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Actel Automotive Solutions APA Automotive


Actel Automotive Solutions APA Automotive Michael Holmlund Product Marketing Manager February 9, 2004 Agenda Corporate Overview / Strategy Automotive Market ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Actel Automotive Solutions APA Automotive

Actel Automotive Solutions APA Automotive
  • Michael Holmlund Product Marketing Manager
  • February 9, 2004

  • Corporate Overview / Strategy
  • Automotive Market Summary
  • Actel Automotive Solutions
  • ProASIC plus Automotive
  • Program Highlights/Plans
  • Where we are wining
  • Q A

Actel Company Overview
  • Established FPGA Supplier
  • First product shipped - 1988
  • 149.9M in sales in 2003
  • 53 consecutive quarters of Pro Forma
  • Strong balance sheet - 149M cash, no debt
  • 29 RD spending
  • More than 500 employees
  • Fabless company
  • 1 flash- and 1 antifuse-based FPGA supplier

Actels new 157,000 ft2 WorldWide Headquarters in
Mountain View, Calif.
The Single-Chip, Nonvolatile FPGA Company
Actels Product Offerings
Value-Based FPGA
High-Speed FPGA
Mainstream SRAM FPGA
Cost-Effective Flash Technology
High-Performance Antifuse Technology
Flash Antifuse Technology Military / Aerospace
/ Automotive / Severe Environments
Hi-Rel Sub-Markets and Targeted Products
Hi- Rel FPGA
MX / SX-A ProASIC Plus / Axcelerator for military
eX / SX-A / MX / ProASIC Plus for automotive
Automotive Electronics Market
  • 2002 total worldwide automotive semiconductor
    market was approx. 13.3B, expected to grow to
    18.3B by the end of 2005
  • Automotive use of semiconductors are expanding
    from under the hood to in-the-cab
  • Telematics will be the key driver for FPGAs
  • Total telematics market for combined hardware
    and subscriptions is expected to grow from a
    3.6B market in 2000 to a 27B market by 2005
  • Convergence of communication, entertainment,
    navigation and control/comfort features
  • Unlike traditional ASIC-centric automotive
    applications, much of this market is
    characterized by moderate volumes and fast
    time-to-market requirements
  • De-facto standards still being defined
  • Analysts expect the automotive FPGA TAM to grow
    from 8M in 2002 to 50M by 2004 and 122M by
  • Source Gartner Dataquest October 2003 and
    December 2003

Automotive Electronics A Market in Transition
  • New Business Model
  • Time-to-market pressures associated with consumer
  • Standardization on a flexible common hardware
  • Product versioning
  • Growing data processing and bandwidth
  • Wiring and component overhead is becoming a
    significant liability
  • Mixed-signal ASICs and MCMs are gaining traction
    as a means to deliver integrated next-generation
  • Service providers anxious to tap into new
    recurring revenue streams
  • Manufacturers anticipating better customer
    satisfaction and return business
  • Customer relationship management
  • Maintenance/remote diagnostic

Automotive Market Update
  • Actel is positioned today as an industry leader
    to engage with early adopters
  • Estimated Auto Global PLD Consumption (M)
  • Focus on Telematics/Driver Information systems
  • Factor in other fringe applications and these
    numbers could be very conservative
  • Mobile diagnostic, Container tracking, Wireless

Segment 2004 2005 2006 2007
GPS Navigation 33 57 75 97
Other 17 30 46 60
Total 50 87 122 157
Actel Automotive FPGAs
  • From concept to console Actel provides a
    comprehensive solution that meets the unique
    requirements of the automotive industry for
    in-cab Control, under the hood, and Telematic
  • Program launched with eX April 2003
  • Addition of SX-A and MX September 2003

Actel Drives Flash Into Automotive
  • The industrys only flash-based automotive FPGAs
    ProASIC Plus
  • Seven family members (75,000 1-million system
  • Fastest ramping product in Actels history
  • In-system reprogrammable
  • Extends the inherent benefits of Actels two
    nonvolatile technologies flash and antifuse
    to the automotive community
  • Single-chip solution, low power and tamper
  • Industrys broadest automotive FPGA portfolio
    eX, MX, SX-A and ProASIC Plus
  • Densities (3,000 to 1-million system gates)
  • Extended-temperature products
  • Antifuse 40C to 125C ambient (150C
    junction) Industrys highest
  • Flash -40C to 125C junction
  • Guaranteed supply

Actel ProASIC Plus Automotive Success
  • Life Racing
  • Developed automotive engine control unit (ECU)
    successfully used in the first race of the 2003
    Superfund World Series, a critical stepping stone
    to Formula 1
  • In-system programmability allowed Life Racing to
    replace off-the-shelf Time Processor Unit (TPU)
  • Live at power-up functionality enables designers
    to eliminate additional components traditionally
    needed to prevent fuel injector or ignition coil
    drivers from turning on during power up
  • Reduction in component count and board area
  • ProASIC Plus FPGAs from Actel enabled
    unprecedented flexibility and performance
  • Shorten software development time
  • Reduce debug requirements
  • Speed time to market

Actel FPGAs Enable Next-Generation Automotive
  • Valeo Electronics Connective Systems Division
  • Developed a new system to transmit control
    signals on existing power networks
  • High-reliability FPGAs from Actel enabled rapid
    design iterations throughout the development
  • Ability to lock pinouts
  • Tamper resistant
  • Low power
  • Small form factor
  • Ability to perform in demanding conditions

Extensive Automotive IP Portfolio
  • Dedicated IP Portfolio
  • Targeted and optimized for Actels single-chip
    automotive FPGAs
  • Selected to compliment in-cab and under-the-hood
  • Reduces time to market and allows for integration
    of multiple
  • design elements into a one-chip solution
  • Current automotive IP offering contains over 30
  • Offering highlights include

Control Network CAN, LIN, 8051 MCU, I2C
Telematics IP 6809 MCU, PCI, LCD Controller, Reed-Solomon, MPEG-2, JPEG, DVB
General Purpose Automotive SPI, UART, Z80 MCU, SDRAM Controller, DES, Triple DES, AES
Actel Announces New iLIN and iCAN IP Cores
  • Actel strengthens automotive IP portfolio with
    new iLIN and iCAN IP cores from Intelliga
    Integrated Design
  • LIN provides cost-efficient bus communication
  • iLIN is a high-performance, full-featured core
    Actels first LIN offering
  • Meets reliability and performance standards in
    Actels automotive and industrial-temp grade
  • LIN is 20 kbps one node accesses bus at a time
  • CAN offers bandwidth and versatility
  • iCAN is a small, cost-effective solution
  • Actel now offers more than 10 CAN cores for a
    variety of application requirements
  • Meets reliability and performance standards in
    Actels automotive and industrial-temp grade
  • CAN is 1 Mbps several nodes request simultaneous
    bus access

Memec Design/Unique Automotive Development Kit
Memec/Uniqe CAN demo features
  • Module targets Actel SX-A FPGA with Memecs CAN
  • Complete On-Chip loopback CAN demo
  • features SX72A FPGA in a 208-PQFP with socket
  • Board includes Actel Silicon Explorer II header
  • Incorporates monitor program for FPGA programming
    and program execution
  • Source code for FPGA and CAN controller
  • Documentation and Users guide
  • Available immediately for 295 (USD)
  • Single license of Memecs CAN core available

2003 Automotive Activity Summary
  • Automotive Family Product Launch
  • Channel training
  • Website
  • Collateral
  • Data Sheets
  • MX/SX-A Automotive Products Announced
  • Customer launch road show
  • Direct Mail/EDM/Telemarketing
  • Over 3,000 Leads generated
  • Over 50 WW media citations

Actel Automotive in the news
Future Plans
  • APA Automotive Launch (Feb 9)
  • Memec Design/Unique CAN Development Kit
  • Inteliga IP partner announcement
  • Unique(Memec) Automotive Seminar (Feb)
  • Automotive Direct Mail II (Q1 2004)
  • Over 2,000 new names (over 1k NA/ balance WW)
  • Portable Design contributed Article (April)
  • How to Sell Automotive Webinar/Presentation
  • Target Applications
  • Focus Customers
  • Secondary Customers
  • Identifying complimentary technology/suppliers

Actel Automotive Product Portfolio and Roadmap
Next Gen.
APA Automotive
High-performance integration
Memec CAN Demo Kit Intelliga LIN and
CAN Companion Cores
MX/SX-A Automotive Product Launches

Architectures for flexibility and customization
Automotive Program Launch eX support
Sub-bus Connections
Q3 2003
Q4 2003
Q1 2004
Q2 2004
Q2 2003
In the Cab and Aftermarket Electronics
  • In the Cab
  • ProASIC Sky-Bitz/Volvo
  • GPS Tracking Unit
  • MX Clarion (Japan)
  • Automotive Wireless Lan
  • eX Valeo
  • Proprietary Control System
  • Drives Control Signals over power network
  • After Market Electronics
  • eX Engenius
  • Automotive Fleet Management/Diagnostic Monitor

Under The Hood
  • ProASIC Life Racing
  • ECU Module
  • Used in Superfund World Series
  • MX Siemens/Renault
  • Engine Control Module
  • eX Compact Dynamics
  • F1 ECU
  • (Confidential)
  • ProASIC Johnson Control
  • Camless Engine Control
  • MX ZF Sachs/IR
  • Engine Control
  • Industrial Camless Engine

Other Opportunities
  • Hitachi Occupant Sensor for Airbag System
  • Conaught Electronics (Audi) Radar Based Parking
    Assistance system
  • Trico Integrated mirror system with integrated
    object and distance monitering
  • Motorola Emulation Board for automotive MPU
    (qualified and assigned Mot part )
  • A variety of Diagnostic, Telematic, Navigation,
    Safety, Engine Control, and more!

Actel Automotive FPGA
  • EX
  • SXA

ex64 ex128 ex256
Dedicated REG 64 128 256
Max User I/O 84 100 132
Packages TQ64,100 CS49,128 TQ64,100 CS49,128 TQ100 CS128,180
A54SX08A A54SX16A A54SX32A A54SX72A
System Gate 12,000 24,000 48,000 108,000
Max User I/O 130 180 249 360
Packages PQ208, TQ100,144 FG144 PQ208, TQ100,144 FG144,256 PQ208, TQ100,144 FG144,256 PQ208, FG256,484
Actel Automotive FPGA
  • MX
  • ProAsic_Plus

A40MX02 A40MX04 A40MX09 A40MX16 A40MX24 A40MX36
System Gate 3,000 6,000 14,000 24,000 36,000 54,000
Max User I/O 57 69 104 140 176 202
Package PL68, PQ100 VQ80 PL68, PQ100 VQ80 PL84, PQ100,160 VQ100,176 PL84, PQ100 ,160,208, VQ100,TQ176 PQ160, PQ208, TQ176 PQ208, PQ240
APA075 APA150 APA300 APA450 APA600 APA750 APA1000
Tile 3,072 6,144 8,192 12,288 21,504 32,768 56,320
Max User I/O 158 242 290 344 454 562 712
Pacakge PQ208 FG144 TQ100 PQ208 FG144,256 TQ100 PQ208 FG144 FG256 PQ208 FG144,256, 484 PQ208 BG456 FG256 PQ208 FG896 PQ208 FG896
  • We have a best in class product offering
  • Density, Reliability, Temperature, Security,
  • Actel is helping define this market with early
  • Focus on first and second tier automotive vendors
  • Engage with high growth segments
  • Navigation/GPS
  • Infotainment
  • Involve the factory
  • Quoting
  • Support