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When truth is ignored in favour of blame.


Title: When truth is ignored in favour of blame. Author: Christina England Last modified by: haasnic Created Date: 7/27/2009 2:01:14 PM Document presentation format – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: When truth is ignored in favour of blame.

Presents When Truth is Ignored in Favour of
Blame Christina England Investigative Reporter,
American Chronicle
This vaccine webinar series is paid for as a
community service by Homefirst Natural Pharm
Source www.homefirst.com
When Truth is Ignored in Favour of Blame
  • Christina England
  • Internationally Recognized Journalist for the
    American Chronicle Member of the International
    Coalition of Advocates for the People
  • Topic
  • Vaccine adverse reactions resulting in false
    allegations of child abuse also known as
    Shaken Baby Syndrome SBS Munchausen by Proxy
    MSBP Sudden Infant Death Syndrome - SIDS

Lisa Blakemore-Brown Psychologist, Expert in
Autism Cert Ed BSc Psychology MSc
Psychology Author of the book Reweaving the
Autistic Tapestry
  • Lisa Blakemore-Brown was the first professional
    to connect Autism, adverse reactions to vaccines
    and false accusations of child abuse.
  • She first began to speak out about her concerns
  • In 1997 she wrote of her concerns in the
  • In 1998 she was asked to write an article in the
    Therapist as an alternative view to Professor Roy

Lisa Blakemore-Brown has been speaking out on
false allegations cases for many years
  • Time and time again Lisa has been ignored.
  • In an the article 'What Killed Sally Clark's
    Child' Spectator by Neville Hodgkinson May 2007
    she is reported to have said
  • Sometimes there was video evidence, as
    when a baby girl was filmed eating with relish,
    and later the same day - all times and dates
    automatically documented on the film lying flat
    on the floor after receiving the DTP. The next
    day she was a different child, dribbling with her
    mouth moving oddly.A later film shows her with
    'dead eyes' as her mother described it. I saw the
    child when she was eight years old says
    Blakemore-Brown, by then she had experienced
    years of learning disabilities, many very subtle
    but damaging to her life nevertheless.
  • Lisa is convinced that vaccination can be a
    contributory factor to children's disabilities
    and in some cases death
  • Parents were falsely accused of MSBP

Film 20/20 Documentary featuring Lisa
Blakemore-Brown and Prof David Southall
  • In 1997 a documentary was made in New Zealand
    focusing on the term Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy
    and how innocent mothers have been destroyed by
    having the edict falsely applied to them blaming
    their alleged behaviours for their children's
    very real conditions, some of which are related
    to the side effects of drugs and vaccines.
  • The film focussed on a UK mother who had five
    children removed from her care.
  • Despite winning a Quantas Award for Best
    Investigative Medical Journalism and featuring a
    British family, a British Psychologist and a
    British Paediatrician, this film was never shown
    in this country.
  • This documentary can now be seen on Live Leak
  • Those who watch it should ask is this Why has it
    never been seen in the UK - edited or unedited?
    Why has it been hidden?

Case One Camerons Parents Falsely Accused of SBS
  • Shaken Baby Syndrome is another label often used
    in cases of adverse reactions to vaccines.
  • Cameron was a TTS baby born prematurely.
  • He was a sick baby fighting for life.

Cameron just before he died
  • Born 8 weeks premature
  • Was underweight due to malnutrition in the womb
  • Failed to gain weight and feeding problems
  • Despite losing weight Cameron was given Hep B
  • Cameron was discharged from hospital the next day
    but stopped breathing briefly at home
  • Parents were told this was normal in premature
    babies although nurses had previously nurses
    reported swelling to the head.

Parents accused of Shaken Baby Syndrome
  • 10 days after leaving hospital and despite
    previous swelling to his head Cameron was given 5
    vaccines including DTaP.
  • 15 days later his mother called 911 when Cameron
    stopped breathing.
  • This was 15 days after receiving his last vaccine
    and five days after taking Cameron to his
    pediatrician for urgent care concerning ongoing
    feeding problems.
  • Cameron was legally 5 days shy of 2 months old,
    his gestational age was only 5 days old, despite
    this, he was given vaccines intended for 2 month
    old babies.
  • Despite desperate attempts to save Cameron he
    died of a combination of acute subdural and
    subarachnoid hemorrhage.
  • Cameron's mother was accused of SBS and Cameron's
    twin brother was taken into care.
  • Case continues

Case Two 'The Mighty Quinn'
  • Quinn Lianna born extremely premature weighing
    just 2lbs
  • In Neo natal ICU for 47 days
  • Went home weighing 3 ½ lbs.
  • At 2 months had routine vaccinations
  • Straight away after vaccines Quinn seemed
  • Over the next few days she stopped focusing and
    seemed withdrawn

Quinn stopped breathing
  • Mother was repeatedly told to give Quinn,
  • Quinn began staring into space and became
  • Slowly over next few days Quinn deteriorated
    until she stopped eating
  • Mother became very worried and so Quinn's father
    attempted to feed Quinn
  • Quinn suddenly went limp, her eyes rolled and she
    stopped breathing
  • Father called 911 and tried to give CPR
  • Quinn was taken to hospital where they were able
    to stabilize
  • Quinn suffered brain damage because of hypoxia.
    She was found to have subdural haematoma and
    retinal haemorrhages
  • Parents were later accused of SBS

Quinns Condition Today
  • Currently Quinn resides in a 24 hour care
    facility with a trach, and "G-tube to sustain
    her. She has progressed more than any of her
    doctors dared to forecast, but is still very
    disabled and developmentally challenged. Quinn is
    represented in the National Vaccine Injury
    Compensation Program.
  • Parents were completely cleared as vaccines
    were found to be the cause. However, Quinn's
    father who was in the military prior to
    accusations lost his career as a result.
  • Once parents are accused of SBS it stays on
    their records for life even if cleared of the
    charges. Very few people are aware of this.

Dr. Michael D. Innis MBBS DTMH, FRCPA, FRCPath
Honorary consultant haematologist
  • Dr. Innis is an expert on SBS
  • Dr. Innis has written many papers on the subject
    of SBS his latest is titled Vaccines, Apparent
    Life -Threatening Events, Barlow's Disease and
    Questions about Shaken Baby Syndrome
  • Dr Innis believes that vaccinations can be a
    cause or a contributory factor to a Vitamin C
    deficiency in infants which he believes may cause
    injuries and the brain haemorrhages often seen in
    babies reported in SBS cases.
  • Dr Innis states that adverse vaccine reactions
    should be considered in SBS cases in addition to
    evidence of scurvy - a Vitamin C deficiency. He
    advises that healthcare professionals also look
    for liver dysfunction prior to accusation.

Dr. Michael D. Innis MBBS DTMH, FRCPA, FRCPath
Honorary consultant haematologist
Dr Innis states Apparent Life-Threatening
Events (ALTEs) - as defined by theNational
Institute of Health- encompass all the findings
hitherto attributed to SBS, and may follow
routine vaccination. Vaccines may also induce
Vitamin C deficiency (Barlow's disease),
especially in formula-fed infants or infants
whose mothers smoke. This could account for some
of the changes seen in these infants, including
haemorrhages, bruises, and fractures. Vitamin C
deficiency should be excluded in patients
suspected of being victims of SBS.
Case Three Ashleigh
  • Received Cervarix (HPV vaccine) at school aged 12
    on 15th October 2008
  • Within 30 minutes began to feel ill
  • In the next 48 hours collapsed 5 times
  • Within 1 week she was unable to stand or walk
  • 24th October was admitted to the hospital.
  • She remains in hospital today unable to walk and
    now has no bladder control

Doctor in charge says vaccines are not to
blame! Mother accused of child abuse!
  • Ashleigh has Noonan's syndrome
  • This syndrome includes heart problems
  • Ashleigh is thought to have a compromised immune
    system as she is she prone to infections
  • Ashleigh has a blood clotting disorder
  • According to GSK guidelines a doctors advice
    should be sought in patients with blood clotting
  • It states on a GP advert from GSK that there is
    no data for subjects with weakened immune
  • Dr Curran, Consultant in charge of Ashleigh has
    said Ashleigh's condition was not a result of the
    vaccine, however, Dr Newton Consultant Paediatric
    Neurologist a second opinion has now refuted
  • Mother was accused of encouraging her daughter's
    illness and the social services were brought in.

Hospital ignores second opinion
  • Dr Newton who offered the second opinion on
    Ashleigh states
  • By far the most likely explanation of
    Ashleigh's illness is that initially she had an
    adverse following her vaccination.
  • The doctor went on to state
  • Rehabilitation usually brings good
    results, although the fix is often not quick,
    especially when the illness has been going on for
    five months or more.
  • This statement was ignored by the hospital -
    instead they decided it was the Mums fault. When
    that did not work they decided that Ashleigh
    must be mentally ill and is the root cause of her
    illness. A bed is arranged for Ashleigh in a
    long term psychiatric hospital.
  • Months later a full psychiatric assessment was
    carried out and the psychiatrist found Ashleigh
    to be mentally fit and well.
  • Case continues

Case Four Sally Clark accused of infant murder
  • Sally Clark spent three years in jail falsely
    accused of murdering her two young babies. A jury
    could find no other explanation for their sudden
    infant death. (SID)
  • Harry, however, died just 5 hours after a DPT
    vaccination despite having a long history of
    adverse reactions.
  • Harry was just eight weeks old.
  • Like the other cases, he was a premature baby.
  • His brother, Christopher also died of SID.

DPT and unexplained SID The hidden truth
  • The jury was not provided with information that
    the vaccine may have been a factor in Harry's
    death and possibly even the death of his brother.
  • The jury were assured by Sir Professor Roy Meadow
    an expert witness that vaccines could have played
    no part in the death of this child.
  • Prof. Roy Meadow an expert who has since been
    discredited was fully aware that vaccines could
    be responsible for SIDS better known as Cot
    Death. On 6th July 1988 in room 1611/12 Market
    Towers. London he sat in meetings with the JCVI
    who routinely discussed the issue. http//www.prof
  • DTP has been known to be a factor in sudden
    infant death in some cases. Harry died in 1988
    when Thimerosal was still present in the DTP
  • The evidence however was spelled out in an
    unpublished 150 page report to the department of
    health written by Prof Gordon T Stewart MD in
    1983.Professor Stewart was not called as a

GORDON T. STEWART, M.D Emeritus professor of
Public Health, University of Glasgow Consultant
physician, NHS (Epidemiology and Preventive
Medicine), Emeritus Fellow, Inf Dis Soc of
America. Former consultant, New York City, US
  • Prof Stewart states On 18th August 1999 I
    was approached by solicitors in Manchester who
    were defending Mrs Clark against the charge of
    having murdered her two infant sons, Christopher
    in 1996 and Harry in 1998.
  • I found, as Dr Williams did, that the two
    deaths were different and that for this and other
    reasons, the reports sent to me were confusing,
    contradictory and inconclusive. None of them
    offered a conclusion fulfilling the requirement
    that a verdict of unnatural death had to be
    beyond reasonable doubt, so I wrote back to the
    defending solicitors to say that a charge of
    murder was unjustified.I was therefore astonished
    to read some months later in The Times that Sally
    Clark had been tried at Chester Crown Court and
    found guilty of murdering her two infant sons.
  • http//www.whale.to/vaccines/stewart1.html

Professor Roy Meadow is struck off the GMC
medical register.
  • The General Medical Council found Prof Sir
    Roy Meadow guilty of professional misconduct and
    struck off paediatrician after his "misleading"
    evidence in the Sally Clark case.
  • During the trial, Sir Roy had said that the
    probability of two natural unexplained cot deaths
    in the family was 73 million to one.
  • The figure was later disputed by the Royal
    Statistical Society and other experts said that
    once genetic and environmental factors were taken
    into consideration, the odds of a second cot
    death in the same family were closer to 200 to

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