests - in writing to the Board of Governors.
    Records should be made available for inspection
    parent free of charge within 15 days of the
    request being made.
  • Where a request for copies of these records is
    made should be disclosed within 15 days following
    payment of fee - 1 to 19 pages, 1.20 29 pages
    will cost 2 maximum of 500 pages 50.

Words of warning
  • Every e-mail sent, every note on a piece of paper
    etc could fall within the remit of these pieces
    of legislation.
  • It is not where the information is held that is
    important i.e. e-mails sent via personal email
    addresses about school business are also
  • The preventing disclosure following a request may
    in the given the circumstances be a criminal

  • Failure to comply with any part of these pieces
    of legislation may lead to a complaint being made
    to the Information Commissioners Office (ICO),
    who may choose to investigate possibly resulting
    in an Enforcement notice requiring the School to
    take remedial action.
  • Failure to comply with an Enforcement Notice may
    result in the ICO referring the matter to the
    High Court - who can choose to treat the matter
    as a contempt of court.

When things go wrong
  • ICO fines Surrey
  • County Council
  • for data
  • breaches
  • Surrey has been
  • fined 120,000
  • by the ICO for a
  • "serious breach"
  • of the DPA after
  • sensitive personal
  • information was
  • emailed to the
  • wrong recipients
  • on three
  • occasions.
  • Brent Council's data loss gaffes revealed
  • A civil liberties protection group has revealed a
    catalogue of personal data loss gaffes by Brent
  • Other incidents in Brent include
  • - Brent Council documentation stolen from an
    employee's car.
  • - Brent data found on a 'highway' in recycling
  • - Brent meeting minutes sent to wrong parent
  • - Documents sent to wrong recipients in post

A receptionist who unlawfully obtained her
sister-in-laws medical records in order to find
out about the medication she was taking has been
found guilty of an offence under section 55 of
the Data Protection Act. She was given a two
year conditional discharge and ordered to
pay 614 prosecution costs.
  • Where to find Guidance
  • Data Protection - http//
  • Educational Records -
  • http//
  • General Guidance for Schools -
  • http//

  • Thank you!
  • 0208 7605489

Croydon HR / Liberata Payroll
  • Presented by
  • Cathy Brearley
  • Suresh Uppu
  • Paul Fitzpatrick