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Water Management Sub-committee


Title: Water Management Sub-committee Author: system22 Last modified by: surender Created Date: 12/31/2002 7:43:41 PM Document presentation format – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Water Management Sub-committee

Joined I CAD as AEE in 1979
Did graduation from JNTU in Civil Engg.in 1979
V.R.S.SARMA Faculty member
Session Objectives
  • At the end of the session the participants will
    be able to
  • Describe the purpose of establishment of
  • Enlist various mandatory sub-committees
  • Explain the process of inducting general members
    of sub-committees at different levels
  • Indicate the persons who are eligible to become
    general members of a sub-committee at P C level

Session objectives Contd.
  • Spell out the functions of each sub-committee
  • Define Social Audit
  • Explain the importance procedure of conducting
    Social Audit in WUA
  • Distinguish between Financial Audit Social
  • Explain the term Transparancy in the
    management of FOs

  1. For assisting Managing Committee in their
    respective aspects
  2. To enhance the participatory base in decision
    making process in the MC and thereby help WUOs
    to discharge their functions effectively and
    efficiently in a transparent way

Mandatory Sub-Committees
  1. Finance and Resources Sub-Committee
  2. Works Sub-Committee
  3. Water Management Sub-Committee
  4. Monitoring, Evaluation and Training Sub-Committee

FO set up for Major Irrigation
Indirect Election
FO set up for Medium Irrigation
Indirect Election
Indirect Election
Direct Election
FO set up for Minor Irrigation
No Project committees
No Distributory committees
Indirect Election
Direct Election
Membership of Sub-committees
  • Sub-Committees under a PC
  • Not exceeding 4 WUA Presidents
  • Sub-Committees under a DC
  • Not exceeding 4 TC members
  • Sub-Committees under a WUA
  • Not exceeding 4 farmers with voting rights

Sub-committees- General aspects
  • The GB of a FO may constitute specific
    Sub-Committees to carry out specific functions
  • The convenor of Sub-Committee shall be member of
    the MC other than the Chairman/President
  • No member shall represent more than one
  • Each sub-committee shall be functioning under the
    supervision control MC
  • Convenor will be presiding the meetings record
    the minutes
  • Each sub-committee shall have a meeting as per
    the necessity (at least once in a month) and
    maintain a minutes book

Functions of Sub-Committees
  • 1. Finance and Resources Sub-Committee
  • To mobilise and collect resources
  • Preparation of financial budget (Sec.30)
  • To ensure collection of dues from members as
    levied under Section 20 of the Act
  • To recommend to MC the use and deployment of
  • Accept the expenditure of FO at least once in a
  • To maintain records relating to financial matters
  • To attend any other work entrusted with by the MC

Functions of Sub-Committees
  • 2. Works Sub-Committee
  • To prepare estimates of works with the help of CA
    and to recommend for administrative approval of
  • To supervise works and ensure quality control
  • To approve payments for works

Types of works
  • 1. Normal O M works(A-Category)
  • Delisting
  • Weed removal
  • Embankment repairs
  • Revetment
  • Repairs to shutters
  • Repairs to masonry and lining
  • Cleaning Oiling of screw gearing shutters
  • Painting of hoists and gates

Types of works contd.
  • Emergent breach closing works and
  • Maintenance of inspection paths
  • 2. Deferred maintenance workds(Rehabilitation
  • Recontruction of sluices
  • Reconstruction/repairs to drops reglators
  • Reconstruction of measuring devises
  • Rehabilitation of the system

Types of works contd.
  • 3. Original works
  • Modernisation of the system
  • Any other new construction work in the irrigation
  • Will be taken up by the dept. in the normal

  • FO shall take up normal O M works costing upto
    Rs.5 lakh under the supervision of the dept.

Procedure for taking up works
  • System diagnosis for maintenance works
  • Prioritising works
  • Preparation of estamates
  • Admn. Approval
  • Technical clearance
  • Manner of taking up works
  • Maintenance and adherence to the designed
    Hydraulic Particulars

Procedure for taking up works contd.
  • Limitation on works
  • Publication of list of works to be taken up
  • Freedom to add other Funds or Extra Contributions
  • Proof of works

Functions of Sub-Committees
  • 3. Water Management Sub-Committee
  • To carry out the decisions of the MC and GB on
    water regulations, schedule of water release
  • To organise patrolling of the canals, channels
    and regulate the use of water
  • To check the irrigation and drainage system
    regularly and
  • To record the water deliveries(form-6)
  • To report to the MC any violations in the use of
    water and
  • To maintain records of land owners and water
  • Any other work assigned by the MC
  • The SC will function under the control
    supervision of the MC

Other related items to be known by the Water Mgt.
  • Operation plan and water allocation(Rule-21)
  • a) Kharif Season
  • The MC of the respective FO shall with the help
    of CA prepare the water budget as detailed below
  • One month before the Kharif season, the PC shall
    allocate water to DCs (subject to availability
    and anticipated inflows)
  • The DCs in turn shall allocate water to WUA
  • Care must be taken to consider drinking and other
    water needs

Rabi season
  • PC shall decide the area that can be irrigated
    based on actual availability of water
  • In case of Medium Minor schemes equitable
    distribution shall be achieved by adopting
    circular rotation over a period
  • Each FO shall draw up an operational plan which
    shall specify the qty. of water drawn on
    fortnightly basis.
  • The drawls of water shall be monitored each day
    at specified points

Rabi season Contd.
  • Review of drawls by the FO at the end of
    fortnight and take corrective measures
  • FO shall prepare an end of season report
    depicting water received, used, crops grown etc.
  • The FO shall analyse the shortcomings and
    deviations in water budget and report to the next
    higher tier

Water regulation(Rule-22)
  • After water budget is prepared, the following
    activities are to be taken up
  • Dates of water release and closure shall be
    informed well in advance
  • Equitable distribution of water shall be the main
  • FO shall draw water as per the approved Operation
  • Warabandi schedule shall be prepared for each
  • The FO shall carryout Azmoish with
    CA(G.O.Ms.No.96 dt.8-6-07)
  • The FO may install such devices as may be
    required for monitoring purpose

Functions of Sub-Committees
  • 4. Monitoring, Evaluation and Training
  • To identify training needs and organise training
    to the Water Users
  • To educate in optimum use of water
  • To monitor specific items like area irrigated,
    productivity, disputes settlement and resources

Monitoring the following items
  • Implementation of operation plan
  • Water distribution- implementation of Warabandi
  • Irrigation methods adopted by farmers
  • Identification of wastage of irrigation water
  • Management practices for crops
  • Water supply to tail end area
  • Problems of tail end area
  • Implementation of works
  • Quality control methods followed
  • Measures taken for protection of assets of F.Os
  • Unauthorised use of water

Training to members
  • Identifying training agencies(KVK, WALAMTARI,
    FTCs, etc.)
  • Preparation of training callender
  • Conducting trainings with the approval of MC
  • Conducting awareness programmes ( Wall writings,
    Kalajata and other local fine arts)

  • Social Audit(personal compilation)
  • No individual or an organisation is immune to the
    social observation. In other words, in absolute
    terms, no body is free from willful or
    inadvertent Social Surveillance. Naturally
    people accept an individual or an organisation
    based on his/its credibility. Therefore, the
    sustenance of an organisation very much lies on
    the degree of acceptance by the society in which
    it exists. Such society naturally comprises of
    people from all walks of life.
  • Hence in simple terms Social Audit may be defined
    as Audit by the society. The society here
    should be understood as the community existing in
    the village(s) which fall under the jurisdiction
    of a FO.
  •  Social Audit Committee The Social Audit
    committee may be thought of as a manageable small
    group of individuals other than the members of
    the WUA that is land holders and other members
    such as co-opted members etc., not less than 7
    members, representing various cross sections of
    the community living around, appointed by the
    General Body of a WUA.

Social Audit
  • Objectives
  • Transperency
  • Ensuring proper functioning of F.Os
  • Increasing the credibility of F.O. among the

Social audit shall cover
  • Equity in water distribution
  • Increase in production
  • Increase in productivity
  • Crop diversificaiton
  • Multiple cropping
  • Water use efficiency
  • Utilisation of resources for execution of works
  • Improvement in the cultivated area of F.Os
  • Quality of works undertaken

Social Audit implementation procedure
  • Establishment of Social Audit Committee
  • Creation of awareness to Committee members
  • Preparation of SA plan
  • Deciding the period of SA
  • Collection of data from the public
  • Preparation of SA report to the GB


Social Audit Committee
  • The installation process
  • The Wide publicity through Tom-Tom may be given
    in the villages concerned about the GB meeting
    for formation of the Social Audit Committee
  • The MC according to the agenda move a motion in
    the GB meeting duly inviting the people other
    than general members of the WUA (land holders and
    other members such as co-opted members etc.,) to
    avoid personal bias, internal unrest among
    members to creep into the audit process, who are
    interested to become the members of the Social
    Audit committee.
  • Recommend to the GB for their consideration to
    appointment the interested persons to the Social
    Audit Committee.
  • Care must be taken to have well accredited,
    respected and educated personnel mainly who wish
    to offer a voluntary service.
  • If none of the villagers other than the members
    of the WUA turn up for the GB meeting, the
    Managing Committee shall differ duly observing
    the time limits stipulated in the APFMIS Act, the
    appointment SAC and conduct the business as per
    the agenda.
  • Subsequently the MC shall identify, obtain
    consent from suitable persons and invite them to
    the GB specially called for or in a routine
    meeting and recommend their names to the general
    body for their consideration and appointment to
    Social Audit Committee.

Social audit board
  • A list containing the benefits accrued with
    reference to the funds spent
  • Each WUA office/Village Panchayat , O M Works
    Sanctioned and implemented should be displayed on
    a social audit board

Dept. assistance
  • The CA shall assist in the process of SA
  • The Revenue Agrl. Dept. officials also shall
    render assistance

Submission of SA report
  • The findings of the SA should be recorded and the
    report should be submitted to the next higher
  • The financial auditor shall incorporate the SA
    report in his financial audit report together
    with his specific observations on rectification
    of defects, if any noticed in the SA

  • 1. Finance sub-committee members have to conduct
    annual financial audit
  • False
  • 2.Works SC has ensure quality control measures
  • True
  • 3.Financial budget preparation is the
    responsibility of the Finance SC
  • True
  • 4.Water management SC is supposed to maintain
    water delivery records
  • True

  • 5.The MC need not wait for the acceptance of
    monthly expenditure of Finance SC
  • False
  • 6.The competent Authority prepares the estimates
    and forward them to MC for Admn. Approval
  • False
  • 7.Works bills will be scrutinised by the Finance
    SC before recommending to MC for payment
  • False

  • 8.Water management SC is the custodian of the
    irrigation infrastructure
  • False
  • 9.WUOs have to protect the irrigation assets and
    empowered legitimately to make alterations
  • False
  • 10.Monitoring SC monitors
  • Irrigated area
  • Production
  • Conflict resolution etc.
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