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The Crucible


The Crucible Thematic Analysis Crucible: a severe test or trial In what ways are the people of Salem tested? Who passes? Who fails? What ideals are tested regarding ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The Crucible

The CrucibleThematic Analysis
  • Crucible a severe test or trial
  • In what ways are the people of Salem tested? Who
    passes? Who fails? What ideals are tested
    regarding religion and justice?
  • Table workeach table will be assigned a
    character. Define/explain the test the character
    faces, and whether or not the character passes or
    fails the test.

The CrucibleThematic Analysis
  • Through the play, Miller is trying to teach us
    something about each of the following topics
  • Intolerance
  • Consider the all or nothing approach Danforth
    takes to the trialssomeone is either with God or
    with Satan
  • Hysteria
  • How does hysteria tear this community apart and
    what are the reasons for hysteria thriving?
  • Reputation
  • How does the fear of damage to ones reputation
    help fuel the witch trials?
  • Table work activity Synthesize a thesis that
    explains what your group thinks the play is
    trying to teach us about your topic.
  • Find a minimum of 4 textual references that
    support your thesis

The CrucibleAnalyzing Irony
  • Irony a contrast or difference between
    appearance and reality
  • Dramatic Irony when a character thinks one thing
    is true, but the audience or reader knows better.
  • Situational irony Contrast between what is
    expected to happen and what actually happens.
  • Examples of Irony in The Crucible?

The CrucibleIrony
  • All of the accusers call themselves Puritans,
  • They lie and give false testimonies, which are
  • The accused are also Puritans and when they try
    to tell the truth
  • They are hanged for it.
  • The authorities are supposed to follow the Bible
    and the rules of justice, but
  • They condoned the killing of innocent people
  • The Salem witch trials occurred in the name of
    Christianity, but these trials
  • Embodied the very sins Christianity condemns.

The CrucibleIrony
  • Specific instances of irony in the playdramatic
    or situational?
  • Act 1
  • We cannot look to superstition in this the mark
    of the devil is precise.Rev. Hale
  • Act 2
  • Adultery, John. Aye. You see, sir, between the
    two of us we do know them all.Elizabeth and
    John Proctor
  • Act 3
  • Answer my question! Is your husband a lecher!
    No, sir.Danforth and Elizabeth Proctor
  • Act 4
  • I have sought a Christian way, for damnations
    doubled on a minister who counsels men to
    lie.Rev. Hale