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WELCOME Seniors and Parents


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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: WELCOME Seniors and Parents

WELCOME Seniors and Parents
  • Class of 2015
  • College Planning Night
  • East Bay High School website http//eastbay.mysdhc

Visit East Bays Website
  • East Bay High School website http//eastbay.mysdhc
  • Click on Guidance
  • Scholarship Listings
  • Bright Futures Handbook
  • SAT and ACT Test Date Information
  • Community Service Requirements
  • Guidance Newsletter

Senior Handbook
  • Use your red folder all year to store important
    college and financial aid paperwork
  • Senior Handbook is a reference guide to help
    navigate you through the process
  • Important College and Financial Aid Meetings on
    pgs. 3 4
  • SAT ACT Testing Dates pgs. 5 6
  • c/o 2015 Bright Futures requirements page 9

College Entrance TESTING
SAT ACT Testing
  • SAT and/or ACT scores are required to get a
    college admissions decision for Bright Futures
    eligibility and various scholarships
  • Registration Online
  • www.collegeboard.com for SAT
  • www.actstudent.org for ACT
  • Test Dates Locations for 2014-2015
  • 6 SAT Test Dates available
  • Next test Nov 8 registration deadline 10/9/14
  • 5 ACT Test Dates available
  • Next test October 25 registration deadline

SAT ACT Testing
  • SAT and ACT
  • Test Dates Locations in the Senior Handbook
    pgs. 5 6 - Registration Online
  • Costs to take the tests
  • 52.50 SAT
  • ACT 38.00 No Writing/54.50 Plus Writing
  • Fee Waivers Available for students on free or
    reduced lunch
  • Send your scores to colleges when you register
    4 free score reports
  • SAT/ACT scores are not listed on your transcript

SAT/ACT Comparison
  • SAT ACT both widely accepted, national college
    admissions tests
  • SAT is an analytical reasoning test
  • ACT aligned with classroom coursework
  • PERT is for community college academic placement
    and Gold Seal qualifying
  • Students should take the SAT and the ACT
    multiple times to determine

SAT Scores
  • Reading scores range from 200 - 800
  • Math scores range from 200 - 800
  • Writing scores range from 200 - 800
  • 2400 highest possible SAT score
  • Bright Futures (and some colleges) is looking for
    a 2 section score total with Critical Reading
    Math combined

ACT Scores
  • 4 sections English, Math, Reading and Science.
  • Each section scored from 1 - 36
  • Add all four sections scores together and divide
    by 4 to get the total (composite) score
  • Writing section is optional but required by most
    four year colleges and universities

Sending your SAT and ACT Scores to Colleges
  • SAT and ACT scores are sent electronically
    directly from the testing company
  • May send four (4) free score reports to colleges
    when you register to test
  • If you need to send scores after the test there
    is a fee to do so
  • SAT/ACT scores are not on your transcript

Super Scoring
  • Students benefit by taking the SAT and/or ACT
    more then once
  • Most colleges and university will take the
    highest section score to give students the
    highest total score.
  • Bright Futures will also take the highest section
    scores to determine scholarship eligibility

Super Scoring
  • SAT example (200-800 score range)
  • Student took the SAT three times . . .
  • Reading Math Writing
  • Test 1 490 610 500
  • Test 2 580 500 500
  • Test 3 520 510 540
  • 580 610 540 1730
  • FMS Bright Futures score 1190 (Reading

Super Scoring
  • ACT example (1-36 score range)
  • Student took the ACT three times . . .
  • English Math Reading Science
  • Test 1 25 23 20 21
  • Test 2 18 26 22 23
  • Test 3 20 21 26 27
  • 25 26 26 27 10426
    4 (sections)
  • 26 composite (total) ACTscore

Understanding GPAs
  • Weighted - Honors, dual enrollment and AP
  • Un-weighted - No quality points added (State)
  • Recalculated (weighted)
  • Academic core credits academic electives
    weighted for honors, dual enrollment and AP
  • Recalculated GPAs are used for college
    admissions and Bright Futures
  • Go to www.guidmii.com OR www.FLVC.org to
    determine recalculated GPAs

GPA Reporting
  • When you are completing a college or scholarship
  • always list your highest GPA unless they request
    the un-weighted GPA!

  • Using your Edsby username and password, go to
    www.guidmii.com and login.
  • Track high school graduation requirements
  • View your various GPAsweighted (District),
    Bright Futures, State University System (SUS)
  • Bright Futures/Scholarship Information
  • College Admissions Information
  • Explore career and academic options
  • Access high school transcript information

  • go to www.FLVC.org
  • Dept. Of Education parent and student tool for
    college and career planning
  • Create an account and log-in
  • View your unofficial transcript - Click on the
    Reports tab and check your Bright Futures
    status. This is also your weighted, recalculated
    GPA for college admissions
  • Explore college majors and careers

College Admissions
Selecting a College
  • Ask questions that matter to you
  • Location
  • Close to home? Far from home? In-state?
  • Public or Private school
  • Size of School
  • Majors
  • Does the school you want to attend have your
  • Campus life
  • Sports
  • Cost of attendance

College Campus Visits
  • Open House dates on line
  • RSVP - dont just show up
  • Daily tours
  • 10am 2pm
  • Special events
  • Invitation only
  • No school business given
  • On-line college fairs and virtual tours

How to Apply to College
  • Apply on-line NOW Dec.by the latest
  • Web site lists included in your folder
  • Whats needed for an admissions decision?
  • Completed on-line application
  • Application fee paid
  • SAT and/or ACT scores sent
  • High school transcript sent
  • Essay and/or recommendation letter (rqst)

How to send your transcript
  • Complete the yellow form found in your folder or
    pick one up in Guidance
  • Give completed form to the Registrar, Mrs.
    Canizares in Guidance
  • No charge for electronic transcripts
  • 2.00 fee for paper transcripts (private and
    out-of-state colleges)
  • Scholarship requests are free

State University System (SUS)
  • 12 Public Universities in the state of Florida
    pgs. 21 22 in handbook
  • Map and websites also in your folder
  • SUS admissions matrix
  • Enrollment data
  • GPA averages
  • SAT and ACT averages
  • Cost of attendance
  • Read the SUS admissions matrix

Private Colleges and Out-of-State Universities
  • Pgs. 23 24 in the handbook
  • Applications completed on-line check deadlines
  • Financial estimator available to determine cost
    of attendance (COA)
  • For in-state private colleges, Bright Futures
    money paid at public tuition dollar amounts
  • Address is needed for private or out of state
    transcript request - 2.00 fee

Hillsborough Community College - HCC
  • Five campuses available
  • Open admissions for high school graduates
  • Online application preferred
  • SAT/ACT/PERT used to place students in college
    level reading and math classes
  • Avoid remedial classes by having college ready
    test scores
  • HCC timeline - pgs. 13 14 in Senior Handbook
  • HCC Honors available for qualified students

HI-TEC Centers
  • Part of the Hills. Co. Public School system
  • Offering over 40 career training programs
  • Non degree certificate programs vary in length
    from 6 months to 2 years
  • Very affordable and open access to graduates
  • Four locations available
  • Aparicio-Levy Technical Center
  • Brewster Technical Center
  • Erwin Technical Center
  • Learey Technical Center

College and Career Center
  • Group or individual assistance
  • FLVC.org for Bright Futures
  • Scholarship completion
  • SAT ACT registration
  • SAT ACT Prep class registration
  • Military information
  • Technical School information
  • Community Service Assistance

How to get started with Community
  • Select a place to volunteer
  • Complete proposal approved BEFORE volunteering
    and get required signatures
  • Proposal must be approved prior to starting
    community service
  • Once completed, hours must be turned in on the
    organizations letterhead in letter format
  • December 15 deadline for Bright Futures early
  • Seniors have May 1st deadline for all community
    service hours

Community Service
  • Class of 2015 - Bright Futures and community
    service requirements
  • Florida Academic Scholarship
  • 100 hours
  • Florida Medallion Scholarship
  • 75 hours
  • Florida Gold Seal Scholarship
  • 30 hours

Military Information
  • There are 5 Military Academies  
  • Navy the US Naval Academy in Annapolis MD
  • US Naval Academy - http//www.usna.edu///homep
  • Army US Military Academy in West Point New
  • http//admissions.usma.edu/default.cfm
  • Air Force the Air Force Academy in Colorado
    Springs, CO
  • http//www.usafa.af.mil/index.cfm?catnameAFA20Ho
  • The Merchant Marine Academy in Kings Point, NY
  • The Coast Guard Academy in New London, CT

Military Information
  • ROTC Scholarships
  • Offered at colleges around the country
  • Air Force - http//www.afrotc.com/
  • Army - http//www.goarmy.com/rotc/high_school_stud
  • Navy - https//www.nrotc.navy.mil/scholarships_app
  •   Enlistment in the Military after High School
  • Take the ASVAB in October here at East Bay or at
    the recruiting station for the specific branch

Paying for College
  • Determine the COST of Attendance (COA)
  • The COA is an estimate of how much money will be
    required to attend school for one year at a
    college (on or off campus)
  • The COA is determined for each student by the
    postsecondary institution
  • Go online to check COA for each school youre

Cost of Attendance
  • The COA is determined for each student by the
    postsecondary institution and may include
  • Tuition and fees
  • Books and supplies
  • Transportation
  • Personal expenses
  • Room and board
  • Misc. costs
  • Go online to the college websites and type in
    Cost of Attendance

What is my Cost of Attendance? (Example at 4
year, in state, public university)
  • In-State school, Living on or off-campus
  • Tuition- 6,800
  • Room/Board- 9,190
  • Books/Supplies1,500
  • Miscellaneous-1,000
  • Total 18,490.00
  • In-State school, Living at home
  • Tuition- 6,800
  • Room/Board- 2,000
  • Books/Supplies1,500
  • Miscellaneous-1,000
  • Total 11,300.00

What is Financial Aid?
  • Financial aid is money available to help students
    and their parents pay for educational expenses.
  • Students and parents use various resources to
    find money for school
  • No limit on financial aid amounts earned
  • Students and parents are the primary source of
    funds for post secondary education and are
    expected to contribute to the extent they are

Types of Federal Financial Aid
  • Grants- Aid given to students by the federal
    government or by the university that is need
    based, and the student is not responsible for
    paying back
  • Scholarships- Award money given to students
    based on academic, athletic ability, ethnicity,
    gender, major or talent, that is not paid back
  • Work-Study- Money earned by students as payment
    for work. Does not have to paid back.
  • Loans- Three types of loans that may be borrowed
    by the student and/or parents that must be paid
    back with interest either while enrolled or six
    or nine months post-graduation or if students
    stop attending.

Sources of Financial Aid
  • Federal Programs - FAFSA
  • State Programs Bright Futures
  • Institutional Colleges/Universities
  • Civic Community Programs
  • Foundations Hillsborough Education, DeBartolo,
    Bailey Family
  • Parents Company Union Programs
  • Scholarships through Private Donors

Federal Financial Aid
  • FAFSA Free Application For Federal Student Aid
    Apply online at www.FAFSA.ed.gov
  • Important part of the college application process
    for ALL students and parents
  • On-line application begins January 1, 2015
  • Awards Grants, Work Study, low-interest loans
  • Based on family income from 2014 tax returns
  • Financial Aid Meeting on January 15, 2015 _at_
    Riverview High School
  • Do not go to FAFSA.com charges a fee!

How much federal student aid can you receive?
  • Example first-year student in 2015-16
  • Maximum amounts allowed
  • Federal Pell Grant 5,730
  • Academic Competitiveness Grant 750
  • TEACH Grant up to 4,000
  • Federal Stafford Loan 5,500/Federal Perkins
    Loan 5,500
  • Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity
    Grant 100 - 4,000
  • Federal Work-Study depends on funds available at
  • Federal PLUS Loan (for parents) COA minus other
    aid received
  • Award amounts are based on your household income

State Financial Aid aka - Bright Futures
  • Florida Financial Aid Application
  • 14 potential scholarships w/one application
  • Online Registration begins December 1st
  • www.floridastudentfinancialaid.com
  • Bright Futures pays a basic rate per credit hour
    wherever you attend in the state
  • Students can qualify for one of the three Bright
    Futures Scholarships Available

Bright Futures Scholarship Award Levels
  • Students may receive funding for ONE of the three
    awards page 9 in handbook for requirements
  • Florida Academic Scholars Award (FAS)
  • 103.00 per credit hour
  • Florida Medallion Scholars Award (FMS)
  • 77.00 per credit hour
  • Florida Gold Seal Vocational Scholars (GSV)
  • 77.00 per credit hour _at_ technical centers for
    certificate programs only

Florida Academic Scholars (FAS)
  • 3.5 weighted GPA in required college preparatory
    credits. Required Credits
  • 4 English (3 with substantial writing)
  • 4 Math (Algebra I level and above)
  • 3 Natural Science (2 with substantial lab)
  • 3 Social Science
  • 2 Foreign Language (sequential, in the same
  • 16 college preparatory credits
  • May use up to 2 additional credits from courses
    in these academic areas and/or AP, IB, or AICE
    fine arts courses to raise GPA.

Florida Academic Requirements
  • 16 credits (college preparatory)
  • 3.5 GPA weighted, recalculated (unrounded) in 16
    (or up to 18) academic courses
  • 100 Community Service Hours
  • Test sub-scores can be used from multiple testing
    dates (not mixed from different test types)
  • ACT 29 Composite (excludes writing section)
  • SAT 1290 (critical reading and math)
  • Liberal Arts Applied Math are NOT accepted math
    courses toward the required 4 Math credits

Florida Medallion Scholars (FMS)
  • 3.0 GPA weighted, recalculated in required
  • 4 English (3 with substantial writing)
  • 4 Math (Algebra I level and above)
  • 3 Natural Science (2 with substantial lab)
  • 3 Social Science
  • 2 Foreign Language (sequential, in the same
  • May use up to 2 additional credits from courses
    in these academic areas and/or AP, IB, or AICE
    fine arts courses to raise GPA.

Florida Medallion Requirements
  • 16 credits (college preparatory)
  • 3.0 GPA weighted, recalculated (unrounded) in
    those 16 (or up to 18) courses
  • 75 Community Service Hours
  • Test sub-scores can be used from multiple testing
    dates (not mixed from different test types)
  • SAT 1170 (Reading Math)
  • ACT 26 Composite (excludes writing section)

Florida Gold Seal Vocational (GSV)
  • 16 credits (core required for HS graduation)
  • 3.0 weighted GPA (unrounded) in those 16 core
  • 3 career/technical credits in one vocational
  • 3.5 un-weighted GPA (unrounded) in those 3
  • 30 Community Service Hours
  • Test Scores
  • SAT 440 Critical Reading and 440 Math
  • ACT 17 English, 18 Reading, 19 Math
  • Test sub-scores can be used from multiple testing
    dates (not mixed from different test types)

www.FloridaStudentFinancialAid.org State Grants,
Scholarships Applications
Bright Futures Homepage
  • Whats New
  • Chart of Eligibility and Award Criteria
  • Students
  • You have all year to qualify for Bright Futures
  • Financial Aid Recipient History to check status
    or go to www.FLVC.org

Types of Scholarships
  • National scholarship databases
  • Free search sites
  • State scholarships
  • FFSA Bright Futures
  • Regional scholarships
  • Barnes, DeBartolo, etc.
  • County - Hillsborough Education Foundation
  • Begin applying in November, 2014
  • 75 organizations in the Tampa Bay Area

  • East Bay Scholarship Bulletins
  • Published 5 times a year
  • All Seniors receive a hard copy
  • Electronic copy available on the East Bay High
    School website under Guidance
  • Local scholarships
  • In March for all EBHS seniors
  • Local organizations donated over 150,000 in
    scholarship monies to the Class of 2014

Scholarship SMARTS
  • Scholarships can be based on your academic
    success, gender, ethnicity, financial need,
    athletics, college major, essay completion, etc.
  • Scholarship money can be stacked on other money
    such as Pre-paid, Bright Futures, Federal aid,
  • Its a numbers game! The more applications you
    complete the better chance youll have of getting
    a scholarship.
  • Try to apply to one scholarship per week.
  • Use the East Bay High School scholarship bulletin
  • Go to East Bay High School website under
    Guidance http//eastbay.mysdhc.org/

Scholarship Tips
  • Follow application instructions
  • Get organized and make copies and keep a
    scholarship log Use the tracker!
  • Proofread your application. Have a parent,
    teacher and/or counselor review and dont leave
    items blank
  • Meet the deadlines
  • How will you know if you won the scholarship?
  • Often youre only notified if you are selected
  • Notification details written on the web site
  • Try to complete one application a week!

East Bay Class of 2015 We are proud of you!
  • Q A
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