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A Unique Opportunity for EOSDIS


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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: A Unique Opportunity for EOSDIS

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A Unique Opportunity for EOSDIS
  • The explosion of advanced technology coupled with
    a more sophisticated, insatiable demand for
    information has created a need for accessing big
    images, real fast.

What is MrSID?
  • MrSID stands for Multiresolution Seamless Image
  • MrSID is a powerful wavelet-based compressor,
    viewer and file format for massive raster images
    that enables instantaneous viewing and
    manipulation of massive images locally, and over
    networks while maintaining maximum image quality.

MrSID Product Description
  • MrSID technology includes a full line of
    compressors and viewers tailored for different
  • MrSID Compress typically compresses 10Mb to 50 Gb
    images and displays them in seconds.
  • Primary benefits include instantaneous browsing
    of massive images and increased storage capacity.

MrSID Easy Access to Large Imagery
Task Specific Environment
  • Image Creation/Editing
  • Accuracy
  • Speed
  • Ease-of-Use/Access
  • Application Metadata
  • Speed
  • Ease-of-Use/Access
  • Metadata

Client Desktop Environment
Internet Environment
  • Number of Users

History of MrSID
  • Originally developed at Los Alamos National
  • Years of research development behind the
  • Same team developed wavelet-based image standard
    used by FBI.
  • Three patents issued.
  • LizardTech established as exclusive
    commercialization agent through U.S. Technology
    Transfer Act.
  • LizardTech developed commercial MrSID
  • First commercial product introduced in March 1997.

MrSID Commercialization
  • LizardTech responsible for standardization and
    extension of technology.
  • Broad-based industry and user support.
  • Initial market focus includes Mapping/GIS,
    Document Management, and Medical Imaging.
  • Goal Make MrSID a standard like Microsoft Word
    , Adobe PhotoShop , and ArcView GIS .

MrSID Features
  • Unsurpassed Compression Ratios 15-201 for
    Grayscale/ 30-501 for Color
  • Uncompromised Image Quality
  • Seamless Wavelet Compression
  • Automatic Seamless Mosaicking
  • Selective Decompression
  • Selective Multiresolution Browsing
  • Unprecedented Speed
  • Compress Images of Practically Any Size

MrSID Benefits
  • Next-generation, wavelet-based image compression.
  • Inherent Multiresolution.
  • Seamless, automatic mosaicking during
  • Image Database innovation which allows selective
    decompression of any part of the image.
  • Ideal for massive images (100s of Mb/Gb).
  • High compression ratio variable settings.
  • One file format, any platform/OS.
  • Highest quality in the market.

MrSID Versus Tiled Imagery
x , y
  • Automatic mosaicking
  • Single image file
  • No seams
  • No tiles

One of many catalogued images
  • A single, seamless image

MrSID Multiple Resolutions
  • No pyramid
  • Incremental display of imagery
  • Instantaneous display
  • Application independent
  • Platform independent
  • Any part of the image, at any resolution, in

8 meter/pixel
2 meter/pixel
1 meter/pixel
MrSID Selective Decompression
500 Kb of Imagery
  • No Pyramids
  • Only decompresses whats needed
  • On-the-fly, view dependent
  • Output to other format(s)

150 Mb of Imagery
MrSID Product Strategy
  • Products Specification
  • MrSID Publisher Virtually any image
    size. Multiple image seaming/
  • MrSID Professional 500 MB image size
    limit. Multiple image seaming.
  • MrSID Limited 100 MB image size
    limit. Single image.
  • MrSID Viewer(s) Internally, OEM, and partner
    developed viewers.
  • MrSID Image Server Client/Server architecture.
    Large images over Internet, FAST.

MrSID Viewing Solutions
  • Use free MrSID Software Development Toolkit (SDK)
    to enable existing applications to read MrSID
  • LizardTech to accomodate HDF-EOS Grid format in
    addition to formats already supported (GeoTIFF,
    ERDAS, BSQ, BIP, BIL, Sun Raster, USGS DOQ, and
    flat raster).

Compression Technology Comparison
Input File An 8 by 10 inch 24-bit color image
scanned at a physical resolution of 300 dots per
inch. The image requires 20.6Mb to store
  • Parameters MrSID LZW JPEG
  • Compressed Size 639Kb 9,340Kb 1,872Kb
  • Compression Ratio 331 21 121
  • Resolution Excellent Excellent Poor
  • Decompress Speed 2 s 14 min. 5.11min.
  • Seamless Compression YES no no
  • Multiresolution YES no no
  • Selective YES no no Decompression
  • Geometric Accuracy YES YES no
  • Compress/ Decompress YES no no Any Size
  • Efficiency Excellent Poor Poor

Compression Technology Comparison
  • MrSID versus Fractal MrSID has faster
    decompression MrSID has superior quality MrSID
    has pixel level/geometric accuracy
  • MrSID versus FlashPix/JPEG Pyramids MrSID has
    much smaller file size MrSID has better quality
    higher compression ratios MrSID builds views
    based on existing data (not separate files)

MrSID vs JPEG Pyramids
JPEG Pyramid
  • MrSID

33 larger before compression
NO file size increase before compression
Wavelet-Based Competitors
  • Other wavelet-based image compression products
    all share the same limitations MrSID solves
  • Lack of mission critical image quality.
  • Limited size of image that can be compressed.
  • Lack of integrated selective decompression.
  • Lack of single, cross-platform file format.
  • Lack of legacy system support.
  • Lack of imaging and mapping industry support.
  • The ability to compress images of virtually any
    size without edge artifacts or seams and
    Selective Decompression are the basis for the
    patented intellectual property in MrSID.

MrSID Market Focus
  • Aerial/Satellite Imagery
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Document Management Systems
  • Medical Imaging
  • Image Archives (e.g., Museums Libraries)
  • Games/Synthetic Worlds

MrSID Solutions - GIS
  • Work with MrSID imagery just like any other image
  • Complete geo-spatial and geometric accuracy.
  • Accurately measure distances/areas
  • Existing/new vector data overlays precisely
  • Automatic, seamless image mosaicking.
  • Same .sid image file can be used for any
    mapping/GIS application on any platform.

Benefits for EOSDIS
  • HDF library can integrate MrSID API
  • Terabytes of imagery collected each day can reach
    users more quickly
  • Commercial imagery providers, software vendors
    and users are embracing MrSID to the point where
    it will soon be a standard delivery format of
    processed imagery.

Contact Information
  • LizardTech
  • Kevin Howald - Eastern U.S. Manager
  • 7812 Old Chester Road
  • Bethesda, MD 20817
  • TEL 301-320-9817 FAX 301-320-9818
  • howald_at_clark.net or kevinh_at_lizardtech.com
  • http//www.lizardtech.com
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