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Classwork: Poetry W.B. 247 Complete the activities on pages 247-251 Be sure to complete the margin activities. Answer questions 1-4 on page 251. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Poetry

  • A poet is, before anything else, a person who is
    passionately in love with language.

Bell Ringer Mon. 3/19
  • List ten words that come to mind when you think
    of Poetry.

Sound Devices
T.B. 588
Class work Wed. 3/21-ISN 27
  • Workbook page 222 Homophones and Homonyms
  • Workbook pages 242-245 Nonfiction EOG Practice

  • 3. a) Rodneys perfect moment is being upstate,
    surrounded by huge trees.
  • Lonnies perfect moment is when Rodney put his
    arms his shoulders and realizes he is a loyal
  • a) The poems have no strict structure, no
    regular rhyme or meter, rhyme scheme, or fixed
    amount of lines per stanza.
  • Free Verse fits these poems because its casual
    and conversational. It fits Lonnies voice.

Line in poetry Sound Device
Rabbits running over roses
Silver jet soars across the sky Just like a giant butterfly
He weeps on bleak hills over streams and broken streets.
Bang, Pow, Zip, Pop
The first fast cat was the scariest of all
  • Write the definition for the following word.
    Then provide an example.
  • Homophone
  • Homonym Example
  • Correct the Following sentences.
  • I will gladly except your gift. After all, it is
    my birthday.
  • I like all vegetables accept carrots.
  • Can you please take them theyre books?
  • I left my books over their.

Ideas Compared Ideas Conveyed
Describe Somebody lines 40-43 Erics voice was like something that didnt belong to him Simile There is more to Eric than his bully side he sees at school.
Almost a Summers Day Lines 49-53 leaves are hands reaching out to you. Saying come on over here Personification Rodney feels safe in upstate the trees are reaching out to him.
Bell Ringer Poetry in Lyrics Fri. 3/23
Student Song Title Sound Devices Figurative Language Purpose of poetic devices to emphasize meaning or sound of words

Post it Peer Review
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  • Good Luck

Bell Ringer DLP Tues. 3/27
Write the following sentences. Then make
corrections to spelling, grammar and punctuation
  • The book night , by elie Wiesel , was a good
  • My call to action is that your allways
    responsible for
  • standing up for others.
  • 3. The hole time I was reading the memoir I was
    thinking of
  • the bad atrocities.
  • 4. Well, the nazis were bad people.
  • 5. Next, Im going to tell you about the themes
    in Night.
  • 6. The man was drivieing to his new home.

Class work Poetry Collection 1
Read pages 598-605. Then answer questions 1-9
on page 606. Complete this on a separate sheet
of paper. You do not have to write the
question, but you do need to write in Complete
sentences. Then complete the Vocabulary
Builder and Writing Activity on page 607.
Interactive Student Notebook
  • Notebook Check Today!!!!!!!!

Bell Ringer using Context Clues Th. 3/29 T.B
Read the following sentences. Underline the
words in the sentence that Provide context clues
to the meaning of the underlined word.
  • Sheila is such a flatterer she constantly
    compliments and praises
  • me. I dont know when she is being
  • I have to purchase a kennel for my dog before my
    trip because the airlines will not allow a loose
    dog on the plane even if he is on a leash.
  • The winner of the contest accepted the award
    with rapture and ecstasy.
  • Carrie Underwoods voice has an unmistakable
    singularity her voice is like no other.
  • The teacher tried to come up with a peaceful
    resolution for the two quarreling boys but the
    boys continued their strife.

Apply the Skills pg. 606 Questions 1-9
2a. The cat runs off her mat, and into a
sycamore tree. 2b. The cat runs because it is
being chased. 2c. The way the speaker describes
the chase suggests that the person does not like
the cat. The speaker calls her a scratcher and
hope she will be caught. 3a. The moon walks in
silvery shoes. 3b. The moon light turns
everything silver. 3c. The poet creates a
peaceful mood for the reader. 4a. She says she
used to live in the narrowest nest in the
corner. 4b. Her burning desire was to travel
to a bigger world. 4c. She fought off the
forces constraining her to her narrow world and
Soared to the uttermost reaches of the world.

Apply the Skills pg. 606 Questions 1-9
  • 5a. The speakers world was very small, but he
    discovered that if she
  • wanted a bigger world, she had to fight to
    achieve it.
  • 6. You may use the synonym scratch to
    determine the meaning.
  • The cat is clawing its way up the tree
  • Abide means to live. The poem gives you clues by
    using the words
  • nest and your world.

Sound Device Cat! Silver Your World
Alliteration Slathery/slithery/scat/sleek/ Slowly/silent/silver Narrowest / Nest
Onomatopoeia Pftts/Wuff
Rhyme Flatter/chatter/scatter By/eye Dog/Log Breeze/ Ease
  • Sound devices can help the reader to hear the
    musical aspects
  • of language and reinforce the mood or
    meaning of the poem.

Homework pgs. 644-645
  • Complete activities 1-15 on a separate sheet of
    paper. Be sure to write out the sentences

Workbook Poetry Collection 1
  • Read and complete pages 232-236.
  • Complete all margin activities and questions 1-4
    on page 237
  • Complete writing activity on page 238

Bell Ringer DLP Wed. 3/28
Write out the sentences. Make corrections to
grammar and punctuation.
  • The holocaust was a macabre time in history thus
    we should never
  • forget those that perished, during the
  • After Elie was liberated he looked at him self in
    the mirror.
  • The germans were exposed to propaganda but many
    of them left
  • the country because they did not agree with
    nazi ideology.
  • Well, I will now discuss three themes in night.
    Father son
  • relationships, loss of faith, and being a
    voice for the voiceless.

Bell Ringer DLP Th. 3/29
Write out the sentences. Make the proper
corrections to grammar, punctuation, and
  • After all he has bin threw how can you deny him
    his right to justice.
  • How can you deny him his right to justice after
    all he has binn threw.
  • We should treat everyone equal.
  • He was upset because 3 of the students books
    were damaged
  • consequently they had to be replaced.
  • I definitley need to see my doctor unless I begin
    to fill better.
  • Unless I begin to fill better I definitley need
    to see my doctor.
  • The new comitee members are Robert Smith, Allie
    Lilly, and Rachel Brown.

Class work / Homework Poetry Collection 2
  • Read pages 608-611
  • Answer questions 1-9 on page 612
  • Vocabulary Builder on page 613
  • Writing Activity on page 613

Apply the Skills page 612-613
2a. The speaker describes her thumbprint as a
unique design of whorls whirls and
wheels . 2b. Her thumbprint is important
because it symbolizes her uniqueness. 3a.
Lines 14-15 suggest that although the many
indistinguishable parts of a human may
not seem individual or unique, they may add up to
be a unique person. 3b. Place a high
value on individuality because they want to feel
special and as if there is no one in the
world quite like them. 4a. Martin Luther King
Junior wanted people to refer to him as the drum
major of peace. 4b. The speaker
mentions drum of triumph, pain and life, funeral
drums, marching drums, and drums that
call. 4c. A drummer is a good symbol for a
leader because the drummer keeps a
marching band together and sets the pace.
  • 5a. Ring Out the old, the false, grief , feuds
    between the rich and poor,
  • dying causes, political
    strife, want, care, sin, lack of faith ,
  • false pride.
  • 5b. Ring in the new, the true, redress
    (reconciliation), noble ways of
  • living, good manners, good
    laws, good cheer, love of truth,
  • right , and peace.
  • 6a. Grand is presented as an antonym of base, a
    clue that base means lowly.
  • The word Feud seems to describe some kind of
    contrast or conflict between
  • the rich and poor, a clue that feud means
    a fight or conflict or dspute.
  • 8.

Thumb Print The Drum Ring Out Wild Bells
Alliteration Impress/implant Big/ Bass Civic/Slander
Onomatopoeia Pa-rum rat tat tat ring
Rhyme Brain/rain Drum/ pa-rum Cause/laws
Classwork T.B. 614-615
  • Vocabulary Skill 1-5
  • Grammar Lesson 1-5
  • Reading Conext Clues 1-4

Bell Ringer Tues. 4/17
Read the following poems. Then write the
type/form of poem. Then Provide a quick
There once was a clover named Kate, Who sat on
the edge of a plate, The fancy folk dined, On
foods of all kind, Then tossed her at quarter
past eight.
Poem 1 Type Description
Poem 2 Type Description
An old silent pond... A frog jumps into the
pond, splash! Silence again.
  • A limerick is a silly poem with five lines
    following the AABBA rhyme scheme. They are often
    funny or nonsensical. 
  • The first, second and fifth lines rhyme with each
    other and have the same number of syllables
    (typically 8 or 9).  The third and fourth lines
    rhyme with each other and have the same number of
    syllables (typically 5 or 6).  
  • Limericks often start with the line "There once
    was a..." or "There was a..."

  • Three lined poem
  • First line has five syllables . Second line has
    seven. Last line has five syllables.
  • Originated in Japan.
  • Usually about Nature

Poetic Form-T.B. 589
Type of Poem Description Poem
Lyric Thumbprint by Eve Merriam
Narrative Describe Somebody by Jacqueline Woodson
Free Verse Cat! by Eleanor Farjeon
Haiku The Frog by Basho Matsuo
Rhyming Couplets The Tide Rises, the Tide Falls by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Limericks Clover named Kate
Bell Ringer Word of the Day
Wed. 4/18/12
  • Definition
  • 1. Very heavy having
  • great weight or bulk.
  • Oppressively unpleasant
  • or dull. Not lively

Parts of Speech Ponderous Adjective
Ponderously Adverb Ponderousness Noun
Synonyms Def. 1. Weighty Cumbersome Heavy
Synonyms Def. 2. Boring Dull Mind-numbing
Sentence (with context clues)
Post It Peer Review - Poetry
Nicholas Sparks Interview
  • 11am

Classwork Poetry T.B. 620
  • Read the poems on pages 622-625
  • Answer questions 1-8 on page 626
  • Vocabulary Builder on page 627

Classwork Poetry W.B. 247
  • Complete the activities on pages 247-251
  • Be sure to complete the margin activities.
  • Answer questions 1-4 on page 251.

Bell Ringer Context Clues
Th. 4/19/12
Write down the following sentences. Underline
the words that are clues that help you define
the underlined word.
  • She couldnt understand how the mice eluded the
    traps they were able
  • to eat all the peanut butter out of the
    traps without springing the trap.
  • Emily was very fastidious. Her room had to be
    perfectly clean and organized
  • or she would be extremely upset.
  • 3. Mary was scared that the dog was going to hurt
    her baby, but after a while
  • she found that the dog was innocuous.

Apply the Skills page 626
  • 2a. The drivers of the concrete mixers are on
    the backs of the vehicles.
  • 2b. The drivers are very small in comparison to
    the trucks.
  • 3a. The unusual events include bridges quaking
    with fear, machines eating
  • houses, and stairways walking all by
  • 3b. The speaker has seen suspension bridges
    moving in the wind, bull
  • dozers knocking down buildings, and
  • 4a. The repeated phrases are Come, /Let us roam
    the night together singing/
  • and I love you,
  • 4b. The repetition makes the poem sound like a
    song with choruses, and
  • singing is often joyful.
  • 5a. The speaker urges the listener to sing as
    they roam the night together.
  • 5b. The speaker sees the night as a celebration
    of love, romance,
  • and happiness.
  • A trough looks like an elephants trunk it pours
    the concrete.

Apply the skills Analogies
Concrete Mixers
Are similar to
Both are big and taken care of by humans
Concrete Mixers
Relating Factor
drivers perch like mahouts
Line in Poem
Type of Figurative Language
Apply the skills Analogies
Are similar to
The City is so Big
Relating Factor
Line in Poem
Type of figurative language
Apply the skills Analogies
Great Drops of Golden dew
Are similar to
Harlem Night Song
Relating Factor
Line in Poem
Type of figurative language
Poetry Test Study Guide
  • You will need to know
  • Figurative Language
  • Metaphor
  • Simile
  • Personification
  • Hyperbole
  • Symbolism
  • Sound Devices
  • Alliteration
  • Assonance
  • Consonance
  • Onomatopoeia
  • Rhyme
  • Meter
  • Syllable Counts
  • Repetition
  • Words of the Day
  • Epiphany
  • Dichotomy
  • Atrocity
  • Fastidious
  • Innocuous
  • Advocate
  • Poems to Study
  • Concrete Mixers
  • The City is so Big
  • Harlem Night Song
  • Context Clues
  • Contrast
  • Synonyms
  • Explanation
  • Eample

Using Context Clues T.B. 635
  • Reading Context Clues on page 635
  • Questions 1-5
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