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Career Development Center Presentation: Job Search Skills


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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Career Development Center Presentation: Job Search Skills

Career Development Center PresentationJob
Search Skills
Session Agenda
  • Who Are We and What Are Our Services
  • Creating a Strategic Plan
  • The Search
  • How to Standout
  • Search Habits
  • Interviews
  • Questions and Answers

The Career Development Center
  • Individual appointments with Career Counselors
  • Resumes
  • Applications
  • Cover Letters
  • Interview Preparation
  • Internships
  • Graduate School
  • Targeting Your Dream Job
  • Monday Friday
  • 800 430
  • Drop in Hours no appointment necessary
  • W-TH, 100-300
  • Wednesday Evenings open until 630
  • Top Floor University Center
  • 570-422-3219

SO YOU WANT TO BE HIRED? -An interactive
interview event to select the right candidate for
a hiring opportunity APRIL 15th 500-630
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Social Media Drives Hiring
How Employers use LinkedIn - 96 Searching - 94
Contacting - 92 Vetting - 93 Keeping tabs on
LinkedIn How Job Seekers Use it in 2014
  • LinkedIn is where they do most of their
    job-seeking activity
  • 40 contacts referred me for a job
  • 34 contacts shared a job opportunity
  • 32 made a new professional connection
  • 32 contacts provided an employees perspective
    on a company

Things You Need To Know Before A Job Hunt
  • Dress the part
  • Keep on applying
  • Dont quit with just the application follow-up
  • Show your serious, consider making a personable
  • Beef up the resume
  • Be easily reachable

Things You Need To Know About Todays Job Search
Things You Need To Know About Todays Job Search
Things You Need To Know About Todays Job Search
Things You Need To Know About Todays Job Search
Things You Need To Know About Todays Job Search
Things You Need To Know About Todays Job Search
Things You Need To Know About Todays Job Search
Things You Need To Know About Todays Job Search
Things You Need To Know About Todays Job Search
Create A Strategic Plan For Your Job Search
  • Focus And Define
  • Discover who you are or who you want to be
    professionally. Make a list of your goals,
    values, and beliefs, of your skills,
    accomplishments, and of experiences. Review the
    list and look for repetition and similarities,
    and then focus in on those key elements or must
    haves for your professional self.
  • Job Search Mission Statement
  • What youre looking for your core values and
    beliefs, the type of company, the type of skills
    used, the environment/culture of the workplace,
    the level of responsibility, the geographic
    region, potential for growth, and salary and
  • The Action Plan
  • Goal
  • Build a network of professional mentors and job
    search advisors in my chosen career path.
  • Strategies
  • Use LinkedIn Groups feature to connect with
    leaders in the (fill in the name of the
    industry). I will respond to one article or post
    a week for (fill in the dates).
  • Follow and connect with 10 new (fill in the name
    of the field) experts via Twitter each week  from
    (fill in the dates).

Effective Job Search Plan Steps
  • Get a professional resume
  • Career Development Center
  • Resume/Cover Letter Services - 275-400
  • Optimize your LinkedIn Profile
  • 95 of companies will check your profile out
  • Optimize for the right key words
  • Social conversation tone
  • Show a little of your resume
  • Resume writer can optimize for 100-250
  • Distribute your resume
  • Job Boards
  • Recruiters
  • Direct contact through networking
  • Direct contact through direct mail letters

Effective Job Search Plan Steps
  • Job Boards
  • 5,000
  • Post your resume on niche job boards
  • Vertical geographical job boards
  • International Association of Employment Web Sites
  • http//
  • Make your resume get noticed!
  • Recruiters hired by employers, they find people
    for jobs
  • Services offering email campaigns to get your
    resume to recruiters - 100 - 500

Effective Job Search Plan Steps
  • Networking
  • Employers love to hire someone who comes
  • Employee referral bonuses
  • Good Networking is asking for advice
  • Develop an elevator pitch 20 second statement
  • Create a list of contacts LinkedIn to identify
    companies people
  • Build a contact plan with specific and measurable
  • Call on 25 people per week
  • Ask them who else you should talk to add to
  • Create a direct mail campaign

Effective Ways To Improve Your Job Search
  • Recruitment Resources
  • Recruitment agencies and online recruitment
  • Refining Your Job Search
  • Keyword such as Editor, Accountant, 
  • Refined advanced jobs search which helps in
    getting you less common job opportunities.
  • Utilizing Job Alerts
  • Based on the keywords and job criteria
  • Scheduled notifications which you can get in
    numerous forms like RSS feeds or email
  • Go For Every Kind Of Job Search Tools
  • Local newspapers, classified ads section
  • Be Searchable
  • Making an account in any of the various online
    job portals
  • Advertising your resume

Speed Up Your Job Search
  • Update Your Resume As Soon As Possible
  • Figure Out Who Your Resume Is For
  • Show, very clearly, what the you can do FOR the
    potential employer
  • Realize Its Not About You
  • Its about what you do for others, not about what
    they can do for you
  • Demonstrate how can I help YOU?  
  • Ideas to get started
  • What connections can you help make?
  • Ask open ended questions. You may even choose to
    treat the conversation like an informational
  • What professional needs does the other party have
    and how can you fill them?
  • Determine Your Target
  • Clearly identify the job/profession/industry you
    are targetingKnow your audience, be proactive,
    and remember that its not about you.
  • http//

The Most Important Steps In The Job Search
Process Are
  • Researching an employer before, during and after
    applying is crucial
  • Company Website - About Us, mottos, or slogans,
  • Explain how you can contribute to their company
    goal using their self-created image - youve
    demonstrated that youve done your research.
  • Company Insiders
  • Social networking tools (LinkedIn, Facebook,
    Twitter) to connect with individuals
  • A contact can also give you information about the
    company culture
  • Search Engines
  • ALSO Dont forget to check the companys
    financial status.
  • http//

How To Stand Out When Applying Online
  • Research The Company
  • Tailor your resume to show what you know about
    them and their industry. And, more importantly,
    use key words in your resume that will catch the
    recruiters attention.
  • Create An Online Presence
  • Creating an profile, complete with links
    to your various social and professional profiles
    online. Include the link in your resume
  • Beat The ATS
  • You MUST read the job description and include key
    terms in your resume. The resume needs to be in a
    format that the software can read
  • http//

Improve Your Job Search With These Methods
  • Recruitment Resources
  • Online job portals and recruitment agencies
  • Trust only those agents and agencies which
    promise measurable results
  • Have a solid collection of testimonials from
    employees and employers too
  • Refining Your Job Search
  • Put up your keyword
  • Utilizing Job Alerts
  • Go For Every Kind Of Job Search
  • Local newspapers - classified ads section
  • You Should Be Searchable
  • Open an account in any of the various online job
    portals and post resume

Top 3 Ways To Waste Time On Your Job Search
  • Applying for positions you are clearly not
    qualified for
  • If you are not a fit, then be legit - Call it
    the hail mary
  • Overqualified and underqualified candidates are
    viewed essentially the same as
    non-fits.random submission creates the
    impression that you are desperate for a job
  • Including all relevant information for a specific
    job in a cover letter, but not on your actual
  • Cover letters are skimmed at best
  • Recruiters generally do not forward cover letters
    to hiring managersmake your resume bleed the
    job description for which you are applying
  • Applying to jobs only through websites or online
  • Low contact/interview rate when you submit your
    resume through a web portal for a specific
    company or job board
  • Due diligence and finding an in, - getting your
    resume walked into HR or handed to the hiring
  •  http//

6 Seconds
Dangerous Job Search Land Mines To Avoid
  • You Nearly Completed Paper Work
  • You Didnt Screen References
  • You Underestimated The Depth Of Background Checks
  • You Quit? No, You Were Fired!
  • You Didnt Sell Yourself
  • You Used The Me, Me, Me Networking Technique
  • You Didnt Listen Well. (Or At All)
  • You Told A White Lie (Its A Lie!)
  •  http//

The Best Job Boards
  • Simply Hired
  • CareerBuilder
  • Indeed
  • Monster
  • USA
  • LinkedIn
  • Glassdoor
  • Usjobs
  • Craigs List
  • The Ladders

Out of The Box Thinking
  • Cold Calling
  • Create Your Job Propose It
  • Hidden Job Market
  • Make a list of key companies you would like to
    work for and approach them directly
  • Attend Industry Seminars and Conferences
  • They will automatically see you as a peer
  • Directly e-mail a Decision Maker with a
    Personalized Letter
  • Participate in a Sport Popular in Your Industry
  • Find a Mentor
  • Picture your self in 20 years reach out to the
    person who is closest to where you want to be.

5 Easy Ways To Stand Out To Employers
  • Prove Youre Serious With A Professional Website
  • LinkedIn account and a professional-looking
    Facebook page, AND a professional website
  • Illustrate Your Career With A Graphical Resume -
    professional website

Personal Reviews
  • Answer The Strengths And Weaknesses Questions
    With A Personal Review
  • Adding a personal review component to your
    professional website
  • Purpose to show employers that you are, in fact,
    a person that you understand how to work well
    with others
  • Show Them Youre A Team Player By Learning An
    Industry Sport
  • http//

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Additional Ways to Apply for Jobs
  • Mail Your Resume
  • Apply Via Fax
  • Get the right name
  • Drop Your Resume Off With The Employer
  • Attend A Job Fair
  • Remember if an employer carries strict submission
    guidelines, then you want to adhere to them
  • http//

8 Great Habits That Will Help You Get Hire
  • Blog Daily
  • Use Business Cards
  • Use A Professional E-mail
  • Set Your Alarm- 1 hour earlier
  • Have Restraint no jokes, cleverness
  • Use Networking
  • Treat It As A Job - Spend eight hours each day on
    some aspect, whether its applications,
    interviews, networking or preparing. Wake up on
    time, start work on time, make a schedule and
    stick to it.
  • Have A Website
  • Static website that you can use to post more
    evergreen informationprofessionally presented
    location for your job hunting informationquick
    and memorable URL
  • Professional picture of yourself
  • Contact information, references and resumes
  • Information about your professional goals,
    experiences and philosophy.
  • http//

Tips for a Great Job Interview
  • Plan for the Interview
  • Be Confident
  • Research the Company
  • Study their website, financial reports, recent
    news articles
  • Practice for the Interview
  • Prepare Questions for the Interview
  • Know Your Resume
  •  Panel/Group Interview Tips
  • Eye contact, remember names, include all panel
    members, research other members if possible, be
  • Sell yourself (You are your Brand!)
  •  Salary Negotiation is Secondary
  • Get the job offer first
  • Thank you notes are important for post interview
  • The Bottom Line
  • Be Confident Be Prepared Be Open Be Honest Be
    Collaborative Be a Problem Solver Look for and
    highlight opportunities to help that company move
  •  http//

5 Things To Ask In A Job Interview
  • Why is the position vacant?
  • What is a typical day like for this position?
  • How would you describe the company culture?
  • What are the goals of the company over the next
    five years? How does this position and this
    department factor into those goals?
  • Do you like working here?
  • http//

Job Search Tips Summary
  • Set Clear Expectations
  • What atmosphere do you want to work in?
  • How much money do you want to make?
  • What kinds of people do you want to work with?
  • Consider All The Options
  • Post-graduate programs, freelance work
  • Build a Strong Online Presence
  • LinkedIn
  • Dont Give Up Hope
  • Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it
    can achieve. Napoleon Hill

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