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The Knowledge The 12 steps to Truth that can save Humanity from Self Destruction


The Knowledge The 12 steps to Truth that can save Humanity from Self Destruction 1] The Definition of Knowledge 2] Characteristic of True Knowledge – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: The Knowledge The 12 steps to Truth that can save Humanity from Self Destruction

The Knowledge The 12 steps to Truth that can
save Humanity from Self Destruction
  • 1 The Definition of Knowledge
  • 2 Characteristic of True Knowledge
  • 3 Two approaches to Knowledge
  • 4 Two types of Knowledge
  • 5 Time, Energy and Knowledge cycle
  • 6 The God and Reality of Nature
  • 7 Meaning of Enlightenment
  • 8 Meaning of Moksha, Nirvana, to get Born Again
  • 9 The difference between Enlightenment and
  • 10 Action of Christ and Moksha
  • 11 The Secret of conquering Time and Time
  • 12 Concluding Remark

Definition of Knowledge
  • Knowledge is light hidden in the consciousness
    that does not burn but gives Life. It moves in
    the field of darkness peaking and disappearing to
    only to emerge again
  • It can be compared to sun light that lights
    up peaks and gives way to darkness only to return
    again. In fact the fundamental secret of quantum
    action and reaction and energy flow that leads to
    cyclic existence of nature is reflected in the 24
    hour day and night cycle.

Characteristics of True knowledge
  • Spontaneously brings Order
  • Spontaneously brings Peace
  • Spontaneously brings Happiness
  • Spontaneously brings feeling of Security
  • Spontaneously brings Unity
  • Spontaneously gives Life
  • ---
  • ---
  • It reflects all positive factors emerging from

Two Approaches to Knowledge
  • From bottom to branch of a tree from inside or
    out side
  • From branch to bottom of a tree from inside or

Two Types of Knowledge
  • Spiritual
  • Material
  • Spiritual Could be viewed as inner approach
    being part of the fluid that flows with in the
    plant. This helps free movement to all parts of
    the branch as well as the root. Could be compared
    to blood that circulates and give life. Being
    free and rooted in consciousness helps being part
    of the flow. Any resistance makes you to grow
    into a part either of the root or the branch.
  • Material Could be viewed as an outer
    approach. Could be compared to a monkey trying to
    climb a tree or a bug trying to eat the plant to
    death. The modern scientific approach to know the
    truth belongs to this category. It is restricted
    in free movement. At best it can move from the
    bottom to branch or from branch to bottom but
    always remains limited from knowing the opposite
    and the great truth of conquering time

Time, Energy and Knowledge
  • Time is eternal and goes in cycles and is guided
    by a secret. Human knowledge is a quest to
    conquer this secret so that he can control the
    eternal flight of time and take control of his
    fate and destiny. There are two directions to
    time one contracting to a point, another
    expanding into periphery. Modern science is aware
    of it. But does not know what causes the turn
    around and how the whole process is controlled.
    The goal of ancient spiritualist and modern
    spiritualist is also same. The difference is that
    the ancient spiritualist understood the secret.
    They wrote it in simple forms, yet under time
    cycle it deteriorated to give way to darkness.
    The modern spiritualist are yet to know this
  • Energy is known as a ghost or spirit. Science has
    understood two principal forms of it, kinetic and
    potential which coexist inseparably as a ratio.
    As one increases the other decreases in
    proportion. One seeks the seizure of motion,
    death the other proposes the opposite, that is
    motion life. But it remains a question what
    forces drives it to death, how death is conquered
    to give life. In short what happens when the
    ratio tends to limit.
  • Knowledge is power. The ancient spiritualist
    described the co-existence of two types of
    Knowledge, Real and unreal as a ratio and they
    knew the world as existing in two phases under
    the movement of the spirit. Light phase and dark
    phase. One giving way to another under the force
    of time. Here again how it gives way for the
    other, How the spirit controls everything and
    sustains and perpetuates everything is least
  • The question now is all the above aspects are
    different faces of one single reality The Truth
    or God and His existence

The God and Reality Or the Truth
  • The term God is a product spiritual enquiry into
    nature and depicts unifying principle and
    controller from which everything emerges and to
    which everything returns in a perpetual cycle of
    birth and death
  • It is discovered as a principle that sustains and
    governs the Living Universe
  • The ancient knowledge system describes this
    principle as Brahman or the Spirit
  • It is the known as the controller of breath and
    the whole universe is understood to be held in
    the breath of the God. Spirit is understood as
    the perceiving principle that creates and is
    controller and perpetuation of life and the
    universe in the cycles of time. It moves against
    the direction of time such that the system is
    sustained from collapse
  • The truth of spirit and the design of nature is
    best understood by day and night cycle. When the
    west awakes to light, the east sleeps
    simultaneously to darkness. When the light peaks
    in the west the seed of darkness is sowed in it
    and the east simultaneously peaks in darkness and
    the seed of light is sown in it and vice-versa.
    Nature is designed into left and right with
    movement of light in it which actually sustains
    all life. What determines and controls this
    cycles is Spirit. The left and right of the whole
    is instantaneously communicated

Meaning of Enlightenment
  • Enlightenment comes from freedom and is
    associated with transformation from outer realm
    to the inner realm and free flow that leads to
    perception of the whole
  • Material approach can never lead to this Truth
  • To get enlightened the I factor has to be
    submitted to the spirit of life that perceives
    the time and danger to life. It is an act getting
    into the realm of consciousness
  • It is an act of submitting the faculty of
    mind/thought and its extensions to enter the
    field of consciousness and be aware of the
    movements in this field. The Art of Living comes
    from this realization. The degree of
    enlightenment can differ.
  • Enlightenment is a process that relates to Human
    life which because its I distances from the
    truth or greater I. All the matter, all living
    systems in nature by instinct exists enlightened.
    They adopt to change in nature and time of the
    whole spontaneously except humans who lives a
    mind and thought centered life and becomes the
    cause of directed time and death

The meaning of Moksha, Nirvana, to get Born Again
  • The above term is related to human life and
    change in universal time cycle under the force of
    time which in turn comes from the mind of man
    that set out to conquer nature breaking the law
  • The universal system has a beginning in time and
    end in time and a new beginning. In short it is a
    living one. It has a conception, birth a process
    that renews time cycle. It is a quantum world of
    action and reaction
  • The cause for time direction and death comes from
    human mind that seeks self breaking the law and
    proceeds to upset the balance. Thus ancient
    knowledge system considered understanding and
    discovering self and experiencing the Universal
    Self as the highest goal. The Vedas Considered
    the Brahman the highest Goal of knowledge
    system. The Vedic teaching concentrates on
    educating their pupils to conquer mind and its
    thought process to see the secret of
    consciousness and the Bramha Jyothi or the
    light of God that lies beyond it and guides it.
    Creation according to Vedas occurred through
    self-sacrifice of the Creator.
  • Christian consider knowing Christ and getting
    born in His spirit as the highest Goal. Read
    article Jesus and Vedas
  • The act could be considered as transformation
    from being the part of the mothers body and its
    breath into the child growing in the womb, under
    the call of the essence or the Spirit of the
    Father that functions to conquer time cycle and
    initialize it.

The difference between Enlightenment and Moksha
  • Enlightenment is to enter from the realm of the
    mind to the realm of consciousness. The
    enlightened perceives the breath of the universe
    and changes in it and attains the Art of Living.
    It helps him to to pulsate one with universal
    pulsation with least friction.
  • Moksha is the sacrifice of self to be with
    universal self. It is the way to survive time
    change and death. It could be compared to a
    process of entering from the mothers body and
    breath to childs body and its breath being made
    in the womb to conquer time. In short it is the
    process of entering the seed, which perpetuates.
    It is an act of accepting death before death
    comes to you and thus take new life.

Action of Christ and Moksha
  • There is self for every individual, a Self
    also exist for the living universe of which we
    are a part. In short there is a center around
    which the universe revolves, and there is center
    around which the individual revolves.
  • A individual can exist to the left or the right
    of the whole not both and thus his perception
    capacity of the whole remains incomplete. No
    wonder Bible begins with a law from Creator to
    mankind not to conquer the center. No wonder all
    the ancient knowledge system revolved around
    teaching the individual to conquer his thought
    process and work from the premises of
    consciousness and the light leading it, which
    manifest as the breath. This great secret was
    known to great eastern scholars and the Art of
    Living has its root in it.
  • What this means is that all mind centered
    knowledge and self has negative influence and
    causes the accumulation of negative energies
    which not only stresses the individual causing
    disease and instabilities but also stresses the
    whole creating time direction and evolution to
  • Death cannot be ultimate end of the living
    universe, so there should exists a secret by
    which the living universe conquers time and
    initializes it into a new time cycle. Thus
    ancient Vedic scholars spoke not only of
    Evolution but also Involution
  • Man is considered the most evolved, the
    evolution then should produce a perfect human, an
    image of the whole in the center of the whole who
    becomes capable of perceiving the whole This
    should be a critical time in evolution when the
    directed time to the center has reached limit of
    collapse The Gravitational Collapse. In this
    Man and His action lies the secret of conquering
    time and perpetuation of the living universe or
    the Moksha

The Secret of Conquering Time and Time
  • The ancient knowledge systems specially, Vedas
    tells time is eternal and goes in never ending
    cycles. It depicts the first law of
  • Bible tells us time and death came to this world
    from one man who broke the law and eat from the
    tree at the center. It depicts the second law of
  • These two laws guides everything in the living
    universe nothing seems to be beyond it.
  • Bible tells us that Jesus came to earth and made
    the supreme sacrifice in order to conquer death
    and give new life to all. In other words it
    appears to be speaking about conquering the
    universal time direction or Gravitational
  • All life as we see is bestowed with a power to
    perpetuate thus conquer time. The conception is
    the arresting of time and birth is the
    initialization of time. This raises the question
    does the universal system conquers the time
    direction by a similar process. Is this the
    secret of Calvary. Time can have two direction
    one winding to the center the other unwinding to
    the periphery. One gravitational collapse and the
    other anti-gravitational Collapse the limits.
    The act at Calvary seemed to have changed the
    direction of time from contracting to expansion.
    It is a little pulse whose real significance was
    not understood by mankind and thus he continued
    propelling the time direction now causing an
    expansion to another limit and collapse. God the
    perceiver knew it and hence said he will return
    to complete the action of saving humanity and
    leading him to kingdom of God initialization of
  • Bible tells the spirit of God has come to live
    with us and He would come again in the form of
    spirit to lead and bring victory to the Kingdom
    of God. Which gives hope that there will be
    intervention of the Absolute Perceiver to save us
    from the collapse when the time tend to periphery
    and leads to collapse The question is when does
    this quantum universal collapse occurs.

Concluding Remark Part 1
  • Knowledge out to have brought order and peace.
    The modern knowledge that lack the inter
    relationship and oneness is giving the opposite
    results. The life giving spiritual knowledge is
    tampered and used for self propagation causing
    still greater worry for the world.
  • The Christians dominating the world, have made
    Jesus an idol and is waging war in His name. The
    primary cause for the present world exist in the
    ignorance of the west. The west has come to rest
    on material knowledge and are thoroughly Ignorant
    of the God they believe, His preaching and the
    basic interrelationship. The Muslim resisting
    them through terrorism has a hidden design factor
    in it. However, between them, toothless judiciary
    and the reckless exploitation of partial
    scientific knowledge by the political offices,
    has made this world heavily unstable at all
    levels. Very clearly, individuals, families,
    communities, society, nations, the earth, the
    solar system and the universe as a whole has
    become unstable. Since 2000 this has become so
  • The situation is stressing human consciousness
    and intelligence to evolve into new order to
    understand inter relationship and oneness. The
    inevitable collapse of the universal quantum wave
    and turn around of time cycle seems to be under
    progress. Nothing can stop it. Unless we see the
    fundamental inter relationship and oneness we
    humans will end up giving a huge price calling
    upon ourselves great destruction and miseries
    through war, terrorism, and natural catastrophes
  • The great masters of time have predicted 2012 as
    End of time and the beginning of new time.
    Unless we awaken to real knowledge, understand
    the fundamental design and principle guiding the
    inter relationship and oneness and get
    enlightened the time change could be disastrous.
  • If God is a reality and if He is Love, then He
    should act to reveal the real Knowledge and help
    humanity, His precious creation, to survive the
    collapse and time change

Concluding remark - Part 2
  • The modern world is ruled by material knowledge
    science developed by the West. The foundation of
    this knowledge lies broken, hunt for a new
    foundation that unifies partial and contradicting
    knowledge has found no results.
  • The new foundation should account for all
    scientific and spiritual knowledge, overcome the
    contradictions and unify them into sensible form
    that is understandable to all.
  • The unified knowledge should break barriers to
    give life, order, peace, happiness security and
    such positive factors. Its fundamentals should be
    simple and comprehensible to all such that it
    should instinctively brings self order to
    individuals, thereby in a family , community and
    various hierarchies of the society
  • The site http//
    003/index.htm speaks the simple fundamental
    design and principle of nature that gives new
    foundation for the world to transform and escape
    the destruction associated with time change. It
    does not support any religion but speaks the
    Truth that exists beyond Name in Action
  • Read Power Point Presentation of - The Truth of
    Quantum Reality of Nature and solution to Global
  • The Future Ahead an Alarm Creation, Evolution
    and Dissolution
  • Please send this Power Point Presentation
    to your friends and help humanity become
    conscious and intelligent to survive time change
    and associated destruction
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