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Understanding Leadership Styles in the Workplace


Understanding Leadership Styles in the Workplace Teamworks Bill Gallagher The Promoter Let s Lead the Enjoyable Way Desire: Enjoy work. Is valuable in work ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Understanding Leadership Styles in the Workplace

Understanding Leadership Styles in the Workplace
  • Teamworks
  • Bill Gallagher

4 Leadership styles
  • Driver/Red Production is everything in the
  • Organizer/Blue Planning is everything in the
  • Stabilizer/Green Peaceful environment is
    everything in the workplace
  • Promoter/Yellow People are everything in the

5 Common Leadership Strengths
Driver Visionary Decisive Hardworking Negotiator Honest Organizer Structured Integrity Quality Work Loyal Focused Stabilizer Tolerant Kind Cooperative Relaxed Fair Promoter Friendly Encouraging Communicator Team builder Motivator
5 Common Leadership Weaknesses
Driver Impatient Tactless Poor listener Insensitive Intimidating Organizer Controlling Unforgiving Suspicious Unrealistic Negative Stabilizer Indecisive Lazy Too easygoing Passive Fears conflict Promoter Irresponsible Impulsive Self-centered Unorganized Permissive
Recognizing the Drivers
  • Clothing Practical, comfortable, seasonal.
  • Office Simple, professional desk, achievements,
    plaques, degrees, awards. Few pictures.
  • Telephone No time for small talk, may ask
    quickly, What can I do for you? seem in a hurry
    or on a mission, business only!

Recognizing the Organizer
  • Clothing sharp, meticulous, conservative colors
    in style, ironed and creased well.
  • Office Everything in place, a lot of family
    pictures, highly organized.
  • Telephone Professional greeting always, they
    sound and feel busy, prefer not to chit-chat,
    and will delegate or pass on information to the
    right source.

Recognizing the Stabilizer
  • Clothing Casual, relaxing for them, not flashy
    and plain colors.
  • Office Simple, art or scenes of nature, hi-tech,
    very few family pictures, personal photography.
  • Telephone Very pleasant, monotone in voice
    inflection, low volume, not wordy (generally one
    word answers), would prefer to text or email.

Recognizing the Promoter
  • Clothing Colorful, flashy, current, a lot of
  • Office Piles, organized chaos, family pictures,
    usually music.
  • Telephone Sound delighted to hear from you, loud
    voice, cheerful sounding, very talkative, can ask
    personal questions and be too transparent about
    their personal life!

Getting the Most out of the Drivers
  • What to go to them for
  • Big picture and ideas
  • Project management
  • Setting and accomplishing goals
  • How to work with them
  • Give bottom line quickly
  • Dont make excuses or procrastinate
  • Determined success by action and results

Getting the Most out of the Organizers
  • What to go to them for
  • Developing a detailed plan
  • Research, analysis and management of data
  • Accuracy and completing tasks with precision
  • Editing They are the first to spot an error
  • How to work with them
  • Be specific with what you want and leave them
  • Be prompt with what you say you are going to do
  • Dont spring sudden changes on them

Getting the Most out of the Stabilizers
  • What to go to them for
  • Encouraging teamwork and cooperation
  • Process improvement and excellent ideas
  • Clarity and solutions with difficult issues
  • How to work with them
  • Slow down with instructions and be clear with
    deadlines and expectations
  • Reduce conflict by approaching them in a calm way
  • Support them in working alone

Getting the Most out of the Promoter
  • What to go to them for
  • Motivating others through change
  • Team development
  • Scheduling out of office events
  • How to work with them
  • Give them deadlines and help them focus
  • Dont micromanage, give them independence
  • Occasionally acknowledge their worth in the

What Drivers Want
  • Respect Loyalty from team, sense of being in
    control, credit for accomplishments and a strong
    work ethic from others.
  • Energy Level Highest of all, needs little rest,
    thrives on working with people they can direct.

What Organizers Want
  • Understanding Desires hard, accurate work and
    integrity from others, support when down, quiet
    space to work alone and personal self
  • Energy Level Moderate energy, overwhelmed,
    drained by people.

What Stabilizers Want
  • Fairness Everyone to get along, occasional
    solitude, concise and clear direction and
    appreciation for their quiet insights.
  • Energy Level Lowest of all, need a lot of rest,
    drained by people (especially if there is

What Promoters Want
  • Acknowledgement Desires attention, approval,
    acceptance and variety with projects.
  • Energy Level Very fast paced with sudden
    exhaustion spells. They thrive on people/crowds.

How to Interact With a Leader
Heart Thinkers (Emotional)
Head Thinkers (Logical)
Head Thinkers (Logical)
Dislike being controlled
Heart Thinkers (Emotional)
Approaching Each Leader
  • Driver
  • They desire to take charge, or being given
    something to do. Dont repeat yourself, give them
    options. Be solution oriented and value their
  • Organizer
  • Verbal appreciation, informing them in advance if
    a project is going to change or be delayed,
    keeping your word, taking their concerns
  • Stabilizer
  • Listen carefully without interruption, stay calm
    with presentation, give them time to process
    request. Try not to verbally cut them off.
  • Promoter
  • Appreciate their creativity and new ideas, be
    patient with and learn to work with their
    procrastination, acknowledge their value as a
    team member.
  • Put a positive spin on criticism.

Communication that Drivers listen to Brevity is
  • Drivers have a goal in every conversation,
    rambling doesnt work!
  • They want to know the main point upfront.
  • They want the answer.
  • They need solutions.
  • Words that work I need to quickly ask, whats
    more efficient, whats your opinion or viewpoint
    on this, my purpose in coming to you is, when can
    we discuss?

Communication that Organizers listen to Timing
is Everything
  • Every spur of the moment conversation is an
  • Schedule a time for lengthy or critical topics.
  • Try to remove all distractions.
  • Make sure their current project is completed.
  • Words that work Would you think about this,
    when can we discuss, I need you to think about

Communication that Stabilizers listen to Verbal
Respect is Everything
  • Conversations shouldnt frequently lead to
  • Look for the good in them
  • Dont give too much information at one time
  • Wait patiently for their responses
  • Words that work Does this make sense or what do
    you think? Im looking for your objective
    insight, take time to process this and get back
    to me.

Communication that Promoters listen to Positive
Feedback is Everything
  • They desire your interest
  • Eye contact is important
  • Ask questions about their subject matter
  • Words that work I appreciate you, what matters
    to you matters to me, I have confidence in you,
    can I share something that could be helpful to

When Strengths Become Weaknesses (When your
Driving is too fast)
  • Natural Strengths
  • Born leader
  • Decisive and in charge
  • Quick and active
  • Loves to work
  • Strengths too extreme
  • Angry when questioned
  • Decides for everyone
  • Impulsive choices
  • Works beyond whats healthy

When Strengths Become Weaknesses (When your
Organizing is too inflexible)
  • Natural Strengths
  • Schedule oriented
  • Functions well alone
  • Precise with projects
  • Very thorough with work
  • Strengths too extreme
  • Struggles without one
  • Isolates reclusive
  • Demands accuracy
  • Expects everyone else to be thorough

When Strengths Become Weaknesses (When your
Stabilizing is too weak)
  • Natural Strengths
  • Low-keyed emotions
  • Easy going /Adaptable
  • Cooperative
  • Mellow
  • Strengths too extreme
  • Hides Emotions
  • Lets others decide
  • Too Easy- yes man
  • Lazy and too laid back

When Strengths Become Weaknesses (When your
Promoting is too flippant)
  • Natural strengths
  • Magnetic personality
  • Good communicator
  • Sense of humor
  • Socially magnetic
  • Strengths too extreme
  • Depends on charm
  • TalkingSecurity
  • Not serious enough
  • Too loud and wild

Being the best Driver you can be
  • Drivers Do..
  • Encourage others verbally or in writing
  • Make time for others concerns
  • Consider others ideas
  • Issue a request instead of an order
  • Drivers Dont.
  • Expect everyone to do it your way
  • Assume everyone wants your advice
  • Expect everyone to produce like you
  • Write others off if they are emotional

Being the best Organizer you can be
  • Organizers Do.
  • Grow thicker skin
  • Think before you say no
  • Give room for others imperfections
  • Graciously allow for interruptions and delays
  • Organizers Dont.
  • Expect everyone to have lists and schedules
  • Assume others know your needs
  • Assume the worst
  • Refuse to delegate

Being the best Stabilizer you can be
  • Stabilizers Do
  • Say what you mean
  • Learn to say No
  • Write problems and solutions down
  • Face conflict quicker
  • Stabilizers Dont.
  • Let resentment build
  • Always say I dont care, make a choice
  • Procrastinate
  • Keep running from conflict-stonewalling

Being the Promoter you can be
  • Promoters Do
  • Listen better
  • Remember your obligations
  • Use a calendar
  • Acknowledge rank and hierarchy
  • Promoters Dont.
  • Expect others to protect you forever
  • Over commit yourselves with projects
  • Laugh everything off
  • Dominate conversations

The Driver/Red Lets Lead My Way
  • Desire Have control of decisions and future
  • Could improve if They became more patient,
    didnt expect everyone to produce as he/she does,
    slow down and focused on the need at hand.
  • As a leader he/she Has a natural feel for being
    in charge, a quick sense of what will work and a
    sincere belief in his/her ability to achieve, but
    may overwhelm less aggressive people.
  • Reactions to stress Tighten control, work
    harder, run faster, and very little compassion
    for those who are incompetent.
  • Recognized by Fast moving approach, quick grab
    for control, self-confidence, and overpowering
  • Feels respected when There is compliance,
    everybody is a team player, and loyalty to the

The Organizer Lets Lead the Right Way
  • Desire Have it right and follow protocol.
  • Could improve if He/she didnt take life quite
    so seriously and didnt expect staff to be
  • As a leader Organizes well, is sensitive to
    peoples feelings, has deep creativity, wants
    quality performance, and has compassion for the
  • Reactions to stress Withdraws, becomes moody,
    feels like giving up, and recounts the problems.
  • Recognized by Serious, sensitive nature,
    well-mannered approach, self-critical comments,
    meticulous and well-groomed looks and full
  • Feels respected when They are appreciated,
    listened to, and not expected to adjust the
    standards of their work .

The Stabilizer Lets Lead the Easy Way
  • Desire For everyone to get along, and keep
  • Is valuable in work Because he/she cooperates
    and has a calming, stabilizing influence
    mediates between contentious people, and
    objectively solves problems.
  • Could improve if Sets goals and becomes
    self-motivated, be willing to move faster than
    expected and become more decisive in handling
    problems, nipping issues in the bud.
  • Reactions to stress Live in denial and hope
    issues go away on their own, stuff problems,
    avoid confrontation.
  • Recognized by very casual and calm approach,
    relaxed and likeable, easy going presence.
  • Feels respected when you remain calm and
    solution oriented with problems and dont force
    them to be or act different.

The Promoter Lets Lead the Enjoyable Way
  • Desire Enjoy work.
  • Is valuable in work For promoting ideas,
    optimism, encouraging others, and good with P.R.
  • Reactions to stress Change the scenery, minimize
    serious problems, and blame others for
  • Recognized by Accepting of all staff members,
    enthusiastic, ability to mix easily, an abundance
    of fresh ideas and are either greatly loved by
    co-workers or highly irritating to the structured
    thinkers of the organization (so my blue/red
    nurse wife says).
  • Feels respected when They feel valued, ideas are
    acknowledged, and they are given freedom to be

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