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Ethics of Moslem nurses differ from other non Moslem values in many aspects as explained after


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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Ethics of Moslem nurses differ from other non Moslem values in many aspects as explained after

Ethics of Moslem nurses differ from other non
Moslem values in many aspects as explained after
1-Moslems Ethics are Part of the Islamic
  • The Moslem nurse
  • when fulfills the Ethical behaviors and values
    dose this only to obtain the satisfaction of
    Allah Almighty.
  • The Moslem is Always committed to ethical
    behavior regardless of whether he/she dose this
    behavior in public or secret or even whether any
    professional disciplines are existing or not.
  • Sometimes you feel that people might do good
    deeds just to be praised by others, where Moslems
    need to act just because they cant do any thing
    but good deeds.

2- Moslems have a Supreme judge of what is
Ethical behavior
  • What can be considered ethical for other nations
    is not necessarily true for us as Moslems.
  • In some countries an action can be considered
    legal in front of the law, but still considered
    unethical behavior.
  • "Examples of these acts are planned abortions,
    euthanasia (Mercy Killing!!!), etc.."
  • In some societies these acts are debate full
    where they shouldnt be in Moslem societies as
    the judge is Allah who never mistakes and Always
  • So ethics of Islam are to be taken and followed
    by all Moslems the way they are, because Allah is
    who legislated them for the sake of all human

3- Setting High Prospects for those who are
highly motivated
  • In Islam all people are expected to act
  • No one can be expected to be out of the zone of
    ethical practice, but this zone is not standstill
    but its a continuum ranges between the extreme
    high and the accepted border line.
  • Through this continuum people nurses are
    expected to compete among each others.
  • Those who might practice unethical behaviors will
    be considered doing something forbidden.

Characters of Moslem Nurses
  • All nurses regardless of what believes they have
    are expected to demonstrate a variety of
    characteristics, but the following ones should
    always be in the mind and practiced by the Moslem

1- Excellence of Practice
  • This is illustrated by-
  • Seeking the best level of work and practice.
  • Seeking continuity of education and knowledge
    formal and informal, which will for sure be
    positively reflected on the work environment?

2- Commitment
  • Moslem nurses need to be committed to their
    profession and should not see it as a source of
    income only, but should devote themselves and
    time for it.
  • This is especially important because lack of
    commitment will lead to malpractice and

3- Mercy
  • Mercy is a very important character in the
    Moslems personality, and it (Rahma) was deducted
    from name of Allah (Al-Rahman) The most Merciful.
  • Moslem fighters were very kind and merciful with
    the injured persons among their enemies during
    the different Islamic battles throughout the
  • This means that we have to be extremely merciful
    with patients from our own people.

4- Kindness
  • It needs to be the character of our communication
  • - Patients.
  • - Visitors.
  • - Doctors.
  • - Colleagues.
  • - Others.

  • Major Challenges Facing Moslem Nurses

1- Mixing
  • If we didnt have the financial and practical
    abilities to reach complete separation between
    the two genders, then we need to make it to the
    least possible level.
  • Its really a very critical area of concern and
    we have to observe Allah and fear him in this

2- Taking advantages and over exposure
  • Unnecessary invasion of privacy is absolutely
  • Exposure needs to be the least possible extend
    and the area of exposure should only be the area
    of work.

3- Routine Practices and Malpractice
  • Creativity is an important character in the
    Moslem personality.
  • Routine work can lead to lack of motivation and
    malpractice and then lead to fatal mistakes which
    might cost people heir lives.

4- Robbing
  • Robbing is commonly known to be of material
    things as money and valuables.
  • One other form of robbing in the nursing field
    can be the robbing of the eye and time.
  • As Moslems we have to put in mind that we need to
    be honest and dependable at all times and under
    all circumstances.

5- Blackmailing
  • which can be against
  • Colleagues.
  • Patients.
  • Visitors.
  • Doctors.
  • Others.

6- Taking Advantage of Post
  • As offering a special care to relatives or asking
    for money to take care of some patients on the
    account of others.

  • Thank You All
  • Any Question ??????