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Chapter 9


... you like most/least about last job What have you done that shows initiative Why do you want to work for this company Why should we hire you When are you ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Chapter 9

Chapter 9 Exploring the Interview Process
Topics of Discussion
  • Roles in the interview process
  • Types of interviews
  • Preparing for an interview
  • The actual interview
  • Post interview
  • Personal appropriateness
  • Appropriate questions

Section 1 Nature of Interviews
Roles in the Interview Process
  • Interviewer
  • Set goal
  • Develop structure
  • Prepare and ask questions
  • Control the direction of discussion

Roles in the Interview Process
  • Interviewee
  • Provide clear, complete, and appropriate answers
  • Think about responses before voicing them
  • Gather information

Types of Interviews
  • Information-gathering
  • Survey interviews
  • Used to gather reactions
  • Investigative interviews
  • Used to find out unknown info
  • Exit interview
  • To determine why a person has decided to leave

Types of Interviews
  • Information-giving
  • Performance appraisal
  • Counseling interview

Types of Interviews
  • Employment
  • Importance
  • Single most important factor in landing a job
  • Communication skills and interview knowledge more
    important than GPA or work experience
  • Used to size up whole individuals

Types of Interviews
  • Employment
  • Building skills
  • Study of employment ads may indicate what you
    need to prepare for in an interview

Types of Interviews
  • Employment
  • Variations
  • Most conducted on-site
  • Most off-site locations are chosen for

Section 2 Understanding the Interview Process
Preparing for an interview
  • Goals of Interviewer
  • Decide what you want the outcome to be
  • Decide the approach to take
  • Goals of the interviewee
  • Decide what you want to accomplish

Preparing for an interview
  • Determine type of interview
  • Choose type that best reaches goal

Preparing for an interview
  • Determine structure
  • Scheduled interview
  • Standardized questions
  • Answers tend to be limited
  • Follow up on answers may lead off track
  • Devising questions takes skill interviewing
  • EX poll

Preparing for an interview
  • Determine structure
  • Nonscheduled
  • Topic but not standardized
  • Require interviewing skill
  • EX sales call

Preparing for an interview
  • Determine structure
  • Moderately scheduled
  • Questions are a guide but not strict

Preparing for an interview
  • Research other party
  • Information gathering
  • Primary goal is to prepare research
  • Need background on topic and interviewee
  • EX news report

Preparing for an interview
  • Research other party
  • Information giving
  • Performance appraisal
  • Need research and data to support
  • Interviewee should know about topic and
    interviewer as basis for understanding critique

Preparing for an interview
  • Research other party
  • Employment
  • Requires preparation by both parties, but
    primarily with interviewee
  • Info available from current employees, internet,
    Better Business Bureau

Preparing for an interview
  • Research other party
  • Employment
  • When and by whom was company founded
  • Who runs it now
  • What is its main line of business
  • What are recent changes at business
  • Who is the competition
  • How many employees
  • How does it train
  • What are the benefits, such as insurance, etc.

Preparing for an interview
  • Research other party
  • Employment
  • Primary responsibilities
  • What role would you play
  • What skills are required
  • What training will you get
  • Where can it lead in the future
  • What performance appraisal is there

Preparing for an interview
  • Research other party
  • Employment
  • Benefits
  • Helps decide if the match is good for goals and
  • Is company stable and ethical
  • Is it a safe environment
  • Will it be challenging
  • Enter interview with confidence

Actual Interview
  • Opening
  • Introduction
  • Handshake
  • Small talk
  • Sets tone for interview

Actual Interview
  • Body
  • Conversation turns to specific questions
  • Both parties speak and listen
  • Both answer and ask questions
  • Both parties make decision based on info

Actual Interview
  • Possible questions
  • Open ended
  • Gives freedom in answering
  • Tell me about yourself

Actual Interview
  • Possible questions
  • Closed
  • Seeks specific info
  • What hours are you available to work

Actual Interview
  • Possible questions
  • Highly closed
  • Provides answers from which to choose
  • Would you prefer to work morning or evening

Actual Interview
  • Possible questions
  • Primary
  • Begins new topic
  • Tell me about your hobbies

Actual Interview
  • Possible questions
  • Secondary
  • Helps understand the answer to primary
  • Why do you like that hobby

Actual Interview
  • Possible questions
  • Leading
  • Suggests the desired answer
  • You do want to work weekends, right?

Actual Interview
  • Possible questions
  • Neutral
  • Implies no specific right or wrong
  • Would you like to work weekends

Actual Interview
  • Possible questions
  • Direct
  • Straight forward, no ambiguity
  • Can you work Friday evenings

Actual Interview
  • Possible questions
  • Indirect
  • Seeks specific info w/o directly asking
  • What do you usually do Friday evenings

Actual Interview
  • Possible questions
  • Factual
  • Seeks info that can be proven
  • Where do you attend school

Actual Interview
  • Possible questions
  • Opinion
  • Asks for judgment
  • What is your opinion of employees who steal

Actual Interview
  • Possible questions
  • Hypothetical
  • Asks for reaction is a given situation
  • If you knew someone was stealing from the
    company, what would you do

Actual Interview
  • Closing
  • Summary of what has occurred
  • Gives interviewee chance to correct any
  • Discuss future action
  • May follow-up call be made
  • When is decision expected

Post Interview
  • Follow-up thank you letter is crucial
  • Reconnect with interviewer to remind of strong
  • Summarize discussion
  • Thank him/her for meeting with you
  • Be warm but professional

Post Interview
  • Self Analysis
  • Was I prepared
  • Did I ask clear questions
  • Were responses accurate and complete
  • Did I listen carefully
  • Did I seem confident
  • Would I have hired me
  • What would I change next time

Section 3 Appropriateness in Interviews
Personal Appropriateness
  • Dress and Appearance
  • Confident posture
  • Smiling
  • Dressed appropriately
  • Neat and clean clothes
  • Clean and well groomed
  • Calm
  • Outgoing and enthusiastic

Personal Appropriateness
  • Demeanor
  • Friendliness
  • Poise
  • Confidence
  • Verbal skills
  • Body language

Interviewing Dos and Donts
  • Do
  • Look professional
  • Make good eye contact
  • Be specific
  • Be flexible
  • Listen carefully
  • Be enthusiastic
  • Speak clearly and concisely
  • smile

Interviewing Dos and Donts
  • Dont
  • Chew gum
  • Wear too much fragrance
  • Wear excessive jewelry
  • Lie
  • Mumble
  • Brag
  • Interrupt
  • Look at your watch

Common reasons for rejecting
  • Poor appearance
  • Poor diction, grammar, voice
  • Little enthusiasm, passive, indifferent
  • Late for interview, disrespectful
  • Talks too much, rambles
  • Unable to handle silence
  • Negative attitude
  • Couldnt sell self to employer
  • Talked about salary

Common reasons for rejecting
  • Overbearing, aggressive
  • Lack of purpose, career goals
  • Unwilling to start at bottom
  • Lack of courtesy, proper etiquette
  • Poor eye contact, extreme nervousness
  • Lack of poise, confidence
  • Lack of leadership skills
  • Condemned previous employer
  • Didnt ask for the job

Appropriate Questions
  • Interviewee Questions
  • What are specific duties
  • Can you describe a typical day
  • Is this a new or recently vacated position
  • Is travel normally involved
  • With whom will I be working
  • What type of technology skills are needed
  • Is special training provided
  • Is performance reviewed regularly
  • What else can I tell you about my qualifications
  • When do you expect to make a decision

Appropriate Questions
  • Interviewer Questions
  • Tell me about yourself
  • Tell about a strength/weakness
  • How will qualifications help you do this job
  • Why did you leave your last job
  • What is most important thing learned from job or
  • What did you like most/least about last job
  • What have you done that shows initiative
  • Why do you want to work for this company
  • Why should we hire you
  • When are you available to start
  • May we contact your references
  • What is your best/worst subject

Laws governing questions
  • Can not ask questions that can be used to
    discriminate on race, color, religion, sex,
    disabilities, marital status, national origin, age

Illegal questions
  • Birthplace, nationality or ancestry
  • Pasquale, is that a Spanish name
  • Gender/marital status
  • Is that your maiden name
  • Race/color
  • Are you considered to be part of minority

Illegal Questions
  • Religion/holiday observation
  • Does your religion prevent you from working
    on weekends
  • Physical challenges/disabilities
  • Do you have any use of your legs
  • Health or medical history
  • Do you have any pre-existing health

Illegal Questions
  • Pregnancy/child care
  • Do you plan to have children

Responding to an Unlawful Question
  • Simply answer the question
  • Note that you think it is illegal, but answer
  • Ask Why? Is it a factor in my being hired?
  • Refuse to answer saying it has no bearing on
    ability to do the job
  • Ask how it relates to job and is it lawful
  • Redirect the focus
  • Refuse to answer
  • End the interview and leave

Considerations on Illegal Questions
  • Why was the question asked
  • How badly do you want the job
  • How comfortable are you
  • Your own personal style