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Patron Drive 2008 Kickoff


Title: What Patrons Get Author: Jane E. Morale Last modified by: Cavaliere Family Created Date: 10/18/2004 12:59:05 AM Document presentation format – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Patron Drive 2008 Kickoff

Patron Drive 2008 Kickoff October 7, 2008
Why is this Important?
  • 1 fundraiser
  • Fundraising goals of 25,000 total
  • Goal for Patron Drive is 15,000
  • Community involvement
  • Necessary to raise money for trips

Student Achievables
  • Returning Students must visit 10 potential
    patrons or raise 500.
  • New Students must visit 5 businesses or raise
  • We have to be enthusiastic about raising this
    money and we need everyone to help out and help
    us achieve this goal.
  • If the team cannot raise the amount of money for
    the trips you are responsible for the balance.

How the patron drive will work.
The Basics
  • Select a business.
  • Visit the business. If it is a larger business
    you may want to call ahead and make an
  • Take the packet Letter (you sign them first),
    Brochure, Sample Patron Book, Sponsorship Form,
    tickets to Ruckus and Finger Lakes Regional.

Speech to Business
  • Tell them about FIRST and our team.
  • Show them the brochure about the team and FIRST.
  • Explain the sponsorship options.
  • Ask them to complete the Sponsorship Form.

What Patrons Get
  • Patrons get an ad in the patron book depending on
    the amount of money that they donate
  • If they donate enough money they will be able to
    have their name printed on our shirts or robot
  • Patron names and website links are posted on our

Patron Donation Amounts
  • 10--- Line in patron book
  • 25--- ¼ page
  • 50--- ½ page
  • 100-- Full page
  • 200-- Ad and business name on the T-shirt
  • 500-- Ad and name on robot and T-shirt
  • 5000-- Team sponsor and are a part of team name
    (ex. Harris)

Donations (other than cash)
  • Gift Certificates and offers of services may be
    accepted as donations.
  • Donations that the team can use instead of cash,
    will be given monetary credit towards the patron
    drive at the value of the item to the team as
    approved by the adult team leaders. This means
    if the team can sell a 100 item for 50, it is
    worth 50 to the team. A 25 gift certificate
    will likely be given 25.
  • There may be some wish list items that a company
    can provide instead of cash.

Patron Solicitation Form
  • If they decide to donate, assist them in
    completing the Sponsorship Form.
  • Make sure you get an Ad from them to scan, or
    they email it to
  • Separate the Sponsorship Form. The top half is
    for the business. You keep the bottom portion.
    This is a change from last year!
  • Dont forget to add your name on BOTH parts of
    the form!!

  • Tell the businesses that they will be receiving a
    receipt with our tax-ID number and documentation
    of their donation
  • Receipts should be mailed within 4 weeks.

Sample Speech to a Business
Using the Letter
  • The letter can be used if the business need to
    forward information to another person to make the
    decision to sponsor the team.
  • Sign the letter! Neatly!
  • Ask for a date and time that you can come back or
    call in to follow-up on the decision. Return or
    call at that time.

Patron Book and Website
  • Allow the potential patrons to look through last
    years Patron Book so they know what to expect.
  • Tell them about our award winning website where
    their business will be listed. www.penfieldrobotic

Tickets to Events
  • Invite businesses!
  • Rah-Cha-Cha Off-season competition on November 1,
  • Rochester Regional March 5-7, 2009.
  • Tickets are included in the sponsorship packets.
    Give the tickets even if the business says No
    to sponsorship.

Newsletters, Events and Demos
  • Our new (monthly) newsletter will be emailed out
    to our patrons so they are aware of current team
  • Interested businesses can be given a robot / team
    demonstration after championships (mid April)
    through mid-December.

How It Works Selecting Businesses
  • A starting list of businesses in the local are
    will be created for the team.
  • Each student may sign up for up to 5 businesses
    at a time to go present their materials to.
  • You may add to the list of businesses.
  • You may select more businesses to contact after
    you have contacted the original 5 you signed up

How It Works Selecting Businesses
  • Returning Students get first selection of the
    businesses they contacted last year.
  • Siblings of graduating students get first
    selection of the businesses their sibling
    contacted last year.
  • You may not visit a business without signing up
  • You may select more businesses to contact after
    you have contacted the first 5.

Family and Friends
  • Students may wish to ask friends or family to
    donate money towards ads/well wishes for the
    patron book, but it is better if majority of
    patrons should be community businesses
  • Any donation over 200 from a family does not
    get mention on the T-shirts or Robot, unless the
    family donation comes from a family business)

Rules to follow
  • No one should ever go to the same company twice
    asking for money, this gets annoying for the
    companies. (thats why we need to keep track of
    where everyone goes)
  • If you pick somewhere to go and cant do it, let
    us know or ask a friend to help you out. Handing
    it over to someone else means they get the money
    if there is any.

Hints Selecting the Right Businesses
  • 5 types to consider
  • Family connections!!
  • Small Local Businesses
  • Franchise stores chain stores that are owned
  • Large Chain Stores corporate type stores CVS,
    McDonalds, etc.
  • Large Corporations Harris, Kodak, Xerox, etc.

Important To Do
  • Sign all of the Patron Letters at the bottom with
    your name!
  • Give the patrons the Patron Letter, the FIRST
    Brochure, the Receipt from the Sponsorship form.
  • Make sure to have them fill out the Sponsorship
    Form, and give you the ad that they want used,
    have you pick up the ad, or have them mail it to
  • Submit the checks forms immediately to Mr.
    Brewer at PHS, or Mrs. Cavaliere at the team

  • Its okay to bring a friend or parent along to
    help you.
  • If the manager isnt available, schedule a time
    to come back and leave your materials for them to
    look over.
  • Always thank the person who helped you!!!
  • Close with a firm handshake!

Selling points
  • Patron books will be distributed throughout the
  • Our robot and t-shirts may be featured on the
  • Invite to our events (Rah Cha Cha Ruckus and
    Finger Lakes Regional at RIT) and offer Robot
  • We will add their name to the Sponsor Page of our
    award winning website!

The Little Things Count
  • Dress up!!! Appear professional!
  • Come up with your own speech. Include things you
    are working on for the team, why you got involved
    in the program, etc. Make it personal. It shows
    you are getting something out of the program.
  • Be polite!! Try to use terms like Good
    Morning/Afternoon and Sir/Maim.
  • Leave the FIRST brochure with them, mention our
    website. All of these things make you look and
    sound more professional.

  • Patron Drive Kickoff 10/7/08 (at team meeting)
    Students attending will receive packets and have
    an opportunity to select businesses
  • Patron Drive Business Signups Every Tuesday
    Meeting via email Kim / Cynette

  • Patron Drive Review (checkpoint 1) 10/28/08 (at
    team meeting) All students must have signed up
    for at least 5 businesses and at least visited
    ONE of them.
  • Patron Drive Midway 11/11/08 (at team meeting)
    All students must have visited half of their
    required businesses 3(new)/5(returning) OR raised
    500. Returning students must have signed up for
    10 businesses.
  • Patron Drive Third Checkpoint - 12/9/08 (at team
    meeting) All students should have made initial
    visits to all businesses 5(new)/10(returning) or
    raised 250 (new) /500 (returning).

  • End of Drive 12/30/08 - All Students
    achievements MUST be complete by this date.
  • Final Submission - All paperwork and sponsor
    forms are due by Jan 3rd, 2009 (Kick-off)

Next Meeting
  • Signups Available again!
  • Patron Books Receipts available for Past
  • All Documents will be online for download by the
    next meeting.

Have FUN with this
  • Go with friends
  • There is nothing wrong with a little friendly
  • Get your whole family involved

Questions? Activity!