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William Shakespeare


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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: William Shakespeare

William Shakespeares A Great big fuss over not
a lot Or Much Ado about Nothing
What is your first impression of these people?
Introduction to Much Ado
  • Goal To understand basic aspects of character
    upon which to build an understanding of the text.
  • Look at the poster on the following slide. Using
    your deep and perceptive intellect, make an
    intelligent guess about what the play might
  • Copy to symbols from the whiteboard each is an
    introduction to an aspect of character. Try to
    decode them.
  • Now read these lyrics from a song included
  • in the play this gives further clues as to
  • the nature of the action. What else might
  • you gleam from these?
  • Text allocation and collection.

Posters impressions????
"Sigh No More, Ladies... (From "Much Ado about
Nothing") Sigh no more, ladies, sigh nor more
Men were deceivers ever One foot in sea and
one on shore, To one thing constant never Then
sigh not so, But let them go, And be you blithe
and bonny Converting all your sounds of woe
Into. Hey nonny, nonny. Sing no more ditties,
sing no mo, Or dumps so dull and heavy The
fraud of men was ever so, Since summer first was
leavy. Then sigh not so, But let them go, And
be you blithe and bonny, Converting all your
sounds of woe Into. Hey, nonny, nonny.
Much ado Unit structure
  • Starter
  • Set aside a page and create a table of contents
    for your notes with a heading from each box
  • Set out a page in your books with an appropriate
    heading for notes on each of the points

I can understand the plot and sub-plots
I am aware of the major characteristics of
Claudio, and how they are constructed
I can analyse the way love and constancy is
presented and the way it contributes to our
judgement of characters
I am aware of the major characteristics of Hero,
and how they are constructed
How can I have a comprehensive understanding of
the literary elements of Much Ado
I can appreciate how humour is created and its
I am aware of the major characteristics of
Beatrice, and how they are constructed
I can analyse the theme of noting finding
examples and comment on their significance
I am aware of the major characteristics of
Benedick, and how they are constructed
I can appreciate the importance of honour and
slander to the characters and plot
I can analyse the presentation of the theme of
deception and its motivation
  • Much Ado about Nothing Character Exposition
  • Explore how Shakespeare constructs our first
    impressions of Beatrice
  • Slide 6
  • Lines 1 20 The exposition of situation what
    information are we given.
  • Enter Beatrice what are your first impressions?
    What do we learn of her relationship with
  • What impression is gained of Benedick through
  • Beatrice?
  • Evidence of Beatrices wit find the extended
  • simile
  • The key question HOW does Shakespeare
  • influence our first impression of Beatrice?

Character Exposition Benedick Goal Explore how
Shakespeare constructs our first impressions of
Benedick Benedicks first line what is he
implying? Is this disrespectful?
Beatrices first comment TO Benedick look out
for the pattern! The Merry war of words. Of
what do each accuse the other? What do both
profess to believe in? What evidence is there of
history between the two of them? Much ado about
noting The second movement The interchanges
between Benedick and his sworn brother Claudio
How are each of these characters presented
through this? Enter Don Pedro why the change
to verse? What motivates Claudio? Slide 6
Much Ado - Claudio Goal To explore how
Shakespeare introduces and presents the
character of Claudio Much ado about noting The
second movement The interchanges between
Benedick and his sworn brother Claudio How are
each of these characters presented through this?
Enter Don Pedro why the change to verse?
What motivates Claudio? I.i The last movement
Don Pedro and Claudio What impression do you
get of these two through this? What about
Claudios question? Why do you think that
Shakespeare has switch to verse here? I.i
Review What do we know at the end of this
scene? Plot / subplot Fact Golf Par 10,
Birdie 15, Eagle 20, Albatross
25 Feedback
First Essay
  • What techniques does Shakespeare use to create
    impressions of the two pairs of lovers in I.i?
  • Techniques? What are the choices?

Much Ado About NOTING I.ii, I.iii
Starter Chinese Whispers game On Tuesday, if
the moon is full, the vulture will fly
sideways. Reading I.ii What is noted during
this scene? How does appearance differ from
reality? Reading I.iii Questions as
above. What is the difference between these two
scenes Homework First essay How does
Shakespeare present Beatrice, Benedick and
Claudio in i.i? Two pages, due 4/11
Is all deception malicious??
Much Ado about Essays
Goal To have a thorough knowledge of
characterisation techniques, so as to be able to
complete the essay below
What techniques do I use to present my major
characters in Act One of Much Ado about Nothing?
Part Two Essay Revision Looking at your
Part One Essay Planning Complete grid /mind-map
on next slide
Complete the following as either a mind-map or
grid (Choose the one you like!)
Character Technique Effect
Beatrice Through her dialogue, first with the messenger, then with Benedick

Benedick Through reactions to Claudios adoration of Hero

Claudio Through report of him in his absence.

Don John Through interaction with his confidants

Act Two Scene One The Prelude Goal To
understand the complex deceptions at play in this
scene, and explore in depth how our understanding
of major characters is further informed.
  • The first movement
  • What contrasts between Hero and Beatrice are
    apparent here?
  • What does Beatrice envisage as the ideal man?
  • 3. What new insights do you get about characters
    from the beginning of this scene?

Enter the revellers Beatrice and Benedick
Playful Deception Find the line where Beatrice
realises that its Benedick who shes talking to.
How does she take advantage of this knowledge?
Of what faults does she accuse Benedick?
Act Two, Scene One Malicious Deception Goal To
explore the nature of the foreshadowing attempted
deception of Claudio. Starter (Start-uper) Re-cap
what colour is Don Johns feelings for Claudio?
  • Reading and discussion The remainder of the
  • Claudios deception what are your thoughts
    about the way he responds to Don John? What does
    this incident reveal about Claudios character?
  • Happy Endings
  • What tasks does Benedick request? Why? Why
  • Can you detect a difference between Beatrices
    declaration about marriage here, and that from
  • What does Don Pedro offer Beatrice how does she
    respond? WHY?
  • How would YOU get Beatrice and Benedick to

Movie time hoorah!
  • Goal To consolidate your understanding of the
    plot so far, and understand the conclusion of the
    different storylines
  • Homework no homework, no film!
  • Viewing make notes, or complete a timeline to
    make sure you understand the plot as it develops.

Summary 2.2
  • Summary Act II, scene ii
  • The bitter and wicked Don John has learned of the
    upcoming marriage of Claudio and Hero, and he
    wishes that he could find a way to prevent it.
    Don Johns servant Borachio devises a plan.
    Borachio is currently the lover of one of Heros
    serving women, Margaret. He suggests that Don
    John go to Claudio and Don Pedro and tell them
    that Hero is not a virgin but a whore, a woman
    who has willingly corrupted her own innocence
    before her marriage and at the same time chosen
    to be unfaithful to the man she loves. In order
    to prove this accusation, Don John will bring Don
    Pedro and Claudio below the window of Heros room
    on the night before the wedding, where they
    should hide and watch. On the balcony outside
    Heros room, Borachio will make love to
    Margaretwhom he will have convinced to dress up
    in Heros clothing. The watchers will then see a
    woman who resembles Hero making love with
    Borachio, and will thus believe Don Johns claim
    that Hero has been false to Claudio. Very pleased
    with the plan, Don John promises Borachio a large
    reward if he can pull it off and prevent the
    planned wedding.

The Deception of Benedick and Beatrice Goal
Show appreciation of the complex psychological
appeals made which enable both Bt and Bn to be
deceived. G/W How manipulative are you? If you
had to try to fool Benedick into falling in love
with Bt, how would you make sure he was
convinced? Benedicks eavesdropping Reading
Act 2, Scene 3 Ll 130 -180. Find three
different techniques the men use to manipulate Bn
into swallowing their ruse Benedicks soliloquy
Why does he believe what he has heard? What is
he worried about? How will he defend himself
should anybody ridicule him now? Enter Beatrice
How does dramatic irony work here? What one line
is especially ironic?
Act Three, Scene One Mirror Images and
Parallels Goal Appreciate the structural
similarities between this scene and the previous
one. Hero and Ursula What differences do you
see in Hero in this scene? Why might this
be? Enter Beatrice What metaphor continues to
run through this scene? Of what faults do they
accuse Beatice? What compliments do they pile
upon Benedick? How else do they manipulate
Bt? What similarities are the techniques used in
this scene, and the one prior to this.
Much Ado About Marking Goal to be aware of the
assessment criteria for AS, and apply these to
you own work. Essay returns they have been
marked, I have given feedback, Its not on you
essaygt Criteria and explanation Self assessment
Grades Self assessment Target
setting Teacher assessment Where do YOU think
the ABCDE boundaries go???
What are the WWWs and CBBs of your essay????
Act 3, Scene 2 A scene of two halves Goal To
appreciate the sudden change in mood in this
scene, and appreciate how it explores the
fickleness of men. Lines 1 58. How do the men
tease Bn? How does he respond? How does this
part of the scene explore fickleness? Lines 59
100 How does the mood change here? What are your
thoughts about Claudios reaction to DJs slander?
What is the significance of Honour here? How
does this part of the scene explore fickleness?
Timed Essay
  • Explore how Claudio is presented up to Act 3,
    scene 2 of Much Ado about Nothing
  • Chronological structure is most sensible
  • Find 3 4 significant extracts and focus on

Act Three, Scene Three malapropisms and
madness! Goal To appreciate how comedy is
constructed through characterisation by language
use and twisted logic. To begin to have an
awareness of the use of scenes with juxtaposed
moods Reading Ll 1 -94. What sorts of
instructions do the watch receive? What do you
notive about DBs vocabulary? What about his use
of proverbs? His logic? Why have this scene
now, after a very serious and sinister turn of
Reading L 95 What is the purpose of this
movement in the scene? Why have it now? What do
we find out? What do we hope might now happen?
Why doesnt it? How does this affect the pathos
of Heros Slander?
Act Three, Scene Four Recap what happened in
3.2? How does this scene parallel 3.2? What
differences can you notice in Heros character?
Margaret what do we know about her thus far?
How is her earlier behaviour / tendencies
reinforced in this scene? AO3 Focus Double
entendre find and annotate a few examples. Act
Three Scene Five What is the purpose of this
scene? How does Shakespeare use language to
present Dogberry here? How does it contribute to
the tragedy?
Act Three, Scene Five The Dramatic Climax
Reading The Climax. Reading and
annotation AO3 How does Claudio use language to
hurt? How does Shakespeare present his
characters here? Discussion What do the
actions and reactions of characters reveal about
their true natures in 3.5? Critical reading
model essay from course-book. Your TURN the
BEST essay paragraph you can write. How does the
response of Beatrice / Benedick present aspects
of their character?
How does the response of Beatrice / Benedick
present aspects of their character?
  • Useful connectives moreover, additionally,
    however, furthermore
  • Can you use more than one brief quotation to show
    youve synthesized?
  • Can you cross reference to earlier quotations to
    show a wider understanding?
  • Can you evaluate comment on how a particular
    technique is effective
  • Embed your quotations
  • Use a formal register
  • Useful critical vocabulary connotes, implies,
    suggests, emphasizes, reinforces, creates an
    image of, develops the audiences awareness of

Act 4, Scene ii Why does Sirrah offend
Borachio? Why whould Dogberry be excited about
this opportunity? What evidence of his
excitement can you find? forget not that I am
an ass! What does Dogberry mean? Why comedy
now? How does if assist the development of the
plot and effect the tension level? Act V Scene
1 The first movement why Leonatos change?
Inter- changes between Claudio and Leonato
violence of language Key Line We had t have
our two noses snapped off with two old men
without teeth. Does Claudio find this funny?
Some directors have seen this thus. The challenge
is Benedick fickle?
Act 5, Scene One Continued Goal Explore the
development of key themes Starter Translate
Dogberrys speech (191 - 194) Borachios
confession is there any honour in him? (See
also Ll297 300) Leonatos accusations fair
and reasonable? Claudios reaction does he
redeem himself? How does this scene further
explore the themes of deception and honour???
  • Devise 3 possible essay topics for your
  • Due Wednesday

Act Five Scene Two Goal Explore the
presentation of the Relationship between Bt
Bn Margaret and Benedick what is the tone
of this conversation find examples to
illustrate your claims. Bn Bt what parallels
do you notice here with their earlier
interchanges? How does it differ? Lines 78-79
why is this humorous? What does this scene
suggest about the nature of the love between
Beatrice and Benedick?
Act Five Scene Three
  • Claudios redemption
  • To what extent does this scene
  • Show Claudios sincere sorrow for his actions?
  • Show a change in his character?
  • Redeem him?
  • AO3 what's the most striking image in the
    lament / song? Justify your choice

Act Five, Scene Four
  • Reading and annotation
  • -How are all the loose
  • ends tied up?
  • Extended writing whom do you believe will have
    the more successful marriage?
  • Being Nasty - How would you punish Don John?

Much Ado about Exams
  • Goal To be aware of the patterns to be found in
    the shorter exam questions and how to respond to
  • Previous and Possible Questions
  • Shared Planning
  • Individual Planning
  • SXY Paragraph Time

Previous Questions What patterns do you
  • 2. To what extent is manipulation central to the
    play as a whole?
  • 3. Life can be a comedy for those who think and
    is full of tragedy for those who feel.
  • Use Much Ado About Nothing to focus a discussion
    on the extent to which this is true.
  • Using detailed supporting evidence, discuss the
    significance in the play of ONE of the following
  • disguise melancholy
  • Or Option 3(b)
  • Using detailed supporting evidence, discuss the
    extent to which ONE of the following is a central
    theme or motif in the play
  • Social Criticism Gender Roles the Pastoral

Possible Questions
  • 2. To what extent is deception central to the
    play as a whole?
  • Or Using detailed supporting evidence, discuss
    the significance in the play of ONE of the
  • Eavesdropping Slander
  • Or Using detailed supporting evidence, discuss
    the extent to which ONE of the following is a
    central theme or motif in the play
  • Love and Marriage The battle of the sexes Jealousy

To what extent is deception central to the play
as a whole?
  • The fundamental significance of deception to Much
    Ado about Nothing can be seen through the fact
    that both the main and subplots revolve around
    this theme. In the Claudio/Hero plot, Don Johns
    malicious deception provides the obstacles to the
    lovers happiness, leading to Claudio deciding,
    where I should wed her, there I will shame her.
    In the sub-plot of the play, the
    Beatrice/Benedick story, deception is also
    critical. Having been deceived into believing
    they were eavesdropping, both these characters
    soften in a sense, reversing their past
    sentiments against love and stating, When I said
    I would die a bachelor, I did not think I would
    live until I were married. in Benedicks case,
    and, Love on I will requite thee, in
    Beatrices. Thus, deception is a vehicle for
    uniting and deviding lovers in Much Ado about
    Nothing, and given that the plot and subplot
    revolve around this, it is therefore of central
    importance to the play as a whole.

And at level two
  • Analyse how the beginning of the text created a
    strong impression of at least ONE character or
  • 2. Analyse how at least ONE setting helped
    develop an important theme.
  • 3. Analyse how surprise and / or humour helped
    the writer communicate an important message.
  • 4. Analyse how the writer created impact in ONE
    important section.
  • 5. Analyse how internal and / or external
    conflict were important to the text.
  • Note internal conflict means conflict within a
    character / individual, and external conflict
  • conflict between different characters /
    individuals or groups.
  • 6. Analyse how the writer influenced you to think
    differently about an important idea or issue.

Extract Questions
  • Goal To develop the skills with which to respond
    to these sorts of questions
  • Starter What do they look like?
  • Our turn a planned response Use this extract
    as a starting point for a discussion about
    Deception in the play.
  • Your Turn Use this extract as a starting point
    for discussion about the relationship between

Your Turn Use this extract as a starting point
for discussion about the relationship between
  • Of immediate note to the audience in this scene,
    is the merry war between Beatrice and Benedick,
    which shows their wit and sharp minds,
    establishing a clear parallel between the two.
    Each attempts to turn the others words against
    them, in a bout of verbal swordplay that
    includes such jibes as
  • Benedick God keep your ladyship in such a
    mind so that some gentleman shall scape a
    predistinate scratched face
  • Beartice Scratching could not make it worse,
    twere such a face as yours.
  • Here the war of words shows them both equal to
    the others, wit. Additionally, Shakespeare
    creates the suggestion of a hidden attraction.
    Both are so similar, and so frustrated by the
    other, that the audience might well wonder if
    they are destined to be united as the lay

Context Test
  • Goal Demonstrate your recall and analytical
  • Complete the context test for Much Ado about
  • Good Luck keep a careful eye on the clock!

Much Ado about Contrast
  • Goal Explore the contrast between the two sets
    of lovers.
  • Starter what would Shakespeare think of this
    song by the Pixies?
  • My mistress' eyes are nothing like the sun Coral
    is far more red, than her lips red If snow be
    white, why then her breasts are dun If hairs be
    wires, black wires grow on her head. I have seen
    roses damasked, red and white, But no such roses
    see I in her cheeks And in some perfumes is
    there more delight Than in the breath that from
    my mistress reeks. I love to hear her speak, yet
    well I know That music hath a far more pleasing
    sound I grant I never saw a goddess go, My
    mistress, when she walks, treads on the
    ground And yet by heaven, I think my love as
    rare, As any she belied with false compare.

Much Ado about Contrast Goal Analyse examples
of contrast between character Starter Who will
have the most successful marriage? Justify your
response? The two contrasting pairs of lovers.
What contrasts are there between them? In your
groups come up with a list of as many contrasts
as you can think of between Each pair
Claudio and Benedick Hero and Beatrice
Feedback what did you come up with? Find a
quotation for each character that capture BOTH
the essence of their character and contrasts
So what? The two pairs of lovers contrast. Big
  • How does this contrast enable Shakespeare to
    provide social commentary? How does it help him
    comment on the differences between true love and
    an affectation of love?
  • Question Using Beatrice and Benedicks
    acceptance of each others affection as a starting
    point, discuss how Shakespeare presents love in
    Much Ado.

Much Ado about Deception Goal To be able to
identify crucial examples of the presentation of
deception and explore the moral viewpoint of
Shakespeare. Starter Deception Golf Par 5,
Birdie 7, Eagle 10, Albatross 12
Categorise examples of each type of deception,
and explain what the motivation behind each is
Think motives
Think context
Extended writing What is Shakespeares moral
view of deception?
Socratic Listening / Oral Assessments (2 Lessons)
Goal To speak clearly and persuasively and
listen actively and sensitively Each group will
have a different speaker to focus on. You are
looking to make notes on each speakers content
so you are provide feedback, giving 3 W.W.Ws
(What worked well) and 2 EBIs (Even Better if)
  • Providing sophisticated points
  • Supporting ideas with well chosen evidence
  • Analysing Shakespeares use of language
  • Exploring different possible interpretations
  • Using a formal, academic vocabulary and register.

A Listening is required by the audience. Your
job is to Write down your speakers name and be
ready to make notes so you can accurately assess
their performance Create an atmosphere in which
everyone can excel
Much Ado about Honour
  • Goal To explore the significance of honour to
    the audiences attitudes about characters
  • Starter Honour Hunt how many references can
    you find?
  • Honour what is it how can we define it?
  • Honour and Gender what differences exist?

Unpacking the question
  • To what extent is honour central to Much ado
    about Nothing?
  • Shared planning
  • SXY Paragraph time.

Coursework Planning
  • Topics Setting your coursework in stone
  • Advice Sheets how are we assessed?
  • Planning step one group discussion what
    five incidents in the play are of particular
    relevance to your topic formulate then discuss
    with your group.
  • Planning step two suggested models.
  • Planning step three sequencing using template
  • Planning step four conferencing and deadlines

Dealing With Presents
  • Goal To be confident with the concept of
    presenting character or theme
  • It at a table with 2 other people focussing on
    the same type of coursework question Either
    character based, or theme based.
  • On the paper, list as many different ways that
    themes or character can be presented with each,
    give an example from the text.
  • Jig sawing one person from each group, visit
    another group to compare and share.
  • Construct a presenting checklist, of things your
    essay should explore in order for it to deal with
    the word presents in the title.

Exemplar Analysis
Yes, Tom and Rhodri, it was today that it was due.
  • Goal To read an exemplar critically and
  • Deadline day first page and plan please
  • Reading example essay a live script from a
    student of two years age.
  • Groups to discuss and list strengths and
    weaknesses AND put it in a
  • band, and give it a mark .
  • Mark feedback, and the REAL grade.
  • Now find the weakest paragraph. Your challenge
    in pairs is to
  • write this paragraph, making it better than
  • Feedback.
  • Create your own checklist ten things I need to
    do to raise
  • my grades in essays are

Research / Tutorial / Catch Up Time
  • Goal To solidify your understanding of key
    aspects of the text in relation to your essay
  • Option A
  • If you are reasonably comfortable about what you
    are going to write about, go to the library, and
    read some analysis of key parts of the play which
    will help with your essay.
  • Make notes from what you find, you will need to
    show these to me at the end of the lesson
  • Option B
  • If you are still really worried about your essay
    plan, and think you need some extra help at this
    point, wait behind, and talk to me!
  • Option C
  • Complete your plan / first page and submit it for

Thou must suspect the responsibility I have
bestored upon thee
Static Images
  • Goal To think in a different style to help
    consolidate your understanding of the concept
    your coursework is based upon.
  • Starter introduction to static images
    examples from previous group.
  • Drafting, with annotations, based on your own
    coursework focus
  • Peer assessment 3 x WWW, 3 x CBB (Think ideas not
  • Alternative version how else might you depict
    this character / theme?
  • Homework A3 Paper NO WHITE SPACE!!!!

In this story, Mr and Mrs Martins are preparing
for death. They live separately so theyll get
used to it before one of them dies. This is Mr
Martins idea and he forces it on his wife. In
my static image the background of clocks with no
hands represents how time stands still and how
they are preparing to die before their time. The
black gravestone represents death and it has Mr
Martins year of birth on it but he hasnt died
yet. The green path is the path of life. The
green symbolizes living, growing and doing
things. The path is windy to show that although
it ultimately leads to death you dont go
straight there there are lots of challenges
along the way. The rough edges show that life
isnt easy and everyone has hard times. Mr
Martins is older so he is further along the path
of life. But it is also because he is more
accepting of death. He is grey because although
he is still alive he is inactive and might as
well be dead. He is looking away because he has
forgotten about his wife. While he was preparing
her for life without him, he failed to realise
that all she wanted was to be with him and
cherish the time they had left together. Mrs
Martins is hanging back because she still wants
to enjoy life. She is in colour because there is
still some life left in her. She is holding her
hat and basket which shows there are still things
she wants to do. But when her husband says they
must prepare for death she doesnt object and her
head down indicates her submissiveness. The quote
shows that theyre not dead yet but theyre not
making the most of the time they have left. We
indicates the two of them, go on refers to
progress on the path of life and waiting refers
to the fact that they are preparing for death.
Drafting Time
  • Objective Learn how to write introductions
  • Starter how is this paragraph like an upside
    down triangle???
  • During traumatic times, ones true nature is said
    to become apparent, as facades disappear as one
    acts and reacts to stress. To a large degree
    this phenomenon is observable in act four, scene
    one of Shakespeares Much Ado About Nothing as
    the various participants partake in, or react to
    the slander of the innocent Hero. Perhaps more
    than revealing characters traits however, the
    action of the scene merely confirms many
    characteristics which have been developed through
    earlier interactions. We see more of Claudios
    insecurity and tendency toward melodrama.
    Benedicks admirable traits and Beatrices
    unconventional tendencies are both confirmed.
    Heros response or lack there of also no great
    surprise all the characters have been carefully
    crafted up to this point, and all of them react
    in accordance to the way they have thus far been

Deadline Day
  • On a piece of lined paper do the following
  • Assess your own essay marks for AO1 -4
  • Positive comments (3 WWWs)
  • 3 Targets (CBBs)
  • Turn the paper over and give it to your neighbour
  • PEER assessment
  • Repeat this process with partners essay
    including marks and feedback

Draft Feedback
  • Goal To improve depth of analysis by
    interweaving language analysis throughout my
  • To understand how to conclude
  • Essay feedback WWW / CBB
  • Tom Waits language analysis warm up listen
    carefully and find the 3 metaphors.

What sorts of effects aim I trying to create
through these metaphors?
Language analysis
  • Use phrases like this to show you understand the
  • For metaphorical language think about what
    impression is created by the comparison
  • Or that it creates an image of ...
  • Gives emphasis to the idea that
  • For sound devices such as alliteration /
    onomatopoeia think about how you would describe
    the quality of the sound, and how this
    contributes to the mood. Is it an abrupt, soft,
    gentle, harsh, soothing, sharp, heavy, slow, etc
  • For vocabulary features you can comment on what
    is suggested by a particular word (try to use
    language terms like verb, adjective, adverb etc
    )and use words like
  • Connotes, suggests, implies, infers,
  • Creates a tone, showing that .
  • The same can be done for phrases groups of
  • For syntax features (Sentence structures) ask
    your self what function it has perhaps to
    command/imperative (to persuade, show authority,
    increase a sense of urgency or create a forceful
    tone), question/interrogative (Perhaps rhetorical
    for emphasis), exclaim (Create a particular tone
    perhaps excitement, joy, fear, urgency ).
    Look also for short, simple sentences, which
    create emphasis, and very long, complex sentences
    which build images.

Your language analysis
  • Find and highlight 4 quotations in your essay
    where you notice something about the language.
  • Class analysis exploring effect
  • Individual analysis.

Model conclusion summary of main points, final
emphasis to thesis.
  • One can therefore see that much is revealed about
    characters by their actions in slandering Hero,
    or reactions to this slander. Claudio
    demonstrates his capacity for cruelty, fuelled by
    his jealousy and insecurity. Leonato displays
    his scope for anger and a degree of disloyalty to
    his daughter. Benedick and Beatrice form an
    alliance, as others dissolve the former
    demonstrating his insight and honour the latter
    her frustration and loyalty. However more is
    confirmed about characters than revealed. Many
    traits which have been observed previously
    influence characters behaviour in this scene.
    Thus the trauma does cause facades to drop, but
    unsurprisingly the characters are not presented
    in a way that differs from earlier in the play.
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