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Data Warehouse User Group / Workshop Spring 2012 Agenda


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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Data Warehouse User Group / Workshop Spring 2012 Agenda

Data Warehouse User Group / WorkshopSpring
  • Testing updates 3-8 and Regents
  • L2RPT Reports
  • Teacher Student Verification Roster
  • Level 0
  • Data collection requirements
  • Important Dates
  • Growth Model Data Elements
  • Level 0 Historical
  • State Course Catalog
  • 2012-13.

NYS 3-8 Testing Highlights (See handout for more
  • ELA Math
  • Answer sheets will arrive in districts the week
    before April break
  • ELA and Math tests now have 2 answer sheets for
    every grade level
  • 2 sets of Labels for ALL ELA tests (for Book 2
  • 1 set of Labels for ALL Math tests (for Book 3)
  • New Field test items are embedded in both ELA
    Math tests
  • Important - Form letter must be bubbled on
    answer sheet (A, B, C or D)
  • Schools will receive same form, but may vary in
    each district between buildings
  • Students will be filling in the circle relating
    to the form they are taking. Proctors will be
    reading instructions to the students regarding
  • Answer sheets are due to the RIC
  • ELA-Wednesday, May 2 MathWednesday, May 9
  • SED is planning a voluntary time survey to see
    how much time the kids spent on the test
    Barbara Wallis will be sending out via email end
    of March, early April to Building principals.

  • June 2012
  • All Regents exams are required for scanning in
  • 48 Hour Scanning option
  • Districts wishing to participate in the 48 hour
    processing will need to commit to daily drop offs
    to the Regional Scanning site in their area.
    Principals should ensure that all exams are
    transported via a secure and traceable means.
  • Hand Scoring
  • Districts need to make decisions regarding hand
    scoring multiple choice questions. As many
    districts have graduation ceremonies on June 23,
    it is recommended that scores are hand calculated
    for any students that are depending on that exam
    for a June 2012 diploma.
  • Information on ordering answer sheets should
    available in April
  • District Regents contact will receive e-mail
    notification when reports become available in
    ASAP (https//
  • Same userid as Level 0
  • DDCs will have ability to set up accounts for
    district staff as appropriate

L2RPT reports Releases
  • March
  • BEDS Enrollment Verification Reports
  • Teacher Student Data Linkage (TSDL) reports
  • Tested/not tested (including NYSAA)
  • will include option to view ALL subjects at once
  • Annual Outcomes
  • April
  • 3-8 AVR (Accountability Verification Report)
  • HS AVR
  • Add 5 year graduation rate
  • Total Cohort

BEDS Day Enrollment Verification Report by
Location of Enrollment and Subgroup (SIRS-313
SIRS-313.1 Snapshot)
  • All Districts/Schools were expected to review,
    correct as necessary, and verify data displayed
    in this verification report by January 13th.
    (based on any data loaded to L2 by January 5th)
  • A second Confirmation will be required on this
    data, and a Snapshot report will become
    available based on data submitted as of April 5th
    to Level 2 Confirmation due by April 13th
  • The current Snapshot report is as of the
    certification in January (data submitted by
    January 5th)
  • This report provides counts of students whose
    repository records show that they were enrolled
    in a school in your district or in your charter
    school as of BEDS Day in any of grades
    pre-kindergarten through grade 12, including
    ungraded elementary and ungraded secondary.
    Counts of students are provided by grade as well
    as by accountability subgroup.

SIRS-313 BEDS Day Enrollment Verification Report
by Location of Enrollment Student Subgroup
(This report was released in November 2011)
The BEDS Day Enrollment Verification Report for
Supplemental Counts for State Aid Calculations
  • Will allow staff to verify records in the Student
    Information Repository System (SIRS) pertaining
    to particular counts of resident and non-resident
    students as of BEDS Day 2011. These particular
    student counts are used in State aid
  • In general terms, the majority of state aid is
    reserved for students based on where they are
    enrolled, however textbook and transportation aid
    is reserved for students based on their district
    of residence. For textbook and transportation
    aid, non-resident enrolled students are excluded
    while resident students enrolled outside of the
    district are included.

SIRS-312 BEDS Day Enrollment Verification Report
for State Aid Calculation
The BEDS Day Enrollment Verification Report by
District of Residence
  • Will allow staff to verify records in the Student
    Information Repository System (SIRS) pertaining
    to counts of enrolled students by grade and by
    their District of Residence as of BEDS Day 2011.
  • The District of Residence is the district that a
    school-age child is entitled to attend based on
    the location of their residence.
  • District of Residence is used in calculations for
    textbook and transportation aid, and provides
    insight into from where charter schools, magnet
    schools and nonpublic schools draw their

SIRS-314 BEDS Day Enrollment Verification Report
by District of Residence
SIRS-316 BEDS Day Enrollment Verification Report
for District Pre-K
Reporting Pre-K Students
  • Enrollment
  • A preschool-age student who resides in the
    district and participates in a
  • District-operated Pre-K or Universal Pre-K
  • Report District Building BEDS code
  • BOCES-operated or other CBO Pre-K program under a
    Universal Pre-K contract with a school district
    with the BOCES acting as an Other Eligible Agency
    (i.e., Community-Based)
  • Report first six characters of the district code
    followed by 0666 signifying CBO-placed UPK
  • BOCES-operated pre-K not under a Universal Pre-K
  • Report BOCES location code
  • Program services for Pre-K students
  • UPK funded programs must have a program service
    code of 902(Universal PreK Program)
  • These students must also have an additional
    program service code to indicate the Setting
    (1309 - 1419)
  • Students NOT in a UPK funded program should use a
    program code of 990(Other PreK Program) no
    additional codes are required when using this

Teacher Roster Verification Process
  • School Administrators/Data Coordinators can
    assist teachers in the verification of roster
    reports with L2RPT (Cognos https//cognos84.moric.
    org State Reports)
  • Teacher Student Data Linkage (TSDL) Report
  • Summary and Detail reports should be available

L2RPT TSDL (Teacher Student Data Linkage)
L2RPT TSDL (Teacher Student Data Linkage)
Student Detail
Teacher Student Roster Verification Process
  • District must report Staff Student Course data
  • PIN letter is created for every teacher submitted
    by each district
  • Zip file of PIN letters will be posted to the SED
    portal (http//, IRSP
    (Information Reporting Services Portal
    directions for IRSP http//
  • Zip file includes
  • Individual pdf for each teacher reported in Staff
    Student Course
  • Districtwide pdf that contains all PIN letters in
    one file
  • Excel file that contains list of teachers for
    whom a PIN has been generated

Teacher Student Roster Verification Process
  • Email notification to CIO when new file is posted
    to IRSP
  • If a district or school has NOT identified an
    Information Officer contact, IRS Portal email
    notifications will be sent instead to the
    individual identified in SEDREF under the Chief
    Executive Officer field
  • Select SEDREF Query from http//
  • District must print and distribute PIN letters to
  • District should provide teachers information
    about what to do if the data are inaccurate
  • Subsequent zip files will only include teachers
    who are new since the last refresh

Teacher Student Roster Verification Process
  • To create an account, teachers will go to website
    listed in PIN letter
  • http//
  • User Guide http//
  • Each teacher will need
  • PIN
  • Last 4 of SSN
  • Date of Birth
  • Valid email address - This email address can be
    either a work or personal email address, as it
    will also be the username.
  • Last 4 of SSN and date of birth will be
    verified against data recorded in TEACH

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Level 0 Staff Student Course Reports Course
Roster by

Level 0 Staff Student Course Reports Students
by Teacher
Level 0 Staff Student Course Manual Input
2011-12 Data Collection Requirements
  • Students (PK 12), including Preschool students
    with disabilities
  • See SIRS Data Elements on the SIRS Guidance
    page http//
  • Demographics (Student Lite Template) Student
    Management System
  • Enrollment (School Entry Exit Template) Student
    Management System
  • Programs (Programs Fact Template) - See RIC
    Program Codes Listing for all codes and sources
  • Assessments (Assessment Fact Template) Student
    Management System, Vendor scored, or COSF from
    Special ed system.
  • Special Education Snapshot Special ed system
    (Cleartrack, IEP)
  • SE Events Special ed system (Cleartrack, IEP)
  • Staff Student Course Student Management System
  • Student Class Grade Detail Student Management

Student Management System (SchoolTool, eSchool
Data, PowerSchool, IC)
Special Education System (Cleartrack, IEP
Cafeteria System (Nutri-kids, WinSNAP)
Test Scoring System (NYS, NRT,
Regents Scanning) (Note May bypass Level 0)
Academic Intervention System (AIS Edge, RTIm)
Other (BOCES CTE, Historical, TEACH, HR System,
District Data Coordinator/RIC Data Readiness Team
L0 Data only moves to L1 / L2 with DDC request or
with notification from RIC (No Errors)
Level 0 NYSED District Student Validation System
- RICs
Cognos 8 Report Portal (Customized Reports,
Basic, Regents Reform, and Supplemental Services)
Level 1 (RICs)
NYSSIS Unique Student ID
nySTART (Pre AORs, Guided Analysis)
L0 Hist NYS L0 Historical
Level 1C Data Pass-thru container
L2RPT (Cognos State Reporting) (Accountability,
Annual Outcomes, BEDS, ISRs, Staff/Course, TSDL,
Total Cohort, T/NT, CTE, Reasonableness) UIAS
Level 2 (Statewide)
School Accountability School Report Cards
PD Data System (VR Reports Reasonability
Remaining Monthly data loads to Level 0
  • This is a tentative schedule of when we will be
    loading your data from ALL systems to Level 0
    these will occur during the following weeks
  • March 5th
  • April 9th (Spring Break)
  • May 14th may be delayed 1 week to May 21
  • June none (loads can be done upon request if
  • July Loads are done upon request after rollover
    has been completed
  • All districts must request a final data load to
    pull data on graduation and student
    transfers/exits and other end-of-year maintenance
  • Any changes to this schedule will be posted on
    the MORIC Website, under Data Verification -

2011-12 Final dates to submit data
  • BEDS (Demographic, Enrollment, Programs for
    Accountability sub-groups (Disability, LEP,
    Poverty, Migrant, Homeless))
  • January 5th
  • April 5th
  • Special Education
  • July 26, 2012 - VR10 and VR 16
  • September 27, 2012 - VR 11 thru VR15
  • Please note Enrollment, demographic and
    disability program service records for those
    students who are potential submission records for
    the VR 10 thru VR 16 reports must be in Level 0,
    Locked, with a request to load to the Level 2
    Student Data Repository by no later than Thursday
    July 26, 2012
  • Details are available at
  • http//
  • Accountability
  • July 26, 2012

Growth Model Data Elements
  • NYSED memo to the field should be released soon
    with more details
  • NYSED will be sending the vendor 3 years of 3-8
    data in the early June timeframe
  • Districts should review students enrollment
    location, grade level, LRE, and program
  • Staff Student Course data will be sent for the
    current school year, including location,
    start/end dates, linkage duration information,
    assessment description
  • Including some basic information from TEACH
  • It is anticipated that 2 files will be returned
    from the vendor
  • Evaluation information to school districts
  • Student growth will be sent to Level 2

  • Level 0 Historical (L0HIST)
  • This web-based application, which will be
    released in two phases, will provide you with the
    capability of easily viewing previous years of
    data warehouse information for individual
    students in your district. Phase I will provide
    data view (March) capability only while Phase II
    will allow for the update (April) of your
    historical information. Historical records are
    defined as any data warehouse record submitted
    prior to the current school year. The data areas
    currently available for view and future update
    are Demographic, Enrollment, Programs Fact, and
    Assessment Fact.
  • For manageability purposes, the NYSED recommends
    that you grant access to your District Data
    Coordinator and only authorize a limited number
    of additional district personnel.
  • General Information
  • Access to District information would be based on
    user SEDDAS authentication rights
  • Mass adds, updates, deletes are not a function
    of this application
  • NYSSIS ID or local student id will not be updated
    through this application
  • Inquiries will be by individual local student id
    and school year.
  • Only NYS Reporting fields are displayed
  • Assessments
  • Districts cannot view vendor scored assessments
  • Districts cannot view any future assessments
    administered by another district.
  • Missing assessment information can be added for a
    prior district. (i.e. Missing Regents exam
  • District owned assessments can be changed
  • District owned assessments cannot be deleted when
    attached to an assessment response record

Level 0 Historical
  • Level 0 Historical Alternative update option
  • 2010-11 School year data
  • Make changes all changes in Level 0, lock data
    files and request a load to Level 2
  • Changes must be complete on or before
  • Monday April 2nd
  • 2010-11 School year data and prior
  • Coordinate with data warehouse support staff for
    template updates, including any NYSSIS ID changes
  • All changes must be complete on or before
  • Monday March 26th

State Course Catalog update.
  • Guidance on the Collection and Reporting of
    Teacher and Course Data in the Student
    Information Repository System (SIRS)
  • http//
  • New York States comprehensive course code
    catalog will be adopted from the NCES SCED
  • The NCES SCED for secondary can be found here
  • http//
  • The NCES SCED for prior-to-secondary can be found
  • http//
  • SED intends to make a quick reference guide
    subset available to assist in reporting.
  • 2011-12 Elementary State Course Codes will need
    to be changed for the 2012-13 school year

3-8 Elementary State Course Codes
Use only these in 2012-13
Anticipated for 2012-13
  • Daily Attendance tardy (negative only local
    AND State codes for excused E, unexcused U,
    tardy T)
  • Student/Adult contact for educational information
  • Principal/Student/Course linkage
  • Report all course codes (local and State codes)
  • BOCES required to report course/teacher/evaluation
  • Staff Hire date and Exit date (if applicable)
  • Staff Tenure date (if applicable) 

Anticipated for 2012-13
  • Collection of NYSSIS ID in Alternate Student ID
  • To be used for reporting to Higher Education
    (transcripts, etc)
  • Collection of Adult ID
  • To link parents to kids
  • New data collection requirements for existing
  • School Entry Exit
  • 0033 - Entry Enrollment code for part-time
    students pursuing a HS diploma
  • Programs Fact
  • New Program Service Codes
  • 1232 - SIFE (Students with Interrupted Formal
  • 4015 - indication of students participation in
    STEP (Higher Ed)
  • 4004 - indication of students participation in
    Liberty Partnership Program (Higher Ed)
  • New program service ending reason code
  • 680 - Leave CTE with the intention of continuing
    later - to identify students who plan to
    continue the program, but may be skipping a
    semester or a year.
  • Remove
  • Eliminate Program Type Code for Title II - TPREP.
    CTE Program Type code will be used for all
    records. (participation info code).

  • SIRS Guidance
  • http//
  • http//
  • Annotated Templates for Extracts
  • http//
  • L2RPT Report Guides
  • http//
  • APPR guidance
  • http//
  • Ken Wagner May 2010 memo
  • http//

MORIC Contact Information(315) 361-2700
  • Data Readiness/Verification - Data Warehouse
  • Level 0
  • L2RPT (Cognos State Reporting)
  • Level 0 Historical
  • NYSSIS Unique ID
  • nySTART
  • New York State Assessments
  • Regents Scanning / ASAP (Assessment Scoring
    Analysis Program)
  • Contact Data Readiness Support datareadiness_at_moric
  • Sally Zielasko
  • Chris Urich
  • Brenda Heigl
  • Danielle Polisse
  • Katie Duell
  • Data Analysis and Interpretation
  • Contact Deb Duffy at or Melissa
    Moshetti at