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Andrew Jackson


Andrew Jackson Jackson was a strong fighter. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson
  • Jackson was a strong fighter.
  • He joined the Patriots in the Revolution when he
    was 13.
  • He studied law and was eventually elected to
    Congress in his 20s.
  • He won national fame for his achievements during
    the war of 1812.
  • He defeated the Creek Indians and made them turn
    over their land in Georgia and Alabama.

Jacksons Presidency
  • He was a complex person
  • He was adventurous and had a violent temper.
  • His opponents called him King Andrew because he
    wanted to expand the powers of the president
  • The Creeks disliked him so much they called him
    Sharp Knife
  • Why did they dislike him?

Who is the person in this picture? What are some
of the symbols used in this cartoon? What do you
think the artist was trying to say with this
The Spoils System
  • After taking office, Jackson fired many
    government employees
  • He dismissed more than 200 employees.
  • Critics accused him of rewarding Democrats
    instead of choosing qualified men
  • Jackson felt that ordinary Americans could fill
    government jobs, instead of just the wealthy
  • Spoils System practice of rewarding supporters
    with government jobs

The Kitchen Cabinet
  • Jackson gave a number of his supporters Cabinet
  • Most of these men were NOT qualified so he rarely
    met with them
  • Instead, he relied on a group of unofficial
    advisors such as Democratic leaders and newspaper
  • Because he met with them in the White House
    kitchen they became known as the Kitchen Cabinet

The Bank War
  • President Jackson disliked the Bank of the United
  • He thought it was too powerful
  • The bank had great power because it controlled
    loans in the United States
  • Example If the bank directors thought state
    banks were making too many loans, they limited
    the amount of money those banks could lend
  • This angered farmers and merchants who borrowed

Mr. Biddles Bank
  • The Bank was run by private bankers.
  • Nicholas Biddle was the bank president (Whig) and
    was strongly disliked by Jackson
  • The Whig plan to keep the bank
  • The bank charter was up for renewal in 1836. Clay
    and the Whigs convinced Biddle to apply for
    renewal early. They knew Jackson would veto the
  • The Whigs thought that Americans wanted the
    bank, so if Jackson vetoed it, Americans would be

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Jacksons Veto
  • Jackson vetoed the bank bill for two reasons.
  • He declared the bank unconstitutional
  • He believed the bank helped aristocrats at the
    expense of the common people

Whig Mistake
  • The Whigs miscalculated and the people voted in
    Jackson, and rejected the Bank of the U.S
  • Without a new charter, Jackson shut down the bank
    and deposited money in state banks that his
    friends controlled
  • The loss of federal money crippled the Bank of
    the U.S. and contributed to an economic crisis in