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The Lord of the Flies by William Golding


The Lord of the Flies by William Golding This is an island. At least I think it s an island. That s a reef out in the sea. Perhaps there aren t any grown-ups ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: The Lord of the Flies by William Golding

The Lord of the Flies by William Golding
  • This is an island. At least I think its an
    island. Thats a reef out in the sea. Perhaps
    there arent any grown-ups anywhere.
  • - Piggy to Ralph (p.12)

  • This refers to the physical (geographical)
    location in which the novel occurs. Novels tend
    to have one major setting and several minor
  • Is this true of this novel?
  • One setting the island though several
    specific locations on it.
  • Where is the novel set? Quote to support your
  • On an island in the Pacific 'the great Pacific
    tide' Ch 3 Mentions of 'Gib' and 'Addis' on
    their way. Coconuts, coral reef, palm trees,
    warm water.

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  • List the most important locations within the main
  • the beach near the lagoon with the platform
  • the mountain top where they light the fire
  • the enclosed place in the jungle where Simon
    communes with nature
  • the spot on the beach where Jack builds his fire
    and where Simon is killed
  • Castle Rock, where the tribe set up HQ

  • Look at the descriptions on page 38 to help you
    draw a map of the island. Once you have
    completed the map, add and label the following
  • The scar
  • The mountain
  • The meeting platform
  • Castle Rock

The island
  • This refers to the time in which the novel is
    set. A novel can have more than the one time
    setting. It also includes the length of time
    covered by the story.
  • When is this novel set? Cite evidence to support
    your answer.
  • An unspecified time (but given the book was
    written in 1954, probably around then). After an
    atomic war.
  • What time span does the story cover?
  • They are there for some weeks, maybe months
    their hair grows enough to need tying back. Yet
    since there are no seasons, there is no clear
    passage of time.
  • There is a significant gap in time between the
    events of Chapters 3 and 4.
  • However, the events of the last few chapters take
    place over a matter of days. Once the hunters
    let the fires go out, the society on the island
    disintegrates at an alarming rate.

Discussion Point How important is setting to the
Coral Island Vs the island in Lord of the Flies
  • Listen to the excerpt from Coral Island.
  • How is the island in Coral Island depicted?
  • Positively. It automatically makes the narrator
    think of God.
  • What might the island resemble according to
    Biblical terms?
  • The Garden of Eden

Paradise Found?
  • Is the island in LOTF really like the Garden of
  • Find examples that show us how the boys
    perceptions of the island change throughout the
  • At first the boys see it as paradise this is a
    good island (p.45) it has fruit, pigs, fresh
    water, and a reef to protect them.
  • Then the descriptions become more neutral as the
    boys become aware of the discomforts of living it

  • (contd.) the wind pressed his grey shirtstiff
    like cardboard (p. 96) with a convulsion of
    the mind, Ralph discovered dirt and decay
    understood how much he disliked perpetually
    flicking the tangled hair out of his eyes
    (p.96). We also see that the conch is fading
    because of the sun
  • After they see the beast, the island becomes
    blatantly menacing. When building the signal
    fire on the beach, the boys deliberately avoid
    getting wood from the deep jungle. The darkness
    also becomes threatening the skirts of the
    forest and the scar weresufficiently friendly in
    daylight. What they might become in darkness
    nobody cared to think (p.161).

What impact do the boys have on the island?
  • Basically destructive.
  • They scar the island when they land or rather,
    the plane does.
  • They burn it twice the second time
    deliberately, destroying their own food supplies.
  • Rocks are rolled to destructive effect.
  • They litter everywhere, and defecate where they
    feel like.
  • They hunt and kill the pigs including the
    breeding sow, which is equally self-defeating.

The Devils Playground
  • Reading The Lord of the Flies, we realise that
    the island is like a huge playground for the
  • However, all of the play on the island carries an
    undercurrent of menace.
  • Look at Ralph, Simon, and Jack on pp.36-37. What
    is the significance of their play with the

  • It foreshadows the boulder that will hit Piggy
    and push him to his doom.
  • The boys play at re-enacting the hunt. Look at
    the first game at pp.93-94, and then at the
    second at pp.141-143.
  • What is the difference between the two
  • The first time they really are playing. Maurice
    is the pig, and the game doesnt last long. It is
    broken up when Ralph announces he is calling a

  • The second time round, Robert plays at being the
    pig. Before, the boys pretended. Now they
    surround Robert, jabbing at him with their
    spears. They disregard his cries of pain and
    plea to stop. The boys excitement builds up to
    the point where even Ralph is fighting to get
    near, to get a handful of that brown, vulnerable
    flesh. The desire to squeeze and hurt was
  • How is the boys behaviour evolving? What are
    these games leading up to?
  • The murder of Simon.
  • Can you remember any other games played by the
    boys that mirror their destructive tendencies?

Setting Society
  • This refers the sorts of people in the novel, the
    social situation and the socio-economic class of
    the characters, as well as to general state of
    society, to the general attitudes, beliefs and
    feelings operating within society, and how they
    directly or indirectly affect the world of the

  • What is the social situation of the characters?
  • They are all boys, evacuated from schools (mostly
    prep schools) in England. Most are middle to
    upper middle class choir school, Ralph's father
    is in the navy. Piggy seems to be the only one
    from a different class his auntie owns a
    sweetshop and he speaks poorly, suggesting lower
    middle class.

  • Does social situation or social class affect the
    characters in this novel in any way?
  • Piggy is an outsider for reasons other than his
    class. Jack assumes that his leadership of the
    choir confers privilege on him. The biguns
    believe that as English boys, they can do
    anything. The lack of girls deprives the boys of
    their ameliorating instinct to domesticate and
    also any hope of a long term society.

The British Way
  • When Golding wrote the book in 1954, Britain
    still had a great colonial history. The British
    saw themselves as spreading civilised ideals to
    the occupied (and unoccupied) edges of the world.
  • Find some quotes that represent the British view
    of the world.
  • Weve got to have rules and obey them. After
    all, were not savages. Were English and the
    English are best at everything. So weve got to
    do the right thing (p.55)
  • Which quote turns out to be ironic and why?
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